Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018

The Details

Reveal your inner artist and create your perfect color mix with Artist Color Eye Shadow. Choose your palette size, and then customize it to your needs by mixing and matching your favorite shades. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s artist-grade atomized formula is loaded with pigment for high-impact color in a single swipe. Its smooth, buttery texture allows for superior blendability, and silicon-coated pigments allow for it to stay put for up to 12 hours of wear*. With a range of 121 shades available in an array of finishes, these ultrafine powders can be layered and mixed to create an infinite number of looks.

Online now for Sephora VIB/VIB Rouges, 12/19 for everyone; online now at Make Up For Ever; in stores/boutiques early January 2018


Note, pricing is $17.00 for each shade except when purchased in multiples of two to six and any sized Refillable palette (ones that retail for $2.00 each), pricing as follows:

  • 2 for $29
  • 3 for $39
  • 4 for $49
  • 6 for $59

Matte Artist Color Eyeshadow, $17.00 (New, Permanent)

  • M-100 Black
  • M-106 Slate
  • M-126 Chalk
  • M-208 Baby Blue
  • M-214 Ultramarine Blue
  • M-226 Abyssal Blue
  • M-234 Azure Blue
  • M-240 Prussian Blue
  • M-322 Khaki
  • M-402 Mimosa
  • M-405 Straw Yellow
  • M-500 Ivory
  • M-510 Vanilla
  • M-518 Nude
  • M-530 Eggshell
  • M-532 Sugar Coated Candy
  • M-535 Oat
  • M-536 Milk Tea
  • M-540 Gray Beige
  • M-546 Dark Purple Taupe
  • M-549 Dark Taupe
  • M-600 Pink Brown
  • M-603 Cinnamon
  • M-608 Red Brown
  • M-619 Espresso
  • M-631 Cappuccino
  • M-647 Speculoos
  • M-650 Cookie
  • M-705 Canyon
  • M-720 Apricot
  • M-732 Orange
  • M-738 Auburn
  • M-742 Tomato
  • M-748 Coral
  • M-806 Antique Pink
  • M-820 Dark Purple Pink
  • M-842 Wine
  • M-847 Burgundy
  • M-853 Neon Pink
  • M-856 Fresh Pink
  • M-860 Powdery Pink
  • M-924 Purple
  • M-928 Eggplant

Satin Artist Color Eyeshadow, $17.00 (New, Permanent)

  • S-228 Petrol Blue
  • S-238 Blue Cedar
  • S-300 Pine Green
  • S-312 Mint Green
  • S-314 Nile Green
  • S-324 Bronze Khaki
  • S-516 Sand
  • S-542 Pinky Clay
  • S-560 Taupe
  • S-606 Pinky Earth
  • S-616 Chocolate
  • S-622 Black Brown
  • S-628 Reptile
  • S-632 Hazelnut
  • S-814 Light Rosewood
  • S-864 Baby Pink


Iridescent Artist Color Eyeshadow, $17.00 (New, Permanent)

  • I-102 Onyx
  • I-210 Light Turquoise
  • I-220 Sapphire
  • I-328 Bronze
  • I-340 Lime Green
  • I-414 Yellow Ivory
  • I-514 Pink Ivory
  • I-520 Pinky Sand
  • I-524 Pinky Beige
  • I-528 Pearl
  • I-538 Pearly Gray Beige
  • I-544 Pink Granite
  • I-648 Golden Fawn
  • I-662 Amber Brown
  • I-702 Mahogany
  • I-722 Mandarin
  • I-746 Watermelon
  • I-808 English Pink
  • I-834 Grape
  • I-918 Lavender

Metallic Artist Color Eyeshadow, $17.00 (New, Permanent)

  • ME-108 Steel
  • ME-116 Silver
  • ME-122 Snow
  • ME-202 Iceberg Blue
  • ME-216 Electric Blue
  • ME-224 Navy Blue
  • ME-230 Peacock Blue
  • ME-232 Turquoise Blue
  • ME-302 Peacock
  • ME-304 Emerald
  • ME-310 Fir Tree Green
  • ME-338 Acidic Green
  • ME-400 Buttercup
  • ME-512 Golden Beige
  • ME-554 Gunmetal
  • ME-612 Silver Brown
  • ME-614 Graphite Brown
  • ME-624 Black Gold
  • ME-644 Iced Brown
  • ME-654 Cauldron
  • ME-728 Copper Red
  • ME-734 Tangerine
  • ME-828 Garnet Black
  • ME-840 Pink Chrome
  • ME-912 Orchid
  • ME-930 Black Purple

