Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book & Studded Kiss Lipstick Set for Holiday 2014

Kat Von D for Holiday 2014
Kat Von D for Holiday 2014

Availability: Now at Sephora

Star Studded Eyeshadow Book ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

Play up eyes when you create a unique variety of coordinating eyes looks this season with this set of 24 shades. From everyday nudes to vivid brights in an array of matte, pearl, shimmer, and iridescent finishes, each color is expertly arranged into six quad stories for effortless application. Infused with a patented formulation and triple jet-milled powder, each shadow offers luxurious texture and effortless, color-packed pigment in one sweep—and they’re formulated with rose extract and vitamins A, C, and E to keep eyelids hydrated and protected. This eye shadow set makes the ultimate gift for the makeup lover in your life to experiment with countless eye looks, and to experience stay-put, smudge-free, and crease-free color this holiday season.

  • Solar Matte peach with subtle gold glitter
  • Nephilim Pearl bronze
  • Platonic Iridescent tangerine gold
  • Mandala Matte rusty orange
  • Damned Matte nude cream
  • Division Pearl grey green
  • Depeche Shimmer dark bronze
  • Brass Knuckles Shimmer yellow gold
  • Anti-Star Shimmer show white
  • Estrella Pearl ocean blue
  • Black Star Matte black with iridescent glitter
  • Starflyer Matte royal blue
  • Banshee Matte ballerina pink
  • Violator Iridescent lavender
  • Gothica Iridescent purple
  • Fascination Street Matte indigo
  • Moz Matte peachy pink)
  • Heaven Knows Pearl cool taupe
  • Smiths Pearl copper brown
  • Leather Matte chocolate brown with subtle glitter
  • Crosses Matte nude with Iridescent glitter
  • Covenant Pearl mocha brown
  • Craft Pearl forest green with Iridescent glitter
  • Cult Shimmer lime green

Studded Kiss Lipstick Set ($39.00) (Limited Edition)

This collection of stunning hybrid lipsticks makes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to explore and enhance lip looks this holiday season. Formulated with Color Cushion Technology, these lip colors offer incredible 10-hour wear, bold one-swipe application, and enticing velvet-touch comfort that leaves lips feeling supple. Featuring a spectrum of artfully crafted shades that each carry daring color: four bold reds, three statement pops of color, and two everyday classic shades—in a wide range of matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes. Each lipstick is infused with a high-quality formula, including a powerful antioxidant complex of vitamins A, C, and E, and each one offers a hint of uplifting cream brûlée fragrance. This set comes housed in an edgy-chic, black monochromatic casing designed after Kat’s own studded bracelet—made to look as rock ‘n’ roll as the woman who wears it.

  • Countess Matte hot orange red
  • Agatha Matte pale peach nude
  • Adora Metallic golden red
  • Sexer Iridescent fluorescent pink
  • Wonderchilde Iridescent neon lilac
  • Bachelorette Matte reddish fuchsia
  • Mötorhead Matte black cherry
  • Lovecraft Matte mauve pink nude
  • Hexagram Matte blood red

Availability: Now at Sephora

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Kat Von D for Holiday 2014
Kat Von D for Holiday 2014

Kat Von D for Holiday 2014
Kat Von D for Holiday 2014


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Nadia Avatar

JUST WHY that eyeshadow needed to be named Violator, honestly…

Probably im gonna but the lipstick set, just because i wanna try some more shades but for the price and the formula…not that high in my must buy list

uberalice Avatar

“Violator” is the name of a Depeche Mode album. Since many of the products are named in reference to bands, I’m guessing that’s the reason.

xamyx Avatar

Because Kat von D is a huuuge fan of Depeche Mode, and that album may hold some sort of meaning to her? She names *all* of her shades after people, places, bands, etc… that hold special places in her heart. Violator is actually a really good album-perhaps you should give it a listen!

