LUSH Holiday 2011 Products (Stocking Stuffers!)

LUSH Holiday 2011 Offerings

Last Christmas, a handful of very lucky LUSHies were sent off around the globe to gather inspiration – food, fresh ingredients, traditions, colors, music, decorations – anything they could get their hands on! Take their global finds, combine them with LUSH’s wild and wonky product inventors and POOF our Christmas products were born! Feast your eyes on the world of LUSH innovation and wonder, all here for a limited time only so snap them up before Santa’s elves do!  Now available at

Candy Cane Soap ($6.95)

Inspired by all the candy shops in New York City, Candy Cane soap is everything you could ever want from a bar of soap. Fragranced with peppermint, Candy Cane will have your hands smelling detectibly sweet, and keep them beautifully clean. Vegan

Angels Delight Soap ($5.95)

This yummy pink soap is adorned with stars, moons and all things glittery. Tangerine oil, orange oil and gardenia oil provide the sweet fragrance and also really work to cleanse, refresh and detox the skin. Vegan

Snow Globe ($6.95)

Imagine yourself inside a snow globe – snow fluttering all around and feeling refreshed, revitalized and uplifted. Well, this soap will make you feel all of the above, with a citrusy lemon myrtle, grapefruit and lemongrass blend that will bluster your senses and wake you up on cold winter mornings. The whole soap is in the shape of a snow globe, with white circles to imitate the snowflakes. Vegan

Northern Lights ($6.95)

Don’t fear if you’ve never seen the Northern Lights in person, for a limited time they’ll be making your appearance in your shower! Pine and cypress oils calm the mind, while lime oil works well on congested skin and cellulite. Vegan

Snowcake ($6.95)

You’ll always have a white Christmas with a snowy slice of Snowcake, and all of its creamy, almondy deliciousness. Christmas just wouldn’t be a Christmas without this marzipan and rose scented fan favorite! Vegan

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Snow Fairy Shower Gel ($8.95-$21.95)

With the sweet sounds of fluttering wings and glittery dust in the air, it can only mean one thing – Snow Fairy is back in town! Our best-selling sparkly, cotton candy pink, sweet-as-sugar shower gel for fruity, fluffy fairies has flown in special for the season. Vegan

Glögg ($8.95-$21.95)

That’s right folks; our enormously popular mulled wine gel is back! Cinnamon and clove infusion warm up cold bodies while fresh lemon juice, lime oil and brandy jolt you awake on groggy winter mornings. Vegan

Cinders ($3.95)

A crackling candy that sounds like a warm fireplace, the refreshing bursts of sweet orange oil, and the comforting cinnamon oil wraps your whole body in a warm holiday hug! Almonds and cherries make for a festive marzipan aroma, to help you de-stress from hectic holiday preparations. Vegan

So White ($3.95)

Sink under a creamy white blanket of crisp apple scented bubbles to escape holiday toil and trouble. Complete with grated bits of bubble bar, So White is extra frothy and slow fizzing, for a long, lovely soak. Neroli, bergamot and rose oils work together to relieve tension, making this truly the fairest bath bomb of all. Vegan

Lil’ LUSH Pud ($3.95)

LUSH Pud has changed shape and size over time but it still has the same rich fragrance of benzoin, lemon peel and clove to make your bath water (and you) smell like a delicious Christmas pudding. Who wants a second helping?

Rocketeer ($5.95)

Our product creators were inspired by the film when they created this super-fizzing jet pack for the tub. Drop this powerful bath bomb in your bath and delight in watching it scoot around the tub, thanks to our patented mixture. Bath time commencing in 3…2…1… Vegan

Satsumo Santa ($5.95)

Traditionally children would wake up to find a satsuma in their stocking on Christmas morning, so this is the perfect alternative! A zingy, fruity bath treat shaped like Santa and scented with oranges. Mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute are toning for the skin and uplifting for the mind, helping to banish the winter blues. Vegan

Abombinaball ($6.95)

