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Talitha Avatar

Girly is my absolute favorite. Though Lala and chipper are gorgeous too.

Birthday suit is my favorite blush. And the new rose golden eyeliner my new favorite eyeliner. I have yet to try it as a base eyeshadow.

Katherine T. Avatar

Christine, thanks so much for putting this together! This is great for both the Colour Pop addicts (like me) and newbies that will soon become addicts. Look at all the A ratings and cray prices ! No wonder I have the urge to buy almost everything on their site

Trish Avatar

Falling flat, really?? I love this! I was actually just trying to figure out where I should start for getting into Colour Pop πŸ™‚ I would love to see something similar for Makeup Forever and Inglot!

Stacey Avatar

You know, Christine. sometimes it takes me awhile to warm up on a product. So that blog may not excite me on the day you post. I have come back and revisited many of your blog postings at various times to compare and reevaluate the color, price, etc.
Actually, I did not jump and look at this further until now. I actually like this concept the way you post.
I have mixed feelings about Colour Pop. I think price wise it’s wonderful I like all the shock cheek blushes I bought. I like the texture when I am tested it on my arm. But when I apply it with my fingers on the cheek, I find it is not so easy to blend.

So it is not so much the presentation, but the brand itself. You put Suqqu eyeshadows and its products here, and I would be in it in a minute. You put Mac and I won’t even click on it…too boring for me.

Christine Avatar

I usually take stock after a week, for this exact reason πŸ™‚ I typically will follow a new post/type progress over a week to see how well it did in general and if it had any long-term impact as well (some posts are better for that). Same with new features (though this is looked at over 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year markers). I picked ColourPop, as it seemed like a popular brand “of the moment” and with it being online only, it can be hard to wade through their massive product range, so it seemed like a good one to try first.

Thank you! πŸ™‚

Ray Avatar

If I may….my first thought when I saw this post was that I wouldn’t wear any of your chosen shades. It didn’t stop me from yapping about the shades I DO wear, but I suppose other people weren’t moved to do the same. I guess you ranked them according to your own ratings? Which is fair and logical, but there are too many warm and dark eye colors listed (for those of us that don’t do full four-color blended looks, transition shades are useless). If you want feedback, I’d suggest a balanced selection of “entryway” shades and types of products, even if they aren’t all A-grade. Matte lips are somewhat “contentious” in the beauty community (a lot of people don’t like how they look or feel outside of pictures), and many women simply don’t wear blush at all, let alone cream formulas. I’d have liked to see more lip products listed too.

I love the idea of this feature! But as I mentioned before, I work in marketing, so I can never turn off the part of my brain that goes, “hmmmm….would this make me buy something?” I enjoyed the post though!

Christine Avatar

Hi Ray,

I considered quality, what makes the brand stand out, and I tried to present a melange of shades – cool, warm, light, dark, etc. This was, actually, my attempt at shades for someone new to ColourPop and who was looking for good shades to start with. If someone asked me, “What should I get from ColourPop?” and I was unable to follow-up with questions about their coloring, preferences, etc., this is what I would have told them. So… it sounds like my thinking was in line with yours, but my choices were poor! I should also add: my choices were chosen based on someone new to the brand, not new to makeup in general.

Thank you for the feedback, and I wish it could have been more helpful for you! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and what shades you would recommend to others.

LilyM Avatar

Lovely feature, Christine! I haven’t ever seen an intro to a brand post laid out this way, either in print or on the blogosphere. Really enjoyed it <3

Inday Avatar

I love this Christine! I have several ColourPop items (mostly from your reviews) but still get overwhelmed when I go to their site. I haven’t kept up with their latest releases so it’s great to see some of the newer colors here. And Lace is definitely going to be in my next order!

Carista Avatar

Game face is the perfect bronze for making green eyes pop! I can even wear it to work which I can’t say for the only other color that does the same which is purple!

Alexa Avatar

This is great! I’ve been hearing great things about colorpop and I’ve been browsing the site for a while, but haven’t gotten around to purchasing anything yet. I’ll use this as inspiration!

popscockles Avatar

Fun topic, I love Colourpop!

I love for lips: Tulle, Tootsi, and Grunge <3.
For eyes: Bill, Central Perk, DGAF, Melrose (only part of 90s palette, but so worth it), Bae, and the Metamorphosis palette (soooo pretty)
I'm not as a big a fan of their eyeliners, but of the ones I have, I think Crybaby and Get Paid are pretty nice.

Nancy T Avatar

Favorite eyeshadows:
Mixed Tape, Party Time, Hustle, Supermodel, Girly, Plaid and So Quiche. Bae is beautiful, but definitely requires a bit more work for me! Sugar and Krinkle, same as Bae. Beautiful, but more time consuming.

Cheeks: Butterfly Beach, Cruel Intentions, Quarters, Poolside and Highly Waisted.

Lips: I only have 3 CP lip products currently, out of them, I absolutely LOVE Grind!

Claire L Avatar

I think this is a genius idea to put the top products of a brand all in one place! At least even if it’s not that popular, you can keep it on the site so it’s searchable for people who want this sort of thing.

