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i pluck above my eyebrows! i’ve always heard not to do that, but it makes my eyebrows so much prettier… πŸ™‚

An aesthetician told me that if you have lots of fuzzy hair above the eyebrow, you should clean them up. Light will reflect better and give a cleaner look. In fact, she started doing that on mine before plucking any hair below my brow, I was suprise how much a different it made.

The plucking above the eyebrow rule refers to shaping, not cleaning up. I do that too (cleaning up the eye area) πŸ™‚

I often use the same shade of eyeshadow to fill in the front/start of my eyebrows as I do the arch! I brush it through so it doesn’t look as harsh and I like a strong brow πŸ™‚

Me too!!! I pluck above my eyebrows AND for day to day make-up I only use black eyeliner and mascara on my upper lashline, I don’t line or coat the bottom lashes/lashline as I have dark features I feel I get a ‘prettier’ more feminine and natural look, if I do the whole eye it becomes alittle too sultry/goth πŸ™‚

I don’t do it myself (ouch, the pain…), but when I get my brows done professionally they always do it, be it with thread, wax or tweezers. I don’t see what the problem is, specially if you are brunette and have quite strong (aka bushy) brows. In fact when I thread them, the aesthetician often goes almost all the way up my forehead. lol

Apparently, going outside without foundation or concealer is a no-no! But I do it virtually every day–I simply wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them outside the house.

I use the sponge for my cream foundation. I use alot of transluscent powder, I sometimes over blush I wear red lips without lipliner πŸ˜‰ imma rebel haha

I don’t line my waterline or tightline! I know everyone else does it, but the eyeliner always smudges, regardless of what I use! Plus, it can irritate my eyes because the liner migrates onto my eyeball. I’ve seen flecks of black, and it looks scary and feels irritated. My eyes are sensitive.

So yea, in a nutshell, I know how you feel, Christine! Fortunately I can still line my upper lash line. :]

i use foundation as a lipstick base..but recently i have found richer pigments and have come to the realization that its about finding a color that wears well with your natural lip tone.

I rarely line my upper lash line also. Not because of sensitivity, but because my eyelids are uneven (the right is closer to a monolid while the left has a bigger crease…I think). Wearing eyeliner makes it more obvious. πŸ™

I have this same issue but lining my eyes actually makes it less noticeable πŸ˜‰ I draw a slightly thicker line on the eyelid that is less hooded and it evens things up quite nicely. I always wear a midtone or darker e/s on my lids which helps tremendously too!

that is EXACTLY what i do. i know you’re not supposed to make the line that thick but i find it helps even out my eyes (one eye is smaller than the other)

Tons! I rarely use liner. I almost never use bronzer. I hardly ever wear blush. But honestly– if you watch makeup for runways, it’s almost NEVER the full face. Ditto magazine spreads. Ditto your fav celebrities when they appear. I don’t use more than 3 maybe 4 shades on my eyes (excluding mascara but including liner). I think it’s very very easy with a tray of makeup to overdo, use too much color, too many shades, a too busy look instead of sticking to fewer products and making a focus. I try to think ballet (lights low, music soft, focus on the stars) vs circus (clown there, juggler there, lots of lights & music). Sadly the makeup counters constantly press on how “naked” this or that is but men are excellent at knowing that is flattering on a woman and men’s #1 complaint is too much makeup.

So. Yes. I break all the rules from the overly made up women selling cosmetics. But you go to a serious MUA like Tom Pechaux when he’s doing a model & he’s creating his best work not highest sale and he’s NOT doing anything like what the girl at the Lancome or Dior counter does. Ditto for Bobbi Brown. Ditto almost any top MUA.

so that’s my “rebellion”/pet peeve about MU…

Word! Overdoing doesn’t look nice. If you want to play with your cheekbones, why on earth would you make heavy smokey eye, that steals the show? Why heavy eye makeup with dark and dramatic lips…? Of course, it’s sometimes nice to really play with makeup and really “paint” the whole face, but I wouldn’t weart those experiments in everyday life.