Abombinaball is our ode to misunderstood mountain creatures everywhere; he’s really just a gentle blend of vanilla absolute, refreshing peppermint and sweet orange oils. You’ll see, just hop in the bath with this adorable snowman and watch him scoot around the tub, spreading his calming blue color everywhere he goes! Vegan

Golden Wonder ($6.95)

Pop our fizzing multi-layer invention into the tub and unwrap layers of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils for a seasonal celebration. What else could be inside? You’ll just have to try one to find out…and no peeking! Vegan

Superstars ($6.95)

Truly a slice of summer in the wintertime, Superstars smells like fresh strawberries with a hint of herbal refreshment. Angelica root oil is added for its ability to soothe tension and black pepper oil to warm up chilly bodies. Vegan

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar ($6.95)

Imagine a sugary frothy blanket keeping you safe and warm. Sound good? You’d best grab a couple of Candy Mountains and your imagination can become a skin softening reality. Once you climb this mountain, you’ll smell good enough to eat! Vegan

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar ($6.95)

We invented Gingerbread House last holiday season to keep the winter chills away, and it did such a wonderful job at warming us up that we couldn’t get through this winter without it! Surround yourself in spicy cinnamon and ginger bubbles, with a hint of fruity buchu oil for the scent of Christmas sweets in the tub. Vegan

Christmas Eve ($6.95)

To quell sleeplessness, and get ready for “the big guy,” have a relaxing bath of twinkly bubbles with oodles of jasmine and ylang ylang with skin softening Irish moss powder. Lie back, close your eyes and drift away while the sugar plum fairies dance in your head. Vegan

Three Gold Rings ($7.95)

A luxurious, vanilla infused bubble bar to warm and comfort on cold winter nights. This one is a larger size, so you can half it for two yummy, bubbly baths … or if you’re feeling decadent use it all at once! Vegan

Magic Wand Bubble Bar ($8.95)

This magically reusable bubble bar is designed to be swished around the bath to create heaps of spellbinding bubbles. Be sure to keep it safe for another bathtime, and another and another… The fragrance? Sweet candy Snow Fairy – of course! Vegan

Celebrate ($6.95)

Should you be caught under the mistletoe be prepared with soft, pale pink lips. Lips will be left tasting of cognac, citrus and lemon sugar – delectable smackers indeed!

Chilli Tingle ($6.95)

Spicy crimson lip tint with annatto seeds to provide natural color, sweet icing sugar and chilli powder for a spicy kick! This gorgeous vegan tint is sure to heat things up under the mistletoe. Vegan

Snow Fairy Lip Tint ($6.95)

We image Snow Fairies eat icing, sugar, sherbet and raspberries – so that’s what we added to the smacker softening butters and waxes in this moisturising and delicious tinted balm. Vegan

Pow Wow Lip Scrub ($8.95)

A delicious, bright green popping candy lip scrub that buffs your lips with our exfoliating spinach powder, goji berry and caffeine powder. It’s sure to make you as strong as Popeye and look as beautiful as Olive Oyl! Vegan

Australian Igloo ($4.95)

This fantastic seasonal scrub has a refreshing blend of Siberian pine, Australian eucalyptus and sandalwood oils, all packed into exfoliating Fair Trade sugar. Try this one with Northern Lights soap and emerge from the shower smelling of a fresh winter forest. Vegan

The Melting Snowman ($5.95)

This is the first bath melt made with our new fast-melting formula, so the gorgeous absolutes and skin softening butters disperse into your bath water more easily. Deliciously scented with almond marzipan fragrance for sweetly scented skin. Vegan

Jilted Elf ($5.95 100g/$10.95 250g)

The Jilted Elf is an incredibly softening blend of honey, vodka and fig decoction. Despite its name, this jelly has a warm, uplifting fragrance sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest scrooges.

Bûche De Noël ($11.95 100g)

‘Yule’ be wishing you could wash with our nutrient-rich, scrubby cleanser in all four seasons! Made with kaolin and seaweed, ground almonds and cocoa butter, as well as cranberries and satsumas; it’s a veritable feast for your senses and your face! Vegan