MAC Cosmetics – Matte2 Make Up Tips and Application Tips

Senior MAC Artist Louise Zizzo gives us the low down on how to rock the new matte shadows with the right bases and brushes!

Temptalia: What is the best way to apply the new Matte2 shadows?
Louise Zizzo: The matte2 shadows are super smooth, very fine pigment and silky because of this you need to ensure that you apply them to a base that is already matte, meaning that you will have a hard time applying them directly on to an emollient surface, like cream color base.

Temptalia: (Makes mental note: do not use with CCBs!!) What products should be used as a base? What have you found that works well?
Louise Zizzo: Here is what I have found works really well. MAC Paints once dry, the matte textures v’s the frost to keep that matte finish. Paint pots in the cream textures rather than frosts to keep the shadow looking matte, again the paint pot needs to have dried down. I also find a sheer layer of concealor works well but you MUST set with a pressed or loose pressed powder.

Temptalia: What products specifically would make good bases?
Louise Zizzo: Yes, Painterly is perfect and Bare Canvas. Just a sheer application, don’t pack it on and let it dry completely, I would say may be a couple of minutes. Also when you are using your 224 keep your touch light, don’t press hard with the brush.

Temptalia: What brush do you think works best with the matte shadows?
Louise Zizzo: As far as brushes my favorite is the 224, use this and gradually build up the color to the intensity you require.

Temptalia: Any other tips or suggestions to make mattes work flawlessly?
Louise Zizzo: Like any matte shadows especially when you are using darker shades you have to build rather than getting too much on and then trying to blend down as you could end up with a blotchy mess!