MAC Cleansing Tips Review, Photos

On-the-Go Makeup Fixers

MAC Cleansing Tips ($14.50 for 30) are my absolute favorite when it comes to easily fixing any minor application mistakes.  They’re basically dual-ended cotton swabs that have been soaked in makeup remover and are individually packaged (though each sheet has ten, you just tear them off individually).  One side is the usual rounded swab, while the other is tapered and more precise.

I actually really, really love these.  They work so well for cleaning up under the eyes when you work with shadows that have fall out, but they’re great for touching up during the day if you happen to be testing one smudger of an eyeliner, too!  They remove everything without a fuss.  Since they’re individually wrapped, you can just toss one into your purse when you need to (e.g. a special occasion), too.

So, I did not pay attention to how much these run you when I originally purchased them.  These wonder-swabs don’t come cheap!   They end up costing about $0.50 a pop!  Even the small package of MAC Wipes are cheaper ($0.40), while the bulk package of MAC Wipes are half the price ($0.26).  This is so saddening for me!    This is a great product, but it’s not something one should use often at that kind of cost.

They do work incredibly well to clean-up any faded or smudged eyeliner if you’re out and about.  I’ll continue to purchase them as I need to, but I will make myself only use them when I’m on the go or traveling–no more using those at homes.  Gotta go the extra step and use my own swabs and separate makeup remover, LOL!

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 4/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you use them sparingly, they can be an excellent time-saving, space-saving tool to have in your evening bag when you want to look your best. Just don’t use them by the dozen!


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I think I saw those pointy end swaps at the drug store. I’m going el cheapo and pairing them up with my own makeup remover 😀

yeah, but what if you were to attempt to do these yourself, do u have any ideas on what to wrap them in so they wont dry out?

My sister uses an old pill container (for prescribed meds) to put cotton swabs in alcohol for other uses but it would work the same for makeup remover and they hold up to 20 or more depending on the size of the jar. I would say not to fill the jar up with makeup remover only half way, any more than that and it could get messy!!

For home use, sure – but do you carry around a bottle of makeup remover and cotton swabs in your purse? Seems kind of heavy to me 😛

I can just picture myself doing that on the bus ride to work, fixing any mistakes I made! I imagine I’ll get all kind of funny looks…LOL 🙂

bare ecentuals makes some, 24 for 5 bucks. i think you should try those out! i bought some at a FF sale eons ago and they are still sitting brand new never used in my house so i cant comment on how well they work. but they are cheap and come with a lot sooooooo yeah!

Let me know how you like them why you try them 🙂

I have some from Jare Iredale, but they’re terrible compared to these ones!

i love having q tips like those with a pointed end and a “fatter” end to dip into a makeup remover bottle at home for little touch ups. this is a very convenient on the go thing and a very nice concept…the only thing that would stop me is the price..but i guess factored into it is that it’s mac brand and the convenience cost haha

Yeah, you’re *definitely* paying for the convenience with these. I’m going to limit my usage for these to purse-only — man, I really did NOT realize how $$ they were!

I recently bought some of these for the first time, and I couldn’t believe how awesome they are at precisely removing any oopsies.

I don’t know if it’s just psychological, because it’s MAC, or because of the price, but I feel like they did a better job of cleaning versus dipping a cotton swab into eye make-up remover.

I think it might be that they’re REALLY saturated and they’re high quality swabs – not worth $0.50 each, LOL, but yeah. They are outstanding, but the price tag is hefty in the long run. I will still buy ’em and keep them in my purse so I don’t end up testing a mascara and have no way to clean up my eyes if it goes rogue on me, LOL.

I will have to go back to using my own cotton swabs & separate makeup remover at home, though. Wish these were cheaper or if you could buy them in bulk – like the MAC wipes.

I actually really like these. Yes, the price is a little bit higher but it’s no more expensive than other swabs with makeup remover in them. I only use them to clean up any bits of mascara that has gotten on my eye area or cheek. I just use one side and keep the other side in it’s “sleeve.” It still stays moist for a couple of days so I can use the other (unused) half later and not throw away a whole swab. just a suggestion.

For at-home tips, I’ve used a tapered q-tip and wrapped a makeup remover wipe around one end to do precise clean up.

These look awesome, but as you said. A bit spendy. My future SIL wants to steal me for a few hours and take me to a freestanding MAC store, so maybe I’ll pick some up! Thank you, Christine!

(btw, dont listen to the haters. They’re just jealous of your awesomeness! :] )

That’s a great idea, Jessie! Never thought of that 😉

Aww, that’s so cute that your SIL wants you to go with her!

Hi Sarah,

I think I’ve bought from them maybe once, and it was real – I have heard pretty good feedback from others about this site, though.

