Makeup How To: Filling In Your Brows

Tutorial: How To Fill In Your Brows

This is a pretty straight forward tutorial, and it’s really a process that’s not at all complicated–promise! Most of us aren’t blessed with lusciously full, well-groomed brows, so in comes learning to how to make them that way.

What You Need: powder eyeshadow (that matches your brows–I’m using MAC Espresso); stiff, angled brush (e.g. MAC 266 brush)

See step-by-step instructions

1. Start with a naked eye and un-groomed brows!

2. You can groom brows with a clean mascara wand before you start to get an idea of your shape. Since I do my brows nearly everyday, I tend to skip this step. I start filling the lower portion of my brows first. I press my 266 brush into Espresso eyeshadow, and then I follow the direction of my brow on the bottom.

3. I move back and forth, and then I move slightly upwards towards the middle area.

4. This is what you’ll see — a slight powdery line.

5. Now, I do the same thing, only I follow the top line of my brow.

6. I flatten out the brush and use short brushstrokes to blend out the eyeshadow and make it less obvious. Once you have the fuller portion set, you can lightly follow the tail of the brow if you desire.

This is the end result. You’re only going to see the powder if you’re standing about 1″ away from me–or in this case, seeing my eye several times larger than it actually is. If you’re ever unsure about whether your brows look unnatural, just look in the mirror. If it looks overdone at a foot away, you can probably take it down a notch. I usually use a mascara wand or a fluffy eyeshadow brush to help blend out the color more. You can also use clear brow gel to set more unruly brows, too, as a final step.