MAC for Temptalia Collection for Summer 2010

MAC for Temptalia Collection for Summer 2010

I’m SO excited to announce that Temptalia has had the unique opportunity to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics to create our very own collection!  It’s truly a dream come true…  I can’t even tell you!   And let me tell you… it was so, so hard not being able to share with you the experience until now!  Ahhh!



U.S. Launch Date: June 24th, 2010

International Launch Date: July 2010

STOP THE PRESSES! MAC for Temptalia combines addiction for beauty by collaborating with the editor of Temptalia to create a collection that combines fun and glamour with a seductive edge.

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Summa-soft Beige pink with yellow pearl (Satin)
  • Jezebella Petal pink with coral glamour and gold pearl (Amplified Creme)
  • Femme Fatale Brightened coral-red with gloss pearl (Cremesheen)
  • Gilded Summer sun-yellow with orange pearl (Lustre)
  • Vixen Fuchsia pink with violet reflects (Amplified Creme)
  • Temptress True coral with gold pearl (Cremesheen)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Toy Ploy Sheer golden pearl (Frost)
  • Entrapture Pure fuchsia violet cream (Cream)
  • Allurance Bright coral-red with gold pearl (Frost)
  • Not So Sweet Chartreuse green with gold pearl (Frost)
  • Teasingly Soft nude beige with white pearl (Frost)

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Insatiation Foreboding violet lilac with blue pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Flashy True frosted golden sunshine (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Miss-titilate Paled grass green with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Scarletta Deep red with red and black glitter (Frost)
  • Sirenic Vibrant aqua-blue with green pearl (Frost)
  • Statix Tropical sea-blue with aqua pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

Plushlash Mascara ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • Plushblack True black (Permanent)

Blush ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Carnal Caress Sheer raspberry coral
  • Jealousy Wakes Brightened lilac
  • Pearls of Love Played down raspberry
  • Silken Sheen Softened coral with orange pearl

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.00 CDN)

  • Sunrisen Goldenrod yellow with orange shimmer (Frost)
  • Jackanapes Bold periwinkle blue (Cream)
  • Pretty, Pretty Fuchsia pink with blue pearl (Shimmer)
  • Engagement Tiffany blue with white pearl (Shimmer)

Eye Kohl ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Elastique Matte purple with red undertones
  • Seashore Brightened, matte aqua green
  • Tropic Kiss Chartreuse with white pearl
  • Meet at Midnight Softened navy blue

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $24.00 CDN)

  • Temptalia Deep raspberry pink with purple pearl
  • So Enraptured Darkened taupe with pewter pearl
  • Branded Mine Soft yellow-gold with white pearl
  • Nightly Seductions Darkened robin’s egg blue with green pearl

See more photos!





(Yes, this was all a JOKE! This collection is NOT happening!  In my DREAMS, for real!)

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OMG I was totally fooled! I thought this was definitely happening and I was all over it!! I love the colors….maybe you should really contact MAC about doing this! You have thousands of fans…surely it would be a huge money maker for them!

Ahaha! You had me for one second, but then I realized…

It really would be an awesome collection, though. MAC needs to get right on it! =)

I can’t believe so many people fell for this one! It was a cute idea – but wouldn’t it have been “Temptalia for MAC” and not “MAC for Temptalia?” haha

Hahaha!!! I totally believed this. I was so excited for you!!!!!!!!! I was scrolling down the page thinking…
“I am going to pick up so much of this collection because it’s Christine’s!” You got me good 🙂

That you caused me to have SEISMIC heart palpitations is not the point! That I lost my voice yelling WHOPPEE! at the top of my lungs-IS!!LOL! Christine- this BODACIOUS endeavor should prove to MAC that they are doing their global clientele a humongous disservice by not having you design a REAL campaign for them!! I am now haunted by that “ENTRAPTURE” lipglass!!! You are a class act! MAKE THIS A REALITY!!

