MAC Cosmetics Collection as of September 2007

This is my collection as it stands September 1st, 2007. Obviously with SO many huge collections coming out, it’s likely to grow quite a bit in the next few months, lol!

Just as an “FYI” type introduction to my collection, please realize that I have been a huge MAC Cosmetics fan since late 2004, so it isn’t as if I acquired everything in a matter of a few days. I’ve also purged my collection from time to time, which is why there is an awful lot of limited edition/discontinued products versus products from the permanent line. I’m so busy learning and using newer products that I simply end up without much time for most of the permanent products!


Column 1: Ablaze
Column 2: Afterdusk, Margin, Fleurry, Other Worldly
Column 3: Plum Foolery, Don’t Be Shy, Petalpoint, Desirous
Palette 1: Dollymix, Pink Swoon, Shimmersweet, Taupe, Cubic, Cantaloupe
Palette 2: Primpin’/Golden Kitty, Sunbasque, Ambering Rose, Foolish Me, Stray Rose, Springsheen

Loverush, Fever, Harmony


Top (12 o’clock) clockwise: Gentle Fume quad, self-made quad, Liza AM quad, self-made quad, Smoking quad


Firespot, Camel, Expresso, Rose Blanc, Romping, Goin’ Bananas, Wondergrass, Fab ‘n Flashy, Blue Storm, Cumulus,

Thunder, Cloudburst, Stormwatch


Palette 1 (reds, pinks), left to right, top to bottom: Antiqued, Cranberry, Limo, Coppering, Expensive Pink, Til Daybreak,

Passionate, Living Pink, Pink Papillon, Up-do, Rule, Juiced, Gorgeous Gold, Femme Noir, Greensmoke
Palette 2 (greens, teals), left to right, top to bottom: Sable Wrap, Scarab, Velvet Moss, Humid, Lucky Green, Overgrown,

Juxt, Metamorph, Aquavert, A Bluer Blue, Shimmermoss, Melody
Palette 3 (browns), left to right, top to bottom: Arena, Jasmine, Beautyburst, Texture, Rye, Tendermetal, Summer

Neutral, Elite, Woodwinked, Valet, Patina
Palette 4 (blues, purples), left to right, top to bottom: Smut, Bronze, Cork, Embark, Satin Taupe, Pearl of the Earth,

Thunder, Sketch, Stars ‘n Rockets, Gallant, Cinders, Electric Eel, Freshwater, Deep Truth
Palette 5 (neutrals), left to right, top to bottom: Grain, White Tie, Vellum, Rite of Spring, Motif, Bisque, Blurr,

Performance, Malt, Say Yeah, Shroom, Hush, Taupe Note, Silver Ring


Row 1: Accent Red, Pinked Mauve, Revved Up, Fuchsia, All Girl, Pink, Apricot Pink, Pink Opal, Pink Bronze, Copper,

Rushmetal, Coppersparkle,
Row 2: Off the Radar, Melon, Deckchair, Dazzleray, Jardin Aires, Lily White, Shimmertime, Gold Mode, Golden Lemon,

Gold, Yellow, Gold Dusk,
Row 3: Provence, Quick Frost, Steel Blue, Blue, Aire de Blu, Azreal Blue, Deep Blue Green, Teal, Emerald Green, Kelly

Green, Golder’s Green, Chartreuse,
Row 4: True Chartreuse, Copperized, Night Light, Old Gold, Golden Olive, Pastorale, Mauvement, Smoke Signal,

Maroon, Violet, Pink Pearl, Lovely Lily,
Row 5: Blue Brown, Sunpepper, Coco Beach, Cocomotion, Sunnydaze, Coco, Softwash Grey, Softwashed, Silver, Silver

Fog, Dark Soul


Column 1: Check Please, Boundless, Racy, Wondershine, Dejarose, Standing Ovation, Sweetie Cake, Crystal Rose,

Pink Meringue, Bodymind, Bait, Apex, Synched Up, Vital Spark, Energy, Vibrational, Backlit, Pink Grapefruit, Tartlette,

