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6-Pan Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay
Review posted 10 years ago
Review posted 10 years ago

I love both neutrals and mattes, even when I don't necessarily NEED to wear subtle neutral makeup, and this palette is full of good stuff. The progression from Venus (which I often use as a brow-bone shade even if I'm not wearing anything else from this palette) to Walk of Shame to Naked2 is fantastic -- I would buy all three of those shades as singles in an instant (and am therefore regretting not buying the build your own palette with W.O.S. in it now). On the other hand, I have basically no use for Foxy (too yellow) and very little use for Crave (too dark), although I know plenty of others probably consider them must-haves (especially Crave), so that only knocks off about 1/3 of a star for me. The bigger issue (as in the other 2/3 star that I subtracted) is the lack of a shade in between Naked2 (seriously, how much do Iove that shade?) and Faint, and, more importantly, the lack of a shade or two between Faint and Crave. Yeah, I've GOT shades that fit the bill -- and so does Urban Decay -- but they're not all in the same tidy little palette, and I've got a lot more use for them than I do for some of the shades that ARE in the palette. Overall, at the very least it's a must-have for travel if you like matte neutrals, and the shadows are blendable enough that it's possible to make up for the lack of in-between shades with a little work.

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