Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Availability: Early access at Marc Jacobs Beauty; coming soon to SephoraSephora

La Coquette Collection ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

Create a classic Parisienne look with this set of Marc’s most covetable items. With a Magic Marc’er liquid eyeliner in Blacquer, the perfect nude nail polish, and a shimmering lip gloss for pink pout, you’ll be ready for a night of magic. This set also contains a signature mirror contained in a Marc Jacobs-designed pochette. The perfect gift for someone special or for yourself.

  • Blacquer (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner)
  • Kissability (Lust for Lacquer Sheer Lip Vinyl)
  • Madame (Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer)
  • Mirror (in a Pochette)

The Sky Liner Petite Highliner Collection ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

Line your eyes like never before with this dazzling assortment of 7 petite highliner gel eyeliners. Cased in a limited-edition collectible box, these perfect petites include 5 best-selling shades and 2 new limited-edition eyeliner shades. This set is centered around the signature shade of the season, “Midnight in Paris.” 7 x 0.01 oz Highliner gel crayons in O(vert) (forest green), Brown(out) (bronze with shimmer), Th(ink) (deep navy), (Plum)age (vivid purple), Blacquer (black), Sunset (golden bronze shimmer), Midnight in Paris (inky indigo blue).

  • O(vert)
  • Brown(out)
  • Th(ink)
  • (Plum)age
  • Blacquer
  • Sunset (Exclusive)
  • Midnight in Paris (Exclusive)

Blacquer and Bleu Eye Essentials Collection ($79.00) (Limited Edition)

Satisfy your love of dramatic eye looks with Marc’s must-haves in eyeliner and mascara, in shades of blacquer and bleu. This decadent collection inspired by the glamour of Paris and its midnight sky features 3 best-selling products contained in a makeup bag designed by Marc Jacobs. The ultimate gift for the girl who loves to shine.

  • Blacquer (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner)
  • Blacquer (O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara)
  • Th(ink) (Highliner Gel Eyeliner Crayon)
  • Makeup Bag by Marc Jacobs

Style Eye-Con No. 7 ($59.00)

Featuring the Limited Edition Holiday 2014 eyeshadow palette, The Parisienne. Become captivated with the super skinny, sleek design of these iconic, harmonized eyeshadows. Discover the mystery of the girl who believes in finding magic at all hours.

  • The Parisienne Inspired by the City of Lights (Limited Edition)

Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18.00)

  • Midnight in Paris Inky indigo blue (Limited Edition)

LoveMarc Collection Lip Gel Set ($350.00) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Experience true luxury when you open the stylishly sleek Lovemarc Lipstick Collection, a collector’s edition. Enclosed in a lacquered jewelry box, you’ll find 12 shiny-black Lovemarc lipsticks aligned like piano keys, and the center of attention, Marc’s realized vision of the perfect red—Showstopper. From the mysterious Moody Margot, to provocative Little Pretty, discover the variety of true glamour and fall in love with a new lipstick shade each day.

Availability: Early access at Marc Jacobs Beauty; coming soon to SephoraSephora

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

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I think the The Sky Liner Petite Highliner Collection is the most intriging set and probly for alot of people as well. Price point is not that much different then the ones MUFE put out as well for gift sets.

LOVE the eyeliner set. And the nail lacquers are stunning too!!
I’m curious about Benefit’s 2014 holiday sets. Any estimate when you should be posting about them? 🙂

This actually looks like a decent holiday spread!! A bit pricy, but that highlighner set and the Blacquer and Bleu set look awesome! It’s a great way to try a bunch of his products at a slightly less ridiculous price 🙂

Hi Christine. MJ’s holiday stuff seems to have gone up on Sephora’s website today. They have listed the shade names and sizes for the highliner set so I’m assuming those are the official colours. 🙂

That’s great news! I got an email from MJB’s ecommerce site (for customers) about the sneak preview, so I was like, OOH! but it didn’t have all the details for a couple of things. Surprised Sephora has it already (I expected MJB to get a couple days jump).

I would’ve thought so too what with them touting “sneak peak” all over the place lol. I’m happy though that Sephora has it so we can get more details. I’m still a bit confused on the size of the pencils since their full-sized ones are listed as 0.01 oz as well.

Sephora had the sizing of the full-sized ones at 0.10 oz. for a long time if I remember correctly, though 0.01 oz. is the right size (based on owning and seeing it printed on the box). There’s a high res photo of the box for the Highliner set on Sephora, which shows 7 x 0.01 oz. If so, then this would be a fantastic deal.

I remember a reader got a deluxe sized pencil for her points, and it was also 0.01 oz.

If indeed these are 0.01 oz., so while they may look smaller, they’re the same amount of product inside as the full-sized, then this is a true steal at $45 ($175 worth of eyeliners).

If that is the case that would definitely be super awesome! I think I may get it either way as I’ve always wanted to try MJB’s liners! Thanks again for your help 🙂

Seriously they’re that small? Urban Decay’s full size are 0.04, and the smaller ones in the sets are 0.03! I was thinking about picking up this set, but now I’m not so sure!

From the promo pictures and description (“Petite”), these look like mini eyeliners – the mini ones have a colored bottom, while the full size have a black bottom and a colored “grip” area, if that makes sense.

I got two of MJ’s mini eyeliners in a recent promo on his website, and the labeling is a bit confusing on them. My full size Jazz(berry), which I got in August says .5 g/.01 oz. The two minis I got, Blacquer and Brown(out), say .37 g/.01 oz. So, I would assume that the oz calculation on the minis is wrong, but the g calculation is correct! (? haha)

I think the set is a great deal as his pencils are fabulous! Here are my pros and cons based on the two I have (they might have adjusted production for the holiday collection). I apologize for the length of this comment: feel free to edit for brevity Christine!

