Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation Review, Photos, Swatches

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body FoundationMake Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation ($43.00 for 1.69 fl. oz.) is a new formula that offers “sheer to buildable coverage” with a “dewy glow and flawless finish” using a “water-gel” texture, and it is supposed to be waterproof and transfer-proof. This formula comes in 20 shades, which is decent but not as impressive as the Ultra HD Liquid range, but the numbering system used for Water Blend is the same as Ultra HD (though I haven’t personally seen all the shades, so there may be differences – I expect shade mismatching to be more forgiving, as this is a sheerer formula). It is an updated version of the brand’s previous Face & Body formula (which I recall being a smidgen thicker but not by much).

I tried two shades–Y305 and Y315–and as you might guess, I ended up mixing them together when I was trying out the new formula. I find Y305 to be darker and yellower than Y315, which is a smidgen lighter and more neutral-to-warm and has a more peach undertone than true yellow (this is closer to my skin tone). If someone likes sheer, weightless coverage that is just enough to even out very minor variations with decent wear and a natural sheen, you might like this. It’s almost undetectable to me when applied, and it sat well on the skin without emphasizing pores, clinging to dryness/flakes (I had a wee bit of dryness around my nose). The wear was modest–seven to eight hours without primer or powder–but the nice part is the sheerer coverage makes it look less obvious as the foundation starts to wear down as it always looked very skin-like. Worth noting, it seemed to have a very faint, floral scent to it, which I noticed for the first hour or so of wear but not later in the day.

The texture was very water-like; it felt wet, thin, and ran easily when I put a pump on the back of my hand. It spread well, but it could get streaky if I wasn’t careful. I preferred using a dense foundation brush (like Real Techniques Expert Face) for initial application and then using a damp Beautyblender to buff and blend the remainder in. If I used a Beautyblender first, it absorbed a lot of the product and made it harder to spread out the actual product evenly. I also liked applying and blending out with fingertips, which helped avoid streakiness and made the process faster overall than using a brush and then a sponge.

It’s a very, very sheer foundation with one to two pumps of product, while two to three pumps yielded sheer to light coverage. I didn’t feel like I could really build it up beyond light coverage, as applying more than two to three layers seemed to make the underlying layers lift and shift, which made the texture appear more uneven. I think the coverage seems mostly in line with how it’s described, as it is buildable from very sheer to sheer to light coverage. It dries down to a mostly non-tacky finish that doesn’t transfer easily for most of the wear (it had slight transfer after six hours of wear). It seemed waterproof in the sense that a splash of water didn’t cause the foundation to separate or run, but if I splashed water on my face and then patted my face with a towel, the product did come off.

I have normal-to-dry skin (leaning normal) with minimal dryness at the moment. It was hard to judge if it was hydrating or not, because I don’t normally see signs of dryness coming through with most foundations or during the day (with no foundation), and the best I could judge was that it didn’t seem to emphasize the lines or texture of my under eye area, which I find to be the least forgiving area on my face. I’d love to hear from others with drier skin types to see if they find this a particularly hydrating foundation.

The foundation was comfortable to wear and wasn’t a fussy foundation to wear all day; it didn’t break down in such a way that it looked awful at any point (I think that’s mostly due to the coverage level!), and it didn’t transfer easily, so I didn’t worry about clothes or scratching my nose or blotting around the corners of my mouth with a napkin after a meal. I think it delivers on being ultra-lightweight, sheer, and natural; I think it looks a lot like my skin-but-better and manages to mask some of the natural pink tones I have in my cheeks and chin area. I personally prefer light-medium to medium coverage, so I don’t think you’ll see me reaching or wearing this, but if I wanted sheerer coverage, this would definitely be one I’d consider.

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Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y305 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y305 | Y315 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y315 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y315 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y315 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y315 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Y315 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Y315 Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Bare Skin | Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Bare Skin | Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation (Y305 and Y315 mixed)

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation (Y305 and Y315 Mixed) | With Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation
Bare Skin | Foundation with Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder



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Hi Christine, thanks for the review of this! I was wondering you say it doesn’t transfer easily, does it transfer at all? I understand this is meant for the body as well, so if I got foundation transfer on my clothes that way, it wouldn’t be good. Do you think users would need to powder their body after applying this?

