Is there a product or formula you keep buying even though it doesn't work for you?

Is there a product or formula you keep buying even though it doesn’t work for you? Share!

Dior eyeshadow palettes.

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pePear Avatar

MAC Retro Matte! it’s not look good on me after two or three hours when I wear this retro matte lipsticks,dry my lips like no tomorrow but dang! I just love the finished and keep buying them while thinking “somedays it will work out for you,darling” LOL

Nancy T Avatar

Light nude, lt. pinky or peachy nude lipsticks! As n MAC Blankety and Pure Zen or Maybelline Blushing Bud. It’s not that I cannot wear them, but that I must doctor them up with darker lip liner and lipgloss or else it looks seriously weird and like I died or something! I don’t know why I keep buying them when I have a few perfect nude shades that are skintone appropriate, like MAC Marque and Spirit or Nyx Eurotrash…

Lulle Avatar

Yes, Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows. I know a lot of people love them but they don’t work so well for me. I find them hard to blend, dry and often uneven, although some of the LE colors have completely different textures. I probably own at least half a dozen by now, and not a single one wowed me. I actually forced myself NOT to buy the spring LE shades because once again, I was tempted…

Shreya Avatar

Somehow MAC prolongwear concealer doesn’t work for me but I keep buying it since it looks good in pictures and lasts all day long without creasing. Although I would prefer something better than that.

Mariella Avatar

Christine, do you think you’d keep buying them if you didn’t have this blog? I guess for me, it’s probably MAC’s Luster finish eyeshadows. I don’t have all that many of them but still, I do buy them because they look so pretty in the pan but are a pain to work with and the “pan beauty” doesn’t transfer to the eyes so they require more work to get the shadows to look as nice as I think they’re going to look.

Mariella Avatar

Okay, this is annoying. MAC’s website was never great (product colours were often way off and the print was often very hard to read and things like brushes didn’t show up well – black on black? Who thought THAT would be a good idea?). But I HATE the newly revamped site. I can’t for the life of me see how you can search shadows or anything “by finish”, which used to be not just possible but also pretty easy. Am I missing something, folks? Does anyone know how to search blushes, shadows, lip products, etc. “by finish”? Am I missing something or is this no longer possible. If it’s not, what a royal pain!

Mariella Avatar

I went over there to check to see just which shadows I have that are Lustre (I know Caviar Dreams is but it was LE so wouldn’t be there and I know Tempting and I think Greensmoke is but I wanted to check others, only to find they don’t seem to offer that option any more). This is SUPER annoying, especially for things like lipstick (I’m sure we all have finishes we love or don’t like) and blushes and, actually, just about EVERYTHING. What the heck is wrong with them – redo a site and make it even uglier, harder to navigate (maybe it’s just me needing time to adjust) but also a whole lot less helpful/useful.

Mariella Avatar

Ha – so it’s not just me! I wonder what the heck they were thinking. It’s like they got some amateur working out of his garage – “I’ll do your website for less than $100” – to redesign it. I need to “contact them” to complain. Maybe we all should.

Samantha Avatar

I have many issues with the new website and contacted them the day of the launch. That same day they offered the $10 off promo code. I stated in my message that I would not be using the $10 off as the website was not easy to navigate or have a professional look. And even as an avid MAC user, I have not used the promo code despite their desperate marketing ploys. It seems that the company has suddenly become unprofessional. I have been wearing MAC for 12 years and have never known them to have a sale. Their marketing is starting to seem like Origins. I see nothing wrong with a promo or new website, but they failed with their attempt. Very much so. I might be headed over to brands that are accessed easier or are just better in many respects (such as MUFE, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, and Hourglass).

Mariella Avatar

I got that email for the $10 discount and was gobsmacked. My first thought was “MAC must be hurting for business” because they NEVER, NEVER have any sort of buyer incentive (except B2M) – no GWP offers, no “get a free lipstick with every purchase over $50” and certainly no discount prices on their “good-byes” items. If we here are hating the site, I guess there must be tens of thousands out in the wider world also hating it and letting them know. I sure hope they’ll change it and bring back that feature. I can live with the general ugliness of the site if they bring back the “search by finish” option.

