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GAH! I haven’t swatched mine out yet, but I hope I don’t hate it like I hated the original Vice. 🙁 It does look promising, but I have been too busy to even bother with it yet. I really do hate my first Vice palette, and find nearly half the colors totally unwearable.

The Naked 3 from Urban Decay. And the awesome thing about it is that I only paid $39.98 thanks for the coupon Sephora sent me. Happy happy I’m a happy person.

I actually bought a few things, this season has me buying more impulsively than past years. Sephora Cream Lipstain in red, which I returned. I then bought MAC Russian red, Dubonnet, and Venetian, which I’m seeing if I like.

NYX jumbo eye shadow pencil in just about every color. Ulta had a great sale and these shadows glide on smooth and blend well. The vivid colors are great to add pops and variety. My fav is the Cobalt.

It was Philosophy Snow Angel Duo at Sephora.. I didn’t even smell it and just bought it.. But I was glad that I did because I love the scent.

Naked3 :-s. I wanted to get Marc Jacobs Honey perfume with my $20 off coupon at Sephora but somehow ended up with Naked3 LOL. Luckily, I love Rosey tones. I just did NOT need anymore eyeshadow.

Benefit Rockateur and Revlon Autumn Spice polish.

I strongly recommend Earth Therapeutics CozySocks, I picked up my last pair at BB&B, I must own like twelve pairs of them now. I wear them to bed every night. They’re supposedly infused with shea butter, but they’re nice and big and warm.

I probably don’t need that many pairs, but Ulta used to have them, and I’d get a pair every time I had a good coupon, then I bought some more when Ulta put them on clearance, then the pair at BB&B didn’t look like any of the others I had…

The Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. I love the idea of some temporary vasoconstriction on puffy eyes for when I’m tired. BUT I just realized this has citrus extracts in it–which is NOT good for sensitive skin. To be fair–my skin hasn’t reacted in the week I’ve used it and it does what it says. But still…exposure everyday COULD lead to sensitivity. WHAT was Clinique thinking?! I mean, the brand is branded as “hypoallergenic” right? The concentrations likely aren’t high enough for most people to worry about but consumers who zero in on “hypoallergenic” aren’t most people.

Know what makes this worse? I had already gifted two of these as well! I can’t in good conscience let my two pals keep using this when I’m leery about it myself so now need to look for a good substitutes…for all of us. Anyone know a good de-puffing eye massager?

RiRi Woo lipstick from the RiRi Loves Mac collection – I hardly wear bold lips since I’m more insecure about my eyes and tend to go heavy on my shadow. That and also the Revlon Age Defying Concealer and Sally Hansen nail strips at the CVS clearance!

I really dont make impulse purchases so cant remember the last time haha, I only buy products ive researched but i suppose the clinique bottom lash mascara was impulse as I hadnt planned on getting it xo

Guerlain Les Voilettes pressed powder. There happened to be an unexpected sale at a retailer’s yesterday and I got weak. It was only half-impulse though as it was on my wish list since Temptalia’s review. But impulse still as I had already spent my monthly beauty budget (and then some! ouch).

MAC Bad Girl RiRi; MAC Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder; and MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday 2013 makeup bag. I still haven’t used any of them, though, like many other makeup items on my vanity (because I still haven’t taken photos of them for my blog LOL).

Can’t wait for my term to end! I miss obsessing over makeup and actually taking photos of them, and of me wearing them. 🙁
Erika Recently Posted: Holiday Haul #2: MAC Stroke of Midnight Viva Glamorous Lip Bag

Nothing! Well, MAC So Chaud was sort of an impulse buy- I’d convinced myself it was too similar to Lady Danger to warrant both (which it sort of is) but the MAC counter must have some sort of mind ray because I own it now. I love both, but they really are pretty much indistinguishable on.

Is there a matte dupe of the MAC Morange colour? I don’t mind if it’s cheap or high end but all the truly orange lipsticks I’ve swatched have been either sheer or just non matte…

I had a a $20 gift card from Sephora, but nothing on my wish list (shocking for me!) that I really, really wanted or needed right now, but I had to use it on *something*, so I got the UD Shattered Face Case. Will I ever wear the lip color? Probably not, it’s a little too bright for me, but I couldn’t resist the shadows!

The Dior Rose Diamond that I bought this past week. I’ve wanted it on and off for ages but always demurred because I have 2 or 3 similar products (MAC Petticoat and a LE product from The Body Shop and Guerlain Cruel Gardenia). So I didn’t really need it but I had that 20 dollar off voucher and limited time to use it so I figured I’d just get it. I like it but I really could have lived without it and I wish there’d been something I REALLY wanted/needed that I could have bought instead.

The gold lippie from Burberry Christmas campaign. Love it. It’s subtle and I wear it alone as a nude lip. It’s very neutral in colour. Picked up Burberry Earthy blush at the same time–I can’t just have one lonely product in my cart–been meaning to pick that one up for quite some time. It’s fab too!

Mine was actually my first Caudalie purchase ever. It didn’t go over well. I bought a duo for $15CAD that had the hand cream and Divine Oil. The hand cream was okay, but I absolutely hated the oil. I don’t like putting heavily fragranced products on my skin, and that oil just smelled like perfume. Horrible. It went back a few days ago!

The only products that I really tend to like are the ones that I do a good amount of research on.
Amanda Recently Posted: My Eyebrow Threading Experience

The Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Jewels lipstick in Rubino. It’s my birthstone and sold out at Sephora so I ordered it from Saks. I wanted to wait a little bit to buy it and wasn’t sure because of your reviews, but I got it.