I don’t notice transfer for the first six hours or so, but if I press my finger to my face and rub, some product will be on my fingertip after that.

Someone with good skin that likes light coverage might like this, but this is a total skip for me. I have uneven-ness and hyperpigmentation, and need medium-to-full coverage to look my best. If I want to go sheer, I will reach for one of my BB creams, since they have SPF and no fragrance.

Christine, does this MUFE foundation have a strong smell ? Checking on Sephora Canada website I see some concerns with the strong smell. Thank you !

I mentioned in the review that it has a floral scent! 🙂 It lingers for an hour or so for me, but I don’t notice it all day.

Totally understand! I was surprised by the scent. I think it’s because I still associate MUFE as an artistry brand and think they won’t use added fragrance to have broader appeal, but the foundation definitely has an added scent to it!

I guess I don’t understand the point of foundations like this, to be honest. At best, it seems to only do some minor color correction, so it seems like it would be useful for only a very small portion of buyers. If someone has skin that’s good enough that ultra-minimal coverage is all they need, they don’t need to spend $43 on a foundation when a tinted moisturizer or a small amount of powder would do just as well.

I imagine this will last longer than tinted moisturizer with respect to numbers of uses you’ll get out of one bottle, as it contains a lot of product. Plus, you can use whatever skincare regimen you’re already using/is working for you. Tinted moisturizers also have very limited ranges when it comes to most brands. Some people may not like powder, which can be a simple preference or a matter where liquid or creams may sit better on the skin. Others might apply this all over while using a separate concealer to add coverage only where they need it. There are so many reasons and ways this could suit someone while not suiting someone else – variety is what makes the beauty world so exciting these days 🙂

As far as I have been able to tell, sheerer/lighter coverage is actually quite popular, given the enduring popularity of things like MUFE’s previous Face & Body (which this seems to replace) and MAC’s Face & Body. I definitely see a place for sheer coverage foundations like this, even if it’s not a product type I’d reach for often, if at all, since I do personally need and prefer light-medium coverage.

“Others might apply this all over while using a separate concealer to add coverage only where they need it.” This is exactly how I use this foundation. For most of my life, I had a lot of acne and acne scarring, so I would favor the heavier foundations, but I just couldn’t get over how unnatural it looked on areas of my face that had no blemishes. Now that my skin is very clear and I just have some lingering dark marks to conceal, I prefer to use a very lightweight foundation and a concealer on areas that I need more coverage. I’ve tried sticking to medium foundations, but in the end, they just don’t look natural on me because of my unusual skin coloring (super super pale and yellow olive–I can wear both 215 and 225 in this formula), so the fact that this is sheer finally allows me to find a decent match even if it’s not perfect. I also hate tinted moisturizers because I already use my own skincare underneath and prefer not to keep piling on moisturizing formulas, and they usually come in only a few colors.

On me, this foundation lasts pretty well and does give pretty decent coverage if I layer only on areas that need it. I have combo skin, and I can get a solid 7-8 hours wear I powder slightly (not too much because it takes away the dewy look). It doesn’t settle into my giant pores and doesn’t make my drier areas flaky, which I’ve also experienced. I think what makes this work for me is that it is hydrating, but it is extremely lightweight and not oily. It’s not perfect, but for now it works great.

That’s really how most artists will tell you how to apply makeup – don’t start with full coverage, start with the least coverage you need for all-over and then build-up only in the areas you need, whether that’s using the same foundation, concealer, or another foundation. It is argued that this is how you get the most natural-looking base!

After wearing some full coverage foundations in the last month, it can definitely be apparent when something medium-to-full coverage doesn’t match as well, and then it can absolutely start looking mask-like and far from natural.

Happy to hear this is working well for you, Christina – and good to hear it is hydrating, too.

I like sheer foundations because they give you a base to work with without destroying all the natural variation to the face. I have good skin, so I don’t need heavy coverage took begin with – I can use concealer to spot fix if needed – and I can go light on facial makeup because the tiny variations are showing through. The less doll-like my skin looks, the more natural the illusion.

