MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

MAC Masterclass Brush Collection
MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

Introducing an ultra-modern range of unique brushes that delivers a high level of performance and revolutionizes personal makeup application. Ergonomically designed for even and effortless application, lush, silky, synthetic fibres are engineered to expertly pick up and apply product seamlessly. Available in three sizes, Linear 1, Oval 3 and Oval 6 feature a special grip brush handle designed for absolute control, and a tilted tip that keeps fingers and hands out of the way for ultimate precision.

Linear 1 ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

With a short, narrow shape, the brush delivers a firm, precise stroke to line lashes and lips. Also defines and fills brows. Synthetic fibres. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish.

Oval 3 ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

The ultimate multipurpose tool, with an elongated oval shape and slightly pointed tip. Smoothly shades and blends powder or cream eye shadows, powder, and liquid or cream concealer in the hard-to-reach contours of the face. Synthetic fibres. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish.

Oval 6 ($42.00 U.S. / $50.50 CDN)

Ideal for blush, foundation or powder, the rounded, medium-sized brush applies, blends and contours all over the face or cheeks for even, flawless coverage. Synthetic fibres. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish.

Availability: Now online @ MAC Cosmetics

Check out a Q&A plus more photos!

Masterclass Brush Collection Q&A

With Nick Gavrelis Vice President, Global Product Development, M·A·C Cosmetics.

1. What are the catalysts that inspired the Masterclass Brush Collection development? What makes the design so revolutionary? Can you expand on the technology and materials used to create the handle and brush fibers?

Several years ago, we in Artist Training and Development began to think about how to re-design a makeup brush to make self-application more effortless and consistent for both the right and left handed individual. Research took us back to the origin of brush design, when the brush handle was made of twig or bone and the brush head was comprised of feather, human or animal hair. These brushes were used (with primitive paint) to record events and stories. Eventually, the brush was directed toward the face to give early man and woman another outlet for creative expression. The Masterclass Brushes were created with these early brushes in mind

In this collection, the brush head and handle are meant to run parallel to the face, instead of having to point the brush towards the face. The durable yet flexible metalized plastic composite handles have rubberized grips for comfort, and therefore, greater ease. All three Masterclass Brushes utilize a new type of synthetic bristle, Cosmefibre, which is a proprietary combination of materials, dyes, coatings and configurations. This yields an application like one would expect from only the finest natural luxury bristles.

2. Is it consumer or artist driven? In what ways do you predict both groups will benefit from this new offering?

While our M·A·C Masterclass Brushes may have originally been designed to make self application more effortless, our first customer, the make-up artist, will find each of these brushes highly valuable additions to their collection of professional tools. Both the consumer and make-up artist will be attracted to the futuristic design and the unusually dense and luxurious brush heads. The new types of synthetic fibres lend themselves to application differently; we expect the artists to gravitate toward this immediately. That is where both Consumer and Make-up Artist will be stunned at how effortless, fast and flawless make-up application can become.

3. What void do these brushes fill in M·A·C’s brush category? How are they different from the traditional makeup brushes currently in line?

There are three distinct voids that these brushes fill. The first is the need for a brush that makes self-application less intimidating to the first-time consumer. Secondly, there is a need for new synthetic fibers that feel natural, but that deliver the beautiful and perfectly blended results of high-end bristles. Make-up Artist Brushes have not changed dramatically in general appearance and construction for the past several hundred years, and these new brushes will help take the Make-up Artistry Tool category into the future.

4.There are three different sizes. How do you use each brush and what products would you recommend to use in conjunction with these brushes?

Masterclass Brushes are shaped to match the planes of the face, and the shape of the fiber bundles were made to adhere to the face’s various surfaces and contours.

These brushes work in gliding strokes of push or pull, not multiple dabs. Hold the handle between your thumb and fingers and place the brush at the beginning of the area of the face you are going to cover. Glide, pull or push if it feels more natural. Also notice that while you are using a Masterclass Brush, your hand is pointed away from the area you are trying to see. No more blocking the view, as with traditional brushes.

  • Place, pull glide, push glide, shimmy
  • Glide, don’t grind.
  • Sweep strokes, don’t poke
  • Oval 6: Great for applying primer, foundation and powder products to the entire face. Try blush and bronzer for contouring the cheek bone area.
  • Oval 3: Includes a corner shape that assists the user in shading and blending cream, or powder eye shadow to the eye. It is also useful for applying foundation and concealer to targeted areas of the face: under the eye, the inside corner of the eye or on the sides of nose.
  • Linear 1: Has a short narrow row of fibres to help concentrate product application along the lash line. This brush applies a perfect thin line of product along the upper lash line or tucked under the lower lash line. It can also be used to fill in and define the brows, or to apply a defined line along the lip. The Linear 1 brush is very helpful for special effects makeup to create crisp lines and linear shapes.