You totally had me! Great joke 🙂 But I wish it were real! If it were real can you re-release Stereo Rose and Queen’s Sin? 😛

Finally Stereo Rose WILL be re-released in July as part of the “In the Groove” collection. I just read it on specktra and don´t hope it´s an April´s Fool again. I missed it years ago and am lemming for it ever since, but I wasn´t willing to pay 250$ on ebay for a possible fake. I am SOOOO happy I will get my hands on it…WOHOO!!!

You had me soooo good! 😀
I loved the concept, the colors and the products.
My wallet thanks you but my heart is sad! This collection would be my fave of the whole year!
Good one Christine! 😀

WHAT A BUMMER! This collection is awesome! A perfect summer collection, especially your lip-color selection. And I love the names you picked.

Way to get our hopes up… =]

Da*n you!! 😀 I was getting so excited about all the pretty green stuffs! I was already budgeting for it and now…well, now I’m all bummed.

Thanks, Temptalia!

It’s really not that far fetched, my dear. God love you and your dedication. I can see it happening for you for real – and it might be sooner than you think.

Happy April Fool’s!!!!!

Oh man you got me on this one! I was so excited until I scrolled down lol :). You never know maybe one day this could happen.

Holy cow, very well done, although halfway through I thought the pictures looked pretty fake, but that was because I figured maybe the stuff was still in development. ;P Good show!

I knew this was a joke the moment I saw the title lol! Karen from MBB did a similar one 🙂 It would be awesome if you designed a collection for MAC though, the colours and descriptions you chose are amazing!! Too good to be true – and so it isn’t lol. 🙂 xx

Lmao!!!! Omg its safe to say ur the only one to everrrrrr get me lmao I was soooo excited for u n ready to share the new with my friends!!! Good one C!! Rotf

LOL OMG thank you for reminding me it is April fool’s day, I shall not be fooled again! 😛

I was so excited to congratulate you LOL……. GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was actually excited about these and was thinking this was going to be one of the MAC collections I would have jumped on! Too bad ahah. Good one though, you got me!

Teeeheee I forgot about april fools day! Thats hysterical!(the products DO sound awesome though-how much time did you put into making them up?) Now I have to think of something to do to punk the boyfriend.

I wrote up about half of the color story back in 2007, actually! It’s posted here on Temptalia –

Oddly enough, when I went to Photoshop the images (I actually do the images first, LOL, then I write up names/descriptions)… so many were repeats, guess what I want hasn’t changed much! So since a lot of it was similar, I ended re-using a lot of the names and descriptions from the original one!

When I first saw this I was EXTREMELY excited! But then I realized you didn’t note whether a color or shade was Permanent or Limited Edition like you always do. And, I think I remember reading one time that if you ever did collaborate with MAC, you’d want white packaging? So it seemed a little off to me as I was reading through. On top of the fact that if something that exciting was happening, I don’t know if you COULD actually keep it a secret! I’d feel like you’d tell us all right away and probably have polls & surverys on finishes & colors or re-promotes that we’d like to see haha. Maybe not but either way, you did have me fooled. Those blushes looked ENTICING. I can’t wait for your *actual* collection to come out Christine! It would be a fantastic accomplishment indeed 🙂

I waffle between wanting something like pewter or gunmetal packaging or going with the pearly white (like Moonbathe). But you know, if MAC wanted to collaborate with Temptalia for real, I don’t know if I’d let packaging kill the deal, LOL! I’d do it in black!

With the names/theme in the story, the darker packaging seems more fitting than pearly white, though…

Omg if you ever came out with pewter or gunmetal packaging, I’d buy EVERYTHING! That would be amazing! Although I am definitely in the camp that if MAC ever wanted to do any kind of collaboration, I wouldn’t argue about the packaging either haha. And you’re right, with the theme of this collection, darker packaging would be the way to go. It would also be so awesome to see how they could incorporate the word “Temptalia.” That would be so cool! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

I even started to make a mental list of all the items I wanted, and freaking out of how much much all that would cost… Although I’m sad I won’t have all these pretty thing I’m relieved I’m not going bankrupt. This was such a great prank!!!

you’re mean! *LOL*
i would be happy if you had the chance to make a collection with mac. i’m sure you would choos very nice and lovely colours!

so, can you hear me, MAC?

