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Milani Liquif'Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencils Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Milani Liquif'eye Liner

Long-lasting Eyeliner on a Budget:  Milani Liquif’Eye

Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencils ($5.49 each) are new for spring and available in five shades: Black, Silver, Gold, Aqua, and Brown. As far as I’m concerned, there is always more room in the world for metallic/chrome eyeliner. These do remind me of L’Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliners in many ways, though these are a little firmer and more metallic than chrome finish. They’re definitely similar, though.

Liquif’Eye is soft, smooth, and richly pigmented eyeliner. It glides on like my beloved Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners and looks just as smooth. I get good wear out of these–no smudging, budging, or migration eight hours later. They don’t look faded either! Surprisingly, they stay well on my waterline, too, for several hours (but I do have a more watery waterline at times), which isn’t something most liners can do for me.

At just $5.49 each, they’re hard to resist. Not only are they excellent in every way–quality, long-lasting liner that is rich in color and smooth in texture–but they’re priced just right. I tried out four of the five shades, and I found each one to be just as good. I hope to see Milani release more shades in the future–how about a green, copper, and violet?

  • Black (#01) is a rich, deep dark black. It’s an absolutely smoldering black that’s truly black–there’s no gray here.
  • Silver (#02) is a bright and shiny silver with a metallic finish.
  • Gold (#03) is a toned down, burnished gold. It’s not a true yellow gold, but it’a step down from that. Little more “antique” gold in it.
  • Aqua (#04) is a bright aqua-blue. It isn’t quite as metallic as either the gold or silver shades, but it still has that metallic sheen.

Even the packaging is anything but cheap.  It’s a matte black that looks and feels sleek.  If you blindfolded me, I couldn’t tell you that these didn’t feel like other high-end eyeliners, like Smashbox and Urban Decay.

Have you tried these yet?

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: Next time you’re near a Milani display, these are definitely worth a little look-see.

Availability: Local drugstores,

Milani Liquif'eye Liner

Milani Liquif'eye Liner

Milani Liquif'eye Liner

Milani Liquif'eye Liner


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Julie Avatar

OMG! I really have to try these! I hope they’re as awesome as the 24/7 liners because this is almost 1/3 of the price! Thanks for introducing me to these!

Jenni Avatar

I really don’t need any more eyeliners… but you hardly ever give out A+ to products! I’ll check these out the next time I’m at the store 🙂 Thanks Christine (and btw, issue #2 was fabulous)!

Anitacska Avatar

These are gorgeous! I already own the HIP liners and they are as good as UD, unfortunately neither HIP nor Milani are available in the UK, but I guess there’s always eBay. 😉 I don’t really need these although that turquoise is gorgeous!

Mirna Avatar

Yes!! I am so stoked on these colors. The price is too hard to resist. I was about to go for Urban Decay liners but now will skip them for these Milani ones. I also hope they come out with more colors. Milani cosmetics looks fun but I am hesitant to try it because it is so unknown to me. Thanks Christine for this review.

Sixx Avatar

So glad to see more brands competing w/UD liners! =) Always felt $17 for a pencil was too much. Will definitely be checking these out ‘cos I LOVE the L’oreal Chrome liners.

Mya Avatar

I am loving the gold.. and the black looks so rich! I too, love the 24/7 liners, but something in them make my eyes water and itch:( I will def try these! Thanks so much!

Angela Avatar

These are all gorgeous! I want them all, but I’ll probably just pick up the gold and silver. I already have so many black liners, and I probably would never use that pretty aqua color.

Kimber's Corner Avatar

Wow, great photos – these look amazing. No smudge huh? I have insanely oily lids and can even get 24/7 to smudge after about 6 hours…so if they hold up that long – I’m impressed. Might have to check these out.

lmnmakeup Avatar

I can’t wait for my local CVS’ to have them! I’ve been looking for them all over my city this past weekend and they don’t have them yet : (

Steph B Avatar

I was just saying to myself that I need a shiny brown liner and might need to give in and pick up Bourbon or Underground since I haven’t found anything similar for less. Do you know if the brown is metallic or is it like the black and flat?

Ava Avatar

I do not need any eyeliners either. I am a fan of smolder and feline eye kohls by MAC. I love the price on these though. These remind me of urban decay 24/7 liners. They are worth checking out.

LNU Avatar

OMG. I can’t get over how pretty that blue looks. Since they are only five bucks I can’t see why not to get the blue and silver and gold! And its true, you rarely give products an A+ so I’m just dying to see these.

