Interview with Dominic Cruz of Kryolan

Kryolan is often considered a professional and top industry line. Here’s a great interview with Dominic Cruz, a makeup artist for Kryolan, on upcoming trends, do’s and don’ts, and more!

Q&A with make-up artist Dominic Cruz

Make-up items we should always carry in the bag:
Moisturizer, neutral lip color, lip pencil, eyeliner, a base foundation, mascara and a lip emphasizer.

What is the biggest make-up faux pas?
The wrong foundation color that clashes with your skin tone, the wrong shadows applied in the wrong manner and wrong brow shapes.

What are the top international trends in make-up?
The trend seems to be going back to the 1970s with influences of the mod look, Afro and crazy shadows.There are different looks to go with the different seasons that range from a varied, bright, color palette and tangerines for the spring season to UV colours with lots of yellows and pinks for summer.The fall season has more sober monochromes that go back to the 1930s and 1940s and to top it all off, there are the OTT bright burgundy shades for winter that emerge as a change from a conservative look.

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What should we watch out for while buying make-up?
It is always important to keep in mind what your skin needs and what your look is going to be.Do enough research, look at magazines and study your face and get the lines and colors right. Find a good salon and get professional help to stay abreast of new trends.

What are effective ways to conceal facial flaws or deformities?
The Dermacolour line of products is meant for this purpose and can be used by professionals as well as non-professionals. Waterproof and high pigment-based make-up can camouflage abnormalities like basic dis-coloration, pimples and post surgical scars.

Who do you dream to work on?
Angelina Jolie with her classic angular look would be a pleasure to work on. Cameron Diaz with her bleached Californian look also has an interesting face.

What are your plans for the US?
We have just launched our whole range here which will be available at select cosmetic stores, salons and through our distributors.

How competent are make-up professionals in US compared to international standards?
The styles are very different and the US style of make-up is largely clean and simple. Lots of neutral shades. People tend to like the natural look in the U.S.

Tell us a bit about make-up as an art form…
It is important to create the right skin tone by blending colors and gliding the brush over a face, which is a lot like being an artist. The idea is to enhance natural beauty as well as address the client’s needs and achieve what they are looking for! As far as make-up for the stage is concerned, high definition cameras can be quite brutal and unforgiving and make-up is a must! Also, the actor can portray different characters and different moods not only with his/her acting skills but also with the help of make-up.

Is your line restricted to professional make-up?
The Kryolan range provides make-up that can be used by ordinary people with proper instructions and skincare items that can be used on a daily basis.

What is Kryolan’s contribution to theatrical make-up?
Kryolan makes high-definition make-up for high-resolution cameras. We study the face and human body and then work with the cameramen, actors and lights people to come up with the right look that will work under the arc lights. For example, for special effects or when you are trying to age someone, the wrinkles need to be properly created.

Make-up or no make-up? What is best for skin?
At the end of the day, no make-up is the best thing for your skin as it allows your pores to be free and your skin to breathe.