Christine Avatar

If it was super easy to do, I’d be happy to do it regardless, but if it gets 25% of the traction of a review post, and it takes twice as long, it’s not a good use of my time (it’s almost always better spent reviewing, lol, but I like to try different things, just in case!). Thank you, Claire!

Ray Avatar

COLOURPOP! The most satisfying relationship I have ever had!!!

I stocked up on Mixed Tape during the recent sale…I’m so sad it’s LE! I can dupe it with Girl Crush + Acorn though.

Last night I went to a holiday party and I wore I <3 This blended with Acorn on my eyes with my Lovesick balm stain (a cool-toned medium pink) and some silvery highlighter. It was a lot of fun to put together a look that was a little "icy."

Christine Avatar

SOOOO, I had originally put I <3 This on the list, and then I couldn't find it on the ColourPop site and was soo sad. It's such a cool shade! I'm not sure if it's just not turning up because of the symbol or I looked in the wrong place (I searched, but then I tried just looking under neutrals).

Ray Avatar

When I searched the site for it, it doesn’t come up. You have to browse the selections manually. That would be a good starter ColourPop recommendation. Certainly the most fun. I also like Bill/Girl Crush as warm/cool neutral everyday shades with juuuust a little quirk!

Alyssa Robinson Avatar

I love Colourpop so much! Bae and Gameface are on regular rotation for me. I’m not sure how I feel about the highlighters, though: mine always seem to suck up all my foundation and leave a splotchy, obvious area where the highlight is. But everything else is STELLAR.

t Avatar

I’m wearing the new silk lippie stix right now and it’s gorgeous. I love p much all of their lip products I’ve tried – feminist, grunge, brills, bunny, and fighter are some of my favorite stix, and for mattes I love trap, tulle, Dr m, kapow, creeper, stingraye … Actually I love all of them ?
A lot of those are limited edition thought … which is the danger with colourpop

Rachel R. Avatar

Great idea for a feature! My favorites…Can I pick “everything?” lol I haven’t tried the new eyeliners, so I guess I can’t say for sure about those. And the Ultra Mattes are a mixed bag for me. The shadows/pigments and cheek products have all been primo for me, though.

Some of my favorites: Lace, Dare, Slave2Pink, Fantasy, Bae, So Quiche, Hammered, Game Face, LaLa, Birthday Girl (LE), Get Lucky, Liberty, Stereo, Central Perk, Sour, Girl Power; Grind, Leather, and Feminist Lippie Stix; Ultra Matte in Dr M; Smoke n Whistles and Monster highlighters, Jellyfish Blush (LE, I think). I’m not sure how many of these are still available, but most should be.

Ginny Avatar

My faves would have to be eyeshadows in Acorn, Fringe, I heart This, Get Lucky, Liberty, Sleigh, Amaze, Eye Candy, Girly, Hope, So Quiche, Krinkle, and Tinsel, and counting lol. Mostly light, user friendly shades that are very easy to apply and blend out with a finger. Then their highlighters in Monster, Hippo, and Smokin Whistles.

Ginny Avatar

It’s way more versatile than I would have thought. I will wear it on the lower lash line (though since it’s so glittery it’s not the easiest to apply this way). All over the lid with a dab of silver or white in the center (like Liberty or Tassel). Or because it is so glittery it’s great to add oomph to a completed look by dabbing a little over a gunmetal, charcoal, blue, or navy smokey eye. I’ve been meaning to mix it with Sleigh (which has the same glitter content but is DC’d I think, I hope they bring this one back) to make more of a mermaid type pastel turquoise. Will have to try that soon.

Cat Avatar

I really love this feature! Of the products listed, I have Sticky Sweet, which I first thought would be far too dark for my complexion. It’s not (applied carefully) and I LOVE it! It’s such a gorgeous color! My other favorites from ColourPop are the shadows in Bill and Sequin, the blush in Rain, the Lippie Pencils in Westie and LumiΓ¨re, and the Lippie Stix in LumiΓ¨re.

After the holidays, I plan on buying Hippo and at least two of the new liners.

Kimberly Avatar

I can’t live without Trap, Beeper, Chilly Chili, StingRAYE, Tulle, Teeny Tiny, Tootsi pencil, and Wet pencil. I really hope they keep these in stock forever, although I know StingRAYE is a collab. I have 2 backups of most, but I HAVE to get 2-3 backups of StingRAYE before it’s gone!

Heather Avatar

Thanks for posting! Really LOVE this! I am relatively new to CP, but love everything I do have! I think the Ultra Matte lip (especially their holiday sets) are some of the best I have tried! I forget that I am even wearing anything on my lips. Anyway, it is nice to see this all together in one place! Love the work you do!

CeeBee Avatar

Lumiere Lippie Stix is hands down my absolute favourite (and a great dupe for NARS Audacious Anna – I have both)… also adore So Quiche and I Heart This super shock shadows, Prenup and Cheerio blush and Sticky Sweet, Highly Waisted and Butterfly Beach highlighters.

