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Trace Gold

Review posted 5 years ago
Review posted 5 years ago

On my NW35 skin this is not a blusher at all, but does work to help get that Jo Lo glow, the Miami bronzed glowing skin look on tan skin that is so pretty. It is a fairly sheer golden frosty powder and blends out easily, leaving a glowing gold look to the skin. I am not sure how it would look on a lighter skin tone, I think on medium to darker tones this would give a beautiful glow to the skin without a ton of actual color, just a light gold that will blend in well with the skin giving is radiance. It did emphasize pores a bit, it is shimmery and that is expected, but it worked well across my forehead, bridge of nose and cheekbones in place of bronzer. I will probably never use this enough to purchase again, but I am not sorry it is in my collection. I recommend for medium to dark skin tones, and will revise this if I ever get to use it on someone fair skinned and like it!