What kind of makeup tutorials do you prefer to read/watch?

What kind of makeup tutorials do you prefer to read/watch? Every day/more minimal looks? Totally avant garde?

I love watching or reading through tutorials that really focus on a particular technique, makeup style/era, or are totally fun and avant garde. I think technique is very helpful, because you can apply it to what you’re doing, whether that’s subtle makeup or bolder looks.

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I really have no preference as far as visuals go. I just prefer every single video actually teaching something while talking has no background music because it’s distracting and muffles the voice and makes it hard for those with lesser hearing like me (and there’s millions of us out there) to understand what’s being said. It’s just mind boggling to me that people are teaching something, yet having something so distracting (holy moly, shut off the bass!) and lacks accessibility. (Especially since the YouTube automatic CC thing is a joke lol).

Again, visually, I don’t have a preference. I’ll watch whatever as long as it’s interesting.

I love to read your reviews! You should do more drugstore items!!

I like to watch favorites videos, and tutorials to inspire me to do something different.

I really like watching reviews of makeup items – reading about them and seeing photos is great but sometimes its nice to watch someone applying it, watch them handling the packaging, experimenting with different ways to use it, use it in a complete look, etc.

I love all makeup tutorials, but my favourites would probably be really high glam looks from the 50s/60s. Crazy avant garde looks are definitely the most fun for me to recreate though πŸ™‚

Any that doesn’t include TOO MUCH talking!!! I’m not talking about any in particular but when I hear them yapping over and over again – I start to think they just like listening to themself lol. It gets particularly annoying when they start repeating the info over and over – I get it, you already mentioned it once which is good enough since the viewers can always rewind! Sorry if that sounds so mean but its a pet peeve and the main reason I don’t venture on YouTube often.
However I do appreciate videos with minimal talking plus a list of products mentioned in the description – very helpful.

I perfere every king of makeup tutorial, which gives me inspiration, how to do a specific look or how to apply a product and what effect to achive with different tools.

I love watching tutorials by Lisa Eldridge, Monika Blunder, Tiffany D and Pixiwoo.

I like tutorials for specific products that I might have and I’m looking for information or inspiration on how to use it/them. I especially love eye shadow tutorials either for smokey looks or every day looks. I also like full face tutorials that are similar – nothing too outrageous, looks I can use for my every day life and for work, etc. Because I suck at contouring, I like seeing how others who are’t blessed with naturally defined cheekbones do contouring in a way that looks natural.

Mostly the neutral everyday kind of tutorials, sometimes love to watch/read the eyework…for me its fun and favourite passtime to read beauty blogs…:-)
Christine i have a request,,,could you plz do a post on mac girl about town lipstick dupes especially the cheaper dupes..thats a gorgeous and unique shade from mac…I love

I also love tutorials that focus on technique – that’s why Lisa Eldridge makes my favorite videos, they’re just full of helpful tips.

I love watching neutral, everyday, warm toned tutorials. Being a teacher I need my makeup to look natural so I love watching videos where they use the Naked palettes, Lorac Pro, Chocolate Bar palette etc…and pretty much everything Jaclyn Hill posts πŸ˜€

I also prefer tutorials that are centered on a certain look or technique. I love when they’re not super long and rambling. I like my tutorials short, sweet and to the point lol

The unsponsored kind! I get so turned off when people are doing “tutorials” and everything they are using has a “coupon code linked below”. I prefer the straight forward, no fancy editing kind! It’s just easier to follow and those are the kind of girls I want to support!

I love tutorials that showcase products and brands and also teach techiques, everything from simple to advanced level. I also love to see originality and creativity so I’d much rather watch the creation of an artistic and unique make up than a reproduction of, say, a “VIP” ‘s look to the Oscars. My all-time favorites are Lisa Eldridge, EnKore and TymeTheInfamous.

I only watch tutorials of makeup looks that I would actually wear. I don’t care about 30s, 40s or whatever previous decade, nor do I care about themed party looks, halloween etc. I mostly watch tutorials for inspiration on what to wear on an everday basis, my favorites are eyeshadow looks (natural, dramatic or colorful).

I tend to go for 2 different types of videos: 1. Instructional. and 2. Reviews with swatches of specific products.