Kimberly Avatar

Oh and I have to say that this was/is really helpful! I first went to their site back around June, but I got so overwhelmed and didn’t order anything. I kept looking and searching for weeks, and just came up blank every time bc it was simply way too overwhelming. I then became friends with someone on IG who knew the brand in and out, and owned the majority of the line. She was able to help me and give me a point of reference to start with. I ordered 4 ultra mattes, 2 lippie stix, and 1 lippie pencil on my first order. And then I had 1-2 orders every week for a month and a half straight after that, LOL! I became addicted to all their lippies, especially the Ultra Mattes. I am so thankful to her for swatching and comparing endlessly for me! This is a nice guide!

xamyx Avatar

My biggest issue with this brand is everything that I’ve been most interested in has been LE, and as someone who likes to make online orders “count” (it’s not so much an issue for shipping costs, but a convenience factor), there just aren’t enough products that are available at any given time to make it worthwhile…

xamyx Avatar

I’m interested in some of the highlighters/blushes, but I also want to toss some lippies in there, and it seems every, single one that has caught my has been LE! While the eyeshadows seem wonderful, and there are quite a few I’d wear regularly from the permanent range, most have been LE, and I personally have to really be able to justify any new eyeshadow, LOL!

Rose Avatar

I love the idea of an introduction to brands! A lot of the time I hesitate to jump on to new makeup bandwagons and then they end up becoming insanely popular (aka. colourpop, makeup geek, dose of colors, etc). By the time I decide to give it a try they usually have quite an overwhelming amount to choose from so I love to see your choices on what you would recommend from each brand. I hope to see more of these!

Tracey E. Avatar

Thanks for this compilation, Christine. I wouldn’t know where to begin to put together a starter palette for this brand. Look forward to trying it out. Very helpful!

madoka Avatar

Thank you for this guide, Christine! I have not tried ColourPop yet so this will be super helpful when I make my order. I hope you will eventually make one of these for each brand. πŸ™‚ I don’t know why the reader count isn’t as high as expected, maybe it’s taking time for people to discover it. I certainly love it!!!

quartzpebble Avatar

Yay! Really glad to hear that–I think I’m full up on CP eyeshadows right now, but when I want more I’ll absolutely be coming back to this. It’s a great reference.

Hannah Avatar

Just read some of your replies saying that this sort of post wasn’t doing as well as you’d hoped but I REALLY love this idea. I think it’s super helpful. As someone who has been very into makeup for several years now but has never owned a MAC product (so overwhelmed and I just see the poor reviews from their limited edition collections) it would be great to see this sort of thing for other brands out there too! It’s also just nice to see what products other people enjoy from brands I already know about.

Kim Avatar

I love this idea of “where to start.” Would’ve been helpful before Cyber Monday, but I understand you’re busy! A light, medium, and dark skin-tone recommendation list would be awesome, but obviously very time-consuming. I’d love to see this general guide, though, with other brands πŸ™‚ good work!

Ps. It’s always nice to see that what I’ve already bought is on the list *pats self on back*

Rachel Avatar

My first ever comment on Temptalia (although I am a longtime reader) to say that I LOVE this feature! I’ve been meaning to check out Colour Pop but it’s overwhelming to head over to their website and see all the shades without knowing what to try. I’d love to see more guides (seconding the poster who suggested Makeup Forever — love the products of theirs I do have but am always at a loss as to where I should start exploring), and I’m so grateful for the time you’ve spent assembling this one. <3

Andrea Avatar

For lips, I have enjoyed Grind and also a neutral for the summer. Do you have a clear glossy color that you recommend with most of the mattes? I really like the lip products.. the eye shadow application requires time so I find I only use them for special caisson.
It’s also a bit challenging to shop online, I searched through this sight to find the most popular colors.

Najibah Avatar

I’m not one to comment often… not much at all but I have to say this is a genius post…seriously. so many brands are so overwhelming when u visit their site or brand, you just never know where to start. I have held off buying anything from colorpop for that reason as well as many other brands. I love this idea. I really do hope these types of posts stay!

Satinder Avatar

Thank you for putting this together for us Christine. I’ve gone to colourpop’s website before and just gotten overwhelmed by all the choices and ended up leaving the site without buying anything. This guide that you created will definitely help people who want to try colourpop. It would be great if you could do this with other brands. thank you !

Phoebe Avatar

this is a wonderful feature! it will definitely guide first timers who want to try a brand’s products without getting burned by buying a not-so good product from that line πŸ™‚ my first time to comment in 5 years πŸ™‚

Sarah Avatar

Girl Crush is my holy grail, number one cannot live without it shade. I also love Party Time, Smash, Partridge, and Cricket. I have a couple of their blushes, and don’t love them. Electric Slide highlighter, however, is AMAZING and I like Sticky Sweet too. I’m not really a lip girl, but the ones I do have that I appreciate the most are Boogie and Whip.

Sarah Avatar

So far I only own products from the fall line but I’ll be expanding my collection soon! Colourpop gave me my all-time favorite blush, Cruel Intentions, and two of my top three lipsticks, Dazed and Contempo. By the way, I love this type of post. It makes exploring the brand easier with the ratings and pictures all in one mass set. Thanks Christine!

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