LUSH Does Holidays Up Right with Perfect Gifts for Everyone on Your List

LUSH knows how to make gift giving so easy. First, I adore, adore, ADORE Lush products. I especially love the holiday season, because I can easily put these on my Christmas list, but there are so many to choose from, I can find one to suit all the recipients on my list, too. Of course, I do have a tendency to put more for me than others in my cart… Here are just five lovely gifts to give and receive–but be sure to head over to LUSH and check out their eighteen different boxed sets!

Charity Box Gift ($59.95) Tis the season of goodwill, so give to those less fortunate than yourselves with this yuletide gift featuring Charity Pot hand and body lotion and we will take the $20.95 it costs (excluding taxes) and give it to charities working in environmental, conservation, and animal welfare. The gift also contains Nutts massage bar and Fair Trade Foot Lotion, both made with Fair Trade and organic cocoa butter we source from a project in the Dominican Republic. Olive Branch shower gel, made with Fair Trade olive oil, and finally, Karma soap, simply because by buying this gift and supporting worthy causes you will get some amazingly good karma!

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See four more spotlighted gift sets…

Enchanted Gift ($65.95) A magical box of festive treats to enchant and bewitch. Frothy the Snowman bubble bar will create masses of vanilla scented bubbles for a snuggly, soothing bath; Snowdrops bath bomb will refresh and invigorate the senses; Holiday bubble bar is red, sparkly and a great tonic for the skin; Magic bath bomb, contains a witches’ blend of herbs to create a good luck spell; Angels Delight soap is fruity, twinkly, pink and heavenly; Mr. Butterball bath bomb is cute, cocoa buttery and incredibly softening; Let Them Eat Cake lip balm is softening, nourishing and protective for the lips; Candy Cane bubble bar is bubble-gum sweet; and Chocolate Santa is deliciously flavored with vanilla and chocolate. The products come in a hatbox decorated with a Narnia-esque winter scene and tied with a red velvet ribbon. (Vegan)

Christmas Party Gift ($49.95) A Christmas party box full of LUSH’s alcohol inspired products to cleanse and refresh the mind and body, and help the inevitable headaches the morning-after-the-night-before! There’s Gold, Frankincense and Beer shower jelly, orange and spicy with a kick of real stout; the cognac and orange laden Snow Showers shower jelly, chill like champagne before using a handful to cleanse and soften; Ocean Salt face and body scrub, with exfoliating sea salt, brightening grapefruit and lime juices and skin-softening avocado butter; Happy Hippy shower gel, with refreshing citrus fruits to invigorate the senses; Ice Blue soap, cool and minty with cleansing sea salt; Up You Gets emotibomb with lashings of lemon, lime and grapefruit to awaken the senses; and Too Drunk… emotibomb, a reviving blend of essential oils to soothe a sore head and slowly bring you back to life.

Christmas Parcel Gift ($29.95) This one’s a parcel that both men and women would gladly receive. Wrapped in recycled parcel paper with a white pattern printed on it, it’s tied together with a red ribbon and with a luggage label. Inside there’s a piece of Porridge, an exfoliating soap made with real porridge oats and fresh orange juice; softening Olive Branch shower gel, with nourishing olive oil; a slice of warming and spicy Spice Curls soap; and Gold, Frankincense and Beer shower jelly, that’s orange and spicy with a kick of real stout. Perfect for sending to friends or family who don’t take baths. (Vegan)

Snow Fairy Gift ($19.95) For all the snow fairies out there who like to cover themselves in glitter and be the belle of the Ball. Snow Fairy contains the pink, bubble-icious Snow Fairy shimmer shower gel, made with soothing vanilla; a star shaped The Godmother soap, scented with Snow Fairy fragrance; and a Glitterbug massage bar, to leave sparkles and a lovely fragrance on the skin. This gorgeously girly starry pink paper is tied with a pink bow and comes with its very own jingle bell. (Vegan)