Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021

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Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021
Melt Cosmetics Maryjane Collection for Spring 2021

Release Date + About the Launch

She is a smoke show, covered in crystals, & truly top shelf. The NEW Mary Jane Collection. Inspired by the dense tones found in cannabis smoke and the luster of crystal coated buds. She is elevating your classic smoky eye with gun metal and hazy crystalline hues. Intensify the high with our NEW Glitter Pots. An all new category of sensational glitters in multidimensional metalized hues that amplify your look, no special primer required.


Products in the Launch

Maryjane Eyeshadow Palette, $58.00

  • Mary Jane Wash this sheer bud crystal shade all over the lid or pop it in the inner corner for high-impact shine.
  • Gaspar This jasper matte eyeshadow is easy to wear in the crease or as a wash of color and adds a subtle hit of olive.
  • Sweet Lucy A deliciously seductive metallic shadow with a deep charcoal base and pyrite hued pearl. Apply this shade all over the lid for a smoldering smoked eye.
  • Bamba- Dense graphite metallic eyeshadow with a true neutral tone. Wet your brush for a chrome effect.
  • Sinsemilla Smooth deep brown matte with a cool undertone. Smudge this eye shadow into the lash line and outer corner to deepen and define your smoked eye.
  • Santa Maria Black diamond shadow. Opaque and dynamic, she can be applied with a finger or a brush for a dense gunmetal eye look.
  • Rubia She’s our neutral crease shade of this palette. Blend this ash blonde matte shadow in the crease for a seamless gradient.
  • Bo Wash this effortlessly elegant smoky quartz eyeshadow all over the lid for a simple, yet refined eye look.
  • Mari Hold it together. This natural hemp paper hued eyeshadow is here to blend away any harsh lines.
  • Kali Add this sheer crushed diamond toned shadow to the center of the lid for an energetic luster.

Glitter Pot, $19.00

  • Hybrid Multidimensional gunmetal
  • Burnout Lucid faded copper
  • Pothead True sparkling silver


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Francesca Avatar

At first glance it reminds me UD nakey smokey. Difficult to say, however, since the swatches are ridiculously heaviliy edited 😆. Btw, melt stays at smoke inspired makep as nars stays as… You know.. maybe soon or later could they change a bit their source of inspiration?

Ana Maria Avatar

Just realized that’s most likely why I’m attracted to the color story. 😅 Naked Smokey was the only Urban Decay Naked I liked and I do hope at some point they relaunch it, but in a better formula… since the brands latest releases haven’t been recognized for quality.

Mariella Avatar

The colours in that e/s palette look quite “want-able” but I have to say, even though I live in a country where marijuana has been legal for several years, I really am not a fan of seeing it glorified in cosmetics, any more than I’d like names like “Liver Failure” or “Drunk Driving Charge” used as makeup names. I know some people will say “it’s only words” but there are much more uplifting words that could be used.

Violet Avatar

I 100% agree. I really like the colours, but I hate the connection to cannabis. I’m not especially opposed to the use of cannabis (also live in a place where it is legal) but I lost interest in it in my early 20s (a very long time ago). It is something that I don’t have any interest in bringing into my life. The association turns me off from buying this palette, even though I actually kind of love the colour story.

Swoozy Avatar

Oh Gosh. This. I’m just not happy with companies that think they’re edgy and outre about sex and drugs, but it’s really just immature.

Ana Maria Avatar

I personally believe that people have the same right to be both prude and libertine. I don’t mind brands using sex, drugs and alcohol to sell, but I do think they should consider also a safe option.
For example, The Balm had the Nude Tude palette in a Naughty and Nice version, so people could choose. Given today’s brands and products, the Naughty isn’t really that naughty 😅 , but it’s an example.

Melt definitely has a market segment that enjoys that naming and aesthetics, they can choose not to promote a larger audience, but it’s a thing brands could look into.

ShariP Avatar

I so agree with you Mariella. I would love to see companies choose uplifting words as names for their products. I’m over the drugs and sex innuendos as much as I’m over red and orange eyeshadow. I do like this color story. But I have it in many other palettes.

Lucia Avatar

Cannabis is both less addictive and impactful to the health though. Sure, there are people who have problematic relationships with it, but then there are surely people who have problematic, addictive relationships with makeup. I would consider that where we draw the line at what is acceptable to romanticize may be more socially constructed than based on health science.

Ana Maria Avatar

I know Maryjane is a play upon words for marijuana, but my mind initially made the connection with Mary Jane shoes. 😅

Now a brand needs to come up with a shoe series (would imagine Colourpop doing something if they run out of ideas)… curious how the biker boots one would look like.

Z Avatar

I want the eyeshadow palette. Buuut I’m taking a very firm stance against PET glitter in cosmetics and as strong of a stand against the use of plastic possible. I urge everyone who doesn’t give much though to their consumerisim to watch John Oliver’s segment about plastics, companies, and the lie of recycling. Corporations will NOT change what they do for money and if this last year hasn’t shown you that you have no power to actually change what’s wrong in the world, I don’t know what will. Use your money to be your voice, it’s literally the only thing you have. Anyone who believes this is all earth-huggy nonsense and “who cares? I want to buy what I want to buy without thinking about it.” – plastic is poisoning our environment to the point that it will be inside of YOU in the horrifyingly near future. Companies will not stop manufacturing them unless you force them to lose money.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recycling regarding makeup is not necessarily a lie, it’s just so frustrating that brands aren’t transparent, and neither educate consumers.
In some cases the packaging is recyclable, but you actually have to take apart components correctly, and most users aren’t aware of the different materials. And a regular user won’t do the effort of removing the mirror and pans, recycle the plastic encasing, clean up the leftover eyeshadow, recycle the aluminium pans separately and together (most recycling facilities have a size requirements, small metal items won’t be recycled if they’re not bundled together, etc.).

