Look – The “I Give Up” and “Surrender to the Non-Makeup” Look

So the whole trying out different brands in a look did not work out so well. I am not sure if it was the base I chose to use (Soft Ochre paint pot), or the shadows themselves. ย All I know is that the resulting look looked messy, uneven, and all kinds of awful, LOL. ย I mean, if I can see obvious problems in a regular mirror, then I know they will show many times more in photos! I think yesterday may have been one of those off-days, because I couldn’t get anything to really work for me. I ran out of time, and I threw some Ricepaper eyeshadow on the lid, and tossed some Smoke & Diamonds eyeshadow in the crease. Cheeks were Blooming blush, while lips were Custom Rose Pro Longwear Lustre Color.

I’m going to try again, which means I better get my butt into gear ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Class at 10:30! Not nearly enough time to get ready if I end up re-doing my makeup three times like I did yesterday, LOL.

See some pictures of my day at Monterey…

The only exhibit that I could photograph without the result looking horrid! Yay for the tropical fish tank. ย Dory ๐Ÿ˜€ But guess what? At 5PM on Tuesday, they got in a new Great White Shark, so we were there JUST in time to see it. (My boyfriend loves seeing and learning about sharks.) We’ve seen three of the four they’ve had at the aquarium (this being our third).

The boyfriend took this one ๐Ÿ™‚

Isn’t this one of the most awesome handmade candles you have ever seen? ย It’s Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. ย The outside isn’t actually a candle, it holds a candle that’s inside. When lit (and otherwise dark), he glows orange.

Mellan spent the day at my Mom’s house, swimming and running outside the whole time. Exhausted at our place!(YAY!)

“Seriously, Mom? Trying to sleep.”