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I think primers are worth it because they really make your makeup look 10x better and last longer, but tons of people don’t because they think if you can’t really see it on your skin it’s not worth it. Hope that made sense haha.

I def agree with lip balms. The EOS and Maybelline ones are terrible for me and my go-to is Fresh’s Lip Treatment. But I believe very much in higher end highlighters. They are finer milled and tend to look more natural.

Nail polish and lipstick. No one understands that I must have every color. Then again I may just have an issue. I’m the only one into makeup in my family.

I love my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment despite the exorbitant price tag and will repurchase again and again, but I know a lot of people would never spend over 20 bucks on a lip balm. Can’t say I ever thought I would either, but there’s just something about the texture that I love and haven’t seen duplicated.

I think UD or Tarte cosmetics palettes and eyeliners can be replaced by other Vegan cosmetic Brands. Like Yves Rocher. YR got a really good range of eyeliners and palettes, duos. The best part is UD or Tarte is never good at Nal polish and lipstick but Yves Rocher’s lipsticks and Nail Polishes are amazing and cost is half of Tarte or UD. Also YR’s fragrance range is famous in France, UK and Canada. I think this brand worth money

Finishing powders such as Guerlain’s meteorites or the Nars Light Reflecting setting powders. I think those make all the difference! And of course concealer, especially for blemishes in my case. I believe investing in a waterproof, full coverage, long lasting, non comedogenic concealer is a must, and that normally comes at a price, haha.

I don’t know or care what others think, to be honest, about what I spend on beauty products. I don’t think my friends know what I spend – I certainly don’t tell them – nor do I think they would have an opinion or judge me one way or another. I guess what I spend on primer (Hourglass) and foundation (Guerlain) might seem steep to my friends if they knew but it’s not something we ever talk about.

Umm not really but the most expensive products in my collection are blushes and my boyfriend doesn’T understand why haha

Oooh, lots of things. Expensive brushes (the ones that give you a heavenly-feeling, streak free, airbrushed application), the Clarisonic. Oh, wait… that’s two.

Not as many as I thought!

La Mer lip balm was borderline worth it when it was $40 (it was just divine), but when the price went up $10 to $50, I just couldn’t justify it…

A good liquid liner (I love Guerlain’s) is also worth it to me because it doesn’t dry up quickly and dries down easily but with a shiny finish. I have yet to find any less expensive product that works as well. And it makes a look with just a swipe!

Finishing powders like Guerlain Meteorites and the Hourglass ones. They are without question high end but the effect is so subtle that its easy to understand why some people think they’re a waste of money. I had the opportunity to swatch Meteorites as well as one of the Lingerie du Peau foundations and I was floored by how they both looked! Someday, maybe, they’ll be a splurge for me, but for now, my one and only Nars lipstick is as high end as I can go.

I also agree with the expensive lip balms. I can’t be without a Fresh lip balm! Another one for me would be eyelash curlers. I have had many inexpensive lash curlers that do nothing for me.

Anything that goes directly on my face like primer, foundation, and concealer. Most of my friends think I’m ridiculous for spending so much money on it, but I just haven’t found anything that works as well for me at lower prices.

I spend more on mascara. I get the Clinique High Impact mascara (16$) and I love it. Most people prefer to buy drugstore mascaras because they don’t have a long shelf life. Although, I always wear mascara, it is the most important part of my makeup IMO.

I agree with GlamGlitters, primers are important also.

I definitely agree with mascara. I am so snobby with mine as I only wear Lancôme or Dior and those start at $27

+1 to lip balm, my personal fave is the Nuxe reve de miel, 18CAD, but worth it, Jack Black is good too, not as good as reve de miel but half the price.
I love good high end deodorants, that go with the perfume, so they won’t contradict with the perfume I’m wearing, if there’s one in the line I always buy one, here my personal faves are the Chanel ones(no 5 and no 19), yeap pricy and hard to find(kind of here in canada) but totally worth it, excellent quality too)

Good lip balm matters SO much. I have seriously dry, post-Accutane skin, and need to apply lip balm non-stop, but the cheap waxy stuff blocks my pores and causes black heads around my lip line. A girlfriend got me Nuxe’s Reve de Miel which is a $15 balm, something I would never have gotten myself, but am now hooked on. I have one in my purse, on my desk at home, in my desk at work, and one on my bedside table. As long as they keep making this stuff, I’ll never go back to another brand.

Some all-in-one kits like the Lauren Hutton Passport to Brazil. The quality is different than high-end; it’s designed for a specific segment so most of my friends were amazed when I unfolded it one morning. But once they saw it actually works well on my face and allows me to carry everything from foundation to lip gloss in one compact that fit in my purse, they wondered whether other companies also had such kits (very hard to find all-in-ones of a good, consistent quality across products). And believe it or not, Lauren Hutton’s brushes are pretty good. I’m all about convenience when it comes to travel so when there’s a decent all-in-one, I’ll grab it.

