MAC Colour Craft Collection - Promo Photos

MAC Colour Craft Collection

Here are some promotional product photos! πŸ™‚ This collection debuts July 9th.

Odd Bits, Natural Flare, Girlish Romp, Fashion Patch, Eccentricity, Assemblage

Trimming Talk, Ever Embellish, Colour Crafted, Made With Love, Most Popular, Madly Creative

Nice Mix Up, Pretty Patern, Funky Fusion, Crazy Haute, Eclectic Edge, Miss Marble

Style Demon, Improvise, Fab-dabulous, Hand-Finish, Daft Pink, Cheek & Cheerful

Porcelain Pink, Sunny By Nature, Cheeky Bronze, Smooth Merge, Warm Blend, Triple Fusion

109, 130, 226



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Susan Avatar

Hi everyone…. Im new on this website but i just wanted to let all of you lovely ladies that the 226 BRUSH AND THE 130 BRUSH ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE MAC WEBSITE!!!!! Just got mine. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Christina Avatar

wow. i think i’m going to get the 130 brush, sunny by nature msf, and madly creative and color crafted lipstick. ugh, all these mac collections are making me broke!

phuong k Avatar

i havent been too impressed with the recent mac launches but i really love the look for this collection. i cant wait for your swatches and recommendations christine! btw, is there anyway you can find out the makeup for the promo girl once it is published? it looks wonderful, especially the lip color.

SarahT Avatar

So pretty!!! Trimming Talk and Made with Love lipsticks are MINE! As is the 226 brush πŸ˜‰ Thanks for these photos, Christine!

Nic15 Avatar

Do you know the finishes for the lipsticks? Can someone tell me about the 130 brush? I can’t wait for the 226. Been wanting it since i missed out the last time. Such a pretty collection πŸ™‚

Natalie Avatar

I’d probably the only one that is not crazy about this collection! I already own too many Mineralized skin finish, Mineralized eyeshadows and Mineralized blushes from previous collections and I feel this collection doesn’t offer anything different from I already have.

Macaddict Avatar

You’re not the only one! I’m not very excited about this collecyion either! Nothing reallly different. Also, that #130 brush looks exactly like the #188!!! Wassup with that?

macartist007 Avatar

I believe the #130 brush is going to be like the #189 flat paddle face brush, but will have the duo fibre bristles (short natural hair with longer synthetic).

Hyzenthlay Avatar

I am FOR SURE getting the 226. I have small eyes, and all other brushes are too large to fit in my crease! I haven’t tried it yet, but talking with the MUAs at MAC has me sure that this brush will work. The woman there was sad when I was describing to her my “issue,” as she knew the brush from the BBR collection, and didn’t know it was going to be reissued.

As far as colors go, I will swatch when I go in to get the brush and choose from there πŸ™‚

Veronica Avatar

I’m definitely getting:
-porcelain pink msf
-triple fusion msf
-madly creative l/s
-226 brush
-improvise blush

Maybe getting:
-ecletic edge lipglass
-daft pink blush

I was just wondering, what would you use the 130 brush for? And are any of the eyeshadows worth getting? They all look the same to me.

Loverly Avatar

Your list is so similar to list of items that I want!! hahah I’m not 100% positive, but the 130 is a flat tapered face brush probably best for blush?? That’s just a guess. And I’ve actually SEEN the eyeshadows (I have my sources……lol) and they’re really cute, but I don’t think I’d buy any. Mineralized eyeshadows are not half as good as the regular ones….

Veronica Avatar

Thanks for the info! Yeah, I’m still not sure of what I want. My list was just based on the pictures. I’ll probably wait to see everything myself in person before making a big purchase. And, I probably won’t get any of the eye shadows.

hi Avatar

Crazy Haute gloss looks gorgeous – I hope they’re pigmented and not sheer like the ones from Sugarsweet! I just adore everything from this collection from what I see here, but Trimming Talk lipstick, Fashion Patch and Girlish Romp Mineralize quads, Crazy Haute gloss, Daft Pink Mineralize blush and Smooth Merge MSF really stand out for me. They’re all so GORGEOUS, though! I think I’m going to have to limit myself to one Mineralize quad, a blush and/or the gloss (depending on your review). Love!!

Aubree Avatar

I guess i’m like the only one who is not lemming everything from this collection.

I love Made With Love though. and I may want a blush and a lipglass. Other than that..meh. XP

Thank goodness for my wallet.

DevilishDoll Avatar

I want Girlish Romp, Trimming Talk, Made With Love, Eclectic Edge and Porcelain Pink. I’m tempted by Eccentricity, but I could probably dupe the colors.