– Colored bottoms so that it’s easy to find the color you want when stored upright (although, they will get lost if you try to stand them up with full size pencils – I stick them in the mini jar I have for kabukis, etc.)
– Even though they are mini, they are still retractable/twist up, so you don’t need to sharpen them – packaging seems of the same quality as full size liners

– This might be because these were shipped to me in CA when it was constantly in the high 90’s, but both my leads were loose in the pencil when they arrived. I let them cool down and gently pushed them into the bottom again, and they haven’t fallen out even when stored point-down, but it was irritating as I could have totally messed up the product if I didn’t do it right (squishing the liner between my fingers, etc.).

Well, I asked Google, and Google tells me that 0.37g = 0.013 oz. and 0.5g is 0.018 oz.! I normally see brands round-up, though I don’t know if there’s a regulation or some industry rule about rounding.

Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 No need to apologize for length!

Thank you Christine and Jennifer for the clarifications. I didn’t know these were twist-up since someone had said something about sharpening them. That makes more sense on the product amount.
Thanks again Christine, you are ALWAYS so helpful 🙂

Hi Jennifer, that’s interesting that your leads fell out. I have a regular full size MJ eyeliner, and it’s quite chilly right now where I live, the other day as I was removing the lid of the eyeliner to use it – the lead fell out!! I was able to carefully place it back in. I don’t think temperature was the cause. My eyeliner is not very old either.

Definitely excited about the eyeliner set! However, I’ve gotten a sample as a point perk and it doesn’t have a sharpener at the end, and it’s quite frustrating to have a dull gel tip, as it doesn’t look so great being so thick the closer you get to the tear duct. I know the full size ones have little sharpeners, but if we are getting a full set of “minis” how would these be sharpened? I tried a nano sharpener on my sample and it ruined the packaging (which I figured would happened but it was only a point perk, so no loss to me.)

To sharpen this type of mechanical eyeliner you could try holing it at a 30-45 degree angle, run it along a paper towel and gently turn it (maintaining the same angle) while gently drawing a line. This will sharpen up the tip. I do this all the time, even when my eyeliners come with the built in sharpener. This way I can control the pointiness, and it’s less messy!

The Sky-Liner set is pretty much a must-have for me as I have fallen in love with these highliner pencils. I ordered this set and a full-size (Luna)tic. It looks to me as if these are the mini pencils (the size you get in the points perks and from, but they are still a decent value with 7 liners for $45.

Also, the 100 point perk of (Brown)out is still available, though not listed with the current perks on the rewards page. If you go to all Marc Jacobs products and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a banner for “Related Promotions” – from there you can view the perk and add the Brown(Out) liner to your cart. Happy shopping!

I am coveting thos liners as well. I have the cabaret lipstick so I like the formula but the price is too steep for a set of lipsticks. Christine, I know that you have mentioned that MJ has one of the best eyeliner formulas – even better than urban decay? I like urban decay formula but i have never tried MJ’s eyeliner’s yet.

I have a love/hate relationship with the eyeliners, because sometimes they’re really lovely all-around, other times the colors are more unique but the pigmentation requires layering or it’s not as glide-on as I’d like. In general, they wear really long, though.

The holiday polish is $24 on the Marc Jacobs website and on The weight is the same, but it’s an extra $6 for a silver cap? Please. With all of these blues on the market, they have to do better than that to justify a $6 price hike!

It’s also housed in a velvet box that you can use as a pedestal for the nail polish. I usually toss the packaging anyway as all of my polishes are stored together. Maybe it was a last-minute decision to change the pricing? Who knows.

Yes. I like the packaging, but I’m worried this is a signal of a price change for the whole nail line (which would put it more in line price-wise with the rest of his products). I really hope this isn’t the case, since right now I consider $18 a steal when his lip balm (which I do also like) is $24!

This is just freaking ridiculous. I can’t find swatches of that palette ANYWHERE!! I have a serious build up of tension. It’s the same price as Vice 3, all have jewel tones.. We get the color vibe and have all year, but GEEZUZ give the description, at least, MJB! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Oh, Christine, I think you know how adamant I am about this! Note: MINI HIGHLINERS BREAK EASILY AND FALL OUT THE ITTY BITTY CONTAINER AND GO BYE-bye.. Make sure you can return them!!!!!!!!! And where’s the vinyl lawyer set I saw as well? Notice the skin tint sticks disappeared at an I guess too early release at sephora and I wonder when they will resurface. TEMPTALIA BLOG: Porn for beauty junkies. Thanks for the candy, enabler! 😉 xoxo!

Hearing all the wonderful things you’ve said about the Marc Jacobs eyeliners, I’m definitely picking that set up!

…Now if only an extra $350 could appear in my bank account for the lipsticks also. 😛

Just ordered the gel liners. Definitely going to order the palette next and I would like to get my hands on the lipstick set ( the box is so luxurious) since I do like the lipsticks and it’s a great way to get most of the shades in the line for less cost.
I have a feeling that my wallet will be very empty this coming fall/winter season because there’s so many good collections coming out. Especially with Gucci coming out with a line; already started picking out my pre-order 🙂

I was about to say this eye shadow palette seemed cheaper than his regular line, but I just double checked and no, that is the price for all of them. For some reason I was thinking $70.00 USD….$59.00 is still pretty up there though. I don’t own anything from this line and have never been drawn to anything either. 🙁

I think I’m going to get the set with the foundation. I’ve gotten a sample every time I go to Sephora and I love it. I’ve been meaning to buy it and that set looks perfect!

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