I’m just starting to learn this. LOL! I know every artist tells you to do just that, but I never had the luxury of looking natural because of all my marks. Now that I can use sheer foundations, I’m finding I like my colors lighter as well to give me that healthy, rosy glow. I’m crossing my fingers this lasts for me! 🙂

I haven’t used Face & Body in years, so I don’t feel confident answering – in my very poor memory, I remember MAC Face & Body having a little more coverage, but I didn’t wear foundation as often then so it’s hard to say without re-trying it.

Thank you! I like MAC Face and Body and I feel like I can build it up pretty well. I feel the MAC version is more reasonably priced also.

I picked up Y245 which is supposed to be comparable to the old #120 HD foundation. And crap today I see swatches which show the Y245 looking a little more warm (peachy dammit). The old 120 was a very respectable match for me because it didn’t pull peach/orange against my light olive skin.. major feat.
I hope this shade isn’t bust because I very much like the looks of this foundation for casual outdoor day wear. And no, at 53, I don’t have perfect skin, not even remotely, but don’t mind my errors showing through. I personally find when all my flaws are ‘fixed’, I look too fake in natural lighting. My order should arrive today so fingers and eyes crossed.

Thanks for the review and application tips, Christine! You’ve saved me some time and product. 😀

Keep me posted on how you like the formula and whether Y245 works out for you. I hear what you’re saying – after wearing some full coverage foundations over the last couple of months, there’s a fine line between beautiful and even coverage vs. that’s not even reality, lol.

Agree.. especially when outdoors where you can really see the texture and difference in the skin. That’s the kicker for me. If I am going out, I definitely enjoy wearing fuller coverage.

Was cruising today and thought of you and your foundation issues. IDK if you have looked at Shameless Fripperies. Aussie, I think. There’s a click-on on the first page re: olive tone foundations. Mind you, I haven’t read it, so cannot vouch for any value added. But, since m/u is all about research…..

Yes, I found this post a number of months ago when I finally duh realized I have light olive skin. I went on a big on-line research expedition regarding olive skin (why do foundations lump olive skin with warm skin? It’s not the same at all. Why are some olives considered warm?, some cool, some neutral?) Many of the foundations in this post are currently in my stash and represent some of my best matches. If only I could get the best match tone wise with all the coverages /finishes/ formulas I love best. That wish is obviously not limited to olive skintones. But, yes, I think we have a tougher time of it with a much smaller pool to choose from.

I felt rather ridiculous upon my ‘olive’ discovery. Apparently I suck at ‘seeing’ skin undertones. I seem to do fine with colour products. Anyhoo finally did that sheet of white paper against your face thang (really just for s’s and g’s without feeling it would be an eureka moment) and then it wound up leaping out of the page at me. Even though I had suspected as much, It was so obvious I’m a bloody citrus fruit. LOL. I’m green!!! and a bit of yellow too (not the golden kind, the paler cooler yellow kind): A total ‘aha’ wonder I have struggled for so long with my foundation choices. No wonder everything peachy looks garishly orange, everything golden yellow looks sallow, everything pink looks ashy.. Now all I see is green and I’m finding it quite distracting when I look at myself in the mirror at this point. Manythanksforthinkingofthismartiangal. xoxo

I was hoping this would offer more coverage. I need medium-to-full coverage, so this is a pass for me. Thanks for the review, Christine!

This is a little too sheer for me, especially at that price point, but I get that is what the product intended. I may have been able to wear this in my early 20s but not anymore!

It’s been soooo long since I’ve worn a sheer foundation on camera, and I was like, “ahh, no, give me more coverage!”

I like the idea of this but my skin is nowhere near perfect enough to get away with a light coverage foundation. Maybe 10 years ago!

You have great skin! I do like wearing sheer foundations sometimes, so I’ll have to check this one out. Thanks for reviewing it!

It sounds like a foundation for people who don’t have too much too hide, and unfortunately it’s not my case these days :/

Why? WHY? Why always happens the same. You find your HG Foundation and it’s discontinued. I love MUFE F&B because it’s light buildible to light-medium coverage, has a natural look and it’s very long wear, at least on me. Perfect. I hope it’ll be similar enough.

Not that these don’t look good, and conceivably could be an option, for somebody that considers PC long winded TM a face base, but your skin is superb. My eyes are drawn to the bare face every time. Your face has natural highlights that the LM setting powder damps down. And w/o foundation, a bit of the rose in your skintone pops through. You have great genes and do the right skincare. Beautiful.