Personally, I like to wear bright eye makeup time to time, but I tend to forget my lips and sometimes I don’t even wear gloss. I often do it just by accident, but I think it’s a fine mistake. You don’t have to emphasize every single feature, that’s same as emphasizing nothing! (But yeah, some people are just not “fans of the neutral look”, and everyone does what they want. :D)

LOL yup. I had no clue people even considered half of these “donts”

My favorite look has often been foundation, mascara, lipliner & dark lipstick. No shadow, crease, contour, upper lower tight or waterliner, blush, bronzer, brows etc.

Who knew?

Personally I don’t believe there are any rules, just suggestions & ideas.

I use mascara until it dries up and is unusable – everyone says you should only use it for three months and then toss it but I’ve got one that is at least 18 months old and it’s still fine.
I’ve never had an eye infection or anything nasty – I figure they’re my germs… And how many harm causing bacteria lurk on your eyelashes as a matter of course anyway?
I know a lot of people think you can get conjuctivitis from your makeup, but really, you have to give pink eye to your eye makeup first…

Plus, if cosmetics manufacturers REALLY thought there was real risk around this, then they’d make mini sized mascaras and sell them at a cheaper price. Because how many of us can really use up 6 or 8 or even 10mLs of mascara in just three months?
I sure can’t!

It’s all about money, they want you to think you are getting a lot so you pay more, but since they “expire” in 3 months you’ll have to buy another.

A lot of medication lasts for years or never expires but they put dates on things so that you spend more buying more. If you don’t have an eye infection, you’re probably OK. However, if you do get one you toss it. I’ve had my mascara for well over 2 years hehe.

I know it’s a marketing tool, the difference between price and value, etc and I know they’re also covering their butts against complaints and potential lawsuits but it’s the fact that magazines and cosmetics companies continue to perpetuate this “scary” myth that bugs me.
I know why they do it and I don’t like it.
So I just ignore it.

Same here. I hold on to all my cosmetics, no matter the expiration time, until they start to smell different, have a different consistency, or they’re not the same texture as when I bought it. It happens you know, like I recently had to throw away 3/4 of a bottle of the silver UD glitter liner. But if I’ve had it long enough for it to “turn” and I still have so much of it, I know I won’t miss it getting tossed in the trash.

your not supposed to use dirty brushes, i do, deep clean every week er no i dont think so, every month yes, skins just fine though, no spots or infections, touch wood.x

I hardly ever line my upper lash line.. mostly because I suck at eyeliner on the upper lash line.. but I’ve never looked in the mirror without it and thought I looked awful LOL.. Maybe I’m missing something?!?! Oh well.

Also, sometimes I think my eyes look too dark if they’re lined on the upper lash line.. idunno I’m weird.

One thing that comes to mind right away is sometimes I go to bed without washing my makeup off and then when I wake up in the morning, there is makeup all over my pillow! Bad habit, haha.

Funny you should mention lining your upper lid, because I NEVER line my lower lid. I guess that is my “don’t” -I never put any eyeliner or mascara near my lower lashes. Maybe occasionally I’ll put some shadow, but that’s rare that I do.

Christine – I’ve wondered so often why you line the bottom and not the top. I prefer the look of the top lined, but now I understand. It seems you’ve got a realllly good reason! I also have sensitive eyes and HATE when they’re irritated.

Christine’s lower and no upper lining has totally grown on me – she knows how to make the shadow look good to flatter her eye without it. I’ve noticed now when I line my upper line it makes a lighter eyeshadow unnoticeable on the lid when my eyes are open.

