How many bad products can a brand put out before you develop a negative opinion of them as a whole?

How many bad products can a brand put out before you develop a negative opinion of them as a whole? Share!

Two or three core kind of products, e.g. eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks.

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Y’know what, I’ve never actually thought of it in numbers, although I sure will now! I suppose it’s because, say I really love just a few items from a specific brand, I may never wind up trying one of their epic fail type products. Plus I’m so dang picky, that I tend to check reviews first, so most of the time I have a pretty decent idea of what I’m getting before I buy it. Usually. That said, I definitely agree that if a brand cannot get their core products right, especially when it’s like 2-3 mainstays, then I’d say they dropped the ball!

If I buy 2-3 duds from a brand, I usually proceed with extra caution moving forward (read more reviews, swatch in store, get a sample, buy only if I can return). With brands launching so many new products every year, I think there will be a few if not more duds, but I don’t want to write off the whole brand just because of that. I think every brand has weak and strong products.

Not very many. I’ll be a little more forgiving if they have previously put out stellar products, but basically if they don’t have either really good eyeshadows or really good lipsticks, I’m not giving them my money.

I stopped buying MAC (even though my city finally got a counter) because I got so peeved off at the crap LE stuff they kept putting out every five minutes.

In one brand’s case it didn’t need to be a product. Unless tales of horrible customer service and not listening to customers (actual and potential), not to mention bad business practices overall, count as a product?

I give them a few shots, but usually only one per product type. If you release a worthless lipstick and then release a worthless lipstick again? Forget about it.

In a way I am “glad” about some bad products, as long as I did not buy them already. Negative reviews make me considering more careful before wanting something new and not to become to over enthusiastic about a brand… Nars for example appealed always so attractive to me, but just the not really developed wet and dry blush concept helped to adjust my perspective and achieve some realistic distance again, if this makes sense… 😉

I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to make-up. It’s never too late for a brand to redeem itself with a new make-up product 🙂 But when it comes to skin care I make up my mind quite fast.

I’m kind of hit or miss. If I have a bad allergic reaction to something then I’m unlikely to try anything else from the same brand (if it was new to me, had I already been using their stuff I’m just less likely to keep branching out). If it’s a brand I’m really interested in for whatever reason, say the entire line has been certified gluten free I might give more leeway. And I’ll keep trying different things (though I have no problems returning things that don’t live up to claims). But on the whole, if I can’t use your eyeshadows and blushes I’m not really going to be interested in trying anything else from you’re range. I always start there and if I like those things then, and only then will I branch out to other products in the line. If you can’t keep me by doing those two products well then there’s really little point in me continuing to try.

I bought 2 Essie nail polishes some time ago that were both so hideously streaky that I refuse to buy anything else from them.

I usually preface that question with another: how much money did it put me out? Because I am going to be far more lenient with bad products from a cheapie brand than, say, Tom Ford.

Hmmm – interesting and somewhat difficult question. I guess for me, hope springs eternal and even a company that has let me down (Physician’s Formula comes to mind) or one that does have a lot of stinkers (MAC) will continue to get “another chance” when something new comes out but, again, having access to this blog is what makes this so. If I read that PP or MAC has some new launch or new collection that is great, I’ll try it despite bad experiences in past.

I tend to give up on brands once they have done everything wrong. Lip products, eyes, face etc. Some brands have an amazing foundation but then may not be that great at lip products so i always will try some of everything before I really create a negative opinion on them

Mu would say 3-5, depending on how much $$ I spent and how basic the product is. But if a brand can pull off the basics, I don’t want to give them more $$ or chances. That’s one of the many reasons why I appreciate and turn to you!

I don’t have a set number, as I think my opinion of a brand is based on the ratio of good products to bad products they have in their line up. So how many bad products it would take for me to think negatively about a cosmetic brand varies from brand to brand. Like it took me a long time (maybe 1-2 years) and a lot of bad LE collections to really alter my view of MAC as a cosmetics company, just because of how many good products they have in their permanent collection that I still really do like. But for a brand that I have less of a relationship with, it may only take 2 or 3 dud items for my view of their brand to sour.

I agree with Christine. Two or three . For example,Hourglass. They were pretty solid in my book prior to the eyeshadow palettes they recently bombed on. But, I love most of their other products and even most of their brushes. So, I’ll let that slide. But, I will venture into future new products with caution (read reviews,etc.) But, I will repurchase my beloved ambient lighting powders and blushes if they run out.

I think 2 is enough for me to stay away. If I ever bought a third one from them, that must because I’ve read some great review or I know for sure they have updated their formula. Then I would be willing to give it a third chance.