I do not like instructional videos that are rushed and do not actually contain instructional information or demonstrations of specific techniques. For product review vids, I like to hear a lot of information and personal reasoning behind positive reviews. I really do not like videos that lack substance. If you really love a product, tell me why, don’t just tell me ‘it’s great’.. *sigh* I find a lot of bloggers cut their videos too tightly for fear of losing their audience. Not everyone has the attention span of a gnat, and some want more insight and don’t mind people rambling on..as long as the ramble contains some informational gems.

I like tutorials that actually teach technique and how to use new products. (Wayne Goss, Lisa Eldridge, RaeViewer, etc.) I absolutely hate those ridiculous tutorials that people film from inside their closets, bathrooms, and cars. And, when they lean in close to the camera, I want to laugh out loud. Their features become so distorted that they remind me of those funny dog pictures where the dog’s nose looks huge in comparison to the rest of their face. At least with the dog pictures, the humor is intentional.

I love to watch everyday makeup tutorials, because I am boring and don’t really experiment with makeup. However, I love it when there are tips I haven’t heard of before in the tutorials.

I really enjoy watching makeup tutorials – and showing products the bloggers have recently purchased and most helpful to me are the swatches they put on their hands showing the colors, pigmentation etc.

I like it all, especially ways to change up everyday looks to give them an “edge” that won’t offend but makes you look fabulous, stylish, and “with it”.

1. Less than 5 minutes.
2. Basics (now that I have all these tools and products, how, EXACTLY, do I put them to use?)
3. Compare products, preferably high/low end, on each side of the face.

Love love love Temptalia’s comparisons and dupes!

Both! I love reading step by step with pics, or vid. Always something new to learn!!! Wayne Goss helped me a lot with contouring. And i love his personality and winks

I definitely enjoy watching over the top/ glam tutorials even though the look may be well outside my comfort zone. There may still be a tip(s) that I can adapt to my everyday look. And I definitely enjoy looking at beautiful, high glam looks!
I definitely agree with what others have noted – loud background music can be very distracting. I prefer medium length videos. Too long and I lose interest or have forgotten the initial steps! And a listing of the products used in the video is very helpful to be able to refer back to. Lisa Eldridge is a favorite.

I love the videos where their using products I own. It’s great seeing how others use them,, as well as products I want to own. I also enjoy videos that showcase product placement, blending, just basic makeup application teaching you the basics.

Me too, Christine. Like following a recipe book. I especially love it when the looks have names, eg. The First Date Look, The Chocolate Berry Look, The Bronzer Look (all from Lisa Eldridge). Of course, like following a recipe, I improvise with whatever I have on hand:)

I love watching everyday looks more than the bold styles. I’m always interested in seeing different takes on neutral looks that I can adapt to my current routine.

I like it when different techniques are shown and explained too.
Not too much rambling, but it can be relaxing to watch makeup tuts.

I like to watch every day/more minimal looks and I like watching tutorials that really focus on a particular technique as well as learning bout the correct brushes to use and where they should be used.

Both minimal and avant garde. The reasons that make the cut though are usually similar skintones and undertones, face shape, and eye shape. It’ll be easier to know what shades or types of makeup that look good on someone who looks, well, similar to thyself.

Short ones that are well-edited. They need to be about 5-7 minutes or I am just not going to spend my time because there will be too much random talking which is a waste of time. I like Wayne Goss videos because he gets to the point. PixieWoo is good but long so I often skip to the parts I really want to see. I am more interested in technique than anything. Sometimes I will watch one about a product I am considering buying but only if they keep it short and to the point. I prefer the ones by professional makeup artists because I can pick up the techniques they use.

I love watching makeup tutorials that focus on techniques because in the end, that’s whatΒ΄s useful for me in real life – I rarely have all the products used in a tutorial, but I can learn from it if this or that would be useful for me, or be inspired by a color combination or try a product that I hadn’t considered before. Even though I’ve read and watched plenty of tutorials on for example how to apply eyeshadow, I always seem to learn something new. Or maybe I’m just so addicted to makeup that I find almost everything that has to do with it fascinating πŸ˜€

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