I’m glad when Christine doesn’t. Her makeup looks just as good or better & more importantly sending the message that makeup’s 1st rule is to adapt it to your own look & needs not fit a stereotype.

yeah, I usually don’t line my upper lash line either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also use a darker colour on my eyebrows πŸ˜› but that’s because they’re light and it’s the closest matte brown I habe :PPP

here here! I’m 38 and I have always been about being a glittery/shimmer queen, even in the daytime, especially because I love looking at how the sun hits and there’s all those lil’ sparkles everywhere – so pretty – I get complimented on it quite a bit too, actually. I didn’t know that not lining the lid was a makeup don’t because many times I don’t wear liner at all anywhere other than my benefit eyebright on my waterline just to brighten things up a bit. Also I didn’t know that wearing one color eyeshadow is wrong either – I mean I typically won’t wear some obnoxious color all over unless I’m trying to be funny or it’s something I’m specifically doing (costume-wise), but many times I’ll wear like a light highlighter type color or nude type color and throw a lil mascara on and that’s it.

I’ve always heard that tweezing above your eyebrows was a massive don’t… But I do it all the time. I figure there is no point having beautiful arches underneath, if they’re all fuzzy on top.

I don’t do it often, but I will occasionally pair a strong lip with strong eyes. Also, I have blue-green eyes, and I wear blue/green eye makeup. I don’t see anything wrong with it; it’s all in how you wear it.

I have oily skin and people always say that oily-skinned shouldn’t wear cream products, but I recently brace myself to buy NYX cream blush and I love it so much πŸ˜€
I think it should make my pores look bigger, but in my mirror I don’t think it does, it makes me happy and glowy :))

I never line my upper lash. When I do, my eyelids looks extra droopy. I do line my lower lashline though. This is because I don’t have many bottom lashes and I feel I literally have no definition to my eyes when I don’t.

I go to sleep with my makeup on. Yeah I know, it’s like a cardinal skin care sin, but I’ve been doing it for years.

I sometimes go to bed with my makeup on, and I have completely stopped plucking my eyebrows… regardless of how unkempt other people may think they look. I have learned to accept them!

Applying concealer AFTER foundation. Current advice seems to be “apply foundation first and you won’t need as much concealer” but I find that if I apply my concealer first, I don’t need much foundation (and getting a natural application of foundation is my big makeup challenge, so this works for me!)

I don’t line my lower waterline…I just find it makes my eyes look really small and ends up ruining any look I have when I do it.

Hi by the way! I’ve been lurking your blog forever, but never posted any comments. Love this site!

I don’t do that either. I too think it’s makes my eyes look smaller, and it irritates that delicate skin. I get little bumps when I line my waterline

Me too! I mean, the curling lashes after mascara. I only do it sometimes like when I want my lashes to stand out, I’ll give them a quick curl after mascara.

I do a lot of things people normally wont or consider donts. I wear dark smokey eyes during the day I wear bright colors a lot of the time I don’t always line my upper lash line I do fun things with my liner on the lower lash line I pluck above my eyebrows. I pretty much shatter the “rules” lol

I don’t line my upper lashline either, and I feel it should be reserved for special occasions anyway. When you wear a full-face daily, it begins to look tacky and you lose that “over-the-top” effect when you want to dress it up! All my opinion, not meant to offend.

Same with me! Even tho I don’t have so much on the bottom, and putting mascara on them might help, I’m so afraid that I’d have raccoon eyes later when I forgot to look in the mirror πŸ˜›

Lately I havent been lining my eyes at all or putting mascara on my lower lashes. I have to get up early for work so I don’t have a ton of time for makeup. I would rather use the extra time to blend my foundation out to perfection! πŸ™‚

Several: I never wear foundation or concealer, all formulas break me out severely. I don’t use lipliner. I don’t use moisturizer or sunscreen. I have pale blue eyes and I wear more blue and teal eyeshadow and liner than any other color!

I don’t line my waterline nor my lower lash line. I don’t use mascara on my lower lashes and don’t fill-in my brows either.

I almost always match my e/s to my outfit…I have always heard conflicting things about this, but to me it looks better!

