Interview with Linsey Snyder – Face Time Cosmetics President and Make Up Artist

Temptalia had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Linsey Snyder, aged 29, who is the president and CEO of Face Time Cosmetics. She runs her own cosmetics line, as well as does side work on television shows, socialites, celebrities, and editorial spreads. She’s been working as an artist since she was “old enough to have makeup of [her] own and [had] friends who wanted makeovers!” Her education has stemmed mostly through learning from magazines as well as classes taught by James Vincent at The Powder Group in New York City.

Linsey, as generous as she is, has donated Beauty In a Box in Stunning ($90 value) for a Temptalia giveaway contest! Enter by leaving commenting on the interview (a real, substantive comment – don’t just say hi!) by 11:59 PST November 2nd. One random, LUCKY winner will be selected November 3rd!

Before you can win, though, you have to read the interview!

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Linsey: How many wonderfully talented makeup artists there are that don’t get recognized and how supportive of an industry it really is if you know how to be resourceful.

Temptalia: What feature do you love to accentuate?
I love the bow of the lip. It is so under-rated and it’s so sexy and beautiful. I use an angled liner brush, dunk it in Upper Crust Dust and slightly line the bow of the lip. The subtle flecks of gold reflect light and it looks so angelic.

Temptalia: What made you create your own cosmetic line? What have you learned?
Linsey: My friends and I were so sick of dodging the girls working at the makeup counters in department stores, and I realized that women get to a point where they don’t want the trendiest makeup, and instead they want to look sophisticated, elegant, and tailored. No company guaranteed “appropriate makeup,  so we came up with the idea of the Beauty In a Box; a one stop shop for the women who want to simply look well put together. The Face Time Collection is unique because we bridge the gap between boutique and customer.

I have learned so much and I hope to learn more everyday. The most valuable thing I have learned is to trust your gut when making decisions and dealing with people. Many people will cheer you on when you start a business but don’t get discouraged by those who don’t, just get motivated by it. I have learned that starting a company is like being in a maze, when you get to a crossroad you feel out the best next move and then run to light. It is all about trial and error, and constant confidence.

Temptalia: What’s your favorite way to achieve the perfect natural look?
Linsey: Start with a great night sleep, and a clean and exfoliated face. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Dab some Velvet Veil all over the face to bring the natural glow to the surface and add a bit of peachy concealer (not yellow!) to the under eye area (I use my fingers to press the product into the skin). Pop cheeks with a little Palm Beach Pink Embellblush (the light reflecting formula makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter and whiter!) and sweep some Louise’s Liberality all over the lid, and some Virginia’s Vitality in the crease to help open up the eye. Then I take some Upper Crust Dust in Sand Beige and I dab a tiny bit in the bow of the lip and a little High Glass in Peace which literally pulls the natural pink tone in the lip to the surface while adding the perfect amount of shine. This look brings a lot of life and subtle beauty to a fresh face!

Temptalia: What advice do you have for those wanting to become a makeup artist?
Linsey: Be resourceful. Look professional and act professional and remember that your personality and charisma is what makes it or breaks it. Other makeup artists may have skills but no one is you, and you are the only representation of yourself. People do not respect drama queens, but they do respect and hire back hard workers.

Temptalia: What are three important skills required to be a makeup artist?
1) Be on time 2) Be responsible and on your toes 3) Know how to keep up with the industry, read WWD on Fridays, keep up with beauty blogs, and read Allure Magazine cover to cover every month. Also, makeup artists can and should have subscriptions to GCI and Beauty Packaging. They are free and it’s an easy way to know a lot about the industry which makes you much more valuable.

Temptalia: Do you love working any specific brands or lines?
Linsey: I obviously use mostly Face Time products, but the best skin care line that I have found is called Face It. Also, I use Eve Pearl’s salmon under eye concealer.

Temptalia: Could you share your three beauty tips you could not live without?
Linsey: 1) Moisturize before any application 2) Cream blush THEN translucent powder and THEN powder blush (to create a dimensional look). 3) Line lips after gloss/lipstick is on because it tends to be easier to blend and looks more natural–oh and always stay tuned to Temptalia for the latest and greatest product reviews.

We thank Linsey for letting us have the opportunity to interview her! Don’t forget, you can win Beauty In a Box in Stunning ($90 value) by leaving commenting on the interview (a real, substantive comment – don’t just say hi!) by 11:59 PST November 2nd. One random, LUCKY winner will be selected November 3rd!