Diamond Artist Color Eyeshadow, $17.00 (New, Permanent)

  • D-104 Black Diamond
  • D-206 Celestial Blue
  • D-222 Night Blue
  • D-236 Lagoon Blue
  • D-306 Bottle Green
  • D-308 Aquatic Khaki
  • D-320 Golden Khaki
  • D-326 Black Bronze
  • D-410 Gold Nugget
  • D-504 Celestial Beige
  • D-552 Crystalline Gray Beige
  • D-562 Taupe Platinum
  • D-652 Celestial Earth
  • D-712 Crème Brûlée
  • D-716 Crystalline Papaya
  • D-750 Frosted Peach
  • D-826 Fig
  • D-830 Black Rose
  • D-926 Blueberry

Artist Color Refillable Makeup Palette, $2.00 (New, Permanent)

  • Extra Small Holds 1 Artist Color Shadow ($2.00)
  • Small Holds 2 Artist Color Shadows ($2.00)
  • Medium Holds 3 Artist Color Shadows ($2.00)
  • Large Holds 4 Artist Color Shadows ($2.00)
  • Extra Large Holds 6 Artist Color Shadows ($2.00)

Metal Pro Palette, (New, Permanent)

  • Medium Holds up 12 Artist Color Shadows and 6 Artist Face Colors ($18.00)
  • Large Holds up to 18 Artist Color Shadows and 9 Artist Face Colors ($20.00)
  • Extra Large Holds up to 32 Artist Color Shadows and 16 Artist Face Colors ($30.00)

Diamond Finish

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Diamond Finish

Iridescent Finish

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Iridescent Finish

Matte Finish

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Matte Finish

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Matte Finish

Metallic Finish

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Metallic Finish

Satin Finish

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows for Spring 2018
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Satin Finish

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It’s amazing how customizable pallets can get me so excited. LOL. I can’t wait to get a few more. On the whole, MUFE shadows are consistently great and enjoyable.

So many of these are beautiful. This is when I wish MUFE would name their shadows and not just give them a number. I know in theory it seems that numbers are an excellent way of organizing and naming your product but it doesn’t work for the consumer, at least not this consumer. I can remember a name so much easier than a series of numbers. A few of these will be mine but in general I am cutting back on buying eye shadows. I am in the process of doing a complete makeup declutter so I don’t want to purchase a lot of things before I finish that. I want to evaluate what I have and note any glaring holes in my collection.

The descriptions you’re referring to are the names 🙂 I used to work with MUFE (still do often but used to be more full-time with them) and they are named and numbered. Usually they just reference the number but those descriptions are technically also referred to as names. Mostly they are generally just shade descriptive (like black purple, sapphire, etc) but sometimes they’re just evocative (Reptile, Praline, Nitro Pink, Sugar Coated Candy). Anyone at a MUFE store, say, will know what you mean whether you ask by number or by color name. So for those who have trouble with numbers I recommend keeping a list with the shade names for ease 🙂

I’ll just chime in that the last time I spoke to a MUFE boutique asking for shades with the names, they actually said there are no names and that Sephora has made their life hell because of making them up – this was maybe two years ago, though, so maybe they since embraced them!

Yeah it sucks when you consistently get different answers. For me people at corporate and most stores knew but that definitely won’t apply to everyone weirdly. Hah. But in my experience they all knew. But yes I’m specifically referring to the Artist formulation. The one before went by numbers only AFAIK.

Yeah, it was the Artist Shadow range (not the one just released but the one that’s been around for the last three-ish years) not the one before that, which I think were only by numbers like you said! I noticed that the Artist Color Shadows have the same number+names on both MUFE’s site and Sephora, though!

I hope the quality of these is on par with the just-discontinued formulas. I spot a couple that would fill in gaps, so happy to see it’s still a customizable palette approach. Old version cost $21/2 gr, these are $17/2.5; so more for the money, but I don’t if I want more quantity sometimes. The cases have doubled in price, I think. We’ll see.

