A Copper, Plum & Purple Look with Bad Habit Supernova

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About this Look

Here’s a look using the Bad Habit Supernova palette, which is supposed to be a dupe for Natasha Denona’s Lila palette, so I wanted to apply each palette side-by-side using the same brushes (but separate ones for each brand) and one-by-one in order to really see and notate any differences in color, finish, application, along with longevity. Bad Habit Supernova is on your left, while Natasha Denona Lila is on your right.

You can view close-ups and look details for the Natasha Denona version here.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Inner tearduct: Brilliance
  • Inner lid: Brilliance (just barely), Spirit
  • Middle of lid: Solar
  • Outer lid: Flare
  • Crease: Interstellar
  • Deep crease: Celestial
  • Above crease: Zenith
  • Browbone: Sirius, Brilliance
  • Upper waterline: Perversion
  • Lower lash line: Cosmos (inner), Red Giant (middle, outer lower), Andromeda (outer), Perversion (waterline)
  • Cheeks:  Rose Glow (005)
  • Lips: Epic (outer portion of lips), Rebel (inner portion of lips)
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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

That full face photo with your eyes down is so beautiful!!! Thank you for doing a side-by-side. My wallet was debating one which one is worthy and you helped me make a decision.

I’m so excited that you did this type of review! My wallet says thank you too?. You look beautiful. Love this look!

Beautiful eye look! I’ve never heard of Bad Habit makeup.

I especially like the non-smiling, eyes down shot. It made me notice the gorgeous lip color(s).

They are an online-only brand to the point where you can only purchase through an app, Shop Hush, and they basically have been made popular by duping more expensive palettes.

Gotta say; this ENTRE look is perfection on you! Even your hair and top coordinate so well together with the makeup look!
Also noticeable is how very well the Bad Habit palette replicated the Lila eye look in such a way, that had you said nothing, I never would have caught on that on each eye you used a different palette!

I think we need a new category name: ‘tribute palette.’ When you think about the fuss that some unmentioned artists said about ‘rip offs,’ it’s a wonder bad habit is still around, or else they have phenomenal in house counsel. This looks like a dead on dupe. And yes, the fall plum is your perfect shade. You look as good as ever…and you look superb daily. Funny, I thought dress, rather than blouse, but of course, it’s probably jammies and bunny slippers, with Mellan sniffing them, from the waist down., lol. You have been outdoing yourself lately.

As far as I know, it’s just not something they can really sue over, particularly if they are clearly a different brand offering a different product (e.g. it’s not a knockoff/counterfeit). Brands like Makeup Revolution also have a huge part of their catalog dedicated to creating very similar dupes of more expensive products. I don’t think Bad Habit necessarily markets their palettes as dupes, but it’s obvious what they’re replicating, haha.

Bad Habit and other brands that make dupes aren’t stupid — they’re careful, I’m sure, to never mention another brand. Also, one cannot copyright colors so they aren’t breaking any copyright rules, especially since they give the colors and palettes different names. I say right on, because I’m sick of companies charging $125 for a palette when you know darn well you’re just paying for the hoity-toity name.

And I agree with everyone else that your “eyes down” look is superb. I would LOVE to see more photos and comparisons just like this. Sometimes change is good!

So glad you’re putting the bad habit palettes on the blog. Can’t wait for your review. I’ve been adding the originals of these palettes to my vanity lol and I’d love to see how they swatch side by side now that you’ll be having the dupe as well as the original. This look is so stunning as well and if you walked outside, idt anyone would be able to tell these are different palettes.

Just lovely! I am so curious to see how this will wear… I’ve tried the Makeup Revolution dupe for Subculture, and even if you cannot beat the price, I was not impressed with the intensity of the colours and how they would wear, even over a primer. If this is better AND if shophush will start to ship internationally I will certainly consider getting this. Very interesting…

Probably the worst thing about Bad Habit is having to shop via app, but I think that just shows my age, LOL. We’ll see how they hold up! I want to test through a few, because they seem more intent on copying the formula and color vs. using their own standard formulas and copying color only, and my results have varied a bit so far.

I have conflicting feelings on dupe palettes. On one hand, I feel like it’s creatively lazy, but on the other hand not everyone can afford to shell out $130+ on 1 single palette. With that said, I have purchased a 2 or 3 Bad Habit palettes, including this one, and I’ve never used them b/c I feel slightly guilty about even owning them. But you look gorgeous as always!

Though there’s artistry/creativity that goes into creating a makeup range and its offerings, it is also designed for the purpose of ultimately making money, and the older I get, the more I see how import accessibility is. I’d rather someone feel like they’re able to participate in current trends/offerings and do so within their means. I DO wish that brands that dupe so obviously would do a mix of original products and dupes or perhaps improve upon the dupe based on feedback on the product they’re duping (like in the ABH Norvina palette, there is enough criticism of it lacking deeper shades, so to me, I’d like to see that “duped” but reflecting some more depth in a couple of shades).

Christine, that pic with the ponytail and your eyes looking down is stunning!!! And perfectly shows the shadow colors and your mad blending skills!!! Perfect!

Wow, you are spoiling us. I love these wider shots with the hairstyles. You look amazing in this one as well. Sorry, but it’s so striking, I have to comment on it rather than on the makeup. Lol ☺️

WOW. I’m blown away! The picture of you looking down…. You look absolutely STUNNING, Christine!

I have never heard of Bad Habit before but I’m impressed already! I’ve been eyeing the Lila palette on Beautylish and was gonna grab it later this month but now I’m gonna wait for your thoughts on this dupe.

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