Malie Kauai – Body Cream in Koke’e and Rescue Tonic Reviews


From the lush, tropical rainforests and rich volcanic soil of the ancient Garden Island of Kauai, we’ve created Malie (mah-lee-ay), luxurious natural products for home, body and spirit. The gentle, soothing essences of our wild-crafted and organic ingredients flow through pure Hawaiian hydrosols, the therapeutic floral waters that infuse each product. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Hawaiian aromatherapy – our gift from the Garden Isle of Eternal Rainbows. Aloha.

Malie Kauai is a brand devoted to promoting and utilizing its Hawaiian Roots on the Garden Isle of Kauai by using only indigenous flora for their natural luxury spa products. They ensure sustainable growth of all ingredients they choose for their indulgent products. They even use local artisans to create their products. This line is truly about bringing you the best in natural products, and they make sure to provide you detailed information about the ingredients they use, how they use, and which ones are in the products you love.

To find out what I thought of their Body Cream and Rescue Tonic,

I recently tried out Malie Kauai’s Body Cream in Koke’e, which is their newest arom. Koke’e is the organic essence of Kaua’i’s ancient Koke’e rainforest. Malie will make a donation of a portion of its sales of Koke’e products towards the rainforest conservation program. Koke’e is described as a “magical scient that lingers in the air after a sun shower or in a hidden canyon where a gentle waterfall reveals itself after a long, delicious hike.” I’m inclined to agree!  I found myself feeling as if I was inhaling the subtle scent of something tropical with a touch of freshness, lightness. This is not the potent smell of other “Hawaii-inspired” scents; it is truly a subtle scent that lingers. I really was reminded of languid days spent lazing around in Hawaii, and the imagery immediately relaxed me.

I also had the opportunity to try out their Rescue Tonic in Lilkoi Lemongrass, which is meant to eliminate mid-day oily skin by rejuvenating the skin without washing. They also offer three other tonics (Renew, Purify, and Beautify). Those familiar with the art of facial tonics and sprays will find this one refreshing. Spritz Rescue once or twice to hydrate your face and give you that “clean” feeling in half the time. Sometimes I get that “oily face” feeling during the day, and this helps me feel refreshed! There is a very light scent to it, which is mostly just something organic and natural, very clean smelling.

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