I’m really glad I took advantage of their sale! I feel like I have the whole spectrum now though, haha. Although… that matte gray is particularly catching my eye 🙂 I am really glad they changed to a rectangular shape, as the round ones take up so much space in Z palettes!

I could be wrong but it looks like the eyeshadows are twice the size of the blushes, so you could easily mix and match them in one of their palettes – two eyeshadows and one blush in a 4 shadow pan palette, etc. This is SUPER appealing to my sense of aesthetics. I hope the formula is good!

I think this is a better pan-to-palette system, but I’m kind of turned off by the release. The Artist Shadows are what, two or three years old? This seems to be mostly the same colors, just a different shape pan, but I see a few random differences. A few shades I currently own are now listed under different finishes. Particularly two Irridescents are now listed as Satins. Why? I’m getting very turned off by the limited nature of cosmetics these days. Is a product really “Permanent” if it’s only going to last two years before the company makes a grab for newer customers? God Bless you, Christine if you plan to review the whole line again. Anyway, count me out and /endrant.

Per the artist I spoke with at the boutique, the new formula is different and she described the eyeshadow formula as in line with their new Artist Face Colors. Just so we all have the date – the original Artist Shadows were released July 2014 (at least, that’s what I have as a post).

If the size is accurate per Sephora (0.08 oz.) for the new formula, then the brand lowered the price per shade from $21 to $17 and kept the amount the same. If the quality is the same or better, then it really is a win for customers. One of the complaints I heard from readers before was that the eyeshadows were too big – many readers would have rather a lower price point even if that meant less product (the average single eyeshadow is 0.05 oz.).

I’m curious how close in size these pans are to Inglot’s at 2.7 g (these are about 2.26g). I’m super glad most of the shades survived the transition instead of scrapping all the shades for new ones.

But I’m also not surprised they redid the line as casual non-industry consumers where getting confused by having blush shades included in their shadow line.

As long as they didn’t go and muck up the formula, I’m actually happier with these being in a squared rectangle shape! Much more convenient and space saving.
I’m deeply concerned about is that it doesn’t appear that Sephora will be clearancing the OG formula out for those of us who may be scared to death that this is a newer, and not very good, formula. Because, geesh, I wanted to grab up 2 trios!😕

I agree, Xina. Only problem was that they were already OOS on several of my favorite shades. I didn’t want to put together a 12 pan with 4 or 5 shades that were only almost rans for me. Here’s hoping that Sephora will likewise have some sort of clearance sale on them.

True, but for some reason they refused my card. Idk, when it works at all the other usual suspects. You can delete all the expletives I thought about that. Esp when there was no response to an inquiry. How DOES anyone know that Sephora will not be ‘clearancing’ the singles? There’s clearly still time.

This release makes me irrationally crazy. I’ve been collecting the round pans for a couple of years. They’re currently divided into two large palettes, mattes and non-mattes. In order to take advantage of the reduced prices, I’d been getting them with small palettes, for one, two or three pans. I have a zillion of those (now all unused). Assuming the round pans will be marked down and discontinued, the move to square pans will leave me with useless palettes. I hate that! I know that releasing new products for the sake of new products is how the makeup business operates, but grrrrrr!

I have to agree with you Susan about this release. I’ve collected quite a few of these over the years and the I’m super perturbed that they are now doing what they should have done from the beginning, which is release a smaller pan for a lesser amount. I can’t imagine buying more of these for the sheer fact that I invested so much in the larger pans. Super disappointing.

The ‘new permanent’ until the ‘newer permanent’, lol? I see a lot of familiar shades. I guess the new pricing will increase sales? Interesting. I’m wondering what the comparative price/gram is between the original ‘permanent’ and the ‘new permanent’. I’m also wondering how many of these the Sephora stores will stock. Because they’re smaller, I hope they will carry all of them. Otherwise, the advantage of buying multiples (if some colors are still going to be available only on line) gets really messed up, because .com doesn’t do exchanges.

Anne, I feel like one of the reasons these shadows haven’t done as well as I think they should have is because they have such small selections in stores. I think there are only a handful of Sephora locations that carry the full range. I think I would have bought more shadows myself if I had access to the full range in store.