Finishing powders like hourglass ambient or guerlain meteorites! More people are starting to use them now but a lot of people dont see the point for such a subtle change in appearance. I know up until a year ago i only used a setting powder for foundation rather then anything that was complexion enhancing, and now i see a HUGE difference.

Eyelash curlers! The moment I got one that wasn’t in a discount bin at a drugstore, I saw a difference! Shu Uemera (I hope that’s the right spelling) all the way!

Mascara, definitely. I see *such* a difference in quality between drug store mascara and “the good stuff,” and have recently converted a couple of people by passing them samples of the more high-end brands to try. And honestly? I don’t think the high-end brands dry out and get nasty as quickly.

I’ve been a die-hard Maybelline mascara fan for years, but I have to admit I was really impressed when I tried a sample tube of Chanel’s Le Volume mascara. Still unsure if I’d ever be able to make myself shell out the money for high end mascara, but it’s at least on the outer fringe of consideration now. :3

Sheer lipstick! I hate the feeling of most lipsticks, so texture and scent is extremely important to me. When I find the right shade with the right finish, I don’t care if it’s expensive. I’m also extremely picky about mascara and I have never found a single one from the drugstore that I’ve been satisfied with.

I generally spend a lot of money on makeup. I don’t like spending money on (cheap) good products when I know there are amazing, but more expensive products out there. Quality is always more important!

Nars smudgeproof eyeshadow base! It’s one of the more expensive ones out there, however it’s the only one that works for me! I have dry skin but super oily eyelids (weird!), and this is the only primer that won’t crease on me! I’ve tried using setting powders and other bases with other eye primers, but nothing works as well as Nars smudge proof, although I still swipe a coat of setting powder over my eyelids before primer, as I like getting rid of the oils on my eyelid before starting eye makeup. I never even flinch at spending the money on this one, becuase it’s fool proof! They should call it the smudgeproof foolproof primer!

I’m still a beginner when it comes to make up so I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with a variety of high end brands, but so far I find Benefit’s High Beam and Eye Bright to really make a difference.

i dont think i could ever buy expensive lip balms when indie companies made good ones for cheap and they are not waxy

I think there are a lot of worth products that other people don’t understand : the already mentioned Meteorites and a good mascara – I use Dior Iconic – and quality brushes are all good examples!
A lot of people don’t understand how much can costs a good brush. And I don’t tell them… 😉

Any pressed powder product, like eyeshadows or blushes, I have to spend the money. I just can’t deal with drugstore formulas when there’s so little pigment payoff or the color is so conservative that it doesn’t show up on my skin. And I’m only in the beige-to-tan spectrum, so I imagine the frustration darker skinned women must have.

yes ! my interest in higher end brands, my mother inlaw says no way that my foundation is worth paying 30$ for but its worth it to me, it lasts me longer & has been better for my skin and my origins skincare , i love it, i don’t know ho wi am going to afford more when i run out lol

There are two products I use that I deem necessary: facial primer and setting spray. Primer adds a smoothness to my skin and keeps my make up from melting away, while the setting spray adds a satiny, natural look to my powder foundation and locks the look in place. At one time, I too felt these products were unnecessary extra steps in any makeup routine, but taking the time to apply these products helps my makeup to stay in place all day long so they absolutely worth the time and money to me.

eyeshadow primer! $18 seems like a lot but a little goes a long way and makes your shadow last all day

Expensive mascara. Most mascaras make my eyes really horribly itchy, and I end up rubbing my eyes all day. Chanel never does this to me, and it doesn’t have a floral scent like a lot of high end mascaras.

I use a mix of high and lower end stuff on a daily basis. Foundation is the hardest product for me because I have a skin color that I find very hard to match – very pale, very freckly, neutralish undertones. Couple that with very sensitive skin (that doesn’t take to mineral powders well), and it can be damn near impossible, so I’ll pretty much buy a foundation that works regardless of price. Luckily, the ones that work (Missha Real Signature BB Cream, MUFE Mat Velvet+, and Mary Kay Timewise) aren’t that bad pricewise.

When I think about it, I have to go with finishing powder. I am very picky with what finish I wear on my face, and I find that higher-end tends to give me more variety and quality for my money.

I tried the jack black lip balm because of you and I’m hooked! It’s amazing, but unfortunately it’s not available in my country so I’m saving it like crazy, which is ridiculous because I should probably use it everyday to get the maximum effect. I really don’t mind paying the 7 dollars if I could.

If you don’t mind paying £ 7.25 it’s available worldwide from lookfantastic.com. Shippings free. That’s where I get mine.

