Lancome – Spring 2008 – L.U.C.I. Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence Collection Review

Recently, I played with several of the upcoming products available from Lancome’s spring collection, L.U.C.I., which is a gorgeous collction based on luminous, iridescent hues.  I tried out Sunray and Seashell Color Fever Gloss; Desert Pink and Luminous Color Fever Shine; and Ombre Glacee in Morning Pearl.

Check out lip swatches and an in-depth review of the products…

Desert Pink is a lovely shade of medium pink with cool undertones that goes on easily.  The texture is incredibly smooth and buildable, while the color is opaque, but not so bright that it becomes over the top.  Color Fever Shine lasts for several hours through normal conversation and day-to-day activities (not including eating).  I thought Desert Pink looked really lovely with Seashell Color Fever Gloss on top!  It just really brought out the pink and made it pop.  With Sunray, it brought out the cooler undertones, changing it a pink with more purple shimmer, which was quite lovely.

Luminous is a sheer, opalescent lipstick that adds plenty of shimmer and shine, but not a lot of color (it reflects light, actually).  This would be a great way to add some more dimension to a more matte lipstick.  I loved what a light, ultra glossy lip Luminous & Sunray made together – despite how low in color it was, it actually drew quite a bit of attention to my pout.  With Seashell Color Frever Gloss, Luminous provides additional shimmer and iridescence to the gloss itself.