I agree! There are several shades I really want but they’re not available “in store” and I simply prefer to see them “in the flesh” and see how close they are to the far too many shadows I already own. I have the Nudes You Need palette and maybe 4 or 5 of singles (far too big…I’d prefer smaller pans and a somewhat smaller price tag). I’d have got more if they’d been “in store”.

Hey Christine, Sephora lists the last group as “shimmer” instead of “satin”. Do you have other information from the brand indicating it’s satin instead of shimmer or was this a typo?

Why do you think they reformulated the eye shadows? I feel like the MUFE eyeshadows never got much love after they were released in 2013 or whenever it was. Maybe it’s because MUFE doesn’t reach out to influencers the way other brands do (ahem, Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay). My sense is that the reformulate the shadows because $22 a pop was too steep for the market to be competitive.

Where do you see the eye shadow market today? I’m thinking about it because MAC shadows were $10/pan then went up to $11, and now they’re down to $6, and I feel like that was a reaction to MAC losing its popularity. I think MAC had a strong following in social media circles from the early 2000s up until about 2009ish. Would you agree with that? I haven’t looked at their sales stats so I’m entirely basing this off of what I’ve seen online.

I am trying to figure out what the most popular way we buy eyeshadows is. Do you think it’s single eyeshadows or palettes? Again, back in the 2000s I think it was the cool thing to do to depot all your eyeshadows (I know I did) but now we keep eyeshadows in palettes. I don’t know if I’ve just outgrown the depotting phase or if depotting was a definite trend that we as makeup consumers have outgrown.

I know I’m constantly trying out new eyeshadows, but I no longer feel like I’m ride or die for a particular brand or formula anymore. Is that apathy just me or do you think the market is feeling that way in general?

Looking at the pricing points of the shadows it just makes me think ‘Oh $60 is the cost of a palette and this one is one you get to fully customize’ — so there’s no matte blacks in your palette if you don’t want it.

Make Up For Ever’s description listed the finishes as matte, metallic, diamond, satin, and iridescent, which was what I read this morning: “Go pro and select your favorite colors to create your own customized palette: with ARTIST COLOR SHADOW, access immediate color impact and long lasting hold. Available in 5 different finishes including matte, metallic, diamond, satin and iridescent. Thanks to an upgraded fabrication system, their textures offer high blendability and an immediate payoff that lasts up to 12 hours**. Express yourself with ARTIST COLOR SHADOW and create your color mix. * Instrumental test method performed on 20 women. ** Instrumental test method performed on 20 women.” –

Artist Shadows were quite popular with readers (it’s been in the top three for readers’ choice awards for best eyeshadow since it was created) and has seemed to be a top seller on Sephora. In terms of influencers, I imagine that many are busy with trying new products so old favorites aren’t always used. I love the original Artist Shadow formula but I’m usually testing something new so I’m not going to be using them every week. I also think that YouTubers, in general, have been receiving a lot more press samples over the last 5-7 years so new product is going to be a bigger component of what’s shown.

I think that one has to keep in mind that whatever you see and read on social media is only a fraction of the people who buy makeup. There is greater accessibility today than before; there are more brands today than before. There are more reviews and swatches. There are some who prefer singles and others that prefer palettes. Some prefer cohesive, all-in-one palettes and others want palettes that are 100% unique to their stash and don’t want transition or brow bone shades. With the accessibility of brands, there’s less incentive to be loyal to a particular brand when so many of them are available. With more reviews, swatches, and general chatter about products, there’s little reason to suffer a miss. I also imagine that after being involved in beauty for so long that you learn the lesson that brands aren’t always good at everything and that there are lots of brands worth trying.

Palettes must sell well or else we wouldn’t have such a deluge of them throughout the year but particularly during holidays when gift giving is the thing to do (e.g. they’re easy gifts to give + receive). I imagine that some struggle to put together their own palettes and prefer the ease of having a brand do it for them. I imagine it’s like me and home decor – I suck at putting decor together and would rather someone just let me buy the things I needed to replicate an exact look!

Make Up For Ever has been a brand that seems to revamp their formulas regularly enough – I’ve only been following the brand for maybe a decade, and this is now the third eyeshadow formula that I can recall.