LMM Avatar

I bought a Maybelline creamy matte lipstick and since have bought a few other types of their lipstick – only to find the others aren’t at all the same as the mattes! But I keep trying because, I think, they are cheap.

Tessa Avatar

Rose gold, copper, and other warmly pink toned eyeshadow. So pretty! And those colors work on my lips and cheeks! Why not on eyes? Cry cry.

Aj Avatar

– L’oreal nail polishes- just doesn’t want to stay on my nails ever. No matter what I do, so I just gave a whole bunch away to my sister recently. But… I know I’ll end up buying another one soon. 😛 I just really like their color selection and the bottle shape.

Olivia Avatar

I bought the red one and the smell made me so nauseous and did absolutely nothing for my lips anyway. I never throw away things that don’t work for me. I just hoard them thinking one day I will wish I didn’t throw it away. But that product was the only exception. Threw it away and haven’t looked back since haha.

Brenda P Avatar

Their shape is amazing for finding in the bottom of a bag! but sadly, it’s the packaging that is their only strength 🙁 And I fell for it LOL!

Kate Avatar

liquid lipsticks! (I haven’t bought the same brand more than once, but the same product) I keep wanting to like them because they’re so in right now, but I’ve always had issues with dry lips. I could slather on as much lipbalm as I wanted before I put them on, but in about an hour, I have the Sahara desert of crust on my mouth. I’ve learned to like glossier finishes lol

xamyx Avatar

Gel liners; it’s not so much they don’t “work” for me, but I simply prefer liquid or cake liners. I end up using them for my brows, though. Also, “colored” liners. I only end up using black, so I have a bunch of liners I don’t end up using…

xamyx Avatar

Oh, and Too Faced eyeshadow palettes! I have 5-6 pf the older 9-pan palettes, and I just never use them. Again, it’s not that they don’t “work”, or aren’t perfectly fine products, but there are simply others I prefer. However, after the Natural Matter palette, I did finally give up, LOL!

Paz Avatar

Liquid/gel eyeliner. I can’t figure how to apply it properly, I never have time for it, yet I keep buying it because I hope one day I’ll be able to create the perfect winged eyeliner.

patsyann Avatar

I am apparently obsessed with pencil eyeliners. I must have 40 of them! I keep on buying them even though my hooded droopy aging eyelids just cannot take eyeliner anymore I go on hoping that the perfect one will work for me somehow…gads!

markiebamboo Avatar

try smudging them out with a small brush. use them as eyeshadow bases that way or set the liner with shadow. I guess two variations on the same thing.

Eileen Avatar

No, I wouldn’t keep buying something that didn’t work for me. Why be a glutton for punishment when there are so many great options available? Sometimes, especially at a place like Sephora, an SA can be pushy, but I’ve learned to draw the the line and politely–but firmly–tell the SA I don’t like a particular brand or product and that I don’t want to waste my time looking at it.

Meghan Avatar

Foundations without trying a sample first. I’m far from counters so I order lots of stuff online. I need to try more foundations before I buy, because I have a drawer full! I have some good colour matches & finishes I like, I just shouldn’t have so many at once 🙂 but I love different bases!

Blue Avatar

I hate to admit it but MAC Lustre l/s for the most part. Some are so pretty in theory but the texture seems to really play up any dryness or unevenness in my lips and obviously it’s been established that the wear time is not stellar. I don’t have many but the three I have are two or three too many. The one I have that I never wear but inspires me to keep trying them is Lovelorn–really nice light bubblegum shade, good texture. I got Flamingo as a B2M l/s and really regret it. Super cute color but I hate the application of it.

Also nude lipsticks. I need medium darkness on up, lips easily wash me out.

Rachel R. Avatar

Not once I’ve decided it doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I will try a few shades or finishes of a formula before ruling it out. There isn’t a particular product I keep buying even though it doesn’t work.