Perfectly Pink, Moonbathe, Soft and Slow,
Column 2: Moonstone, Lip 65, Glamoursun, Young Spark, Illicit, Bazaarish, Algorithm, Tres Cher!, Pink Clash,

Magnetique, Hothouse, Negligee, Atmospheric, Lull, Lightswitch, Optical, Flashtronic, Poetique, Mouthwatering,

Pas-de-deux, Lightning, Prestigious


Alta Moda, Lasting Lust, Femme Forever, Luv-4-Ever, Persist, For Keeps, Overstated


Kohl powers: Feline, Mystery, Orpheus, Raven; Graphblack technakohl; Stud brown pencil; Cremestick liners:

Cranapple, Pink Treat, Summerfruit


187, 150, 136, 168, 266, 194, 190, 168, 187, 249, 219, 239; 2 182s


Row 1: Burnin’, Wild ‘Bout you, Pomposity, Red No. 5, Vivia Glam, Rockocco, Girl About Town, Fashionably Fuchsia,

Full Fuchsia, Fusion Pink
Row 2: Rebel Rose, Show Orchid, Kissable, A Stroke of Lust, Strawberry Blonde, Cockatease, Sweetie, Florabundi,

Row 3: Overrich, Curtsy, Tiger Tiger, Thrills, Mellow Flame, Mari-Sheeno, Up Note, Viva Glam VI
Row 4: Velvet Teddy, Malt, Sparks Can Fly, Barely Lit, Cherish, Awaken, Style It Up, Brew,
Row 5: Politely Pink, Soft Lust, Violetta, Capricious, Fun Fun


Bronzing powder, Blue Herizon liquidlast liner, Aqualine liquidlast liner, Molten Sol liquidlast liner, Greenplay liquidlast liner,

Astral Rays glimmershimmer, Twinks glimmershimmer, Diana Ross Beauty Powder


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You’re collection is so gorgeous!! πŸ™‚ I love all the colors, haha. I hope I can grow my collection to the size of yours one day…it stinks being a newbie, hehe. πŸ˜›

Hello, I’m Argentine, you can tell me where i can buy your products, please? I really want to know. I live in a small city north of Buenos Aires, and i’m looking for you!!Thanks

Hey! I luv ur collection! So pretty.

I have a quick question for you, it’s not about makeup though. What is the type of text/font style you used in your last pic to label your paints?? I work w/ photoshop a lot and would love to use a text like that! Thx for ur help. πŸ™‚

Wow I really love your pigment, lipglass and lipstick collection. I’m happy to say that my lipstick collection is growing as well thanks to the empty pots of e/s I’ve accumulated this past 2 years. I recently got 4 free lipsticks yay!!–first time I’ve gotten stuff for free in exchange for something I’d normally throw away. Hope my pigment collection can catch up with my lipsticks lol!

By the way, do you really get to use all of your pigments? Or do you have some colors that you totally don’t have any use for?

Thanks, Janis! My lipstick collection started off slow in the beginning (and it used to be larger, but I managed to get it down a bit). Yay! B2M is great πŸ˜€

I’ve used all at some point, but there are definitely ones that I rarely reach for.

THIS is absolutely ridiculous. What a terrible waste of money…you should feel guilty don’t you know that there are starving children in this world. Grow up and spend money on worthwhile things.

WOW. excuse me Mother Theresa! Christina, you need to relax a little. If you’re such a humanitarian, why dont you go to Africa and save the many people dying.

and if you do so, we’ll all follow along.

in the mean time, please go visit the united nations website or the ShareLife website while we feel ‘guilty’ over our passion for cosmetics. : )

Hello Missy!

if you are so bothered about the starving kids, you first of all should,nt be on this website looking at her collection.

