Is there a TV show that you love seeing what makeup they use/come up with?

Is there a TV show that you love seeing what makeup they use/come up with? Share!

I’m always curious to see what Christina Aguilera is going to be sporting on The Voice!

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Yes, RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as any of the spin-off’s. There’s always one contestant whose look & techniques I just love. My two faves have been Raven & Sharon Needles.

I also look at the makeup on Vampire themed shows, as well as shows that take place in bygone eras, or biographical nature.

I don’t watch RDR, but is that the same Sharon Needles that appeared on Project Runway is Season 5? That was my favorite season so far…Off topic, but I LOVE Project Runway!

I don’t actually watch TV (no, seriously, like at all, I haven’t turned my TV on in ages – husband watches it; I don’t download eps or watch on Hulu, I just…don’t watch) so, um, no? (And no, I can’t use movies because the last movie I saw in theaters was Iron Man 2.) I’m kind of pop culture deficient.

so, no, not really! 🙂 But I’ll be curious to see what other people have to say.

Don’t feel bad, blueraccoon, I got rid of my TV three years ago and still have to convince my friends that I don’t miss it. 😛 Unbelievable to think how much time I wasted in front of that thing.

Kelly doesn’t do it for me. I find her mom, Sharon, to be waaaay more beautiful. On America’s Got Talent, she looked gorgeous! Even my husband would comment on her glowing skin. (Yes, I know she’s had work done but she’s still a hot mama!)

Personally, I like seeing what Kelly wears because she takes risks. I appreciate well-done or beautiful makeup anywhere, but I get excited when I see something that’s a little more edgy or risky.

Definitely Drag Race. Lots of Banana Powder, Dermablend, MAC lipsticks and MUFE shadows. If anything its a lesson on what foundations and setting powders to use for long wear without sweating. Plus, learning how different face shapes change the contour line. Most look great while some have misplaced cheek outlines.

most definitely RUPAUL-anything!!! i actually pause and study their makeups n techniques to take notes. cant wait til i go on the rupaul dragrace cruise in december becuz i’ll be up close n personal 🙂

My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives. I know it’s all petty, mindless drama but I kind of like to know I’m not the only one with issues. Lol. And also, I dig the makeup, it’s pretty much always glamorous.

I have to agree on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Oh Lord, I LOVE drag makeup. I’ll also agree with “The Walking Dead”, as well as other horror shows, because of the delicious FX makeup. Really inspiring! I don’t really watch much else that has any makeup.

I would LOVE to know if anyone else watches this for the same reason but… Big Rich Texas for Bonnie and her daughter. In the “interview” segments they are always sporting some KICK ASS drag-tastic makeup. Seriously OTT and FUN! Love it!

Drag Race and Face Off would be the next pics. After that there are shows like True Blood, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, etc. I tend to watch more movies than TV shows though – I get a lot of makeup inspiration from those.

Syfy’s Face Off is a pretty amazing watch if you want to see professionals work their magic. Nothing I could copy in real life, though. 😛

FarScape – I love seeing how creative makeup artists are on science fiction shows. They really know how to change a face with makeup (this post is not speaking on the subject of prosthetics, which doesn’t interest me personally). The creativity just really catches my attention. If you haven’t seen farscape then just do a quick google image search for Zhaan, the layering they do for her skin is just amazing. The patterning on her back and head remind me of looking down into a body of water in the sunlight. How the light shines down in sections. Watching the use of textures and creative contouring in science fiction and horror films and television is a little hobby of mine.

I was shocked the first time I saw the actress who plays Zhaan out of makeup.

It’s been a while since I saw Farscape, but man, what a great show!

Cliche answer is cliche, but I still like seeing the makeup they use on sex and the city. For the most part it’s all actually wearable and glamorous for plebeians like me which is why I like it. Other than some unfortunate taupe-y brown lipstick in mostly season 1, and a little into season 2, I think their makeup isn’t dated at all.

Anyway, that’s the only answer I got since everything else I watch doesn’t really have much of a focus on noticeable makeup (which at this point is only Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and Battlestar Galactica reruns).

“RuPaul’s Drag Race, start your engines…” Loooooove it and am a huge fan. My co-workers make fun of me, and I never hear the end of it from my husband. I don’t care, I will record it on DVR, and watch and re-watch and watch again. When transitioning to the next morning when they walk in through the door they always show snapshots of the make up and outfits. I always pause when the make up parts come on and see if I can make out what it all there. a-hehehehehe

Once Upon A Time! They do such a good job with the makeup (and costumes) on that show….there’s always someone rocking a bold lip, which is my personal favorite look.

I always looked forward to seeing how they would do the makeup each week on Gossip Girl, especially Blair’s…or at least in the earlier seasons. Now she barely wears any makeup, which is kind of disappointing.

The fact that UD Gash was featured on Gossip Girl helped sway me to buy it. I would have thought it was way too dark, but it actually ended up being my favorite of the lipsticks from that order. Go figure!

Well for pretty looks, Mad Men, I love Christina Hendricks simple yet elegant make-up. I also get curious as to how long it takes The Walking Dead to put make-up on those Zombies, and what kind of make-up they use.