Erin Avatar

No, if I get disappointed by a formula, I rarely buy it again. If I get one bad one, like a lipstick or gloss, I may buy another color, because we know how small formula differences can happen between shades but if I get 2 duds, I’m done. I just had this happen with Revlon Moisture Stains.

Kat Avatar

L’Oreal True Match Lumi foundation. But in my defense, I’ve only bought it twice (the first shade I bought was too dark) and never gotten through a whole bottle. It cakes up really badly when I try to build it up to a more medium coverage. But I didn’t keep going back forever. I’ve accepted that my skin has champagne tastes and needs mid-to-high end foundation. (Poor wallet…)

I’m generally really good about doing tons of research before buying something so I rarely get dud formulas, and I will not hesitate to return something that has an unflattering shade (usually the case). I’m pretty sure the Sephora returns department knows me by name now!

Also, kind of true but kind of not: ABH Tinted Brow Gel. I bought it, didn’t know how to use it, hated it, returned it. A few months later, same thing. I wanted something quick and easy to “color correct” my brows (ashy light brown while my hair is dyed dark auburn) but I didn’t know how to use tinted brow gel and was accidentally smearing it everywhere. I actually showed the tube to my roommate and said “if you see me trying to buy this again, stop me!” I bought it a third time because I’m a glutton for punishment, used it correctly, and now I love it!

Karen Avatar

Liquid lipsticks. I keep hoping the next formula introduced is going to be the ONE, so I keep trying. They just don’t flatter my lips. I really don’t even mind having to reapply regular lipstick, which looks so much better on me. I don’t know why I am on this quest!

Gamze Avatar

Dior eyeshadow palettes… I have extremely hooded eyes and multicolour numbers don’t work on me. Also, for some crazy reason, all the Dior shades look greyish on me, not a look I prefer everyday. Years ago, I got carried away with all the haze on the net and bought six palettes, but I hardly ever use them.

Cat Avatar

For me, it used to be Dior palettes (they’re SO beautiful!) and glittery eyeshadow. Now, I don’t even swatch Dior’s palettes and I’ve learned that a little shimmer is okay (in the right places) but glitter is a no-no no matter how pretty it is (except during the holidays when you can be easily forgiven for looking like a decoration)!

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Benefit….. I’m sorry it just that the product are ok, but I expect MORE from them. They altogether have one note to me; in that you can only used their blush full on to see them on the skin. Otherwise you can’t build up the intensity of the shades or you end up sheering them out to nothing on the skin.

Also, I keep trying their cream shadow, but they all disappear on me EVERY time within 4 fours. I look in the mirror and I’m like… “I know I had eyeshadow on!!!!” O__o

Maegan Avatar

LIQUID LIPSTICKS! I keep buying different brands thinking one day I’ll find one that doesn’t dry out and crumble off of my lips. I have tried different brands, with and without a lip primer, and with and without lip liners and I just can’t get it to work!! I have better luck with regular matte lipsticks.

Lotus Avatar

Lighter lip shades, but there’s got to be another that will work! So I’ll keep trying! Other than that, I’m very tempted by drugstore displays & have learned to stop but I still grab something occasionally.. 😉 But if a particular brand or formula is a no, than no I will not keep buying the same one. Too much out there, too much in my stash, not enough money to waste!

Nikki J. Avatar

Not anymore, but in the past, I’ve bought and returned 3 Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes after reading countless raving reviews about them. Everyone seems to love them, but they just aren’t that pigmented or long-lasting for me even with primer. I tried to force myself to love them, hoping they’d grow on me but they never did. Every time they come out with a new Naked palette, I’m tempted to buy and try it out, but then I remember my horrible experiences and opt to save my money.

Natalia Avatar

No, there is not and most likely will not be. My goal in makeup is to try as many products as I possibly can and find those that suite me, my skin type and coloring perfectly :), so if I don’t like smth, I will either give it away or (if it is expensive or hard to get) finish it and forget about it.

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