Hey Xina,

Actually, Sephora lists the I- shades as shimmer (they do list Satin as a finish, and it seems to encompass as S- shades), which is the same way the original Artist Shadows are listed (with I- and D- shades being under Shimmer), even though the description on the original Artist Shadows lists the finishes as “diamond, iridescent, matte, metallic, and satin finishes.” For the new formula, Sephora is listing the D- shades under Glitter.

I was wondering why so many of the shades available through Sephora were carrying the message “only a few left”. I’m glad these are square/rectangular….better for fitting into a Z palette for travelling. It looks like at least a few of the shades from the “old” line have been retained for this new one (at least going by the names, as I can never recall the numbers!)

What a tremendous amount of gorgeous, eye watering shades in such a variety of beautiful finishes. I wouldn’t know where to start.
Customized palettes are so versatile as you can get the shades you would actually use vs the ones in a palette that you woul never wear.
I love satin finishes and wish that more brands would have them.

I hope this new formula is as good or better than the last one, which I dearly love! I like the Lustrous palette, so here’s hoping. It is really nice that they lowered the price and made them easier to fit into free form palettes.

I plan to order these. My only problem is limiting my choice of color. I want them all.
FYI, I am such a color geek that I have huge paint swatch palettes about 5″ thick to help satisfy my eyes.

I’m cautiously optimistic – i bought 6 shadows before the reformulation and I’m holding out using them in the event Christine reviews 🙂 before my 60 day return window closes…if new formula rates higher over all I’ll return the old unused shadows and replace with the new. If old is better I’ll keep even if priced higher.

Excellent job!!! Thank you so much for being so thorough and complete with the new information!!! I really appreciate it, you really are the best!! 🙂

Wow! I’m loving some of these colors, to the point where I don’t think I can wait for reviews. 😆 I hope the quality is what I’ve grown to expect from MUFE, particularly with the mattes.

Hm, I am confused. These are the old shadows just released in a new format and a new customizable palette, is that right? I look at the list of colors and have most of them already. Are there any new ones? I don’t care about the palette, I use magnetic palettes anyway.

Well that’s silly, given this is already the best formula on the market. These are my absolute favorites and I have almost 3 full xl MUFE palettes. I love the size and the colors and hope they haven’t ruined them now. A real shame. What they need is more shades, not the same ones released again, and if they feel they need to have a bigger market share maybe it’s time to invest in some marketing the way all the big brands do. The problem is that you never see MUFE on IG or Youtube but that’s not because of the quality of the product being inferior, not at all, as I said I think they are the best on the market. Maybe they need to establish a relationship with the influencers to promote their products more. Anyway, very disappointing indeed.

Oh wait, so does that mean I can’t get the old round pans anymore? I can’t seem to find them at a discounted price online anywhere ( am in UK) and I don’t think there are any boutiques round here. Any idea where I can get them online for a reasonable price? I really need to fill my last MUFE palette now if these will disappear.

12/13 Hi All – I spoke to a MUFE customer service represented (my black Friday order was just delivered – it was completely wrong) and she shared that the old fomula eyeshadows have been taken down from their web site and whatever e/s they did have – they’ve been sent to the MUFE boutiques. You can still buy at the sale price unfortunately it’s 24 shadows for $150 (not the previous 12 for $75).

They lost me with this one. I’ll relish my old formula and find another brand to care about. This plus the god awful new palettes … RIP Mufe.

Nearly every one of these shades contains castor oil meaning this 17$ pan of shadow is really a 50 cent pan of castor oil in a $16.50 box and why ingredients weren’t published at launch. It’s one of those ingredients included in products so the manufacturer/brand can say it is “natural” and because it’s cheaper than air so they can use less of the real, beneficial ingredients that cost more. More pigment my big white butt.

On top of that, the shades changed—take I-514, a nice semi opaque pinky nude champagne shimmer. It’s not that anymore. It’s a completely sheer golden iridescent duo chrome type with a pink shift. I’ve gone through 3-4 pans of the original. This is nothing like that, not to mention contains more filler ingredients than anything else.

Just a heads up… but I did not see castor oil in all of the shades – it seemed like it was most common to see it in the Iridescent and Satin shades’ ingredient lists, but when I looked through some of the Diamonds, Metallics, and Mattes, I did not see it at all (but I did not go through every single shade – I picked five at random). I did, however, take photos of each’s shade’s ingredients (it is not a single ingredient list for all shades), so you can easily double check my work or go through all the shades if you don’t trust my eyes.