Also same rule for skincare products if they broke me out once, I wouldn’t come back at all unless they change the key ingredients (like taking off the mineral oil and starts to use at lease olive oil and so).

I usually group brands into groups and have opinions on that particular section. Like I will never ever buy another Revlon mascara because I have had horrible experiences with them but I will certainly try other items in that brand especially if I have had luck with other types of products in a line. The only brand I avoid is Rimmel because of all the duds I’ve had with them (though I did crack and buy a cream shadow stick awhile ago… another dud)

I haven’t thought about it in specific numbers before, but I suspect it’s more of a percentage. If a brand has dozens of excellent products, I’m willing to forgive one or two duds (especially if it’s an experimental formula). I’m also more forgiving of the budget brands – when you aren’t out much money, it’s easier to take the gamble.

But then you have a brand like Dior, that consistently puts out terrible eyeshadow palettes, and that drags down my opinion of the brand as a whole.

It depends; If it’s drugstore I expect 50/50 products. They work for some but not all or some releases are just bad. For high end, I expect more like 80/20. I know all makeup and skincare is very YMMV BUT I feel if they are charging it should be a great formula, that does what it says.

A fair bit actually. I don’t usually buy products unless I’ve read extensive reviews, and I like reading beauty reviews. I think it’s fun when an otherwise mediocre brand produces something really excellent and everyone is surprised and conversely I find it hilarious when well established luxury brands put out crap.

But if I actually buy a product and it’s a dud? No waters can quench my fiery rage.

I think it’s more about how many products have I bought from that same company that were a waste of time, did not preform as promised, or made me break out. I gave up on mac after the 5th or 6th time I bought a product by them that did not deliver. The foundations broke me out in hives, their concealers made my skin have grey in it (which i can assure you it does not naturally), and their lipsticks were underwhelming. That and the fact that their limited editions sell out in a matter of minutes so I can’t even take my time to see if there is anything I wanted in the first place. Smh Ex: Alluring Aquatic collection. It’s just crazy to expect a buyer to buy an entire collection sight unseen when the rest of their products are already dupable.

It really depends on the brand, if I have a history with them or if they’re new to me, if they have a small range or offer a wide variety of products, etc…

If a small brand I don’t know comes up with 2 very poor products, I’ll start avoiding them. If it’s a brand I’ve known and loved for years, I’ll give them another chance or focus on their products I know are good.

I don’t have a number but I am definitely more lenient with cheaper brands than more expensive ones. If I’m dishing out a lot of money, I expect it to be good quality. With that being said, I don’t think there’s one brand I have entirely given up on and I just make sure I do research before buying pricey products. I agree with everyone about Mac limited edition collections- they tend to be disappointing but Mac does have some great permanent products that I’ll still buy. I also agree that shady/unprofessional business practices will affect my opinion of a brand way more than inconsistent quality.

I never seem to learn my lesson…. but that’s good! If I have up on a brand after a few misses then I would miss out on the.products I love!

i can stand 1-2 bad products…but when it gets to more than that i start to be wary & really hold off buying until everyone reviews it. if reviews are good, ill give it a go IF the product is something that is a must have, limited edition product or color.

I don’t put much focus on brands themselves, as I usually read so many reviews before I buy something, so I just judge products on their honors alone.

I used to find Urban Decay’s marketing and packaging compelling, but now that they’ve changed it’s no longer so alluring, even if the actual products have improved. Same for brands like Illamasqua and OCC. I’m trying to be more “responsible adult” about my buying habits too, and not just get drawn into whichever brand has the coolest ads.

I would guess 2 or 3 — which is terrible because we should expect products to be as they are touted to be. Honestly, usually before I buy something now, I check Temptalia first! I have never once found the reviews to be anything but spot on! The pictures, swatches are proof positive – Yay!

There are a couple of factors for me. First of all, it depends on the product. If, for example, a brand’s lipsticks are awful, but their eyeshadow formula is great, I’ll just stop buying the lipsticks. It also depends on the price. I’m a lot more forgiving of drugstore brands, because they’re cheap and also, you kind of expect them to fluctuate a lot in quality even within a given brand. Mid range brands get a little bit of a pass but when I get to the high end stuff, if I get two of the same type of thing and don’t like it, I’m done with them.

I think it depends on how bad the fail is. I’ve had some MAC prodocts I don’t love but they’re still usable and haven’t soured me on the brand. But maybe 6-7 years ago, I bought a LORAC palette that was so epicly bad (incredible chalky shadows, no pigment), I haven’t wanted to try them again, even for products that are getting good reviews.

