Is concealer part of your everyday routine?

Is concealer part of your everyday routine? What do you normally use it for? Blemishes, unevenness, and/or under eye circles?

Since my general sleeping pattern has been far worse than normal, I’m probably going to have to start using it regularly. I never used to in the past, as foundation usually would be good enough for me!

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Yes, Most def an everyday routine (when I wear makeup that is). Can’t live without my concealer! I have to always cover up my horrible dark circles and blemishes. One thing I can’t live without! πŸ™‚

I always use concealer but I don’t always use foundation. I like to just target my problem areas rather than apply a heavy mask of foundation. I do tend to use several different types of concealer for various needs. Even though it takes me a little longer to do my makeup now, I find that my skin looks more natural and that I break out less.

I use concealer about once a month when I’m sick or got less than 4 hours of sleep. I don’t usually need it. I don’t have under eye circles or acne for the most part.

Concealer?! Geez, I have three in my bag right now! I have problems with skin tones, texture, and CONTOURS, plus variable skin behavior depending on weather and hormonal status. I have concluded most people don’t get good results from concealers because they don’t even know what they need to conceal. I use MAC prep&prime lid primer all around the eye and lids; get foundation blended and set; STAND BACK from the mirror and decide what more is needed; add eye shadows, liners, whatever; use MUFE Full Cover concealer applied and blended with a brush using more foundation; get blush,bronzer,powder in place; use very pale MUFE Full Cover OR Bobbi Brown Concealer to dab the scars, dark spots, difficult places and blend again (tired yet?); get lip color in place, then one more time dot under the eyes with Bobbi Brown concealer (using a DARKER color)and blend all the way out to the ‘apples’ of cheeks. It is a multi-step thing, going back and back, spend more time on contouring and even skin tones. My skin is DRY, sensitive, med-light color, acne-prone.

My concealer is a lifesafer! I generally prefer a lighter texture in foundation, and industrial strength concealers. Sometimes I don’t wear foundation at all, just concealer and powder is enough for most days in the office.

Unfortunately, yes. These dark circles have pretty much been here since birth. πŸ˜› The sheer foundations/tinted moisturizers I prefer generally don’t provide enough coverage to adaquately tone them down, and there are plenty of days I skip that step altogether.

Additionally, I dislike wearing any extra layers on my skin than necessary on hot, muggy days, so if I have redness from allergies, I’ll just dab a few drops of liquid concealer onto my fingers and use it to smooth out the area around my T-zone that gets it the worse. By far the most useful tip I picked up from Kevyn Aucoin’s “Making Faces.” πŸ˜€

Yes, if it comes down to time I usually go for concealer instead of foundation. Get the couple of blemishes covered and leave it at that. Overall, my skin tone is even enough that I don’t always need a foundation, but I do usually have one or two problem spots that need concealer.

I only WISH foundation had ever been good enough for me. Concealer is definitely a daily part of my routine. My panda eyes and acne-prone skin demand it!

…but you know, it definitely isn’t quite as necessary when I get enough sleep and I’m not stressed out. Who’da thunk? πŸ˜‰

Duuude! Why u no sleeping?! Yeah… me neither. LOL!

I don’t often use concealer off camera. I’m mostly just fighting dark circles when I do – and those are a direct result of how tired I am so they’re usually not bad until late in the evening. During the day something like Touche Eclat is enough to do the trick if I really need something.

Concealer is probably the one product I could not live without. I’d rather use a bit of concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes that might pop up, than use a regular foundation or any other makeup product. I always thought that a flawless complexion can do more for a person than the most elaborate eye makeup or lip.

I don’t use concealer often at all. I don’t even wear foundation often anymore. But when I do, I like a light-medium coverage foundation and that’s good enough for me. I don’t like my face to look too perfected, so I’ll leave out the concealer. Of course, if I do have a monster red zit or something, I’ll dab a little on. I will say though that I have been using a concealer under my eyes more often than usual. It’s the new Giorgio Armani Maestro one–it’s INCREDIBLE and super light so I like that

Absolutely! Concealer is something I could never live without due to acne and acne scarring, I always envy girls who say their must have product is mascara/blush/lipstick since I would never leave the house without concealer.