7. Were these brushes tested backstage during Fashion Week? What was the artists’ feedback?

All three Masterclass Brushes were tested backstage at the Autumn/Winter ’13 Ready To Wear Collections, starting in New York with our Directors of Make-up Artistry and Senior Artists. Their enthusiasm and feedback was extremely positive. They helped confirm that while these three brushes can be used together to complete an entire make-up look, a true make-up artist will incorporate them into his or her professional artistry tools and use them along with their other go-to brushes. The response from several top tier key make-up artists backstage was instant – they wanted their own sets.

8. How has the importance of professional tools in the consumer makeup category evolved in recent years, and how does this brush collection address this? What is distinctly M·A·C about this product offering and how does it stand out as a “Must Have” in the crowded competitive landscape of similar products?

Our M·A·C Artists have always been passionate and keen to demonstrate and educate about brush use. For many consumers, M·A·C introduced them to their first professional make-up artistry tools. Over the past 10 years, there hasn’t been a dramatic departure from the typical brush range, although we have seen a broader introduction of synthetic fibers, interesting new combinations of fibers, and many unique features and designs. However, in launching our Masterclass Brushes, we are introducing something that breaks us apart from the other brands. Unique in look and design, this collection it is a complete departure from what one expects. These amazing brushes are not meant to replace traditional make-up brushes, but rather to provide the consumer with more choices and will incorporate beautifully into a consumer’s or professional’s existing collection of brushes.

MAC Masterclass Brush Collection
MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

MAC Masterclass Brush Collection
MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

MAC Masterclass Brush Collection
MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

MAC Masterclass Brush Collection
MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

MAC Masterclass Brush Collection
MAC Masterclass Brush Collection


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liann Avatar

While these seem gimmicky at first, the development of self-directed brushes makes so much sense – I’m surprised it’s taken this long for a product like this to be introduced! I can’t wait to see more.

Rachel Liane Avatar

I cannot get over the face that these look like toothbrushes. I wonder how they would work in practice. Are you going to be reviewing these?

beka Avatar

these look…interesting. the big one looks like a scrubber one might use in the bath. still, i would like to check them out. do you know if they will be available at mac counters or just online. these are definitely something i would want to see and feel before buying!

Veronique Avatar

People need to take the time to read and actually learn how to use these before they start shouting “it’s a toothbrush”, etc. It’s so funny that people are so quick to be negative because something is unfamiliar or new. I suggest going to a MAC store and asking an artist how to use this, before comparing this to a toothbrush (no scrubbing involved with these brushes).

Milly Avatar

The point is that they *look* like toothbrushes, I’m pretty sure no one is going to actually brush their teeth (or their face) with them or anything. 😉

Jackiee Avatar

On point you are Vero! I love Mac and nothing they do or come out with is nothing short of PERFECTION! I luv Mac and cant wait to try thesr. Dont knock it , till you try it peeps.

Kellie Avatar

How can you rave about them until you’ve tried them? Consumers are constantly taken for fools with these new “innovations”. It is okay to be cynical. I do not believe anyone it attempting to bash M.A.C., based on these brushes, alone.

Laura Avatar

I think these will work for those who only wear glasses and need a mirror up close for application. Having the handle sideways might be a plus for them!

Courtney Avatar

I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. I’ve got pretty terrible vision and sometimes it’s really hard to fit my brush between my face and the mirror.

Sarah Avatar

It’s for that reason I’m actually quite intrigued. I simply cannot get close enough to the mirror without stabbing myself in the face with a traditional brush.

Kim Avatar

These are supposed to make application easier, but they seem like they’d make it much more confusing and awkward in my opinion… I can’t visualize someone using them, but maybe after some video reviews or something.

AmyD Avatar

Yeah, in the JSM videos, it looks like she only uses face brushes in these shapes. I admit I’m curious about the performance of the MAC eye brushes…but I’ve found bent eyeliner brushes useless in the past, so I’m not holding my breath for these.

Bess Avatar

I was just going to say… This type of brush is nothing new for us that are familiar with the makeup brand MULE. I’ve got one of her brushes and it works amazingly well. I feel like they don’t tug on my skin as much as a traditional brush does. I know they’re both brushes, but somehow these MULE type brushes just feel more gentle on my skin…. Maybe because I’m influenced by Jung Saem Mool’s makeup application techniques as well ^_^

Kate Avatar

I hope they post videos of theses being used (or that someone does). I’m kind of interested despite the toothbrush/ back scrubber look, but even with the description, I’m not quite sure I understand how best to use them or why they should be considered so advanced.