I dont wash my face everyday ( I have super dry skin , and my skin prefers for me to just use a baby wipe to remove makeup) . I dont fill in my brows – it is what it is . I dont really wear blush , nor do I wear foundation.

I never use bronzer, I don’t wear false tan, I enoy the spider lashes look and I like overdone blush and heavy foundation πŸ™‚ Haha.

I barely ever wear lipgloss/lipstick with my makeup. I feel that it makes my makeup look much more overdone and it makes my lips look smaller. I also wear quite a bit of blush but it really doesn’t look bad! I like the way it looks.

It’s more something I don’t that I should than something I do that I shouldn’t ¬¬ Heeehehe
It is the mascara on the lower lashes! NEVER! I ONLY put mascara on the upper lashes =)

Hmmmm, what to say:
– I wear colour, lots of it! In the office! Sod the loads of people with their endlessly boring neutral looks.
– Me and blush do not cope – never have, never will. I figure that since my cheeks never turn pink (or any shade thereof) naturally, why on earth should I stick fake clown like circles on my cheeks! Worse still when you tell me to do it in orange (horrible cosmetic counter MUA’s) Shudder!
– What on earth is the deal with damned black liquid liner! All it does is take over everything! Needless to say, mine’s dried up and I couldn’t be bothered. All I’m after is a little definition which whatever shadow I’m using does perfectly!
– Never (well almost) wear lipstick! I hate that thing of sitting at your desk with a compact trying to reapply your lipstick every 2 seconds. If anyone out there knows a proper long-wearing lip product which doesn’t need reapplying through the day (and pliz don’t mention lipstains – all they do is stick in your sore and dry bits!), pliz share. Until then I’ll stick with the occasional gloss and essential salve!

P.s. And yes, in case you were wondering, I am an African!

I also believe in wearing color during the day in the office, versus just neutrals. I also have “blush issues”, even though I own a total of 3.

I sometimes use a curler after applying mascara if I find some stray lashes that just won’t curl. I’ve got pretty straight lashes that point downwards so mascara application is really the bane of my life, really. Its the most time consuming part of my routine. Hate, hate it!

I never use moisturizer; my skin is just too oily for it. I’ve tried and I just break out, even if it is oil free. There is really no point if even after washing your skin has an all-over sheen to it.

i use a mascara until it’s dried up. i have never thrown in out after three months or whatever they say. nothing has happened to me for ten years so i really don’t think that’s necessary for everyone πŸ™‚

I almost never line my waterline, I think it closes up my eyes and doesn’t look good on me. I hardly ever use lipliner, unless it’s for red lipstick, which I also rarely wear.

I’ve been wearing makeup for almost 3 years now, and I’ve probably curled my lashes a total of 3 times! It’s because my lashes are naturally curled and curlers just don’t do much difference for me.

Mines not too bad, but when I have conditioner in my hair in the shower I use a wide toothed brush to brush my hair out instead of a wide toothed comb. I know its not good for your hair but I dont have the patience for a comb and my hair is quite long and thick. Ever since I started doing it I’ve noticed my hair is so much more healthy. It works for me and I ain’t quittin!!

i don’t wear eyeliner very much and when i do, i only line my upper tightline. i never line my lower waterline, ever.
i also dont fill in my eyebrows (i dont need it), nor do i like bronzer or nude lips.
haha thats a lot actually.

Blue eyeshadow is my fave, and that is often considered a don’t. Also, I don’t line or mascara my lower lid. It always smears, and my lower lashes are so long mascara makes me look strange.

I don’t do blush, bronzer, cheek makeup in general.

I’ll wear an eye look where everything is a shimmer or a glitter.

I wear whatever color eyeshadow I feel like that day, regardless of my eye color or what’s supposed to look ridiculous. (Granted, most days I wear foundation/concealer and eye makeup and that’s it.)