“Czar” eyeliner from Make Up Store. It looks like “honey” from urban decay and I LOVE it! It doesn’t smudge at all.

I honestly can’t think of the last time I bought a product without reading at least three reviews. I’m very cautious that way! But I’m about to get a gazillion skincare samples pretty much sign unseen. It’s honestly making me nervous.

Hi Christine I got a couple of pairs of those Lambie socks for the same reason; they’re supposed to be moisturizing. Umm, don’t hold your breath. The first wearing seemed to help moisturize my feet a little but after that they’re just socks. They are cozy and cushy but that’s about it.

I picked up a few clearance items at CVS Thursday, including Revlon ColorStay Mineral Makeup & Finishimg Powder. I hope they aren’t being permanently DC’d, as it is the closest I’ve come to HG for an everyday foundation. I also picked up a backup of Revlon PhotoReady Bronzed & Chic, as I’ve read rumors this will be DC’d, and it is a great matte bronzer. I also grabbed a Cory Airspun loose powder on clearance, which is another product I’ve been using for years, so I’m hoping it’s not being DC’d.

A bottle of Andy Tauer’s Un Carillon pour un Ange. I stopped by the perfume boutique to pick up something I had ordered for a Christmas gift, sniffed this delight on paper and on my wrist, and bought a bottle on the spot. My Christmas gift to me. And no, I am not regretting it…..a divine fragrance…but a controversial one. It is very selective on whose body chemistry is chooses to work. I lucked out.

The Dior Diorskin Shimmerstar in Amber Diamond. I had my Sephora coupon, and needed to restock my NARS Light Reflecting loose powder. Totally on an impulse I popped Amber Diamond into my cart. I am so glad I did, because it it gorgeous! Definitely an expensive impulse, though!

Hey I bought those lambie socks too, but unfortunately it’s too small :C They say it’s one size fits all and it does fit when I put them on, but when I walk in em they eventually slip off :C But they are cute and since I bought a pair, it was cheaper if I did, giving the other away to a friend who has small feet. I have really dry feet in winter so was hoping to see whether it had moisturizing effects but guess I won’t know! Impulse buy, not beauty related, a black sweatshirt from H&M with tiger faces on the sleeves!

I don’t usually impulse buy, unless it’s nail polish! I picked up two shades, Essie Shearling Darling and Zoya Giovanna.

Hmmm… My drugstore haul last Thursday. It’s less a product and more the quantity of products I purchased. I had this sudden impulse to go to CVS and buy stuff I really, really didn’t need, as I have tons of replacements for them stocked on my bathroom. So 2 those Revlon lip balm pencil, 5 Maybeline nail polishes, a Rimmel concealer, a Maybeline eyeliner, a serum, more shampoo, conditioner and make up remover than I’ll need in my lifetime and some other things I’m forgetting. Thing is I’m usually a methodical shopper, I always research my beauty purchases, and although I’ve purchased more than this sometimes in my life, those purchases have always been planned.

I finally decided to try Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Splashes” because I really need a good waterproof mascara, their eyelash curler, and their smolder eyes eyeliner set. I couldn’t pass up the 30% off sale they were having.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in color Asphyxia. I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t even know if it goes with my skin tone, I just thought it was pretty and fun. You only live once! LOL.

Dior’s Amber Diamond highlighter, but I’ve found it has very specific, limited uses on me and so, I should have let that impulse just pass by. I was also interested in trying em cosmetics and purchased several items there. Those were only 25% impulse and 75% replacement/supplementation some of my travel make-up items that were getting a little dried out. Lipsticks turned out to be a great formula. Not only do the blushes not emphasize pores, but the more matte (or very soft shimmer) formulas actually hide them. Eyeshadows are a hit and miss though.

Three Ciate nail polish sets from TJMaxx, I got two foil sets and a caviar set. I primarily purchased the sets for the nail polish, they were $10 each. I am unable to open two of the bottles so I will be returning two sets. Also the colors are very similar to some I already own.

hmmm.. I think it would probably have to be something at the drugstore. I find that is where I do most of my impulse buying since it’s more inexpensive.

The Naked 3 Palette! As soon as it became available on Sephora’s website, I ordered it, just to make sure I had one. Low and behold, it’s been sitting in the box for three days and I’m still unsure of whether or not I want to wear it and keep it for myself, or give it as a Christmas gift to a friend who I’m sure needs eyeshadow way more than I do!

My last impulse purchase was 2 YSL lipsticks, for which I used my $20 Sephora gift card as an excuse to indulge, and I wasted what must have been 6 HOURS searching internet swatches to try and figure out which colors to get. I ended up sending you an “impulse email” because some of the colors I liked best on you in your blog had people posting about how much they disliked the colors, and I guess I shouldn’t be allowed near email when I’m tired and emotional. Funny, but I have found that color preferences are very personal, so when people over-generalize saying “that color wouldn’t look good on anyone” I feel affronted, which is probably an unfair over-reaction. I feel that way when people say it about colors I like for me, or on people I like, which must be a weird reaction. Over-reaction or not, I do see color preferences as a form of personality expression, so when people ridicule a color, it can come off as if they are implying there is something wrong with the people who like that color.

Anyway, I think let some of those naysayers get to me, because I did change my mind about that YSL Fetish Pink I was eyeing and switched to 29 Opera Pink, and now I’m worried I shouldn’t have splurged at all! 🙁 (I am still excited about getting Fuchsia in Rage, for the name, if nothing else.)

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