Most Life-Changing Beauty Tool

What's the Most Life-Changing Beauty Tool that you've tried?

I don’t think most would consider it a tool, but cleansing oils in general made removing makeup so much easier (and efficient) that I feel I have no excuse to not remove makeup at the end of the day–when I was younger, it made a really compelling case to always remove my makeup. Now, I’m used to removing, so it seems wrong not to these days! A more tool-like item would be the T3 blow dryer, because it dries my hair so, so much faster than any blow dryer I had used previously and didn’t suck up my hair either.

— Christine

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I recently bought an epilator and I’m really liking it. It was pretty affordable (some go for $130+ but I decided I would start with a little one that was $30 and see how it goes) and it works perfectly well. It’s not as messy or as painful as waxing, and it’s much easier/faster than those at-home lasers (which I’ve also used). It works AMAZING on the underarm. I can get every last hair, almost no ingrowns. And it’s a breeze to clean.

Which one/brand did you get? Is it “coils”, or rotating tweezers? I have one that is the latter, and while it’s fine on the legs, I’m apprehensive when it comes to more “sensitive” parts… Also, it’s not as quick as I was hoping, although the one I had previous was faster.

It’s rotating tweezers. I haven’t had it pinch my skin yet (I’m assuming that’s what you mean). Works great for my underarms (I mean, the first time it really hurt, but after that not so bad). I’ve used it on my bikini line… without being TMI… the outer edges that are kind of still thigh area. It was fine there. I haven’t gone any farther…. though it does come with a safety attachment to use on “sensitive” areas. In my experience the ingrowns have not been bad, just a few. Obviously that will depend on the person, but I do have dark, coarse hair.

Ginny, what brand/model did you get? Even after professional waxing, I can still see black stubble/ingrown hairs on my underarm. I’m hoping an epilator will work better.

In my personal experience epilators are the worst hair removal method when it comes to ingrown hair. I had much, much less bumps with waxing – but I guess it varies depending on the epilator and the person!

This Philips model. It’s a bunch of rotating tweezers. I really like it for underarms. It pulls the hairs out by the root (you can see them all), doesn’t break them. In my experience the ingrowns have not been bad, just a few. I guess that will depend on the person — I have dark, coarse hair for the record. I don’t get professional treatments like waxing, so I prefer the epilator because waxing at home is a mess, and the process irritates my skin. I can’t really attest that it would be better than prof. waxing….. but if you have $30 to burn, worth a try IMO. It’s a low maintenance device and I can do both underarms in about 5 minutes.

Thanks for the info Ginny! Will check it out. I’m so self conscious when I wear sleeveless tank tops or dresses, it looks like I didn’t shave! $30 doesn’t sound bad, and I will get it from a place with good return policy, just in case it doesn’t work out.

Beauty blender’s solid cleanser. Makes getting the white bristles white so easy, way better than baby shampoo and less waste than other liquids I’ve used including MAC’s pink cleaner. Oh and it’s travel friendly!

I recently picked up an older Real Techniques LE brush set at Ross, and it included a small highlighter brush that is the *perfect* shape & size for my face/placement. Unfortunately, it is exclusive to the set… Prior to that, it was a Sonia Kashuk brush (again, LE/exclusive to set) that is perfect for brpnzing, contour, highlight, and finishing powders, which means ideally, I would love to have at least 3. I get the idea behind LE colors, but why do it with brushes…?

First would have to be my CHI and subsequent ceramic flat irons. I have thick, coarse hair prone to frizz and naturally wavy (not nice waves…ugly bends!) and my flat iron allow me to have the smooth, sleek cap of shiny hair that I always dreamed of. Two other things…UDPP, if that counts. It was my first e/s primer; I’ve used others since then but UD keeps a special place in my heart as my “first love” and the product that revolutionized wearing eyeshadows for me. Finally, my Shiseido foundation brush. Lots of people say it’s too small but for me, that’s part of its beauty and it applies foundation like no other brush I own.

I agree, cleansing oils and micellar water.

True tools? I like the clarisonic even though I rarely use it anymore. The RT buffing brush and a Beauty Blender have been great for me too!

Makeup remover pads has definitely helped me to take my makeup off every night. I use Almay’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads. They come in a far of 120 and you literally only need one a day. They are a bit oily but nothing bad for my dry skin. One thin pad removes all of my makeup and when I need to, one pad can remove an entire face full of makeup. I alternate between the pads and my liquid remover but the pads usually are my go to.

Other than that, I don’t believe there are any other tools that i use.