Riley Avatar

Those have amazing staying power!!! My only drawack is that they are suuper duper oddly sticky and are very tricky to apply so as long as u are careful and precise they are awesome =)

Raine Avatar

I agree with Riley. The staying power is wonderful but they are really really sticky. Another MAJOR DRAWBACK is they are extremely difficult to sharpen. They don’t cut evenly and when you finally get a decent tip it breaks off.

Erin Avatar

I MUST get my hands on the black! I’ve been looking for a super-dark, long-lasting black liner without resorting to MAC-prices. Thanks so much, Christine!

Marce Avatar

Wow, they really do look amazing! The packaging and the product itself are great. I agree on it being good to see more colours…purple, peacock green, darker blue, bright gold! Oh and the name sounds very Givenchy, LOL

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

Love metallic liners! I already have black, gold, and silver from HIP, and I also have an identical turqouise from Bourjois, but when they run down I’ll get the Milani ones.

Desiree Avatar

I saw this post this morning and on a quick run to the drugstore I found these!!!! I got the one in brown because that was all that there was left! So attention to all you people wanting to pick up these, they are in limited quantities! (Or at least they are at my CVS.)

Catherine Avatar

Wow! These look absolutely fantastic – thanks for the review. I wouldn’t know about them otherwise! I just picked up the HIP gold and I have most of the colors already but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that gorgeous aqua. At $5.50 it’s a no-brainer!

Kalee Avatar

i went to cvs after i saw this review, and for the nailpolishes too, but they didnt have them in stock yet. i was so bummed. i was ready to buy almost every color. lol. but they did have the displayers up so maybe this weekend they will get them in. i hope! =)

kali Avatar

My local CVS ran out of these -in under a week!! They must have seen your review! So I went to another CVS and I bought all the colors they had along with a few liquid liners I didn’t have (they work really well but they almost have too much staying power.) I got silver, black, and brown.. no gold or aqua at CVS! (at least at the ones I went to)

Chloe Avatar

Wow!~ these are stunning 🙂 thanks for the review XD Can I ask how these compare to the HIP chrome liners in lasting power? thanks so much!!!! <3

Heather Salls Avatar

Have you tried to sharpen these? I have the chrome liners by loreal and the liquid pencil liner by loreal which I love but can’t figure out how to sharpen them. Maybe I need a better sharpener, I am using a cheapo one from the grocery store. Any ideas?

hollyofmirkwood2 Avatar

wow these look lovely for drugstore brand. I’m going to pick some up and hopefully wont have a reaction to them I can’t wear most drugstore brand eyeshadows including milani but these will be interesting to try 🙂

Kalee Avatar

so i went to CVS again and they finally had them, and the nailpolishes too! so i bought the black one for now. they work awesome! very creamy, great staying power, but wish they had more colors though, they only carry black, silver, and brown. no teal or gold. =(
but the loreal hip chrome liners were on sale for $5 so i bought the silver (since it was a $1 cheaper than milani) and purple for those and they are pretty much the same.

Mary Avatar

Hi! Can you do the cat wings with this eyeliner? I hate using gel or liquid liners, even though they are the best at it. I’m a makeup newbie, so please help! Thanks!

Jennifer Avatar

Wow! I saw these cosmetics the other day but I didn’t get a chance to check it out. These liners are gorgeous

Wait, are you able to sharpen these? =S

bxboricua Avatar

The black pencil is awesome! it stayed on through work, dance class AND a hardcore Zumba class without one smudge and without me having to put on primer! And I had to use eye makeup remover to take it off because it wouldn’t budge with soap alone. I’ve been hunting for the gold one but CVS and Target don’t have it 🙁

Gianna Avatar

I just bought the aqua liner, just because I loved the intensity of the color, and I was totally thrilled with the staying power of the liner!, It’s a great product for an excellent price! I’m definately going to try more of their stuff! Thanks for the review! 🙂

Tee Avatar

Walgreen’s stop carring Milani about 5 months ago here (BOO!)& have searched the Tar-ghets-no luck *sigh*, no CVS here in this part of CO what is a desperate girl to do? Gurl you be teasing me with these beautiful products 🙂 Ok searching I will go…thank you!

itsliz89 Avatar

I can not for the life of me find the aqua shade. I see the black, brown, and silver shade but no aqua! I don’t even see an aqua spot on the milani displays 🙁

Sarah Reding Avatar

I have the black one and yes they are just as good or better than the ud 24-7 liner I have in zero honestly its more darker and I sharpen mine with the good ol’ wetn wild one i use with all my liners only a buck and works everytime. Loreal liners are almost too and there both cheaper than there higher end counterparts. I was gonna get the mac feline but forget it now save some loot.

