Have you made any beauty-related resolutions for 2015?

Have you made any beauty-related resolutions for 2015? Share!

My goal for 2015 is to just be healthier, as in exercise more, eat better, and find a way to actually sleep through the night at least once a week!

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Katherine T. Avatar

To make a dent in my massive makeup and skincare collection!! That means in 2015, I will be a lot more selective in my purchases, buying only things that are really unique and not already duplicated. It’s going to be hard to resist though, as brands keep cranking out new and tempting products everyday!!

BTW, if anyone is resolving to organize their makeup and brush collection for 2015…you may want to try clear, hard-plastic disposable drinking cups (like the Solo brand). Target sells 36 cups for like $5. I have brown eyeliners in one cup, black in another, green in another, etc.. Chinet also makes a shorter, crystal-cut one to hold small glosses and small tubes of mascara ( $4 for 25 cups). In the morning, I can see what I have in a glance. And if the cup gets dirty, I can recycle it and reach for a clean one. I recently re-organized 90% of my makeup and brushes into these cups, and I am so happy! Now I can find everything and see what I already have.

Katherine T. Avatar

Thanks Rachel! I think the cups are saving me money, too. When I’m staring at a cup of 20 brown eyeliners, it’s hard to justify buying another one, no matter how new or tempting.

Rachel R. Avatar

I’ve got most, but not all my eye liners in an acrylic organizer. I think I’ll do the rest in clear cups, like you mention. And move my lipliners to clear cups. I completely agree it helps a lot to see what you have. I’ve gotten so many black eyeliners with palettes and sets, I probably don’t have to buy any more for the rest of my life.

Nicole Avatar

I agree..great tip. Organizing my stash is tops on my list along with my closet…dread. After Christmas,had to go through my daughter’s toys,closet..so I’m up! I welcome any other tips, I have a lot of shadow singles and quads that just get lost . Needing to figure organizing those so I actually use them

Katherine T. Avatar

Nicole, Containerstore sells these stackable drawer units used to store paper but I use for makeup. Each unit is only $15 and comes with 3 nice size drawers. I have my shadows sorted by color, so 1 drawer has grays, 1 has browns, 1 has all purples,etc. I can easily fit 12-15 eyes shadow singles and 3-4 small shadow kits in each drawer, and the shadows are stored flat, so I can see all my brown shadows with 1 glance. The drawers have a built in stopper,so they don’t accidentally slide off. And you can stack more drawers on top. They also hold my blushes, powders, highlighters, etc. These have made my life so much easier! The item is really popular and always on like 1-3 months back order online, but you can usually find it in stores.

Nicole Avatar

Katherine T., These are actually “available for pick-up ” close to me! I have a 9 drawer Alex from Ikea. its so big and I have nothing to organize within the drawers..options for that too at container store. I recently moved here form a smaller city..Im pretty excited! I had no idea The container store may be my answer. THANK YOU! Ordering 2 now to pick up!

Rosie B Avatar

To spend less money on beauty products or at least think more carefully before purchasing. I need to be less seduced by beautiful packaging, think about dupes I already have, consider if I really need another lipstick/ eyeshadow/ blush/ perfume etc. I could save myself a fortune, but my willpower or lack of it will probably let me down as usual.

Dusty Avatar

Eating healthy works easier if you can get the man on board with it. That way you’re both sharing the dutduties 🙂 Exercise is the same way for me, other people like to do it alone but either way it’s best to work it into your regular routine in some fashion IMO. Otherwise it’s just too hard of a habit to start. As for the sleep… Exercise will also help with that TREMENDOUSLY! And if not there’s always weed 😉 (move to Washington) hahaha! xoxo

Myself I have none really… but it would be smart of me to try using products I have instead of buying more. I just don’t think its possible so why bother with that as a resolution right? LOL

Lorrie Avatar

So far my make up related goals for 2015 are to learn how to put on false eyelashes and to use up all the foundations I have before I buy anymore. I’m also going to work on not buying much eyeshadow, right after I buy all the Make up Geek foiled shadows, oh and the chocolate bar palette 😉

Michelle Avatar

Seems to be a theme here – spend less on makeup. I made Sephora Rouge 3 times over last year plus the department store and Beautylush shopping. Way way too much, shameful really.

Larissa Avatar

Being healthier is always a great resolution to start the new year! My beauty resolution is to make more out of what I have. With a baby on the way within the next ten and a half weeks or so, I’ve really cut back my beauty budget, and I’d love to keep it that way while still coming up with versatile and novel beauty looks. I’d also love to find some budget-friendly skin care alternatives to what I’ve been using!

Ashley Avatar

Makeup specific – I’ve decided to go on a 6 month no-buy for lipstick and blush. I did an inventory of my collection and the numbers are way too high. My goal is to finish off several lipsticks and try to make a dent in my blush collection. After the 6 months is up, I’m going to see where I am and then possibly extend the no-buy. I’m also doing Project 10 Pan to try and get rid of some products that I’ve had for a while.

Grace Avatar

I keep saying I’ll spend less on makeup. I did OK this year, I actually got into some drugstore brands with loreal eyeliner and Maybelline vivids. I keep thinking I have all the colors I would ever need, but they always create something new!