Is this meant to replace their old face and body foundation? The lightest shade in that range was too dark for me; I hope the lightest shade in this range is a good match!

It sure looks lovely in the swatch photos. Applied it’s undetectable, it just seem to even out the skin, but it still looks as if there’s nothing there. It’s not for me and my normal to oily skin, and I also need a bit more coverage.

It looks like you certainly needed the setting powder. I like that it’s silicone free. I like sheer to medium coverage so this might be a real winner for me. I know I need more coverage than what this provides but I have really being feeling that more coverage just brings out texture issues. I’d prefer to pinpoint conceal or just let it ride!

I hear it lasts a lot longer with their primers and that it was designed to work with them. I’m glad to hear it works fine without though.

I’d love to try the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea one but they just don’t have one pale enough!

I’m interested to try this because a lot of the time, I don’t want full coverage, but just a little something so my face isn’t bare. I wonder how this would fare for my combination skin. Have any insight?

Christine, thank you for the in depth review. It was very helpful 🙂 I would love to know the lipstick that you are wearing in the photos above, its beautiful!

How would you say this foundation measures up to the original? Face and body is my favorite foundation and i’m hoping this will be about the same if not better as far as coverage and wearability is concerned… BTW my skin isn’t great but i love Face and body because I don’t like obvious makeup, i just use a really good concealer to spot correct.

Hi Shaunda,

I don’t have the original to compare to, and it’s been a very long time since I wore the original. I’m very sorry for being terribly unhelpful – utterly useless here!!

I recently got this foundation and love it. It works great for my skin, gives the sheer coverage I want and lasts all day (something my previous Mac Foundation did not do!). My only issues is I do have dark circles under my eyes and am looking for a concealer that is not too heavy to match this foundation. Any suggestions?

I’ve been using this and the Sephora bright future serum concealer for my under eyes and around my nose and I think they work great together!
Just my two cents!

I’ve been wearing the ultra hd for awhile, and I liked how sheer I could make it with a damp beauty blender, I don’t have a lot of skin issues to hide but my skin is VERY dry and flakey a lot of the time. The ultra hd sometimes clings to the dry patches, though smashbox primer oil is helping with that a bit.

Just picked up a sample of this and I LOVE it so far. It is very sheer so I can see how some people wouldn’t enjoy that, but it’s also so dewy and moisturizing.

I think I’ll buy a full bottle and go back and forth between this and ultra hd depending on my needs.

Hi Christine,
I’m looking for a foundation for my wedding in the tropics. I tried a sample of Makeup forever water blend for my engagement photos and it was so lovely. It looked beautiful except I broke out a little bit in the following days. I also tried that day too faced hangover primer. I’m totally comfortable using the water blend for my wedding day but do you have any other suggestions that might be similar? Something I would be comfortable using after my wedding day? Or maybe I could use just the sample and then get something for everyday that has some age fighting benefits and a sunscreen.
Also right now I’m trying out Charlotte tilbury light wonder but it seems darker. Has it been known to oxidize? I’m also a little worried because I think it has a little bit of sunscreen and I’ve heard that is bad for photos.

Pro tip: If you love the look of this foundation, but need more coverage, you can mix with their waterproof concealer. You will have to manipulate and really press it into the skin to avoid separation of the two products, but the finish is gorgeous. It still looks like skin, but has more coverage for those needing it. I work at Sephora and struggle with foundation (I wear glasses and they are notorious for rubbing off the center of my face a few hours into my shift). This is my go to and the only thing that works for me. I also have very dry skin, this I find to be soothing and hydrating on my skin. Ut does not accentuate any skin texture or dry patches I have on my face, and bonus: no foundation moustache!

To mix: I dab a small amount of the concelaer onto the back of my hand, and two pumps of the foundstion and then mix with a stiff brush and apply. I then use a damp beauty blender to press it into the skin, and then lightly tap around my face to blend. You can also adjust ratio for more coverage if needed. I do this over primer, and my foundation lasts the day. It fades very gracefully at the end of the day, so it doesn’t make my face look like a hot mess.

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