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On my 13th birthday party, everyone bought me nail polish – and none of the guests knew that anyone else was bringing any! On top of that, someone accidentally dropped a bottle and it broke, so I was left with 13 bottles. And it was a slumber party being held on Friday the 13th…and we had a tornado come through the area.

It was a crazy good time.

When I was about sixteen I got an Estee Lauder makeup set for Christmas. It was all in a carriable thing-a-ma-jig (it had a handle) with two palettes on each side (each with eight eyeshadows and a couple of blushes, I think?), four lipsticks (red, brown-nude, pink-nude, and I forget what the other colour was), mascara, applicators, pencil eye and liners (I think?). I could be off on some of the details, given it’s been so long, but it was something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Naked palette my husband got for me as a wedding present. I fell in love with it when my make up artist did the trial make up for our wedding and told him. As we can’t get it in germany he ordered it … somewhere! ๐Ÿ˜€

I haven’t received many except for a MAC blush (Dollymix), lipstick (Sweetie) and 217 brush from my older son for Xmas one year. Everyone else knows it is much better to buy me gift certificates for Sephora or The Bay.

My cousin bought me the Urban Decay Ammo eyeshadow palette when it first came out. I didn’t have a lot of make up at the time and remember being so excited by the colours. Urban Decay is an expensive brand for a student so it was a very generous gift. I always remember it as my first ‘high end’ product. People tend not to buy me make up now without asking if I want something in particular.

Lancรดme Precious Carat lipgloss!!!! So beautiful it’s STILL on my dresser and it came out in 2007! My mom knows what I like!

MAC 134 brush, I didn’t have good brushes, and I was just beginning my mac brush collection, which it is still growing, and I always wanted the 134 and 138. On my last birthday I got the 134, I was really happy, I love that brush. Maybe soon I might buy the 138.

My very first MAC palette from some long gone, limited edition collection. My parents bought it for me one Christmas many many moons ago. And so my obsession began!

I remember my mom bought me MAC brushes one year for Christmas, which I did not expect. Also, my cousin always brings me back some makeup whenever she travels out of the country and I have a couple of things from her that I really love.

Too Faced Hollywood Glam palette I think it’s called. I have a Bobbi Brown one as well, I use them quite often. I love them.

I guess that would be when my neighbor, who used to work for Mary Kay, gave me a set of MK makeup brushes.
That gift, which I was given about 10 years ago, really served as my introduction into the world of high-quality makeup brushes, and I haven’t looked back since.
I no longer buy Mary Kay anything, but I’ve amassed a strong collection of good brushes from various other brands.

I only get money to go out and buy myself some fancy make up, because apparentliy no one knows what I like but I kind of like it that way. You can always meet me after christmas at Munichยดs make up counters ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I was 13 for xmas my mom got me an enormous set of loose eyeshadows from a cart in the mall. It was huge! It came with 5 different stacks (of 8!) of sparkly colors, 2 stacks of different lip colors and a palette (shaped like an artist palette) with like another 25 different colors! It was insane, my girlfriends and I played with it every sleepover and dance. I’ll never forget how much fun I had with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I was in like 9th grade, I wanted to try make-up but didn’t have any and didn’t know what to buy. My grandmother bought me the big Estee Lauder holiday gift package so I finally had stuff to to play with. She gave me one every year until I hit my 20s.

The first year that I didn’t get toys for Christmas really blew me away. I was around 11 or 12 years old and my mom got me my very own hair dryer (I still have it and use it), some colored lip balm and some Wet & Wild eyeshadows. I also got about five or six Nancy Drew books (remember those!). I was somewhat sad as I knew my childhood was nearing the end, but I was very excited to step into the shoes of a young woman. My three brothers looked a bit confused at my presents because for the first time they weren’t trying to playfully steal them away from me! LOL

One of my favorite beauty gifts was from my husband. He is a marketing person for a skin care line and they had an event in Sephora Time Square so while he was there he wanted to pick me up a gift, something I had been wanting. Well although he is in the industry he is/was kind of clueless as to actually shopping for a product, so he had a co-worker help him find the item. Of course it was Nars Orgasm blush, imagine a semi-cluless man searching for this item… LOL totally a sweet thing to do!

On our third year anniversary, my husband gave me a Burberry Body gift set. That has since become the only perfume I ever wear. I’m ridiculously sensitive to perfumes and most of them burn my skin (literally) and give me a headache. This is one of the very few that do not do that. I’m absolutely obsessed with it and I’ve received countless compliments and I’m being asked all the time what perfume I’m wearing.

A few years ago, when I was first getting into makeup, I received the Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette. It was absolutely perfect for me to experiment with!

When I was about 20 my Grandfather’s girlfriend brought me a bottle of Ciara perfume. She wore it and I used to compliment her on it. She brought me a bottle for my birthday. So nice, I loved it!

I received a GHD flat iron one year for Christmas. I was in college at the time and couldn’t afford to purchase one for myself. I mentioned that I wanted one to my mother, who mentioned it to her twin brother (my favorite uncle), and he surprised me with one! I honestly never expected to receive one. I had planned to just save up a little money per paycheck until I could buy it myself. It was such a pleasant surprise!

I wasn’t allowed to wear any makeup until I turned sixteen, so for that birthday my mom, grandmother and godmother went shoping together to get me anything makeup-related a girl could want. There were some Chanel and Dior eyeshadow palettes, a couple of lipsticks a set of Bobbi Brown brushes and lipglosses, a Chanel blush (which I still have, but obviously don’t use anymore), a Lancรดme mascara, and a gift certificate to get matched for and to buy foundation and concealer.
I really loved that because I know they must have spent hours in that store (especially my mom, who doesn’t wear makeup at all) to get all of that stuff together, and do it in a way where I would love the things they bought, but they still weren’t inappropriate for a sixteen-year old, and therefore kept me from the hideous beauty mistakes other girls in my class made.

Two come to mind. The first was what I believe might’ve been my first experience with makeup. My mum wouln’t let me get anything until I was 13 and she bought my my very first fragrance (Elizabeth Arden Red Door Revealed) and a whole makeup giftset thing because it was one of those cheaper-with-certain-dollar-amount things. It was quite nice and came with brushes and shadows and blush and lipstick and even some nail polish. Pretty much everything I could want.
Secondly, this year my lovely wife bought me the Sigma Creme de Couture eyeshadow palette and I am constantly using it – I’m not sure if I just love it or I love it because it came from her. Regardless, it’s wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

When I was about 16, when I first started really getting into makeup, my sister got me the Gypsy Den UD Face Case(remember those older ones, circa 2003?)for Christmas, I remember just loving the hell out of it. I got a few others after that one, and I just bought the Anarchy one, but I remember thinking nothing had prettier shadows than Gypsy Den.

My grandma’s bottle of chanel no 5 when she passed away. I never wear because I sprayed it a lot the night she passed away so the smell reminds me of a sad memory, but I love having the bottle because it reminds me of her.

My boyfriend bought a Z-palette for me as a birthday present, because he noticed I was cluttering up in the way of eyeshadows! As if that wasn’t thoughtful enough of him, he also went on the Geek Chic website and bought me makeup named and based on our favorite TV shows like Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Torchwood ๐Ÿ™‚

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