Is there an eyeshadow color you won't wear?

Is there an eyeshadow color you won’t wear? Why? Share!

I tend to stay away from mustard yellows – bright yellows, yes, golden yellows, absolutely, but anything that verges on dirty never works well on me.

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I’ll never understand red eyeshadow. It just picks up on any redness in my skin or eyes and amplifies it, plus it makes you look like your eye area is red, which is usually what I’m trying to avoid.

It’s the direct opposite to green, which means that people with green eyes should suit it, but it is a beeotch of a colour to work with. I have a few reds and they always look better in my mind’s eye than applied, sob.

I have very dark brown eyes, and light/neutral skin, and I wear red quite often. It can be a bit tricky, but there are ways to avoid the typical pitfalls. I always make sure I have rid my eyes of any redness with eye drops. Also, using black, espresso, or eggplant shadow or liner as a “barrier” between the red & the eye will help avoid the shadow from “pulling” any unwanted redness from the eyes.

I also have dark brown eyes and I do a sunset inspired look with red, orange and gold with a teal liner. I love the look and it just screams SUMMER!

If you’re afraid of the color making it look like there’s something wrong with the eye area rather than eyeshadow, you need a stronger, more vivid red. The times I’ve worn red eyeshadow, it was definitely bright enough to where there was no way on earth it would be mistaken for my skin being red. And I think it played down any ruddiness on my cheeks.

I am fortunate in that my eyes are usually very, very white and I only get bloodshot there if they’ve been severely irritated or I’ve been quite ill.

But if you just don’t like it, that’s totally understandable. Eyeshadow and lipgloss (and a Gryffindor t-shirt) are about the only way I ever contemplate wearing red. I’m not fond of the color in general.

I have olive skin so there are just certain colors that I don’t think look good on me. Mostly pastels, (though I do wear pink), and silver. White eyeshadow can also be tricky as it tends to look chalky on my skin.

Oranges, coppers, russets, warm bronzes/golds just look odd; not so much with my coloring, but with my overall aesthetic. Maybe if I wore brighter, sportier clothes, but I tend to wear alot of black & jewel tones. Pastels can be a bit tricky, as well, but if they have some depth or a duochrome, I can pair them with deeper shades in the same range, and black.

Purple eyeshadow. All kinds, brights to pastels to vampy purples. They’re supposed to look good with brown eyes but on me they look so very utterly ‘blah’. No idea why, maybe it has something to do with my cool toned PPP skintone.

There’s an unholy trinity I tend to avoid like the plague: blue, silver and white. No matter what they look artificial and cheap to me and make me cringe a little every time I see them used in a tutorial or in a look. Just no.

It’s all in how you use it… I do a tequila sunrise gradient look with hot pink, orange, and golden yellow all in mattes, and it looks INCREDIBLE. A wash of hot pink all across the lid? Can you say street walker?

Some people may like a hot pink wash all across the lids. It’s not terribly nice to call people names over their eyeshadow preferences πŸ™‚

I’ve seen several tutorials using NARS Caravaggio, and they’ve all looked *amazing*! I personally bought for the violet shade in the duo, initially, but after playing with it, I really do like the pink shade, too. I have very dark eyes, and light/neutral skin, and bright pinks, reds, etc work very well for me.

Orange. I’m very fair-skinned and cool-toned, and I’ve never found a shade that doesn’t look horrible on me.

Pastels, because I just don’t like them.
Greys, because they don’t work with my colouring. Maybelline’s Tough As Taupe is so cool on me that I use it strictly as a base under brown-based taupes or mauves or plums.

I’d say most reddish shades don’t work on me. I haven’t tried a really bright red, but the reddish browns, corals and so on only serve to make me look rather ill!

I can’t wear purple because all the purples I’ve tried have given me an allergic reaction (redness, soreness, extremely blodshoot eyes). I don’t think it’s a reaction to carmine because I can wear burgundy and red just fine. There’s some other component of purple eyeshadows and pencils that my eyes just can’t handle. It bums me out because I have green eyes and purples would look good.

Red or bright pink – looks like an eye infection or like I’ve been crying, and also yellow. I think yellow eye shadow makes the wearer look like she has jaundice.