For the most part, makeup isn’t always a focus on the shows I watch (i.e. 30 Rock, etc). But I do love Mad Men and I love so see what the makeup is. And I also just love to stare at Christina Hendricks.

Oof easy. Mad Men for obvious reasons. The Walking Dead for even more obvious reasons. Once Upon a Time – Regina’s makeup is seriously awesome in ways I can’t help but take notice each time she’s in a scene. I actually finally picked up MAC Capricious because of how much I loved it on Regina. True Blood – Pam is always rocking something fierce and I love it.

I have to agree with you on Once Upon a Time, Regina’s makeup is my favorite. My eyes are always drawn to her lipstick color, as soon as I found out it was MAC’s capricious, I went out and purchased it too. When season 2 premiered, out of sheer excitment I wore that lipstick.
I also love the special effects makeup on Grimm. Oh and I definitely cannot forget 666 Park Avenue, I like Nona’s and Jane’s makeup. I’ve become a tv junkie lately, so many awesome shows with loads of talented makeup artists!

I’ve recently started watching Star Trek and I find the makeup fascinating because it is so dated. Next Generation screams 80s with the full face, bright blush, and fuschia lipstick. Deep Space 9 is so 90s with the beige matte makeup. The Original Series is also so 60s mod, but I love Uhura’s makeup still.

What a fun observation! I’ll have to go back and watch for the makeup on those shows.

It’s funny that the makeup and fashion are so dated, because of course all versions of Star Trek are supposed to be happening in the future.

I notice the makeup on pretty much all TV shows, but I really love the makeup on Once Upon A Time, especially Red’s. Sometimes I really love Christina’s makeup on The Voice, but sometimes she’s just wayy too orange. And of course’s Rupaul’s Drag Race and Rupaul’s Drag U. People make fun of me for watching, but they’re such fun shows.

Agree on the Christina comment! Her MUA goes a bit too heavy on the bronzer. I wish she would fire her stylist for that show.. She looks so cute when she’s at the practices but absolutely horrible on the show (anyone remember the backless number from the Finale last season??). She shouldn’t look that bad!

Yay! You picked my question! This one was my favorite, too!

The inspiration behind the question was “Once Upon a Time” on NBC.

It’s cool because most of the actors are playing two different versions of the same character, and it’s fun to see how the makeup is different for “red riding hood” as opposed to “ruby from grandma’s diner.”

And of course I also love the evil queen! I almost went as her for Halloween, in fact. She’s so vampy. Maybe next year if I can find some leather pants…

Another show that comes to mind is “Fringe” on Fox. Like with OUaT, I appreciate the contrast between alternate versions of the same character as played by the same actors. It’s usually not very dramatic, but still interesting.

I also LOVE Astrid. I wish I could model myself after her more closely, but our coloring is totally different (she’s black). I still use her as a clothing style icon while I’m shopping for work clothes.

I bet that working on The Walking Dead would be any MU’s dream! How much fun that would be.
As far as trends, i agree with many regarding Mad Men. But i have started to watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show and i am now obsessed! Rhoda, Mary and Phyllis…i can’t get enough (mu, hair and wardrobe).

This is a great, excellent question! I’d say any fashionable show like Gossip Girl, 90210…Survivor–just kidding on that one. I like seeing the collaboration between the designers and makeup artists on Project Runway, also.

Wow there’s a lot of answers to that question!

Mad Men
My favorite show on TV. I wanna dress like Joan everyday, and I’m sure my fiance won’t mind. The subtle shifts in makeup style as time goes on in the story is amazing. (FYI they use NARS for their matte lipsticks! Confirmed by the show stylist and the makeup artist.)

Downton Abbey
The MUA team here are masters of ‘no makeup’ makeup. Yet somehow the ladies of the show have no serious flaws or wrinkles. Except for Maggie Smith. She is awesome no matter how old she is. The gentlemen (even the ‘downstairs’ staff dress like gentlemen, not dudes) always have perfect hair. ALWAYS.

Walking Dead
It’s hard to find a realistic zombie hoard. It’s even harder to make an actor go from ‘Hollywood glamour’ to ‘barely surviving post apocalyptic zombie-filled formerly Georgia/greater southern U.S. of A.’ But how can they look so good sweaty and dirty when they haven’t showered for three weeks?! The mind boggles.

I love Zooey Deschanel’s look on New Girl.

And while it doesn’t play on TV anymore, I love the makeup/outfits they used for the female cast members in Pushing Daisies. One character in particular always has the perfect cat-eye and it makes me jealous.

Yes! Pushing Daisies was so much fun! Did you know that the actress who played Olive Snook is also a singer-songwriter? Her voice is amazing.

I pay attention to the makeup on everything I watch. My favorites are The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, and Dancing with the Stars. I love the beautifully clean looks on Scandal and I used to really enjoy Jennifer Lopez on American Idol.

Season 1 of Cover Affairs makeup on Piper was totally AMAZING. Then they got a MU artist that was not as good and she looked old and haggard for quite some time. I have noticed her MU is back to looking amazing again so I assume they either got the same MU artist back again or someone who is as good. The difference is startling as to how good it can look and how awful just by someone using diff products and MU style. I would love to study under that artist (that does the amazing job)

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