Brie Avatar

Well so far it looks like I can pass on most of it! Eyeshadows look like they will work for me as well as the MES did (ie not at all), the mixed up color glosses do not appeal to me at all and only the lipstick in the middle seems like my kind of color. I’ll probably use this opportunity to get Porcelain Pink MSF though! That I can handle – an MSF and one lipstick, no prob! πŸ˜€

Wilcoa Avatar

Definitely going to grab the 130, but sadly can’t get anything else since it’s all (well minus lippies) mineral makeup πŸ™

farah Avatar

OH MY GOD!!!! i know that i’m getting all 3 BRUSHES!!!! eeekkkk!!!!! i can’t wait for the swatches! does the e/s have 4 colours? wow! interesting! hmm…

freewing Avatar

Fab-dabulous and Madly Creative are sooo pretty~~and 226…i couldnt get my hand on it last time and this time its a must have~!!

Leila Avatar

omg. AHH. im gunna be so broke. i loveeee everything. i wasnt even planning on getting the lipglass or lipstick.. but wow. definitely impressed by this collection x 100000

Kharina Avatar

I’m lemming 3 things: FAD-ABULOUS, CHEEK & CHEERFUL blushes and the CHEEKY BRONZE msf (at least that’s what I think they are). As for the eyeshadows….eh…they kinda look boring so…not really interested. Thanks for the pics though because it helps narrow things in better perspective!

Tattoo Girl Avatar

Hmmmm… not seeing anything great for myself. I will probably pass on all of it. Good for my wallet since I spent about $400 on F&F!!!

Nunu Avatar

OMG I think I want EVERYTHING!!!Christine you’re killing us!!!
Are the lipglosses pre-mixed?or are they one of those 3 different coloured tiered types?Cos those always come out so sheer…it would be disappointing if it is!

lauren Avatar

Yup they come premixed. The Sugarsweet Tricolor glosses were SOOO sheer which was annoying. These LOOK more opaque, but pictures can be deceiving…..I hope they’re more pigmented πŸ˜€

ReenyLu Avatar

hmm…gonna have to wait to see how those tri-colored msf’s will be…I loved the BBR msf’s because the formula & great colors…so I’ll wait lol. will def. nab a porcelain pink msf…..or 5 lol.nothing else really interests me….the blushes seem like mini-msf’s, which doesnt seem fair lol. we shall see though! glad i didnt haul too much from F & F sale =)

Diamonds Avatar

I also noticed how the blushes look like mini MSFs!! They have the whole “melange” thing going on with the different colored veining. I just hope they’re not too shimmery……..

Danielle Avatar

Hi everyone!


I haven’t been this excited since BBR.

I am however gonna gave to be a good budgeter, b/c the blushes are $21 bucks, (hint: anyone want to help me with their pro discount? ) I am a complete blush freak!

Anyhow: *Fab-Dabulous
*Hand finish
*Daft PInk
*Madly Creative lipstick
*Cheeky Bronze
*Triple Fusion

I wish i could get all the blushes and all the MSFs. My fave things to collect. πŸ™‚

Peyton Avatar

Luckily this collection comes out the day after my birthday so I’ll have money for this collection!

I’m going to get:
Madly Creative Lipstick
Natural Flare Mineralize Eyeshadow
Improvise, Hand Finish, and Hand Finish mineralize blushes
Porcelain Pink, Sunny By Nature, Cheeky Bronze, Smooth Merge, Triple Fusion MSF

I’m definately skipping out on the lipglasses.
I know I’m getting a lot but it’s all worth it. LOL

Anitacska Avatar

Porcelain Pink is much lighter than Petticoat with gold veining, it’s really lovely, like a pinker version of Pleasureflush. πŸ™‚ Petticoat is really dark on me, more of a blush than a skinfinish.

Andrea Avatar

I totally thought Porcelain Pink was Petticoat! But I guess not. I was actually kinda excited because I never got Petticoat “/ But this will do πŸ™‚

kirsty Avatar

Will definitely need to see it in person, but I’m liking:

Porcelain Pink
226 brush

Anyone know what the prices will be like for the UK?

adelina Avatar

Can someone please tell me why the MSF’s are a must? I’ve tried them and I wasn’t very fond of them.

The 130 brush looks like the jemma kid pro round foundation brush. I will still purchase it… I wonder what the price will be, $30 maybe?

Anitacska Avatar

I’m going to get everything except for maybe a couple of lipsticks! :O Oh and I already own a Porcelain Pink MSF, so probably won’t get that either. πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait until it comes out in the UK, I just LOVE mineralized stuff.

Mikki Avatar

I seriously have problems. I pretty much need all of the MSFs and blushes AAAAAAAAH.

And the 130 brush looks very cool, I’m curious!