Here are the ones I looked at and did not see:

– D926, D830, D320, D326, D410, D562
– M106, M126, M240, M322, M518, M536
– ME108, ME116, ME302, ME310, ME216, ME612, ME624

I don’t want misinformation to be spread, so I hope you don’t mind me clarifying 🙂

Not at all, you have access to more of them than I do, esp right now. Since I own mostly Iridescent and Satins, and that’s what I would be rebuying in this instance, the inclusion of that ingredient in those shades is a huge problem for me, and likely many others, because it’s filler, and that whole “more pigment!” argument is suddenly moot. Not seeing it in Metallics and Mattes is a relief (I don’t buy diamond shades, so that’s not an issue) but is still not going to fix the fact that they used it.

I think the bigger issue, even besides the ingredient qualifier, is that the shades actually changed from release to release, so that if you were to swatch some of them side by side, the don’t even match anymore. I don’t know how they rectify that.

Oh, sorry, I wasn’t trying to discount your feelings at all! I just wanted to clarify that I wasn’t seeing it in three of the finishes 🙂 If you are only buying the Iridescents/Satins, then it would definitely seem like all!

The shades changed mostly in the Iridescent/Satin finishes as well (some are very similar, some are very different), but the shades stayed mostly the same in the other finishes as well from the comparing I’ve done thus far. The Satins were different enough that I initially thought I botched my photo settings since they weren’t lining up at all with the previous shades, but I did in person swatches and they were, in fact, that different. Given some of the differences, I would expect them to be intentional (but I would have preferred they use new names, then).

Oh, you absolutely didn’t! I do mostly buy their iridescents and satins, though I do have a few mattes, and a couple metallics, if those are “safe” I will be ok there. Full-on changing the shades in more than one formulation significantly and not even renaming them, and in two of the shade ranges using crappy ingredients? I just don’t get it beyond a money grab. The return churn when people buy what they think is going to match their old pans and are really surprised it doesn’t is going to be through the roof.

I think I am just butthurt full stop and flying into a “why” rage of trying to understand. This was an unnecessary reformulation and rebrand, really. Like, who are they trying to compete against?

They’re supposed to be a “pro” brand, but actual pro brands have better ingredients and are still significantly cheaper per pan, even with the pro discount. The MUFE formula(s) can’t compete against a brand like Viseart, which might sting in price up front but at a per pan price is still way cheaper than most street brands, and obviously crushes MUFE. Even drugstore brands can beat MUFE in ingredients in many cases.

Reshaping the pans, great, I get that. Welcomed change, in fact. But an unwelcomed and insanely overpriced redesign on the palettes they couldn’t even keep in stock due to demand in the prior format. This new version with the pull off lid in a bonkers new sizing format at a higher price–they are not remotely competitively priced in this design.


I heard rumors that some of the shades from the original launch were pulled due to stability issues (some of the lighter, pastel-y ones were the ones called out to me), and I have heard from readers that some found the formula more prone to hard pan or were more difficult to pick up (I do find the original formula has a heavier feel overall, which some may prefer as they then feel creamier). I, obviously, being who I am and doing what I do, don’t use mine often enough to adequately judge either way re: hard pan.

Per the Dallas boutique, they mentioned that the new formula for the eyeshadows is in line with their new face powders (though you’ll still find shades that are marked as “face” shades in the eyeshadow range…). I have worn about several of the eyeshadows thus far and don’t really notice the differences in practice (using them on the eyes in looks vs. merely swatching side-by-side on the arm), but the Satins definitely took the biggest hit for quality – less pigmented with a noticeable thinner texture that wasn’t as creamy. I did feel like the Satins I’ve used blend out more readily and easily, and I could use them with fluffier brushes whereas the original formula takes a bit more pressure to yield coverage. The Iridescents now feel more in line with the new Satins, just with larger shimmer/sparkle, but for me, the Iridescents were more pigmented overall.

The palettes bundled with the eyeshadows don’t seem to have suffered a big increase, but yes, the larger standalone palettes are significantly more expensive. I will say that the new mega palettes seem sturdier than the past ones as almost all of my large ones are dented (and arrived that way). I haven’t exactly toted them around or anything but they all arrived significantly better than last time I bulk ordered them!

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