La Mer Celebrates World Ocean Day with Oceana

La Mer Supports Oceana in celebration of 2008 World Ocean Day

Dr. Max Huber, the founder of La Mer and creator of the legendary Crème de la Mer, looked to the sea for inspiration. While researching the sea kelp beds off the coast of Southern California, Dr. Huber developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of the ocean and worked to preserve its health and integrity. Today, in honor of his legacy, La Mer proudly announces its support for Oceana, the largest international ocean advocacy group, for World Ocean Day on June 8, 2008. This June, La Mer will donate $100,000 to Oceana to help fund global initiatives and support Oceana’s missions of ocean conservation.

Created in 1992, World Ocean Day provides an annual opportunity to recognize the sea’s importance as a vital ecosystem and to learn how to protect its resources for future generations. Supported by its marine scientists, economists, lawyers and advocates worldwide, Oceana’s work is strategic and delivers targeted results. With La Mer’s donation, Oceana will be able to increase research voyages on their Ketch catamaran, Ranger, and better patrol, document, and fight destruction of the ocean’s unique ecosystem. La Mer pays tribute to Dr. Max Huber through this partnership and celebrates its heritage and commitment to the welfare of the ocean.