You totally got me and I was all excited for you! And there were so many things I wanted! (did you make the pictures yourself, or are they pre-existing products? Because I totally want some of them!)

I took official MAC photos, but then I Photoshopped them to death to get the colors where I wanted ’em!

hahaha i knew this was an april fools joke! except you really did put a lot of work into the shades and pictures. if mac knows what is good for them, they will do a collection with you!

Oh my GOD! I actually believed this was happening! Good one, Christine!
And the colours are fab!!! Make this happen 🙂

Great April’s fool. I still enjoy reading you after 2 years around. It’s saying a lot for someone who get tired of things easily. 😉

Also, actually I’d be happy for you if that was happening! Maybe someday? Why wouldn’t it be possible? 😉

Everything is possible, but when you look at a brand that has collaborated with such HUGE, HUGE iconic brands/images like Barbie, Hello Kitty, Lady Gaga, etc…. it seems just about impossible 😛

You know, this would be a really great idea. A MAC collection where all the big bloggers and youtubers contribute a product or two. That basically covers their entire fan base anyway, lol.

OMG NOT FUNNY!!!! LOL i was soooo SOOOOOO excited for a moment till i scrolled down to the bottom. one day, chrisitne, one day – i bet this will really happen one day!

Okay, so I am fairly new to your blog and yesterday I was thinking that I never really introduced myself. So I wanted to take this moment to say hello, LOVE your blog and you tweets, and… you’re such a MEANIE!! Lol! Girl I was EXCITED! Like, heart palpitations-excited! Shoot!! I kept scanning and scrolling dying to know which product would be named “Temptalia.” Funny!

Hugs from your neighbor over in Sac-town ;0)

LOL! That would be me if it ever happened, rest assured on that! 🙂 Had to be a pigment, ’cause I adore them so!

Is it warmer in Sac? It was FIERCELY cold last night in the bay!

Thanks so much for saying hi, Kaylynre!

My 1st MAC experience was with Tan pigment which is still probably my favorite MAC product today.

It’s better here in Sac today. The sun is back. But yesterday, yes, it was COLD!!! What a tease last week was!

Interesting. I don’t know why my 1st post there said ‘kaylynre’ but for the record, ‘kaylynrenee’ is what it will be from now on when I start paying attention before I submit. Lol.

WOW CHRISTINE! SERIOUSLY! WOW.. YOU HAD ME GOING EVEN AFTER THE APRIL FOOL GREETING… but then again im glad you dont endorse green lipgloss

HAHAHAHA that was funny!
you really had me going until i read Happy April fools!
Hey you never know your dream may come true!

Haha I’m sad this is a joke, the collection sounds amazing and MAC hasn’t done anything crazy bright in a long, long time!

Oh no, you had me, ROFL. I actually think you deserve your own M.A.C. collection. may I say I just LOVE ‘teasingly’ and ‘not so sweet’ =)

Haha, I didn’t buy it from the start! ;]
But seriously: MAC should release this “collection” – I’d buy everything!
I mean come on, look at all the fun, bright colors! 😀

Congrats Christine! You were the only person that fooled me today….LOL.

Okay now I’m officially pissed because this collection isn’t coming out. 🙁

OMG! I was totally in ahhhh..too bad because that would be awesome…especially a pigment named “Temptalia” :)))))))

OMG I was shocked when I read the title 🙂 You are incredible Christine. :)) This was the best joke ever, you have such a sense of humor. I must tell you I would loved those bright colors. 🙂

That collection would have been way too much sexy if it was true! I love every color. I would want to buy everything from it hahaha! Too bad it was a joke!!!