And its not your money she is spending. She is spending her own. Its a free world, she can do whatever the hell she likes

you should really mind your own business

Are you KIDDING ME? I just saw this post, but wow. I highly highly highly doubt that every spare cent you make goes to UNICEF. I’m sure you buy CDs, DVDs, iPods, extra clothes + shoes, junk food, soda, VitaminWater, an SUV, magazines, books, etc. for your own personal enjoyment with money you could very well be donating to charity yourself. However, because you’d rather slam someone, you choose not to see that what we spend on makeup is just as much of a legitimate expense as whatever you choose to spend your money on.

i think its realllllly rude to say this..not only did she work for all of it, its not really any of your buisness on what or how she spends her money! I THINK ITS A GORGEOUS COLLECTION! thanks for this post πŸ™‚

Wow! I can tell that this is your passion. I haven’t read any other sections of the site, but I surely hope you make a nice living someday by fixing up girls in your area πŸ™‚

Aww, thanks! πŸ™‚ Makeup is just a hobby, though, not at all something I’d like to do, at least not as an artist! Now, if you’re talking about designing cosmetics or something more corporate, I’m so there!

Oh, wow, I honestly don’t know. I do remember that Shimmermoss, Shroom, Amber Lights, and Bronze were among the early additions.

Hi Gizelle! I was not a big MAC buyer back in 2000, so I couldn’t tell you about a quality difference really. I don’t think MAC is going less dramatic, but I think they’re being more selective and building up a true consumer-based business and leaving more exotic products in the PRO line (which IS available to nearly anyone with a phone).

I don’t live in LA, but you’re welcome to tell them about the site to get in touch with me. I went to their website, but none of the links work.

Hi Gizelle!

I have to disagree about there not being big diferences, because I’ve found some in my days of makeup. I’m not sure where you get your 80% figure from, because if that was the case, the product would have been long discontinued rather than kept in the permanent line!

Of course, a true artist uses whatever products they like and think work best, but IMO, I enjoy many of MAC’s products and think they have good quality.

don’t u think that Mac is over priced?

Mac’s eyelashes are like $8. I can get the same eyelashes for 75 cents at the swap meet!!! Same quality, same eyelashes different packaging. I did a test once and showed my girlfriends 2 pair of eyelashes. No one could tell me which ones were Mac and which ones were Red Cherry!!! I mean, they perform the same they look the same but with different prices.

I mean I like certain things that Mac was doing in the beginning, but now it’s just the corporate greed to appeal to a mass audience. Did you know that Ester Lauder now owns MAC?

Christine…80% of make up brands come from the same 10-15 manufacturers in the world. The make up is pretty much the same but the packaging and advertising changes. That’s all there is to it!!!!

crazy thing to go to Macy’s and seeing a bunch of brands owned by the same company….

but anyways are you a make up artist or a makeup afecionado?

I don’t think MAC is overpriced, because I do feel I’m buying quality cosmetics, and I have tried a wide variety of makeup from low-end to high-end. I personally can tell the difference. I don’t go to local swap meets, and to be honest, I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying makeup from one (I question the safety, distribution practices, handling, etc. of the products by such sellers) either.

Yes, I’m fully aware that Estee Lauder owns MAC, and I simply disagree with your opinions, which is not me doing anything wrong. Just because there is a conglomerate doesn’t mean that each brand is the same and produces the same product; that’s inherently an overexaggeration.

Anyway, I’m not a makeup artist; I’m just a beauty blogger πŸ™‚

I think that many of us are victims of advertising…. well packaged prodcuts and all of a sudden you feel like that product is worth a million.

Mac is not overpriced?
It costs Mac 54c to produce an eyeshadow and they sell it for $16….give me a break.
that’s a 3200% mark up..

I used to work corporate for a major cosmetic brand. In the US there are only a handful of manufacturers for cosmetics….all the companies order their stuff from the same people. I used to oversee weekly orders and work closely with the manufacturer….well… down to almost every brand share the same manufacturer…. believe me…I have nothing to gain by saying this.

I dont wanna bust your bubble but Mac’s eyeshadows are made in China Beijing….same manufacturer as Sugar’s eyelashes…. I can give you the name and contact of the manufacturer, because I used to deal with them. Red Cherry’s an Sugar’s can be found in swap meets and lower retail places.