I tend to form a negative impression of an area within a brand, e.g., I wouldn’t buy Dior eyeshadows again (I have two palettes, and there it endeth!) but they have some nice lippies and mascaras. It doesn’t colour the entire brand. I suspect some of that is because I have so many product sensitivities and allergies that I am not – and can’t be – loyal to any one brand, so I’m used to compartmentalising that Brand A is bad at Product Y the same way I would for Brand B makes a Product Z that I’m allergic to.

As others have said, price point is a factor, and I’m much more likely to forgive multiple poor showings in a drugstore brand. Rimmel is the only one I completely avoid, as I had bad reactions to three different products and that was enough to kill the whole brand for me.

Longevity of my relationship with the brand plays a role, too. If they make some great products that I’ve been using for a long time, I’m less fussed if a new product is crap. As long as it doesn’t mean that my favourite has been discontinued, anyway! 😉

Three and specially the basics: Lipstick / Foundation / Blush. If a Company messes up in those 3 then its a “You Suck!” Company.

I am pretty forgiving of drugstore brands but if I get a dud from a high end brand I would be reluctant to ever buy a make up product from them again. With the resources behind them, there is no reason for a brand like Chanel or Dior or Guerlain to ever put out a bad product. Maybe a product that does not work with my skin chemistry, ok….but just plain awful…no excuse. Makeup should be tested nine ways to Sunday before b

Oops…that went flying off before I finished my rant. The point is: make sure the makeup performs before releasing it on the public. MAC is a perfect example of this problem. They throw so many “collections” at us there is no way they can really test out each and every new release. I avoid the collections for this reason.

That’s tricky–bc “bad” can be subjective. Especially for me, my extra sensitive skin is so reactive to different things that there are more things that DON’T work for me than things that do. I carefully do research if it’s something I put on my face and I’ve returned many products that seem to work just fine for everyone else. I try not to develop negative opinions of brands bc of this: just a simple “not for me” attitude.

However, if a brand changes a product for the worse or a corporation seems to be doing something shady behind-the-scenes, then that’s when I develop a negative opinion of them.

I don’t have a set number, but I’m more likely to give up on a particular product then an entire brand. Some companies do awful eyeshadows, but great lipsticks (especially drug store). Or their lipsticks suck, but I like their eyeliners. If a new item or formula comes out, and it gets enough good reviews, I might be willing to try again.

I guess 2-3 per category, or 1-5 strike outs in multiple categories. The more expensive the brand, the less chances they get.

It depends on the size of the fail. For instance, I purchased the MUFE Technicolor palette upon its release and was extremely disappointed to say the least. I did not purchase a new product from MAC until months after the Artist Shadow was released. On the other hand, if I have a brand that has earned my trust in some areas (face, lipsticks, etc), I will not boycott it over a few smaller fails. I am a MAC fan and have forgiven them many times through the years due to my overall track record with them. I had an extremely bad allergic reaction to a MAC product one time. With any other brand, I would never buy another product from them again, but given my previous track record with MAC, I gave them more chances (but refuse to purchase other skin products from them).

I feel like almost every brand (with exception of brands that only do one category of product, for example everything from OPI is super good in my opinion) there’s always bound to be great products and horrible products. Also most products tend to work for one person and not another depending on difference of skin type, preferences for texture/pigmentation, etc. I like the sheer dior eyeshadows a lot but I can see why others wouldn’t. 🙂

I generally steer clear if they can’t do good eyeshadows or lip products. For example, while I like Elf’s brushes, I’m just put off by their brand’s makeup because it seems to be overall crappy to me. I’ve heard they have a few good face products, though, so maybe I’ll have to look into that…

I guess for me it depends on the brand’s track record and price point.

If a cheap brand generally does something reasonably well (eg, Revlon + lip products, or Maybelline + mascara) I’m likely to cut them some slack when an impulse purchase falls short of my expectations. If $6 has netted me a decent lipgloss in the past, I don’t feel too much chagrin when $6 results in a lackluster one.

On the other hand, more expensive brands better really have their ducks in a row if they want to keep my business. I can forgive maybe two major missteps before I won’t purchase their makeup without first extensively researching the product, which means they lose out on a lot of my money from impulse purchases. (I know better now than to blind-buy Dior quints, for example.) Heck, I’m embarrassed on companies’ behalf when it’s apparent that they’re merely prostituting their luxury brand name to sell non-luxury products. Have some self-respect, you know?

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