I wish I had something sexier to say, but I’m going with the Beauty Blender. Love that thing in all sizes and I use it every day.

I too like cleansers that take all the makeup off as you wash. The Kiehl’s cleansers do that for me and it’s SO much easier.

Christine’s comment about the hairdryer will have me on google looking it up. I’ve been waiting for the new Dyson blow dryer to come out. I really want something that works better than what I have.

From the Brit vacuum cleaner guy? Cyclone blow instead of cyclone suck? That sounds un-nice, but I mean it in a clean way. Now, there’s the bad pun. Did you know that Dyson was an art student, rather than an engineer? Dyson, that guy?

Ombré! New iPad autocorrects worse than the old one, which was accustomed to what I type. OMBFG! It’s on Sephora for 400 USD. Rob a bank, if you’re Canadian. I’d get more use from the cordless stick vacuum. Dyson is one of my fantasy boyfriends. Billionaire, earl, I think, heavy philanthropist, right age bracket. What’s not to love?

I’m waiting on that too! I love the fact that my long hair won’t get caught in it and there’s no impossible to clean lint trap to make it overheat.

For me, it was makeup brushes in general. As a teen and even my early 20s, I only used a blush brush. For everything else, I used my fingers or the applicators that came with the products. When I started using brushes, especially on my eyes, it was an epiphany. More recently, the beauty blender has been a game-changer for some of my foundations.

Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover. That U-shaped thing. Seriously life-changing. It’s untethered me from my threading salon or home wax warmer. I can (and have) thrown it in my handbag and taken vacations without worrying about mirrors, tweezers, finding a threader. Takes a few tries to get it working properly and then… Bought two more as back-ups.

I’d have to go with the Clarisonic and Cle de Peau cotton pads. I used to use the Shiseido brush growing up and always liked how it left your skin clean, but you have to replace the entire tool with that. The Clarisonic definitely upped my skin game and it’s the best it’s ever been. For the CdP cotton – yes it’s expensive for cotton – but the drugstore cotton rounds irritate the skin around my eyes, so I used to have to use cleanser and my fingers to get eye make-up off. I switched to the cotton and CdP’s eye make-up remover – no irritation, no redness, no going back!

I would have a very difficult time choosing between my T3 hairdryer and my Clairisonic Mia 2. The hair dryer is so very fast and gentle. The Mia is so thorough and gentle yet takes up much less space than the full size. My skin has never looked better.

S.t. I feel like such a dodo. Nada, I was thinking. Then I looked up the MUFE water base foundation on Sephora, and no ingredients. It may not be up there yet, but cosdna is totally indispensable to me. I need to rule out certain ingredients, and that is the best tool EVER. Guess I wasn’t thinking electronically.

I dont know but i will say Real techniques brushes,because before at the beginning of my real love and addiction for makeup products 5 years ago i really dont care about brushes…i was like ” why people are talking about brushes like thaht?” And i was using my fongers tips for foundation,can you imagine??? (also for eyeshadows,yes i know seems crazy lol )
So by buying this brushes after to heard a lot about them i was “ah i understand…”
So now iam using always brushes for everything and im not happy if they dont work good! lol
So its my story,crazy but true! Hopefuly we progress everyday 🙂

I would have to say my Clarisonic. Before I began using it, I had small colorless bumps all over my cheeks, from clogged pores I guess. My skin is completely clear now after incorporating it into my nighttime skin routine, aside from an occasional hormonal zit now and then.

I would have to say my eye shadow brushes. I got a set, years ago, with an Estee Lauder GWP – and didn’t know what to do with them. Then, when I got into eye shadows in a much bigger way, I found them – cleaned them and they are great for applying and blending the shadows. I have since bought an Eco tools set and that is great too.

My cuticle trimmer, nail buffer, and nail scrub brush haha! I bust my hands up doing art, yard work, and car maintenance (even wearing gloves), and being able to groom my nails daily help keep them from looking ragged 🙂

Another fan of the T3 hairdryer! It dries my hair fast, but the lower heat means less damage, and my hair looks better and grows longer, which at 46 yo, means a lot to me! I was also a big fan of the Clarisonic for many years when my skin was more combo– it cleaned so well, my skin looked brighter and smoother, pores smaller. But as I get older and my skin more sensitive/drier, I will try the Foreo Luna

Two tools that changed my foundation game: MAC 187 brush and Real Techniques beauty blender dupe. Now I can manage foundation application a lot better than when I was just using my fingers! I started using the 187 about 8 years ago, but the beauty blender dupe is new to me, and it makes a big difference with the most finicky foundations.

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