I understand your point… but unfortunately I think that it is naive to think that Mac’s eyelashes are handled with white gloves by those underpaid chinese workers because they bare the name Mac.
I hope this could be a wake up call…
but again nobody is more blind than a person that doesnt want to see!!
I don’t have anything agaisnt Mac or major beauty labels but if you only knew Christine if you only knew… probably today you would see things differently

I’m just going to respectfully disagree. I can’t appreciate an argument when someone feels the need to insult the other.

Hey Christine
I’m sorry if you felt like I insulted you….I didnt mean to insult you or disrespect you. I apologize if you feel that way. I get very emotional, because I have worked in the beauty industry from the inside for years… and there is a lot going on behind the “scenes” that you customers don’t know about.

hope you dont hate me for that…

peace + happiness


Hi Gizelle – I don’t hate you, but I think we’re just on very opposite sides and there’s no sense arguing over something that’s for fun!

Hi Christine,

First let me tell you that I love you website, i get all my eyeshadow ideas from you. I have a question, I love to use pigments, but i dont know what to put on my eye so the pigment can stay, can you tell me what you use or any ideas on how to use the pigments?


Hi Isis! Thank you, I’m happy you enjoy the site. I use pigments with MAC’s water-based mixing medium, which allows the pigments to adhere.

I know I’m responding to this late, but your collection makes me happy.

The main reason is because I’ve seen girls with 3x the collection you have, yet either a) none of it is used, or b) they don’t have much talent. I’m NOT saying you need to have talent to have makeup at all, but the fact that you can do the amazing things you do with your collection makes me happy.

I’m probably making zero sense, but yes. hehe

Hey Linda! Oh, this post will get responses at all times of the year, so you’re not late!

I’m happy to make you happy, LOL! πŸ™‚

Your collection is awe inspiring! I know you say you aren’t a makeup artist, but what with your talent and already extensive collection, have you ever considered doing it on the side?

Thanks, Amanda! I’ve never thought about doing it on the side because I’m so busy with the blog it doesn’t leave much time for side activites, lol!

What an amazing collection :0! I have nothing on you. Which other brands of makeup do you use? Or mostly just mac? Also, what are those little square colour’s you’ve fit into your palettes?

Hey Kat! Awww! It’s been a long time building. I use primarily MAC, but I have been checking into other brands. It’s hard to afford to be an addict to more than one brand! The little squares are the eyeshadows from MAC holiday palettes.

Well that explains how you got beautymarked (the barbie one?) in there… I remember asking a MAC sales attendant if you could put the single shadows in the palettes and she said there was a way but it was tricky and they could break, so I just kept mine as is (but I now buy them in palette form when I can… easier to organize and cheaper!)

I must say your collection is amazing! I’m not really a make up kinda gal (my definition of make up would be cheek and lip stains and lip balms, pardon me) because I really don’t know how to apply them without looking like Bozo. Some girls were just born lucky, ey? LOL.

Anyway, I just want to know if you throw away unused make ups because I heard that those things have expiration dates and stuffs like that? Or do you just keep them to make your collection bigger?

Nah, for me, I had to practice a lot! πŸ™‚ And I’m still practicing!

I throw away things that need to be if they’re not finished – mascara and that type of thing. For lipgloss/lipstick, I don’t throw away unless they turn (aka smell like crayons). Eyeshadows, powder kind, do not harbor bacteria because they’re dry.

Hey, I love your site and I read the comments, good and bad. And I must say that you are always gonna have some haters so just do YOU! Which you are doing a great job at. (lol) Anyways, are you a makeup artist, in particular, for Brides/wedding parties???

Hey Danyelle! Thanks for the support πŸ™‚ I’ve learned you can’t please everyone, lol!

Nope, I’m not a makeup artist, just a beauty blogger!

oh my gosh!! never have i been jealous but this takes the cake! dang thats a lot of money spent compared to M.A.C prices!!!!