Fia Avatar

Besides exercising and weight loss, my #1 beauty related resolution would be to actually use up products instead of buying new ones that will probably collect dust in my collection

Lacey Avatar

Good luck with your goals! Getting in better shape and eating more healthful foods are always on my list, but it doesn’t usually last. We’re buying an elliptical machine this year, though, so no excuses on exercise!

As far as beauty *products*, I’m going through my stash and purging things I don’t use or that have gone bad, then anything that needs to be used up before the expiration date is going in my everyday rotation. I’m also going to make an effort to take better care of my skin everyday, not just when I feel like it.

patsyann Avatar

I am resolved to wear a bit of makeup on a daily basis instead of just occasionally. At the rate I’m going, I will never know what it looks like to “hit pan”.

Amanda Avatar

I’m determined to start eating healthier than I already do, to exercise more consistently, drink more water, and spend time on my makeup the way I use to. Also, getting my behind in bed on time during the week and not staying up ridiculously late on the weekend. Which would help out with the makeup part since I sleep until I just HAVE to get up to avoid being late for work, then I don’t have time for much more than foundation and mascara.

Meghan Avatar

I def need to shop/ use my stash & buy less makeup! Time for a no-buy or one in one out policy! I didn’t last long in 2014 because of the Hourglass blush release, but I should know by now Christmas releases are good value & often bring out palettes 😀

Aline Avatar

I’m going to stop getting samples. I gave away a ton of them and I still have a huge bag full of stuff that I need to work through. And I need to stop buying fuchsia lipstick.

Nikki Avatar

Get back in the gym lifting weights. My sedintary office job and late 20s metabolism changes are making me feel less in control of my weight than I have so far in my adult life. It’s not a huge deal (and actaully my SO loves it), but I’d rather try to get my weight where I want it when it’s only 10 or 20 pounds above my old normal weight. If the heavier one is meant to be and doesn’t come off, I can be happy with it, but I do miss my old size.

Lisa Avatar

I guess keep up with brow maintenance! Mine have a tendency to grow wild quite quickly if I don’t trim every two weeks, pluck daily and wax at least once a week! I’m blessed (cursed?) with thick brows but they need help as much as thin/sparse brows do! Sometimes more I think!

Heather F. Avatar

Take better care of my skin (wear sunscreen, avoid acne triggers).

As far as beauty product resolutions go, I want to remember to buy quality over quantity. I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought something because it was a good deal (or a cheap thrill) and then didn’t have the money to buy something higher-end that would get more use. I’d rather have a nice highlighter than ten more drugstore lip glosses!

Rachel R. Avatar

Exercise more, keep sticking with my skin routine (I’ve done really well this last year), get up the courage to try false eyelashes, and to try a few indie brands that I haven’t tried before.

Also to get my makeup/craft room painted, decorated and fully organized/operational. We’re doing the painting today and tomorrow! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m with everyone else on spending less. I massively updated my collection after not buying much for several years. So I don’t need a whole lot for a while.

Tangie W Avatar

Ok so we all can agree.ess money on makeup and shop our stash. I must adhere ton this because it’s out of control. I’ll take the focus off beauty spending and put it towards exercising, eating healthier and saving my money instead of purchasing things I know I really don’t need.. More selective on what I do buy beauty wise. Spending my money smartly. I think we will all feel so much better knowing that we can go to a mall and not purchase beauty related items. Here’s to 2015!!!! Good luck ladies!!!

Jaz Avatar

-drink water consistently
-exercise more frequently
-actually wear the makeup I have- typically I go barefaced to work 🙁
-try lipstick this year
-get more rest this year ( might help if I take my tail to bed )

Sylirael Avatar


Oh. Wait, that’s not a beauty related one…

hm… expand my collection of unconventionally coloured lipsticks? 😀 I do actually use lipsticks and glosses up (finished something like 12 different ones this year, at last count), so I don’t tend to feel too bad about getting more. It’s a slippery, strangely efficient slope…

Nicole Avatar

Mine are always in the plan..so really nothing too new.Mostly along lines with you Christine..my sleeping habits are awful with my medical condition. So,improve that. Excercise more,eat healthier,get my butt back in shape. But ,at the same time,maybe not worry too much about my jeans size..more on health and how I “feel”. As far as cosmetics,brushes..research extensive prior to a buy..especially a big one( aka suqqu cheek brush). Also,I need to find a quick,but pulled – together look or two. I have a hard time with getting ready quick if I must. Its the eye thing..as I’m aging,I feel like I look my eyes disappear without the full on thing..probably silly. My number one is to stay on top of skincare. I’ve been pretty regimented since my early 20s and though I don’t look anywhere close to 30,I do get many compliments on my skin and place 10 years younger a lot! Yeah,,that’s a good feeling. Happy. New Year!

Helene Avatar

I don’t really make New Year Resolutions, but I have decided to spend a lot less on makeup, I’m thinking a total no more makeup for at least the first 4 months this year.
I also need to get healthier and have given myself an 18 month period for losing most of the weight I don’t need.
I hope I can stick to these two resolutions, my willpower isn’t all that good 🙂
I was thinking of a no buy year, but that seems a bit much, don’t you think 😀

Nancy T Avatar

YES. To read your reviews *before* waltzing into my local Sephora, MAC Pro store or Ulta, making a hasty, spontaneous purchase, then getting it home, and THEN reading your review…too late! Ugh. I usually DO look things up before, but not always, and it is getting to be an expensive habit I really need to break.

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