I don’t wear mascara if I only put on a wash of color or something simple on my eyes, because I really don’t need mascara, I just like my lashes to stand out when they’re up against a pile of eyeshadow.

I really don’t think not lining your upper lash is frowned upon πŸ˜€ see, that even made me laugh πŸ˜€ I don’t usually wear upper lash liner either.
I also apply powder under my eyes which supposedly dries out the skin but not mine.

I also don’t line my upper lash line often. My eyelids are uneven. I do not need to wear eyeliner and have eyeliner cover up my lid completely when my eyes are open and have one other lid look completely (or almost) normal.

I tug my eye pretty bad when I use eyeliner, especially liquid! I’m trying to stop, but it’s just so much easier when I’m doing my makeup first thing in the morning.

Ahh, this is a fascinating topic and I have a LOT of them.. Hmm, where to start..

1.) I use my mascara until it dries up or becomes too clumpy (Sometimes 8 months to a year).
2.) I never line my lower lashline with anything, my eyes are large & I feel like it accentuates bags & puffiness.
3.) I sometimes use 3-6 coats of mascara and somehow still don’t end up with spider lashes. Hah πŸ™‚
4.) I curl my lashes after I have mascara on.
5.) I never line my waterline. Too sensitive.
6.) I have green eyes and sometimes I wear shades of green on my lids.
7.) Sometimes I’ll pair a dramatic eye with a dark lip..

Makeup “Rules” were meant to be broken. Creativity knows no bounds….

I wear mascara on my top lashes always, but my bottom lashes never. I am missing a chunk of my bottom lashes on the left side. It’s just always been like that. You can’t tell, though, unless I put mascara on them (my lashes are very light, so you can’t see anything without mascara)

Weird, I am missing a chunk of lashes on my bottom left eye too and my lashes are so light that you can’t see them without mascara. However I usually do use mascara on my bottom lashes

I don’t line my waterline ever. Looks a bit overdone and “club ready” for my fair complexion. I do line my upper lashline. Sometimes the lower lashline, but that’s also too much for daytime with my large eyes.

Just person preference. πŸ™‚ I think you look great with your waterline lined, Christine. You have such a nice tan complexion!

Same! I thought I was the only one who thought it looked really overdone. I only line my tightline to make my lashes look thicker

I’m with Christine (in fact it’s why I like so many of her looks)I can’t line my upper lash line either. Same reason, it irritates my eyes. I can line my lower lash though and usually do!! πŸ™‚

I have never used lip liner and I don’t think I ever will. I also don’t fill in my brows but they’re not that thin so I don’t think it’s much of a problem.

1) I layer wrong-color foundations to match so I don’t waste them
2) I put water on dried-up mascara brushes of colored mascaras to keep using them
2a) I use colored mascara. LOL!
3) I wear whatever color eyeshadow I feel like, no matter the situation
4) I used expired lip products
5) I shave my face to eliminate small hairs catching foundation (this really works but sounds odd)
The above sounds like a hot mess, but most of the time my makeup is very subtle

1) I use my mascara until it dries. I have been using two for almost a year!
2) I never line my waterline.
3) I don’t curl my lashes. I don’t even have a curler!
4) I don’t fill my eyebrows, but I keep them clean and set.
5) I seldom use lipliner.
6) I don’t contour my face.

Christine, that’s more of a “do” that you “don’t.” And so is mine because I don’t pay that much attention to my brows. I pluck my own and get pretty lazy about it. I really don’t think brows are as big a deal as people say they are.

I apply concealer AFTER foundation and I’m realizing that more and more people do it beforehand. I guess I feel like applying foundation after will just wipe off the concealer, forcing me to reapply.

– I don’t keep track of “expiration” dates on my makeup. If the color/consistency/smell hasn’t changed, I’m going to keep using it.

– I never line my waterline, it makes my eyes smaller and it only lasts an hour on me.