Dude…I am so glad I finished reading this! I literally just got home from my MAC counter and the manager (who I know pretty well) showed me the pictures of all the summer launches….I was like “did I miss something”? I was about to call her and tell her about it! Ha! Good one Christine! Definitely glad I finished reading this first! =)

i knew this was a joke!!! Temptalia’s collection without the perfect gold e/s didn’t make much sense to me….also your packaging wud never be just ‘black’ and last but not least, those lipglasses in funky colors were so not you…at least i thot so……haha…
Karen from makeupandbeauty blog fooled us in the morning aswell….lol!!

You’re fabulous LOL! One of the best April fools day pranks ever!!

Just so you know, I’m not even a MAC gal but I would have bought every l/s and nail polish and pigment.

These colours seem very you and i love your shade names. “Engagement” for the aqua polish is fabulous.

HAHAHA!!! Omg Christine, I love you so much!!! That was a really good one!!! I really believed it, I was telling myself how I need to buy the “Temptalia” Pigment, and was going to congratulate you…until I saw the April fools joke!! You rock girl!! xoxo

Christine.. This is the saddest post ever! I wish it wasn’t April Fools day today.. :[ The colors sound amazing. If this collection were real, it’d be the best MAC collection.. EVER. lol. Maybe MAC will read this post and beg you to collab with them :[ Pretty please?

Awww, I’m so sad that it isn’t real. Although if it was, I’d have to start saving up now…I’d want at least 20 of those items. Great prank!


I was seriously about to buy EVERYTHING from this collection ’cause I felt so proud of you! This was such a good one. HAHA! Keep up your amazingness, love!♥

HAHAHAHAHA!! I was getting ready to leave a “congratulations!” comment when I decided to scroll through the pictures and saw the April Fools Day comment at the end!!!

This was a really good trick, lol. I think you had all of our hearts beating twice as fast!

I was like, but these colors are so bright, they don’t go together with the picture of the model…lol

We were all fooled, the post looked so real, like all the other ones…lol and for what I’ve read in a few comments people didn’t look at the entire post…lol

Christine, you joker! LOL i totally know that I should not let people fool me on April 1st, but yours is really convincing! BTW, where did you get teh product photos, or you just merged pix of previous collections or did some PS on the colors? Excellent start of my day!

OMG hahahhahahahha you totally had me fooled! I was already picking out the stuff i like from the pics when i finally saw the last lines LOLOLOL

this makes me sad. the colors are so pretty! but seriously, if nail polish companies can do collections with bloggers, mac should totally make a collection with you.

Omg this was hilarious! You so got me and boy did I feel like a fool after doing my happy dances for those eyeshadows 😀 Should’ve known it was too good to be true 😀

I didn’t even have to check the date 😀 MAC releasing such a HUGE collection with NO repremotes?? Doesn’t matter what you called it, it had to be a prank 😀 Kidding!

hahah that was the GREATEST april fools joke! i love how all the eyeshadows are either veluxe pearl or frosts hehe we dont like the lustres…ur collection is truly a DREAM collection…hope MAC does do it sometime…id buy all of it 🙂

Noooo Christine!!! You didn’t! I got so excited when I saw the colors and I was like heck yeah! MAC finally listened! Girl, I will tap into my savings to get every single one of these if it were for reals!!! You’re killing me!

Second comment “Nice one, Christine, fell for it like a duck. 😀 BTW, I would totally buy it if it was true.”

Do you know what, Christine? Charlotte over at named all the colours in the new Sleek 12-colour-palette just for fun, next thing she knows, Sleek call her and ask if they can use her names! :O And that was a few days ago, so not April fool’s joke either! So you never know, it might just happen to you. Even if not a whole collection, just maybe some ideas? You are very popular and I’m sure Mac know that as well. 😉

you got me!!! but i would really buy a lot from this collection if it was true just because i trust your selections and you know what you’re reader want.

Haha. it’s so you to come out with lots of veluxe pearl eyeshadow and lots of AC and Cremesheen lipsticks! the names of the colors started all sexy den it got naughty with the blush name “carnal caress” ooh! haha! den the nail lacquer color named “sunrisen”, then slowly the rest started to have some sea-beach theme injected.
You know what. MAC may consider you as an inspiration after seeing this post! haha.