Oliver Avatar

‘Violator’ is a terrible name for an eyeshadow and a terrible name for an album. Frankly it puts me off buying anything if I have to see that word again and again.

Helena Avatar

Where else have you seen it again and again? “Violator” is a pretty neutral word to me, and one I don’t even see that often. One could violate rules, and according to Wiktionary it even also means, “[i]n the publishing and packaging industries, a visual element that intentionally ‘violates’ the underlying design[.]”

To offer a counterpoint…I would much rather never see a scary-looking shark again, but there one is, staring right at me. But it’s no biggie because it’s just a picture ๐Ÿ™‚

GloriaKate Avatar

Yes, and perversion is a terrible name for an eyeliner, and orgasm/deep throat are terrible blush names….. yet they are best sellers. It’s just a name.

lafemmetopaz Avatar

Goodness me. As a huge a DM fan myself, the album/cd is a classic. I also caught a few shadows named after bands or songs. “Depeche”, Motorhead, Damned(The Damned), Cult(The Cult) and Smiths(The Smiths).

Anyway, I like Kat’s makeup line and I this is definite must have for me. I think her eyeshadow palettes are fantastic quality and the new studded lipsticks are very good.

xamyx Avatar

Not only is it a classic album, but it was a “game-changer” interms of how the band went forward with recording/production. Not only that, the theme of the album, which is one of the more “positive” of their discography, is about going against the “norms” of society, and doing what makes you happy-as long as it’s not harmful in any way. “Violator” likely refers to the breaking of rules/traditions, given the albums tracks. Again, it’s definitely worth a listen for those unfamiliar with the band.

Oddly enough, I never gave much thought to the title of the album until this thread, LOL!

Amy Avatar

I’m a huge fan of the Monarch and the Ladybird palettes. The quality is amazing. I hesitated too long on the BOS and still regret it. The artwork on the cover is spectacular. If it’s ever offered again (or if anyone has it that doesn’t use it and wants to sell it….), I’d jump at the opportunity.
I was hoping to see swatches and grades for each shade before making my final decision on this one.
(Christine saved me from buying the new Tarte Blush palette because of the “B” rating!! Thank you!! Mwah!)

xamyx Avatar

Red is her “signature” lip color, so maybe she wanted to be sure there was a red everyone could/would wear? Of the 4, there are only 2 I would even try, and since one’s a matte & the other metallic, to me they’re completely different colors.

Poe would have been a nice addition. I want the shade, but a full-size would be too much product at this stage of my life, but a mini would just be fun to have!

Madelyn Avatar

You’ll love Poe. I own the full sized. For me, it is very wearable, and I gets tons of compliments on it. It makes me feel like a badass when I wear it. I hope you can grab one!

TwirlyGirly Avatar

At Sephora, of the tester is missing, ask for a sample! I wanted to try a MUFE lipstick once, and the tester was gone. The BA took a new one out of the box, shaved off the top of it and put it in one of those little plastic tester jars for me.

I never knew they’d do that until I asked!

xamyx Avatar

Okay… I think I’m going to need that palette. I’m really curious to see how Brass Knuckles translates into powder form; it was the reason I bought my first KvD palette, Gypsy, but the cream dried out within weeks…

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

The Spellbinding palette from last year quality wise was sooo good (except two shade but those where still workable. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). The shade in this Star Studded Eyeshadow Book don’t speak to me this year but it’s a much more rounded palette. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was trying out some of the Studded Kiss Lipstick shades and some are not bad like Sexer but too many of those Dud ones in this set.

Malia Avatar

I should have been prepared but I’m totally swamped keeping track of the holiday collections! This looks huge, a bit too huge to comfortably use..but I could be wrong.

Lizzi Avatar

Some of the Sephora in JCPennys got these items over a week ago. I bought the palette last Saturday. Haven’t touch it yet, but it does have a nice set of colors. However, the packaging feels cheaper and is tacky compared to last years.

