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Ugh…for me, it was the MUFE Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder. I’ve dropped it a couple times before but this last time was what broke it. Put it an empty powder jar but still…that sucked.

Does a false lash count, lol? I was trying to measure the lash, and the second I took my finger off to get a better look, it floated away. I’m just happy this one didn’t fall on the floor, lol.

My limited edition Kat Von D rollerball in Saint Angeles. It rolled off my sink towel and landed on the bathroom tile instead of the plush rug. Shattered. My favorite scent. Gone. Forever…
Don’t laugh, it’s been almost a year and I’m still recovering from it. It also didn’t help at the time I was in my third trimester and my hormones were out of whack. My poor hubby was so helpless and I was a complete wreck!

I’m not sure if I dropped it or what, but I found out my UD Snow eye shadow broke when I went to use it last week. I have to use some alcohol and fix it. About the same day I found out about Snow, I found that the hinge on my Pixi blush broke (the blush is ok), so I have to figure out how to fix that too.

I thought dropping beauty products to test the packaging was part of your job? 😛

There are a couple lip products that I drop constantly, due to how it sits on the top compartment in my train case. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything.

MAC Powder Eyeshadow in Vex. I had no choice but to crush the whole thing and turn it into loose eyeshadow, which I didn’t feel comfortable using, so I went and bought a new one the next day.

I dropped my Rimmel foundation from the bathroom shelf to onto the tiled floor and shattered! At the cheap price it was (£5) not a huge issue, had it not been my only foundation at the time!

I always seem to drop my Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Cream Shadows (I own 5 of them), but very fortunate that none of them have broke!

Although if we have to talk about items we dropped and broke, my Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation. :'( It was a very sad day, especially because my brother had bought it for me and it’s fairly expensive.

UGHHH I recently dropped a whole palette of Mac eyeshadows. It was horrific, but only Contrast was badly damaged, and subsequently ground into my poor carpet during my efforts to clean it. :-/

I work at a beauty store and I dropped a Daniel Sandler blotting powder compact. It fell right on its hinge and broke! Luckily it was only a tester. I’ve been so clumsy lately, I drop things all the time…

I dropped Tom Ford Enchanted a few weeks ago! I was like “noooo” and almost started crying as it is very hard to get at the moment. It was for a comparison post and I was taking it back to my storage so it really dropped from like a meter down. I was in denial and bended down to check it out and find out that nothing happened! LOL, this formula with dry/wet usage does dry down over the years and for once I appreciated this fact! :-)))

Illamasqua’s liquid metals. They are so showstopping both in the pan and swatched, but crease in seconds on your eyes, no matter if you prime them or set them or whatever. So now I have two beautiful products sitting on my desk that I can only use if I fancy dark metallic emerald or sapphire lips – which don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do – but I buy these colours in lipsticks, so why would I need the liquid metals? They’re too pretty to throw out so I really don’t know what to do with them..

An eye shadow from The Body Shop. It was a shade that’s discontinued. It shattered into a dreadful mess but there is about 1/4 of it still intact!

It was a Burberry blush… I was so scared to open it afterwards and have powder everywhere! Thankfully it has sturdy packing so it remained intact. My bathroom has a wooden floor, which probably also helped.

Oh, the list…
A Marcelle pressed powder compact, now a semi-loose powder compact.
An old 5-pan eyeshadow palette, DOA.
A MAC eyeshadow single which I pressed back into the pan.
Countless eyeliners on the floor.
Mascara wands just seem to jump out of my fingers and into the sink.
Worst ever was a makeup brush falling in the toilet. That got washed so many times I’m surprised the hairs didn’t all fall out!!

I JUST bought a Tarina Tarintino eyeshadow at your suggestion, and I got it out of the packaging, and it fell. Thankfully it just popped out a little, and didn’t crack in any way, so I was able to push it back in without any major damage. Other than that, I dropped my entire container of eyeshadows last week. Again, thankfully, nothing broke!

The last thing I dropped was my UD Naked 2 palette, nearly had a heart attack since I have hardwood floors. Thank God that packaging is so durable, nothing look phased 🙂

My NEW Hourglass primer that I just bought during the Sephora VIB sale!! I had only used it a handful of times after debating for months on ordering it. UGH! I don’t know if I’ll replace as I’m afraid it will happen again.

I am constantly fumbling with things so I drop things ALL the time. However, where I do my make up is carpeted so when I do fumble, it’s a soft drop. The last item I dropped was my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder – it survived, just lost a little product.

