Interview with Titi Branch from Miss Jessie’s on Holiday Hair Tips, Hairstyle Tips, and Curly Hair Tips

We had the opportunity to speak to Titi Branch from Miss Jessie’s, and we couldn’t resist asking her for some holiday hair tips because we know holiday parties are in full swing–so of course, you want to look your very best, from the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes. But first, let us tell you about Titi as well as her salon and hair product brand, Miss Jessie’s. Titi and her sister Miko opened up Miss Jessie’s Salon in 1997 in response to the lack of experts in natural hair and naturally curly hair. They had the unique hair experience of being born to a Japanese mother and African-American father, and so their hair texture was always a plight for unsuspecting salons. They learned to style and manage their own hair, and this is how Miss Jessie’s salon was born.  In 2004, they launched their own line of systling cremes, moisturizers, and deep conditioning teratments.

Quick tips from Titi:

  • Curly Pudding: A fantastic styling crème for fingerstyling. Apply to damp hair and air dry or use a diffuser to speed up drying time. Creates wonderful elongated spirally curls.
  • Curly Meringue: An excellent styling crème for rod setting curls. Curly Sets are great because they last through the party. A lot of us are reluctant to get out there on the dance floor because we are afraid we will sweat our hair out. Not so with a Curly set. They last long after the party is over.
  • For your Braiders: Apply a dab of Miss to freshly blown out natural hair. It will transform an otherwise bumpy braid to a silky smooth plait.

What are some of the easiest ways to style your hair for a great holiday look?
If you are going to wear it out I think accessories are a lot of fun, pretty headbands with ornamentation are really pretty and also keep your hair out of your face.

For straight-haired girls, what are the best products to use to increase volume?
Straight haired girls need to increase volume in the root area. So root volumizing sprays are good. Hot rollers for sets are great. For styling straight hair curly I would suggest a spiral rod set with Curly Meringue. Dry under a dryer and separate the set when dry.