Makeup Storage Solutions – TV Stand Turned Vanity

This weekend I had the brilliant idea to turn my bedroom “TV stand” (which was originally meant for the dining room, see reusing and revamping is always a good move) into my new vanity. If you saw my collection photos from January, you would have seen my dream vanity – separate from the sinks, huge mirror, etc. Unfortunately, I had to move to a new area, and I lost that great spot. I was constrained to two feet of counterspace, bad lighting, and one measly drawer (plus closet space, but who wants that?). Now, I have four shelves/cubby holes (there are two more on the bottom, but reserved for other junk) dedicated to housing my makeup habit! So I introduce you, Temptalia’s $30 storage solution…

Here is the left half of the top of the newly-created vanity. I bought these square cubes at Target awhile ago for $1 each (bargain huntress… yes, I think so) – they are perfect for holding my lipglasses and lipsticks. I keep these out because I never know what I’m going to reach for.  I also have a small mirror that is double-sided (magnifies on one side) for upclose/detail work. You can see the edge of the center mirror in this photo, which I found for $10 at Ross, and it’s a good size for makeup if you aren’t able to put up a wall mirror.

The right side of the top of the vanity holds my brushes, mascaras, and liners in one container. I have all my MAC palettes (blushes and eyeshadows) on the right for easy access.

The two left shelves: the top one houses my beauty powders, pigments, and a few items like foundation that I reach for often; the second one holds less used items like my various mascaras, drugstore liners, and an extra, empty silverware drawer for filling up later! Each silver storage solution is actually a silverware drawer – you can find these at so many places; I picked mine up at Ross for $4 each.

The two right shelves: the top one holds more pigments, eyeshadow quads, blushes, and eyeshadows in pot-form; the second one holds various beauty products that are not MAC or items I rarely use, plus a LUSH massage bar in a baggy (ha).