Ang Avatar

This looks like a nice collection so far. The es colors look like colors I already have, but I do want the 130, made w/ love lippie and pretty pattern lipgloss. I’m not sure if those MSF are pigmented enough for my nc43 skintone, so I’ll pass on those.

Luda Avatar

I’m really excited for the MSF from these pictures they look awesome.
I really want to see the E/S in person – can’t wait to see what those are like. I’m not big on blush in general – don’t really use it. As for the lipgloss – I was so disappointed when it came out with the sugarsweet collection. The quality was not to MAC standards. Maybe they changed it for this collection.

Nicole15 Avatar

I’ve only been anxious for this collection solely for one reason – the 226!! It’s a brush i MUST own. The 130 doesn’t do anything for me & I just got the 109 in my F&F haul.

I don’t care for the mineralize e/s & if the MSF blushes are shimmery than they’re not for me. I just can’t rock shimmer on my face due to my oily skin – not a good combo! The only other thing I may check out is the lipsticks. I’m curious to know their finishes so if anyone knows please fill me in. The lipglosses are “meh!”. I didn’t like the ones in Sugarsweet so if these are the same then i know for sure i’ll pass.

Kia Avatar

OMG! so pretty..and it comes out on my 24th birthday..
i hope i get some of these. i love the lipsticks..eyeshadows..blushes..okay..EVERYTHING!

daniela Avatar

ohh boy im sooo gvetting the first two minerilez skin finishes cause now im sooo into them and im getting the 226 and 130 and the 109 ohh boy im exited!

lauren Avatar

I’m sooo sooo excited for this collection!!
Here’s my list so far:
Made with Love l/s
Improvise Blush
Porcelain Pink MSF
Sunny By Nature MSF

I’m skipping the eyeshadows….which is sad but they’re just not as great as I thought they’d be…..

Melissa Avatar

All those MSFs are going to be the death of me.

And I’ll love it, mind you. But still, cause of death on the certificate should read ‘MSFd To Death’.

Kim Avatar

;O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep saying OMG OMG OMG OMG! hahaha OMG this collection so freakn amazing. Ok i was just going to purchase a few things but I think my CC can wait. e/s must! Msfs must! 2 of the glosses must! and all 3 brushes a must!

Vanesa Avatar

yessss finallyyyy i can get my hands on that 226 that i missed out on…i dont think im too crazy any of the e/s the msf’s 2 words “Mineralized Heaven”

Ms Trendy Avatar

130 come to mamma! maybe some MSF too but thats it for me. i have a few mineral blushes so I dont need anymore and I have enuff e/s and l/s and l/g already to last me a long while i can pass on the quad compacts unless 1 of them really jumps out to me. mineralize e/s is not my favourite in fact i dont own any.

Torrie Avatar

there is so much I want!
Natural Flare Eyeshadow
Girlish Romp Eyeshadow
Eccentricity Eyeshadow
Colour Crafted Lipstick
Madly Creative Lipstick
Improvise Blush
Fab-duabulous Blush
Daft Pink Blush
Cheeky Bronze MSF
Smooth Merge MSF
Triple Fusion MSF
130 Brush
226 Brush

I have been waiting for this collection for months!

Brittany Avatar

I’m in-love. Most of the collection’s lately have been just mediocre, but this one is definitely going to put me in the poor house! I’m soo excited!

Anitacska Avatar

Hey Everyone!

I’ve managed to get my hands on a couple of items from this collection already (Cheek & Cheerful blush and Crazy Haute lipglass), you can see images and swatches on my blog. Click on my name and it’ll take you there! πŸ™‚

SnickerDoodle Avatar


the eyeshadows kinda freak me out, but WOW at the glosses, lipsticks, MSFs AND the blushes!!! uugghhhh i want so much.

Sass Avatar

currently on my list:

fashion patch, assemblage
colour crafted, madly creative
nice mix up , crazy haute and miss marble
smooth merge

jade Avatar

I think I could skip this whole collection the only exception may be the 226, I’ve heard a lot of good things, but feel like I need to see in person first (also this is the same release date as graphic garden here in canada)

Lindsey Avatar

thinking about getting:

msf: porcelain pink, triple fusion

eyeshadows look blah to me, lipglasses look like sugarsweet screwups, lipsticks seem dupable, coastal scents has a 226 dupe, and the mineralized blushes look like mini msf’s

ElleryAllison Avatar

Those mineralized eyeshadows look like they would be pretty great for beginners!
I might have to buy a few for my neices. They pretty much have every color you could need for a look.
Although I am only really excited about the brushes, MSF’s can be a little too shiny for my oily skin.

Susan Avatar

Hi everyone…. Im new on this website but i just wanted to let all of you lovely ladies that the 226 BRUSH AND THE 130 BRUSH ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE MAC WEBSITE!!!!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Ready…. Set…. Goooooooo get them!!!!

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