MAC Cosmetics Collection as of September 2007

This is my collection as it stands September 1st, 2007. Obviously with SO many huge collections coming out, it’s likely to grow quite a bit in the next few months, lol!

Just as an “FYI” type introduction to my collection, please realize that I have been a huge MAC Cosmetics fan since late 2004, so it isn’t as if I acquired everything in a matter of a few days. I’ve also purged my collection from time to time, which is why there is an awful lot of limited edition/discontinued products versus products from the permanent line. I’m so busy learning and using newer products that I simply end up without much time for most of the permanent products!


Column 1: Ablaze
Column 2: Afterdusk, Margin, Fleurry, Other Worldly
Column 3: Plum Foolery, Don’t Be Shy, Petalpoint, Desirous
Palette 1: Dollymix, Pink Swoon, Shimmersweet, Taupe, Cubic, Cantaloupe
Palette 2: Primpin’/Golden Kitty, Sunbasque, Ambering Rose, Foolish Me, Stray Rose, Springsheen

Loverush, Fever, Harmony


Top (12 o’clock) clockwise: Gentle Fume quad, self-made quad, Liza AM quad, self-made quad, Smoking quad


Firespot, Camel, Expresso, Rose Blanc, Romping, Goin’ Bananas, Wondergrass, Fab ‘n Flashy, Blue Storm, Cumulus,

Thunder, Cloudburst, Stormwatch


Palette 1 (reds, pinks), left to right, top to bottom: Antiqued, Cranberry, Limo, Coppering, Expensive Pink, Til Daybreak,

Passionate, Living Pink, Pink Papillon, Up-do, Rule, Juiced, Gorgeous Gold, Femme Noir, Greensmoke
Palette 2 (greens, teals), left to right, top to bottom: Sable Wrap, Scarab, Velvet Moss, Humid, Lucky Green, Overgrown,

Juxt, Metamorph, Aquavert, A Bluer Blue, Shimmermoss, Melody
Palette 3 (browns), left to right, top to bottom: Arena, Jasmine, Beautyburst, Texture, Rye, Tendermetal, Summer

Neutral, Elite, Woodwinked, Valet, Patina
Palette 4 (blues, purples), left to right, top to bottom: Smut, Bronze, Cork, Embark, Satin Taupe, Pearl of the Earth,

Thunder, Sketch, Stars ‘n Rockets, Gallant, Cinders, Electric Eel, Freshwater, Deep Truth
Palette 5 (neutrals), left to right, top to bottom: Grain, White Tie, Vellum, Rite of Spring, Motif, Bisque, Blurr,

Performance, Malt, Say Yeah, Shroom, Hush, Taupe Note, Silver Ring


Row 1: Accent Red, Pinked Mauve, Revved Up, Fuchsia, All Girl, Pink, Apricot Pink, Pink Opal, Pink Bronze, Copper,

Rushmetal, Coppersparkle,
Row 2: Off the Radar, Melon, Deckchair, Dazzleray, Jardin Aires, Lily White, Shimmertime, Gold Mode, Golden Lemon,

Gold, Yellow, Gold Dusk,
Row 3: Provence, Quick Frost, Steel Blue, Blue, Aire de Blu, Azreal Blue, Deep Blue Green, Teal, Emerald Green, Kelly

Green, Golder’s Green, Chartreuse,
Row 4: True Chartreuse, Copperized, Night Light, Old Gold, Golden Olive, Pastorale, Mauvement, Smoke Signal,

Maroon, Violet, Pink Pearl, Lovely Lily,
Row 5: Blue Brown, Sunpepper, Coco Beach, Cocomotion, Sunnydaze, Coco, Softwash Grey, Softwashed, Silver, Silver

Fog, Dark Soul


Column 1: Check Please, Boundless, Racy, Wondershine, Dejarose, Standing Ovation, Sweetie Cake, Crystal Rose,

Pink Meringue, Bodymind, Bait, Apex, Synched Up, Vital Spark, Energy, Vibrational, Backlit, Pink Grapefruit, Tartlette,

Perfectly Pink, Moonbathe, Soft and Slow,
Column 2: Moonstone, Lip 65, Glamoursun, Young Spark, Illicit, Bazaarish, Algorithm, Tres Cher!, Pink Clash,

Magnetique, Hothouse, Negligee, Atmospheric, Lull, Lightswitch, Optical, Flashtronic, Poetique, Mouthwatering,

Pas-de-deux, Lightning, Prestigious


Alta Moda, Lasting Lust, Femme Forever, Luv-4-Ever, Persist, For Keeps, Overstated


Kohl powers: Feline, Mystery, Orpheus, Raven; Graphblack technakohl; Stud brown pencil; Cremestick liners:

Cranapple, Pink Treat, Summerfruit


187, 150, 136, 168, 266, 194, 190, 168, 187, 249, 219, 239; 2 182s


Row 1: Burnin’, Wild ‘Bout you, Pomposity, Red No. 5, Vivia Glam, Rockocco, Girl About Town, Fashionably Fuchsia,

Full Fuchsia, Fusion Pink
Row 2: Rebel Rose, Show Orchid, Kissable, A Stroke of Lust, Strawberry Blonde, Cockatease, Sweetie, Florabundi,

Row 3: Overrich, Curtsy, Tiger Tiger, Thrills, Mellow Flame, Mari-Sheeno, Up Note, Viva Glam VI
Row 4: Velvet Teddy, Malt, Sparks Can Fly, Barely Lit, Cherish, Awaken, Style It Up, Brew,
Row 5: Politely Pink, Soft Lust, Violetta, Capricious, Fun Fun


Bronzing powder, Blue Herizon liquidlast liner, Aqualine liquidlast liner, Molten Sol liquidlast liner, Greenplay liquidlast liner,

Astral Rays glimmershimmer, Twinks glimmershimmer, Diana Ross Beauty Powder