I was so excited too, until I got to the April Fool’s part! Wish this was really happening though. I’m bummed that this is not happening :o(

NO!!! I was so excited for about 30 seconds until I realized what day it was!!! Oh man… harsh. That wouldda been awesome! But, hey, you never know, it could still happen! They’d have a sold out collection on their hands!

OMG!! You had me! I was already calculating my budget for this collection as i was reading the descriptions! LOL That would have been such an amazing collection.

I was so happy about this collection, I told my mom how I was gonna get everything and then I read how it was april fools. You got me so bad >.< 😛

omg! i was totally fooled! i even loved the picture promo. the makeup is soooo cute! i love it and wish it was a real collection. i heart bright colors.

WOW I totally fell for it! I was excitedly planning all of the things I would purchase before I got to the end of the post. Sad now…it was an amazing collection!!!

I was getting really excited for this and then right before I saw the April fool’s thing I thought to myself, “No Mari-Sheeno lipstick?! That’s weird.” And then my suspicions were confirmed. It will happen one day though.

YOU ARE SO BAD!! Lol. I totally bought it. Gah. It was a great collection though..although you did leave out an awesome red lipstick 😉

Shut up Christine!!! I was so going to congrats you until I saw the april’s fool thing… you relly got me!!

I was so excited but now… nice one Christine!

OMG..I was like so happy..I had my favourites picked out already…but then I see the April Fools Joke 🙁 aww man! shucks! I really do hope you collaborate with them one day and hopefully bring out a collection like this 😀

you almost got me.. its sounds like WOW at the begining but.. then i remember that today is april fool’s day.. and i also ask my partner about this day hehehehehhe

but you really almost got me.. hahahha
great joke..

but i do love the colours of the pics.

Ohhhh emmmm geeee I seriously thought this was real!!!! I was already plotting on all the lipglasses, 2 blushes and a pigment!

Christine you seriously got me good

That was a good one.I was already choosing from that collection.But you should give the idea to Mac.The colors and finishes are great!

LOLOLOLOL!!!!IM LAFFING SOO HARD NOW, although not to brag or anything but I kinda felt it was a hoax, when i saw the colors….I know ive seen some like this before and the eye kohls kinda look like crayons….hahahahahaha!!!!

OMG……you definitely had me. I would have brought everything from this collection. I would have been so broke. I really wish these colors were real….

OMG!!! My co-worker and I were screaming as we were scrolling through. And I was doing a budget in my head. This was a cruel trick to play on a mac-a-holic! You got us good!!!

OOOOh that just sucks, I was getting all excited about the colors!!! Wondering how much i would have to save. Good one Christine

That was the best part, IMO! It’s hard to write descriptions without seeing the color, and it was a lot of fun to play around with the colors in Photoshop!

that was a VERY well executed april fool’s prank…
i thought the look of the promo pic seemed a bit out of caracter for mac, but i fell for the ‘product pics’ and the descriptions anyway!
nice one!

LOL, I couldn’t “get” the promo look I was going for, so I just settled on that. I was like, “Argh!”

Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was like, Dang, I want ALL the shadows and pigments! I was jealous, but happy for you too! LAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO Good one!

It would be SPECTACULARLY AWESOME! Like one of those little dreams you have and hold onto but just feel like there’s no way it could happen to you…

Hahahah – very funny. Although I am a frequent visitor of your site, I don’t actually buy ANY Mac (*gasp*). But I would definitely dip into their store to pick up a few items from this collection if it were true.

LOL! This is THEE BEST April Fool’s joke. I was creating a mental list while looking at the products. I’m sad now…that was wrong but still

LOL!!! oh my gosh!!! I was squeee-ing in delight as I was scrolling down looking at all the great colors and then I see it was an april fools joke!!!!!!!! Good One!!!