Lipstick, lipgloss, blush, and sometimes even nail polish, most people think high end prices are too much for makeup, at least the people I know.

I buy expensive perfume because it’s my passion. The average person wouldn’t invest as much money on a such a extensive perfume collection but I love it ! So it’s worth it to me.

I can totally agree with that as well. I’m a total Jo Malone convert. The higher end perfumes are just so much more interesting and better quality.

I agree with lip balms to. Another thing for me are skincare products and face makeup. I think skin is the most important thing to focus on when doing makeup so I def splurge on foundation, powders, moisturizer, etc. I love Chanel and Guerlain foundations, Guerlain skincare products, and also Guerlain Meteorites!!

Aveda Lip Saver… The one and only lip balm that reliably heals chapped lips… use it as a primer or just a balm… spf 15. Can’t beat it!

I guess UD Primer Potion? I wear Greed pretty exclusively, so even if other kinds of primer/cheaper primer worked as well, I’d not get the same effect, as no one’s got a real dupe for it. I think Too Faced’s SI in Candlelight is the only thing anywhere close.

The one people question me about the most is thermal water spray. Not only is it expensive for water but the cans being imported from a different continent and going in my landfill are terrible:( They really work for me though.

Let’s just see.
1. Nail polish. Most people I know, especially in my country, where wages are really low and prices are kind of expensive, think that it’s a silly thing to buy more expensive nail polish, especially if you only wear one shade for a day or so. But having tried cheap and more expensive brands, too, I can say that more expensive ones are so worth it better usually. They usually dry quicker, they often look nice in one coat, they last longer…
2.Lip balms. I have just tried Greenland’s passion fruit lipbalm, which is still not a crazy expensive one, but most people cry about how expensive it is, and how they won’t buy it… yet it’s a 1000 times better than most drugstore/cheapie lipbalms and chapsticks I have tried and ones being holy grail for others. But The Body Shop’s ones are my loves, too, and they are not that crazy cheap, either.
3. Make-up remover. Some people just pick the cheapest ones… I like paying more to get a perfect one – something which does its job well, and doesn’t leave a greasy-oily residue on my face. Garnier isn’t a high-end brand,. but still, it is more expensive than most brands people use here.

I totally think EYESHADOWS are worth it! Pigmentation and quality of pricier shadows are just more worth it. I do agree that there are cheaper alternatives that does provide a similar quality though.

My Chanel Mascara Base is really worth the splurge. Since I use it I didn’t loose almost no lashes any more.

I have read Paula’s books a long time ago and always check the MUA site before purchasing most products. I ordered some samples and since this lip and body treatment balm did not come in a sample I ordered this product on sale. I received in Friday’s mail and love it since it is completely unscented. I am going to research the lip scrub next. I know others like all drugstore lip balms but I have tried everything and even unscented bother my lips so I have been using Vaseline forever.

I’ve wasted so much money over the years buying drugstore products. It’s such a hit or miss process and returns are not generally an option, neither are testers. A few years ago I decided to purchase higher end products because a) they are generally better quality in terms of ingredients and pigmentation and b) they can be returned or exchanged. This has worked out very well for me and I actually think it saves money as I’m not throwing away the disappointing ones. I make sure I swatch and scrutinize what I’m thinking of buying (read labels, reviews, product info) and ask for samples if I’m on the fence. As far as one product, I would have to say Tom Ford lipstick is totally worth it for me. $48 is a lot of money for a lipstick, but the formula lasts for hours, is moisturizing, highly pigmented, and the colors are gorgeous and work well for my skin tone.

Brushes, lip balm (Jack Black, Fresh, Korres), concealer, Chanel nail polish, and especially mascara!

I have been using Paula’s Choice lip balm for years. It is amazing and a great holiday socking stuffer.

What makes this product unique?
Lip & Body Treatment Balm is an amazing product that offers on-the-spot, targeted relief for dry lips, cuticles, feet, hands—anywhere there is dry, rough, chapped skin! It provides a long-lasting, soothing, protective barrier that treats dry, chapped areas by keeping air off of them, allowing skin to heal. Unlike similar products, Lip & Body Treatment Balm does not feel overly thick or waxy, yet it provides substantial protection. When used daily both morning and night, but especially at night, you will never have dry, chapped skin again, guaranteed.

This product is 100% fragrance- and colorant-free.

Who is this product for?
Everyone! Lip & Body Treatment Balm is ideal women, men, kids and even babies who have particularly dry and/or chafed areas on the body. It’s an all-season essential for the whole family!

As I stated above, I absolutely love this product. I wish I had discovered it a long time ago. I have it in plastic containers at work, home, etc. I will never use anything else. It has been a lifesaver for my lips. I ordered the set of the treatment balm and lip scrub too.

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