Shi Avatar

Christine, is there a video demonstrating the use of these brushes? It’s hard to see these brushes as anything other than gimmicky or clunky without a visual demonstration, and I think people are saying that it resembles a toothbrush due to the shape of it; ergonomics-wise, I can’t really imagine how it would be better than the conventional brushes that are already offered on the market. Their description suggests “pushing and pulling” motions, which again, I find it hard to imagine that the motion described is significantly dissimilar to moving it back and forth, a la brushing teeth.

Also, I giggled at the thought of “shimmying” a brush across my face.

Jennifer Avatar

Currently stocking up on toothbrushes. JK …But a cheaper poor mans dupe no doubt. 🙂

Would love to know what people think of these that have used them.

Ava Avatar

I just can’t imagine lining my eyes with that brush or filling in my eyebrows. I think I could get used to different handle (maybe it’s similar to bent liner brush, never had problems with those), but it looks so wide (or is it long?).

xamyx Avatar

The larger brush looks like something I’d love to try, and would even be willing to pay a higher price, aa it’s unique compared to what’s out there. The other two, while unique, just don’t seem too user-friendly…

Jennifer Nguyen Avatar

This design looks a lot like those from Jung Saem Mool. She’s a very successful Korean makeup artist who has worked for Lee Hyo Ri and Kim Tae Hee in the past. Jung Saem Mool released these same kinds of brushes as part of her MULE cosmetics line. It’s interesting to see MAC release their own spin of the design. I can’t wait to go to the store when they come out to compare the quality 🙂

Sarah M Avatar

As a makeup artist, I cannot wait to get my hands on these beauties! Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about makeup brushes. Let’s just hope they live up to my expectations.

hanna Avatar

I have actually tried used Oval 3 and Oval 6 once for my foundation routine. At first you’re like c’mon how can I possibly work with these, when you’re done you are gonna be like I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! It is gonna feel wierd at first because the technique is nothing like you’ve ever done before.
The finish it gives is flawless, airbrushed, with very good coverage in a drop of a second, it makes the application so quick because the bristles are VERY dense. So just try these out ladies , you will be amazed once you get over the wierdness 🙂

Veronique Avatar

Thanks for the info Hanna! Love to hear this first hand account. I find it so funny that people are comparing these to toothbrushes just because of the placement of bristles in respect to the handle. Toothbrush bristles are hard and made for scrubbing. These bristles are soft and made for gently patting product into skin. DON’T BASH IT UNTIL YOU’VE TRIED IT, LADY AND GENTS!

ilovemakeup Avatar

I figured it would be that way! I mean I people have been comparing these to toothbrushes (that was my first thought as well), but if, ergonomically speaking a toothbrush works then why wouldn’t these? Different technique than traditional brushes, I’m sure, but as they say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

joanna Avatar

Am I tripping, or do they look like giant toothbrushes with huge price tags despite the effort of justifying them or trying to make them make sense…? I just don’t know how well they will work because of how its structured…

Jennifer Avatar

They look very awkward to use if you are already used to regular brushes. Not really sure how I feel about them. And I def agree with the toothbrush appearance.

Kesha Avatar

As a mua and a brush fiend I am intrigued by these but I have my eye on getting quite a few of the MUFE brushes and Wayne Goss brushes so I’m not sure if I really will go for these. They don’t scare me…I’m always interested in trying something new to help better my applications but I would like to see more range than these 3.

Chelsea Avatar

Because of the resemblance these brushes have to toothbrushes I can’t stop imagining the have the same harsher bristles! They look more awkward than a traditional brush and look like they would get in the way even more!

FKS Avatar

I’m curious but not sold. Honestly, they look a bit awkward to use, especially the large oval brush. I would like someone to market (at sensible prices) flat buffing brushes, and finger-tip brushes, which can be slipped on your fingers and thus give you the flexibility of human hands, coupled with the comfort and hygiene of a brush.

Maureen Avatar

I bought the Oval 3 and I have to say, I have never experienced more perfect (or easy!) cream eye color application… smooth, flawless and even in two strokes. I’m going back for the Oval 6.

Tati Avatar

I bought the foundation brush and it is AMAZING! I have a lot of brushes, but not one like this! It’s easy to work with and leaves a beautiful finish. Worth the price! Check it out! 🙂

Tracy Avatar

I tried the Oval 6 This brush is amazing! while the bristles are dense, it did not soak up a lot of product. My foundation application was flawless! I like this and my beauty blender the best for foundation application.

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