1 question tho, where do you get the eye shadow pans? thanks

I’m not envious of that collection. Where in the world would I store all that!? I just don’t know where I’d begin. But at the same time, I am envious.
So, so envious.
I love that there’s drama in these threads. Wow.
Also, I’ve never had any problem with any MA’s being snotty- then again, I only visit the Nordstrom MAC peeps and even the ones in SF were really nice!

hey christine, i wrote a comment about the pans but i didnt quite understood your answer.. soo i wanted to ask again if at the mac store they sell the pans with the eye shadows on them already or just the pans and you have to depot the eye shadows yourself and put them in the pans? if you understand what i mean.. lol becuase i dont want to buy seperate eye shadows when i can just buy them in the pans if they sell them on there already hahha im soo confused..
and if they do sell the pallets with the eye shadows on there already for how much are they?

LMAO i really hope you understand!!!

Hey Tatiana! MAC freestanding stores (not in department stores) sell eyeshadows that are just by themselves, in a little silver pan, not in a black container. You do get the eyeshadow with it, not an empty pan. Sometimes they have something called a pre-made quad, which is when there are 4 silver pans glued into a quad palette.

The pre-made quads are $32, the eyeshadows just in the pan by itself are $10 I believe. You can get either a 15 slot palette or a 4-slot quad (I think it’s $12 and $4.50).

Hey Christine! Lovin’ the collection! I am in a bit of a bind here! Need expertly advice! Since I know you have this in your collection, I was wondering is the “Metal X “Pure Ore similar if at all to Moss Scape or Cash Flow as far as the color pay off? And would you say Moss Scape is similar to fluidline Sweet Sage? Trying to avoid buying the same color over again! (I have pure ore but have yet to try it!)
Thank you! πŸ˜€

wow this is a pretty nice collection hehe πŸ™‚

you really make the best out of your products, keep on the good job!

Cheeeeeeers :):):)

Inu~ (who got seduced by the MAC products hehe πŸ˜‰ )

Very nice collection. Curious though as to how you store everything? Lol.

I have also never had any problems with anyone working at MAC near me… everyone is so nice. You know you’re addicted when everyone who works there knows you by name!

Hi Christine,

I did have a question for you. I’m just starting to get into the pigments and I wondered if they were crease proof when they were applied with the mixing medium. I’ve used the mac paintpot and paints and added pigment but I find it alters the color slightly. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you!!!

Hey Marcella!

Yes, they’re crease proof when used with mixing medium, at least for me. Sometimes the color will change if your base is a different color!

Hi Christine,

That’s an amazing collection! I’m going to the local MAC boutique for my first consultation tomorrow and am excited about starting my own MAC collection (I’m a new convert). My question is: how long it is safe to keep things like gloss, eyeshadow, and blush? What’s the shelf life?



Hey Katherine!

Thanks so much!

You can keep powder products for virtually a lifetime, because they’re dry, it’s hard to harbor bacteria. You can always spritz with rubbing alcohol if you feel like it later on down the road. Glosses should be tossed when they turn (smell like crayons), and I haven’t had any of mine do that. Technically speaking, glosses should be chucked more often than that (probably 1-2 years), but it’ll also depend on how often you use it, too. Bacteria grows in warm & moist places (e.g. why a lot of women store glosses in the fridge!).

One more thing… I think she was also sugar-coating the product too when she said triple pigmented… M.A.C never has disclosed the technology they use behind their product other than the ingredients contained within the product. So pigmented once… I don’t know where she pulled that one out of… but I might have a clue “if you know what I mean.” Try M.A.C pigments… the ones from the PRO locations…. They are insane. If you’re looking for super bold color and they last forever. Can I just say I love Benefit too… Hoola is my favorite!!!


SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Adrian… I have no idea what product it is, but you should try to contact MAC’s Gone But Not Forgotten program, and they might be able to find you it.

We try to approve comments within 24 hours (and reply to them within 72 hours) but can sometimes get behind and appreciate your patience! πŸ™‚ If you have general feedback, product review requests, off-topic questions, or need technical support, please contact us directly. Thank you for your patience!