Absolutely! Well rested or not, I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes – linked to low blood pressure and exacerbated by pale skin. So I’ve used under-eye concealer since my teens. Now I have redness around my nose and a few broken capillaries. Concealer applied judiciously leaves me free to skip a full face of foundation if I want to.

Ive recently started using concealers regularly due to bad sleeping habits – I have oily skin and also an age old tendency for dark kohl-rimmed eyes. And my problem is that the mascara and kohl are settling in the creases and making the circles look darker. How do i prevent that from happening?

Using the following concealers: mac studio finish, maybelline lumi touch

Pretty much. Although I don’t have dark circles under my eyes, my eye sockets are rather deep-set, creating a shadow in the area between the socket & cheekbone. I apply a pale, almost white concealer in that area to highlight and camouflage it.

Im on the same boat as you. Waking up at 5 am and going to bed late is just…not a good look. I also have been getting breakouts for the first time in my life. Boo.

Concealer is the most important part! I have pretty clear skin with little work, so I usually only wear concealer for my genetically, dark purple under eye circles and eyeliner on a day to day basis.

Absolutely! I don’t wear foundation all the time so I cover my blemishes with concealer. Plus, I have very bad dark circles that I need to cover them.

Definitely!! I have the huge hereditary dark circles that completely fill my eye sockets, and haven’t been without concealer in over 30 years. I actually use foundation to conceal those bad boys, which is the only foundation that I wear, unless its a special occasion. I find its easier for me to hide the “raccoon eyes” without ending up with glowing “concealer eyes” in their place.

Oh absolutely. It’s a very rare day indeed that I don’t wear concealer. I have dark undereye cirlces (no matter how much I sleep) and lately I’ve been having lots of spots, plus the pigmentation they leave behind.

I do all the time for the greeni-ish tinted skin between my eye and nose. It’s almost like the skin is so thin that the veins are showing through. It’s kind of hard to explaine. My dark circle are not too bad but I do dab some under my eye and then the every now and then on a pimple or red spot. If I am doing a red lip I use it on my lips to keep a clean edge.

I have to wear it under my eyes, hereditary dark circles! I’m also very sallow around my eye area in general (and very pale, which equals corpse!!). I don’t tend to put concealer on pimples, I find it looks more cakey, so I layer foundation instead. Just works better for me!

I don’t get undereye circles (I’m so lucky!) so concealer has never been a big concern for me. I do have bad skin in general, but it’s all over so a little primer or foundation makes me look mostly alright.

Concealer is a must for me- even if I am wearing minimal makeup. Typically I use MAC mineral concealer under my eyes and to cover blemishes. But, if I need some extra help, I use MAC Studio Fix concealer to cover really pesky blemishes and Cle de Peau concealer under my eyes. I also use an illuminator, like YSL Touche Eclat, around the sides of my nose and mouth.

Concealer sure is a part of my everyday routine! Luckily, I don’t need much. On days like today where I was running out of the house, I used concealer under my eyes and skipped the foundation. I haven’t been getting to bed at a good hour lately and it shows. Concealer helps me avoid comments from my co-workers that I look “tired”. =/

I actually mentioned this in my first post on my blog! It’s not normally, but since I’m trying to wear less foundation (my skin has been feeling a little suffocated by foundation) I am trying to get into the swing of concealer.

Yes, now it is @ 45 and with some acne scars. I find that the Bobbi Brown formula has the best color and consistency for me. It really brightenes up the eye area.

I use it everyday. I have really bad dark circles, which aren’t really dark, they are red. Anyway, I have to cover them up. I am also really fair so any blemish shows up very red.

Absolutely, haha. Just for under the eyes though. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning after getting 2.5 hours of sleep and thought I looked deathly ill, so I concealed those mothers. Some days I need concealer less than others, but I still use it every day.

Does anyone else have red undereye circles? Everyone talks about the salmon-toned concealers to cancel out the blue, but that doesn’t work for me. I was thinking of using a green-toned corrector under my concealer.. but that might be a bad idea.