Alexandra Avatar

hi, i was wondering if there is somewhere i could buy yhese in gold and solver online? i’m from canada and i don’t think that they’re sold here…

Alexandra Avatar

i’m from Canada, so i’m not sure where i could buy these.. is there an online site? and i have green eyes, so which would be better, gold or silver?

Jen Avatar

Hi Jessica,

Did you end up using this product? I bought the black eye liner but it’s been giving me problems. It’s smudging onto my contacts and it’s so hard to take out the smudge from my contacts where I would have to replace them.

Icah Avatar

I’m having the same problem and its driving me crazy. It’s ruining my contacts when I use it in my bottom waterline (but not if I line the top lid) anyone find a solution? 🙁 i love how cheap and dark this liner is!

Sabrina Avatar

Hi, I visited a Walgreens and came across what appear to be a trio of new Liquif’Eye colors in purple, green, and blue, FYI. I tried to find them on the Milani website, but I only see the older four colors listed.

Linda Avatar

Wow, thanks SO much, Christine!!! I tried these out based on your review, and they are amazing~ they really are just as good as UD’s 24/7 liners! The silver liner has become a staple in my everyday arsenal for highlighting my inner tear duct area. 🙂

Anna Avatar

These eye liners blow all the others out the water because of its quality and value. Super pigmented and soft. I only wish it came in more colors. Since it’s pretty soft, it can be hard to get it exactly where you want it, but I can live with that.

Sandi Avatar

I have the Milani ones and they are great…..haven’t tried the L’oreal yet but I definitely will. Cover Girl also came out with an eyeliner very similar to the UD 24/7 and it’s quite good as well.

Stepha Hernandez Avatar

I was disappointed with how delicate these liners are…they fall apart when I try to sharpen them. My black one is almost for lack of a better word, mushy? I started applying it with an eyeliner brush now, and that seems to be working. I don’t know if it’s my sharpener or if I just got a dud… 🙁

rachel Avatar

these DO NOT sharpen. i was all on it, crazy about them, best liner, blah blah blah, and then you realize it doesn’t sharpen well at all. and when you can only use it until it goes big/blunt, you pay nearly 6 bucks for a few uses. i’ll have to try the brush technique. i think an angled liner brush, like one you might use for a brow, would work best. i was raving about this liner and its packaging turned out to completely fail the product and make it unusable, unless the brush idea works.

rachel Avatar

also, for everyone wondering about the brown, it’s a PERFECT dark brown with a little bit more metallic sheen to it than the black. if you’re looking for one with a bit more shimmer, go with the sephora smokey cream liner in statue brown. it’s got gold shimmer in it and goes for 10 bucks; there’s probably five times the amount of product in the little jar than a pencil.

debbie Avatar

this eye liner is great. ive bought alot of expensive eyeliners, pencils, liquids, pots, you name it, i probably have tried it. This is cheap & works better than most. if u make a mistake w/it u have to fix it right away because it actually dries like a liquid & stays on ALL day. no smudges, no fading, just perfect and i usually have my makeup on for 12 hrs, never had a problam w/this.

Stephanie Avatar

I want to use the silver one all over the lid as like a cream eyeshadow for a formal event which includes dancing and possibly sweating (5-8 hours) Do you think it will wear off or crease? What would you suggest I do to get the best staying power from it? Primer, base, etc?? Thanks!

Sandra JT Avatar

I believe the Beauty Joint also carries them online. They carry the same products as Cherry Culture but their customer service is lightyears ahead of Cherry Culture. I find these to be very much like NYX’s Slide On Waterproof liners, which also give great pigmentation with a once over. The NYX product also does not budge even though they are very soft and don’t tug on the eye at all. They feel like liquid going on. They also have very rich colors. I have the NYX product in Jewel – a smokey metallic pinkish violet with golden shimmer, Tropical Green – a very intense, metallic deeper green, and in Platinum – a VERY metallic, shiny shade that looks a tad lighter than platinum actually. It looks more like a true silver shade. Out of the 3, Jewel takes more than one pass to deposit enough color for my own personal liking. The other two are just BAM as soon as they touch your skin. All of the shades I own of the NYX product are gorgeous, though, and I find that they do compare to these Milani liners, as well as UD’s liners. They’re also extremely well priced. I’ll be buying more shades of these pencils for sure.

Justine Avatar

Do you know how to sharpen the pencil? I bought it and love it, but it’s starting to dull down. I’m not sure if there’s extra below the tip; do you have to replace the whole pencil when you’re done?

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