M LAB Travel Collection with Insane Levels of Active Ingredients – Does it work?

M Lab Travel Kit

M LAB is a line of products designed by Milbar Laboratories, which challenged their scientists to create skincare products without any limitations–they could use the most efficacious and luxurious ingredients and formulations, and as a result, M LAB products use high levels of clinically active ingredients to fight against signs of aging. According to the brand, “Professional clinical testing has validated the results and expectations of the M LAB™ product line. Demonstrable effects and positive changes will quickly be seen by you and others. Study results indicate our formulation approach produces skin firming, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and the improvement of skin clarity, color and texture.”

Let me tell you what I thought about M LAB’s Travel Kit!

M LAB Travel Collection ($130.00) contains their anti-aging cleanser (50mL), anti-aging toner (50mL), anti-aging treatment cream (15mL), anti-aging treatment serum (5mL), anti-aging day treatment SPF 15 (15mL), and anti-aging eye cream (3mL) all kept in a travel-friendly bag. You’ll notice that all of the product sizes are well under the 3 oz. limitation for carry-on bags, which definitely does make it a travel kit. (Sometimes, brands advertise travel sizes that are still too voluminous for actual carry-on travel!)

What’s interesting about the M LAB line is that while each product has insane percentages of active ingredients (up to 74% in the serum), it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a lot of any one ingredient. Each product seems to have a very, very long list of ingredients–with many well-known and popular ingredients to combat aging and skin issues.So the theory seems to be that these work better together than alone, which is why there aren’t any starring ingredients.

I’d say my favorite product out of the six would be the Anti-Aging Treatment Cream, which has 68% clinically active ingredients. It feels incredibly luxurious when you apply it, almost like a heavier, richer cream, but it absorbs and dries quickly. It also feels lightweight, despite its thick and rich texture. The smell reminds of the scent of Guerlain Pressed Meteorites, but lighter, and that scent actually reminds me of Mr. Bubble. Not a bad thing, but it took me months to come to that conclusion. Almost a fruity-floral scent.

I also liked that the toner came out as a spray, rather than having to soak a cotton pad. I just found it easier to get the right amount of product without oversaturating the cotton pad as seems common with the average toning product.On the other hand, for a brand dedicated to science and research, it seems totally odd that they still use open jar packaging for two of their products (eye serum, anti-aging treatment cream). I imagine one issue is how thick these both are, which might limit options in regards to pumps. Everything else in the kit comes in a pump bottle (or spray bottle).

Using the kit for several weeks gave my skin the appearance of a nice, healthy glow and some evenness. I don’t suffer from many signs of aging, so I can’t say I saw any differences when it came to that. While M LAB products are pricey, the good news is a little bit stretches a long way, so it’s not as if you have to pile it on. I’d also like to remark on their packaging overall, which is simplistic and unisex. Basic black plastic packaging with white labels. Really does remind you of something you’d expect to come out of laboratory!