I use concealer most days under my eyes because I don’t get enough sleep. I occasionally use concealer for dark spots too. I use two different concealers though. For undereye, I use the more liquidy Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer. For dark spots and blemishes, I use the Amazonian Clay cream concealer from Tarte.

Sadly, concelear is part of my everyday routine, since I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes, and also for the rare occasional blemishes.

I use it under my eyes absolutely everyday to cover those dark circles in Fall and winter due to sinus issues/lack of sleep. In the spring and summer I don’t need it all of the time unless I am not getting enough sleep.

It’s crucial for me because I have bad acne. Even with a nearly full coverage foundation (revlon colorstay), I still need a stick concealer.

Hell yes! I am on prescribed low dose long-acting narcotics to help manage pain levels associated with my chronic diseases. I stick to the lowest possible dose which translates into plenty of nights where I do not get much sleep, but I wake up feeling alert and avoid the fuzzy head syndrome which I detest. Consequently, I have nasty dark circles. I purchased the OCC concealers in Y1 and Y2 after Christine reviewed same. They are phenomenal! I may not wear foundation every day, but guaranteed I am always wearing concealer.

How did you go about finding the correct shade? I’ve been really interested in trying the OCC concealer, but I don’t want to spend money on another concealer if it doesn’t match.

I know that I am neutral skinned with some warm undertones, so I went for the warm colours.. in the Y (yellow tones) range as opposed to the R range (red tones). I am fairer than Christine and used her choices as a benchmark. I can rarely fit into standard foundation shades, so I thought it best to buy two shades. I really dislike the look of too light of concealer under the eyes and think it draws attention to them as opposed to conceal them so I chose one I thought would be on the light side and one I thought would be on the dark side. I am guessing I am NC 20-25 in MAC terms. Oh, and yellow is the correct colour to fix blue. I hope my fractured response helps somewhat. If all else fails, send OCC a message. They are fabulous and could probably help you based on foundations you are currently using. Good luck!

yeah, tho now i’m using foundation as concealer cuz it’s pigmented….i’m using a ton for my dark circles…still not invisible. i hate them.

I have yet to find one I really like but maybe I’m just applying it wrong. In any event, I rarely use concealer because I just can’t be bothered. I also wear glasses with tinted lenses so it kind of hides my dark circles.

I never had dark circles till last year as I am now getting 4 hours of sleep I wear concealer under my eyes…I used to use it for blemishes, but now I really don’t have blemishes anymore and just dark cirlces… I guess I prefer the dark circles though lol.

Not everyday, but I use concealer if I have to leave the house and sometimes if I just look really tired!!It makes me feel better. (I don’t usually use both foundation and concealer though unless I’m doing “going out” makeup). Under eyes and blemishes are addressed. I’m fairly good for skin tone lately thanks to a new cleanser.

yep – but not anything super-expensive (i save the mac pro longwear concealer for nights out) – i use desert organics’ concealer touch stick. it’s got tea tree oil to treat blemishes. i use it in medium, get it on my dark spots and under my eyes, use it like a highlighter – $8 in a tube, good stuff.

Unfortunately it is. I have terrible dark circles and since my skin is so light they just appear even darker. I’ve also had some really bad acne lately so I have been using it for that. When I am I not going out all day or I’m in a rush I skip putting any makeup on to let my breathe.
I use Mac studio finish concealer. It’s a great match for my skin tone and lasts almost all day. There is also tons of product in the pot. I have had mine for about 6 months and I finally hit pan on it.

oh yes! specially now that I am skipping foundation, I use concealer to even out some small areas of my face, then I apply mineral powder. What I always use is Mac studio finish concealer . After I finish it up I want to try the Kat Von D concealer

I always use under eye concealer. I like to conceal spots on my face most days too. Sometimes I forget, that’s all.

I would love to go concealer-free more often though.

Yes, to cover spider veins and occasional blemishes. I also lighten the inner corners of my eyes where they have darkened but usually use a different product.

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