– I don’t curl my lashes before mascara. I just find that my mascara goes on better when my lashes aren’t curled.

– I don’t wash my brushes every day, I only spot clean until the end of the week when I have time to deep clean.

– I apply my setting powder before blush/bronzer. I know that applying blush/bronzer directly on top of my foundation is supposed to help them adhere better, but I find that it is so hard to blend on top of foundation that I do it after I apply my powder.

– I never wear the bubblegum/baby pink lipcolors. No Viva Glam GaGa. No Pink Friday. No St. Germain. No Snob. No thank you.

Some beauty rules I don’t do:

1. I don’t use face primers even though my skin is oily.
2. I don’t put mascara on my lower lashes.
3. I don’t line my waterline.
4. I don’t highlight the inner corner of my eyes.
5. I don’t line my lips.

I put mascara on my lower lashes! I love the length it gives them…I’ve always loved the Twiggy look. And I pluck above my eyebrows, too…otherwise they get out of control!

I’m really surprised that this isn’t on here yet…or maybe I’m the only one? But I sometimes apply eyeshadow using my finger! I know it’s the biggest no no ever, but it’s way better than my stupid 239 brush!! Maybe it’s just me?

1 – I never ever fill in my brows – they’re pretty dark as is and I feel they may take over my face if I were to fill them in!
2 – I never, ever wear eyeliner on my lower lashes, especially not on the waterline. I feel like it makes my eyes look so small! I always, always line my lower lashes (not waterline) with the shadow I’m wearing if I’m wearing any. If not, I like a clean, bright look and just apply mascara to the top & bottom and some highlighter in the inner corner.
3 – I don’t tone my skin, even though it’s oily. I feel like it makes my skin too tight!
4 – I have tons of lipgloss & lipstick, but rarely ever wear anything but balm/salve/Chapstick
5 – I don’t straighten my curly hair – I know most curly girls do, but I refuse – too time consuming and bad for my already dry hair!

Great question πŸ™‚ Loving reading all of these answers!

I shave the peach fuzz on my face with an eyebrow razor. It’s fine and blond and it doesn’t grow back thicker or darker or any other old wives’ tale, but all other hair removal methods burn and sting and leave me with a rash.

I also wear blushes that are probably intended for darker skin tones. I love nothing more than a super flushed cheek.

I also keep makeup for longer than they say to. I figure it’s like eggs, there’s a date on the carton, but if the eggs aren’t rotten what is the point? I am more careful with products that touch my mouth/eyes and then go back into the container like lipglosses with doe foot applicators and mascaras.

i never wear sunscreen, i curl my lashes after already applying mascara, where cool/warm/neutral WHATEVER i want colors, throw 2,3,4 day old hair up in a bun, use “expired” products, all kinds of “bad” goodies!

Even though I have straight Asian lashes that point downwards, I don’t curl them because I feel like it somehow takes up lid space and makes my eyes look smaller, haha.

Mascara! I know it’s a must but it takes me too long, it never works out the way I want despite the various brands from luxe to less, my lashes smudge my glasses and obscure my vision, bits of mascara end up in my eye and irritate me for hours and I cannot touch my eye with it on and I’m just too darn lazy to to take that amount of time and effort at 5am every morning before work.

I rarely wear lipstick, or lipgloss outside of my house. I just dont feel natural wearing it in public. Ill have a fully done face (foundation, blush, eyes all done up) and Ill leave my lips bare.

I HATE blush! My undertones are very yellow, but I have moderate rosacea on my face, so my goal is always to try to get the red out of my face to match the rest of me.

I like to wear brown smokey-ish eyes during the day… my eyes just look so defined that I can’t stop. I also sometimes curl my lashes after mascara.

Heh, it looks like we’re all really rebels at heart…

Maybe we should all collaborate on a “Temptalia Community Blog Beauty Rules” book and then issue each one with a disclaimer to encourage others to break them if they want to!