PET glitter is not only an environmental hazard… even if we don’t see it and it doesn’t bother us, eyeshadow does go into our eyes so it becomes a health hazard as well.

Blue Avatar

I love PET glitter and I bought a crazy number of them before I found out how bad it was. I don’t think that PET glitter should be illegal because there are so many bigger sources of microplastics (fibers from laundering synthetic fabrics, the gradual breakdown of larger plastics), but I totally agree that as consumers we should be sending the message that the industry needs to move to more sustainable alternatives. I avoid them now and am really happy to read that others are doing the same.

Wednesday Avatar

I guess Melt is catering to a certain customer base 😆. Weed is legal here and I know some might find it offensive, but I find it amusing since people still speak in whispers about it. Alcohol is a drug and many would find a wine inspired palette perfectly acceptable. I have no issues as the shade names are not offensive to me and I like the colour story and may considered buying if the palette reviews well.

I may have even inhaled a few times.

janine Avatar

This is pretty. No one ever talks about the mold issue that was in their ..was it smoke sessions palette? I saw so much pix of different peoples palettes with mold but never bought from this brand at the tune so never heard the outcome?

Sorry if this is prohibited. I’m not trying to slander the brand but as a consumer I’m scared to buy a palette from them. I did buy 2 blushes recently which I liked the products. I wish I had bought the parties one and this looks up my alley.

Cynthia Avatar

I personally own the Smoke Sesssions and Gemini palettes that I purchased from the initial launch. The only issue I had was recently the shimmers in Smoke Sessions puffed out of the pan. I emailed Melt when the shimmers puffed and they sent me a replacement. It seems like they fixed the issue after the initial launch as the new palette is pressed much better than the first one.

I think the color story of this palette is so interesting but I wish it was an 8 pan…

kjh Avatar

Is Melt high? Sure looks it. They’ve been there, done that. Aren’t we a bit sick of the Orgasm and Naked model, where the co overextends a ‘metaphor’ for their product lines? IMO this neither shocks nor attracts anyone. Move on. On the other hand, there probably is room at present for a warm smoky palette.

Lauren Avatar

The whole pot theme isn’t really my jam, but I love the color story. It looks very cool toned and that is something I enjoy. I don’t put a lot of stock into the quality of Melt shadow palettes since they aren’t consistent, but hopefully this one is a good one because I do love the color story. This would definitely have a place in my makeup collection IF the quality is there.

Christina D. Avatar

I’ve been a fan of Melt for a few years, from when they first came out with stacks. In fact, this reminds me of the Gunmetal stack which is one of my favorites from the brand. But I have to say that I’m tired of the marijuana references; I don’t smoke (anything) and while I’m not offended, it’s repetitive by the brand and somewhat juvenile. Enough already, we get it…you like weed.

Ivy Avatar

I think the color story is…. fine? I really like Jasper/Sweet Lucy but I don’t necessarily know if I feel that the full palette is as cohesive as their others have been. I do like that there’s a clearly olive-grey look, a grey look, and a neutral brown one so that’s a plus.

I sincerely wish they’d stop with the heavily edited swatches though, it just feels like they’re trying to hide the true quality/performance/shades/etc when these look so obviously fake.

AJ Avatar

I don’t care one way or another about the weed branding; I don’t imbibe but I have the Smoke Sessions palette because I like green eye shadow 😉

That said, I find it silly that they’re all “It’s inspired by marijuana smoke AND crystals!” Like they wanted to continue their trend of 420-lifestyle branding, but also, crystals are big so let’s capitalize on that.

All branding aside, I like the colors in this palette! I think it’s really elegant. It reminds me of the old KvD Monarch palette, but since I continue to use that one even though it’s old AF, I don’t need to buy this one too.

Karen Avatar

I love this palette!! I’m a Melt Stan so I need this in my life. I will get the PR box but the pipe will just be a novelty.

I love it because I’m a child of the 80’s but when I was 6, I used to watch my aunts get ready to go to the disco on Saturday nights. This collection reminds me of my aunts gold and bronze backless halter tops and their gold platform boots. Such good memories and the reason why I love make up so much!

Brian Avatar

Im as over their Weed themes as the next person but further stigmatizing cannabis through misinformation and ignorance is problematic at best. There is a very serious issue with incarceration of BIPOC for very minor offenses, many of which are now decriminalized in a growing number of jurisdictions yet BIPOC still sit in jail or prison for crimes that are no longer crimes. What we should not be doing in 2021 is talking about weed as if its the same as alcohol. Its not. Talking about weed as if it has the same negative impact on the body or the behavior of the people who use it as alcohol does is ignorant. You are contributing to the attitude that keeps a racist system empowered to further punish minorities for cannabis use. Im sure those of you who continue to pearl clutch and cling to the misinformation you were fed can’t possibly fathom the harm you cause by perpetuating that misinformation but its really not up for debate. Its that simple, if you can’t be informed at least be quiet.

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