Madelyn Avatar

I have to say, now that it is ‘here’ I am pretty disappointed by the Studded Kiss collection. I first came back to makeup a little over 3 years ago, and my first purchase was Kat’s mini lip collection from that year. I have bought them every year, no questions asked. I always got a few new shades to try, and some favorites that were great for travel.

This year, I already have 5 of the shades in previous minis, maybe more. To make it worse, my lips are naturally dry so the old formula worked SO much better on me. I really love three of these colors, but since they are permanent and there are no LEs in the set, I will pass. It’s sad, it breaks tradition, but there are so many good lip sets out there that deserve my love (and money).

The eyeshadow pallet will likely also be a pass. Her shadow formulation can be GREAT or a miss. And there are just too many neutrals for me.

But that means I have more money for other holiday goodies….

Thank you for the great pictures and post!

fuji Avatar

The palette does look kinda attractive. But I’m tired of huge palettes. I really want something rememberable, something really unique or worth the money as a memorable holiday gift. Like Dior’s upcoming collection featuring gorgeous packaging, dual color lipstick. I have had enough color to put up my own palette if necessary. I hope I’m not the only one who holds such standard towards holiday collections. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gaiya Avatar

I was really excited for the lipstick set but I find the color selection quite disappointing. Poe would have been a great one, wolvesmouth etc. I agree there are too many reds. She also puts Adora in pretty much every set.

Lotus Avatar

Other than KVD’s Shade Shifter Eyeshadows, I’ve never tried or ventured into KVD territory, so this palette looks promising! I like what I see and read, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting the swatched review! ๐Ÿ˜€

Danielle Avatar

My list is staying short, yay! The palette doesn’t speak to me (or even grab at me, screaming “BUY ME!”), not even one shade. It seems just a little bit chaotic. The two blues look a little similar, one being lighter and the other being more purple, makes it weirder. With the lip set containing so many reds (I have enough) plus duds like Agatha and Wonderchilde, I can easily pass. I’ll just snap up Poe and Chrysalis ๐Ÿ˜›

Elizabeth K. Avatar

The Spellbinding palette from last Christmas is probably my all time favorite shadow palette, but I don’t think I’m digging these colors so much. If the quality is as good, though, I highly recommend this to anyone who likes this particular color assortment.

Tory C. Avatar

I’m still kicking myself for not getting her holiday eyeshadow palette last year, but I’m not as excited about this one.

I’m assuming these lipsticks are minis? This lipstick line got such mixed reviews, but I’m still so tempted!

Krista Avatar

The eye shadow palette just looks so boring to me. The lipstick set looks amazing to me but I don’t own any of the Studded Kiss lipsticks and I’ve heard all about the duds but I may still go for it

Heather Avatar

I just brought the shadow palette home tonight. I loved last years Spellbinding palette. I wasn’t sure about this years offering but I’m going to keep it and play around with it. Colors look different when applied on the eyes. I’ve had more than a few positive discoveries with last years palette. Colors that I thought were not me. That changed once I had the chance to experience it. I believe in her new shadow formulation so I’m confident that maybe Kat knows something, I don’t know yet. There must be a reason why she chose these colors to include in a major holiday release. I’ll be watching for her tutorials to see what she does with it. In the meantime, I’m excited to dig in!

Dawn Avatar

I’m so bummed I missed last year’s palette. I own all of her eyeshadow palettes since day one and I don’t know how I didn’t know about it until it was too late. Not missing this years!

Sylirael Avatar

…the palette layout looks weird and scattered to me, but several of the colours look very interesting! And technically, the layout doesn’t really matter, it just makes me twitch for some reason, LOL! I’ll be interested to see swatches if you get a hold of it, Christine!

The lip set…I would have been interested in if it hadn’t been for the semi-disaster of this lipstick range… maybe I’ll just try and get a hold of the full size Poe ๐Ÿ˜‰

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