Christine, you totally should think about doing a book – even take the photos – you’re so incredibly talented, it’d be awesome.


1. I hardly ever use mascara on my lower lashes.
2. I constantly line just my lower waterline and lower lashline and not the upper lashline. I feel that it pulls the attention away from my lids, so I only line the upper lashline when I’m doing simple shadows.
3. I don’t always line my lips. I own a couple lipliners, but when I DO line, I usually just line the top lip because my bottom lip line is funky and liner accentuates that.
4. Sometimes I wear bold colors on the eyes and lips.
5. I tend to use shimmery products on my lips, eyes, and face.
6. I don’t top my lipstick with lipgloss. I use either one or the other.
7. I don’t curl my lashes, but I’ve been thinking about it. I don’t use false lashes either.
8. I don’t honor expiration dates as long as nothing smells funny or applies weird.
9. I don’t clean my brushes after every use, but I *try* to limit the amount of uses each brush gets between cleanings since I have a lot of them.
10. I don’t brush my hair much at ALL.
11. Sometimes I’ll leave my hair undyed for months at a time so my roots grow out.
12. I keep my hair washings sparing because it dries out my hair.
13. I don’t paint my nails – ever.

Whew. I think that’s it!

I bleach and color my own hair… it comes out the same, if not better, than when my hair colorist does it. So, I don’t feel that bad!

I frequently match my makeup w/ my outfit. Not necessarily the exact same colors, but in the family. LOL Matchy Matchy! Faux pas, but I don’t care. I like to “coordinate”. LOL

I wear a full face of makeup during the day, smokey eyes and all. I wear bright nail polish in the winter and dark sometimes in the summer. And I almost never reapply my lipstick during the day.


my face is not a wall, the FULL full makeup look looks way too fake and personally I think its tacky.

I never ever use a lip brush to apply bright/red lipsticks (or any for that matter!). I have very full lips so using it straight from the tube really has never been an issue!

Same here! I just apply it in segments really carefully because my lips are big and curved enough to do it. It’s worked well so far!

When I apply my eyeliner (both upper and lower), I have to tauten the skin around my eye. They say not to do that as, over time, my skin around my eye will get “stretched out”. I’ll take my chances on this, because there’s no other way to get the liner on properly … LOL.

I fill in my brows with black eyeshadow! I know you’re supposed to use a slightly lighter brown to fill in your brows, even if you have black hair…but if I use anything but black it just looks weird. And it looks really obvious that I’m using product.

Although it seems to be a cardinal rule of Indian beauty rituals, I am not the biggest fan of lining my lower lash line or waterline. I feel like my eyes are big enough to handle it, but it almost always looks really heavy to me. I only do it with softer colors when I’m making a darker eye to go out. The only time I do a full lining with black is when I’m aiming for something super sooty/gritty.

Also, I had no idea shimmer on lips, eyes, and face was a no-no until I read the comments here! Granted, I use pretty subtle shimmers, but I love the look of a bronzer

Blah my comment got cut off. I love bronzer, a golden eyeshadow, and shimmery lips in the summer. I guess I look like a discoball, but oh well!

And even though I’m getting better at working with them, matte eyeshadow is frustrating. I really need to get a few coordinating mattes from MAC because they seem like the best with the most color options at a more reasonable price. I only own a few mattes, so it’s hard to make a whole eye with them because they don’t all work with each other colorwise.

I don’t use moisturizer and primer. I use just primer. Both would be wayyy too rich for my skin and cause the oilies. And then for non-MU days, I use just moisturizer. It kind of throws things off cos on reg (MU) days, I don’t really have a way to use moisturizer in my reg routine. *shrugs*

Same as you Christine. Lining your upperlash sounds like a classic and a must to most but I do not find it particularly pretty. It makes the look too heavy sometimes. Moreover I have big eyes, if I use eyeliner I end up looking like a Lemur : O.O !

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