I drop stuff all the time! Usually it’s fine or the packinging might be a little damaged. My two worst was a barely used bottle of Dior forever foundation-I might have used it 4 times and it shattered all over the bathroom floor. My toddler got ahold of my diorskin shimmer star and gave it a little toss. That too shattered everywhere, there was no saving any of it:(

My Too Faced Glamour to Go palette a looong time ago. It was so traumatic LOL. It wasn’t a big drop but I was in the bathroom so it landed on those super hard tiles and was ruined. The slide out compartment is now super loose and doesn’t clasp anymore. The bronzer shattered beyond repair and it was my fave product in the palette. My floor was glowing for days lmao! I was sooo mad lolol

I drop everything, all the time. The last thing I dropped (and broke) was a Zoya nail polish (Natty), it smashed against some other bottles I’d just unpacked on my bed and ruined my favourite bedding =(

But the worst thing I’ve dropped and broken is my favourite (and LE) eyeshadow, MAC’s Prance… I hardly use it anymore because every time I open it, I lose a lot of product. I would try and repress it, but I’m scared it’ll fudge up the texture.

The last thing I dropped was my NARS Foreplay Palette but it was onto carpet so it survived! I had a mini heart attack and was so afraid to open it.

oh, man…it was a NYX eyeshadow single. Instantly, I had a small container of loose pigment. I was actually impressed with the complete destruction.

I love NYX Single Eyeshadows, but they are super soft! I once dropped the extremely pigmented shade Black onto a newly carpeted floor and lost a huge chip! I was so distraught! Lol

Last weekend I dropped my Mac blush Blunt into tiny pieces. I hardly used it anyway so I’m not repurchasing Blunt. During my lunch break today I bought new (for me) blushes from the Nars Friends and Family sale. :). Liberte, Exhibit A and Glinda. Sidebar: The Nars MUA lightly layered Exhibit A with the Taj Mahal I was already wearing. What a great combo for dark skin! I got lots of compliments for the rest of the day when I returned to work. Go figure.

My mac Indian ink eyeshadow. It broke to pieces! I also knocked a bottle of perfume into my bathroom sink. Had to air out my whole bedroom, lol. I’m so clumsy!

I dropped my Sleek face form palette from pretty high up. I was so worried and then I examined it and it was perfectly fine! Their packaging is awesome for a high street brand!

A Lancome quad! No idea of the name of the quad but I do remember I loved a shade in there for my cheek highlight and that’s the one that shattered! So sad 🙁

The last beauty product I dropped was my HG liquid foundation, MUFE Face & Body. I was about to apply it and somehow it slipped from my hands into my porcelain sink. While the bottle didn’t break, the plastic pump top did, and it splattered everywhere! So no, unfortunately it didn’t survive. However I have been taking this opportunity to try other foundations so I guess it wasn’t a total lost. 🙂

Oh, man, just recently I dropped a really cool Nouba eye shadow I had. Half was black and half was red. I am allergic to some reds, pinks, and purples, and this was a real red that I could wear. I got it when I lived in a different area and don’t know if I can get a replacement for it this many years later. I was SO bummed.

Okay this just reminded me of the other day when I was walking by a Tom Ford counter and all of a sudden “PLONK” , someone dropped a perfume bottle, can you imagine?
A FREAKING TOM FORD PERFUME? The weight of the bottle not to mention! You’ll know what i meant if you’re one of those who got intrigue because of Christine 🙂 I didn’t even dare to go near the counter to investigate the casualty but I’m guessing it dint break

MAC Mineralize liquid foundation in NC15. I took it with me on vacation to New York, and my friend wound up accidentally knocking the bottle off the sink and shattered it. It was still 3/4 of the way full, at that!

Glad to hear your blush survived the fall! I dropped my beloved Wet n Wild Comfort Zone eye shadow palette… it shattered and spread all over the bathroom floor! SUCH a bummer… thankfully, its inexpensive, so I ran out to buy another one as soon as I could. 🙂

Not the last thing I dropped but the most devastating thing I dropped was a box of nail polish and the ONLY one that broke was my bottle of RBL Scrangie. Of course it’s super expensive and not available anymore! That was actually about 2 years ago and I’m still sad about it. 🙁

A little while back I dropped a palette that contained some Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Almost all of them fell out. (At the time, they were in one of those 28 empty palettes you can get on eBay and on various other sites.) Most of them remained in tact, but my Poolside ended up with a small heart-shaped chip in the middle. (No lie!)

I had in my hands the Guerlain Pressed Meteorites in Wulong for the bargain price of 40 euros (retails for 144 euros) and I dropped it . I thought I had broken it but it was fine, and I escaped the stroke!

Fortunately I tend not to drop stuff (touch wood!) but I have to wonder why so many products, particularly skincare, is packaged in glass when the most likely place it will be used is a bathroom, which tend to have hard floors!

My dressing room is carpeted and I sit at a dressing table to apply makeup. I occasionally drop things in there but not from a great height and they always survive the fall onto carpet.

I dropped the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette this morning. A huge chunk came out of “crave”, but that shade has been falling out slowly since I first got it.

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