Try Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals Brand. They’re called “On the spot eye makeup remover”. You get 24 for $5, I keep them in my purse for quick touch up’s. Break off one end of the Qtip & the liquid pours down through the stick to the other side & saturates the swab. They also contain aloe vera & vitamin E. I have really sensitive skin around my eye area & I’ve never had an issue w/these. One of my must haves!!!

Is it easy to break? I have these Jane Iredale ones that also break, but they don’t always break so cleanly!

I don’t think I would use these for every day touch-ups. Too expensive! But I might consider purchasing them when I’m doing some air travel! I still want to wear makeup on planes and in airports. These seem like pretty convenient to throw in the purse!

The idea of this is nice, but I’m probably just gonna stick with my q-tips soaked in makeup remover in a ziploc bag method.

I think these are perfect for throwing in your purse just incase, but it’s important not to use them if you have another option! I’m checking these out for sure!

The drugstore brand Andrea makes Eye-Q’s that are similar to this. I love the brand Swabplus’s eyemakeup remover swabs because they are two sided, individually wrapped, and you snap one end to moisten the other. There are 72 in a box but there’s also a smaller package you can keep in your purse. They are from the drugstore also.

I absolutely LOVE these – I get the best use out of them when I want a perfect cat eye and can save time by going messy and thick right at the end of my eye and then perfecting a straight and extra pointy wing with one swipe of these! And when I’m not wearing eyeshadow or a base with an eyeliner, I can turn an overly thick or messy line to a thin and neat one in seconds!

HOWEVER, A girl at one of the MAC stores said they are discontinuing these. Does anyone know if this is true?? I really hope not, because stocking up on these is going to cost big bucks!

I’ve actually heard this too! I discovered them by chance at a MAC warehouse sale (there’s a warehouse sale in Toronto about every three months and stuff is CHEAP) a while back. I bought them once in store and then when I ran out and went to get more, the saleswoman said they were being discontinued! It made no sense to me as she also said they sell out as soon as they’re in stock. But alas, I could never find them again.

I’m a big fan of their wipes but I’ve actually never tried these before! Sounds really handy for on-the-go in my purse or if I’m travelling and I don’t want to bring my bulk wipes!!

uhm… you do realize that revlon makes something similiar in a pen and not only is it travel friendly and light, but quite cheap too! Im sorry, but this product equates to … throwing my money away.

Kind of grosses me out that you just keep reusing the same thing to clean off… dirt/gunk, TBH.

I believe I mentioned that these are cost-prohibitive in the review, so if you find something else that works, that’s great 🙂

They have cheaper versions at asian places. They’re not soaked in makeup remover but water though but it works just as well =D

These SEEM like an amazing idea, but when price is considered, they might not be worth it. I was actually going to buy these just for their “on the go” practicality but, they’re already sold out(?). How long has these existed? I remember seeing Tiffany (Makeup By Tiffany D on Youtube) talk about these for a little while now…

Japanese dollar stores like Daiso sell individually wrapped q-tips but they aren’t soaked in makeup remover like the MAC Cleansing Tips. They’re cheaper ($2) & I prefer using my own make-up remover.. MAC sure does make a lot of money off of lazy people 😛

Or those who want to have something that’s easy and spill-proof for their bags 🙂

An individually wrapped q-tip actually seems silly if it’s not soaked in anything to me, lol!

The Bare Escentuals ones are great, as someone else said…and definitely more economical (24 for around $5). However, only one end is usable, and they aren’t the precise, pointed tip. They can be carried around individually and don’t dry out because the remover doesn’t enter the tip of the swab until you snap the other end.

I also found a very similar product at the drugstore. I believe the company is called Andrea? About 30 pre-soaked swabs for $4 or so. They do have the pointed tip, but are not easily portable like the MAC or BE versions. I’ve had them for a couple months and have had no problems with them drying out. They come in a round container about the size of one of the large pill bottles, and I imagine you could transfer them to a smaller pill sized bottle for portability.

These definitely do come in handy…I throw a couple of the BE ones in my purse when I’m going out. Especially with a smokey eye type look where you risk some makeup meltdown…its called smokey eye, not smokey cheek! Hahaha

For anyone living in Canada, the Quo brand at Shopper’s Drug Mart has the exact same q-tip! It isn’t soaked in remover but if you need a tapered end it’s a good alternative.

I bought the cleanse off tips a while ago and now they’re impossible to find, but they were getting too expensive anyway! Now I just squirt a little cleanse off oil into my hand and soak my Quo tip in it. It’s not travel friendly but it IS wallet friendly!

I use the Bare Escentuals version at home for when I smudge eye make up. They’re good for cleaning up a mistake without having to redo the whole eye.

When I first saw these, I knew the price would be ridiculous before even looking at the tag (well, the amount listed on the site, but bear with me here). IT’S A POINTY Q-TIP WITH MAKEUP REMOVER ON IT. Immensely convenient, but it seems like something makeup artists in “Idiocracy” would use.
Oh, who am I kidding, if I could, I would buy these by the pound.

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