Anything with a peach/orange tinge to it. All That Glitters by MAC, Chopper by UD, things like that. I’m just too fair and it looks weird.

I can’t wear red toned purples, I blame my cool-toned coloring. No matter how classy I use them they make me looked like I’ve been punched in the faced.

Silver and light blue. I have tried, but really light cool toned shades just look bad. I tend to avoid purples as well, and I find a lot of light neutrals just disappear on me. Reds, golds, oranges all the way.

I’m caramel brown and I do not understand white eyeshadow. Shockingly, I can pull off absolutely any other color, in any shade, but a matte white eyeshadow makes me look like a crazy chalk fiend. I can deal with a shimmery white shadow in small amounts, but only on rare occasions, like a xmas party.

Blue…any blue. When I was growing up no one wore blue it was considered trashy and I just can’t get over that. Plus it doesn’t look good with my auburn hair and green eyes.

Event though I’m sure it would look great on my blue eyes, I avoid any really muddy yellow grays. Something about them just turns me right off.

Olive/mossy green does NOTHING for my eyes, coloring, etc. I’m ok with emerald green, bluish green, and jade and whatnot but that typical color (MAC Sumptuous Olive), just doesn’t make a difference at all.

Purples. Occasionally I find a shade that I like, but overall, it’s not one of my favorites. I know they say it’s supposed to look great with brown eyes, but on me it looks weird.

Blues, I have blue eyes and feel like it detracts from them. Plus the whole trailer trash factor. πŸ™‚

Also, olive greens and some old golds. I love them on other people but on me they just make me look bruised.

I’ll wear pretty much anything, but I admit I tend to avoid very warm toned shadows on my eyes, like oranges or very yellowy coppers. I find warm tones can work on my cheeks or lips with the right work but not so much on eyes. (If I use one of them, I always offset it with something cooler toned or very neutral!)

Honestly? I cannot think of one. Maybe silver. But I wouldn’t say no if I saw a version that didn’t feel too reminiscent of teenage makeup mistakes. I do love a gunmetal.

Blue and purple. Blue eyeshadow looks cheap and tacky on me. Every time I try to wear purple it looks like I smeared dirt on my eyes. From high end to the cheap stuff, I have yet to find a decent purple.

Nope! I love to experiment with all kinds of colors. I used to be scared of orange and bright pink, but they look awesome in a sunset gradient! (: Just a matter of playing with different combinations until it works.

I can rock almost all colors but browns! Most browns look dull on me and make my under eye circles more prominent.I do like browns on the outer V and crease though. I rarely wear black shadow either, except as a liner.

Greens more yellow greens and true greens. I can do olive greens and greens with gold in them. I love the green eye shadows but every time I try to use them it looks like I’ve had a few rounds in a boxing ring and lost. =\

Light blue and teal make me look like a hooker. Orange, coral, gold and very warm brown doesn’t work with my skintone and make me look tired. Pink makes my eyes look super red. Sunset looks are AWFUL on me!

I have extremely fair skin with slightly yellow undertones, green eyes, and light reddish brown hair. Silvers and pastel blues look just…wrong on my complexion.


But I rarely use straight-up black, I have so many darker/blackened shades that are in the family of a look I’m doing, I rarely have need for the black.

I have blue eyes and ultra fair skin. I try to wear warm browns and oranges to bring out my eye color, but it ends up looking horrible with my pink-complected porcelain skin, and so now I just stay away from anything too warm. I have never even tried to wear red.

I can’t wear purple. It always makes me look washed out and hungover. I have hazel brown/yellow eyes, pale olive skin and dark brown hair. Also horrible: pale frosted cool pink.

I love them all but I certainly don’t wear them all because they are tricky. When I was younger I used to use a lot of color, oranges, yellows, golds, I mean EVERYTHING, lol but now that Im 25 I just dont know how to pull them off anymore, I think it’s because when I was in college I got into this no makeup thing and I stepped away from it just because and I even lost practice at eyelining buuuut, I guess blue is one difficult but I like to wear it discretely…that’s how I would make them all work…

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