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Inglot Eyeshadows

Inglot Eyeshadows are not easy to come by in the U.S., but perhaps that will change over the next year or two. The brand now has a boutique in NYC, which looks like any high end brand’s boutique from the photos and videos I’ve seen of it (I have never been there personally). My girl Pursebuzz picked up two palettes of eyeshadows on my behalf while she was at a local trade show, so I think each of these palettes was around $40, inclusive (the palette and eyeshadows). I think the normal price hovers around $75ish for the palette and enough eyeshadows to fill it. I remember we both planned to purchase more, but they were cash-only (say what?! what is cash?!) at the show.

The quality of the eyeshadows is nice–well-pigmented, smooth, and blendable. They come in a ridiculous variety of colors and seem to have three finishes available: regular, AMC, and AMC Shine. Again, since I’ve never been to an Inglot store, and their website explains nothing about, I really can’t say much about what each finish is officially or there are finishes within each type of eyeshadow.

  • #464 is an adobe brown with gold shimmer and red undertones. It’s kind of like clay, in the color.
  • #495 is a brightened pink with a subtle pearly sheen.
  • #48 (AMC Shine) is a pinky-plum with a frosty look.
  • #15 (AMC Shine) is a fiery orange and a gold frost finish, though it’s not incredibly bright.
  • #60 (AMC) is a semi-matte true yellow.
  • #474 is a lightened yellow with a pearled sheen.
  • #57 (AMC) is a darkened forest green with a satin-y feel.
  • #58 (AMC) is a brightened grass green with a satin look.
  • #447 is a spring-y leafy green with subtle sparkle.
  • #59 (AMC) is a yellowed chartreuse with a satin sheen.
  • #70 (AMC) is a medium sky blue with a satin feel.
  • #05 (AMC Shine) is a brightened, light sky blue with a frosty sheen.
  • #20 (AMC Shine) is a pale baby blue with a silvered sheen and frost finish.
  • #24 (AMC Shine) is an aqua-blue with a bright frost sheen.
  • #68 (AMC) is a blue-based purple with slight sparkle and sheen.
  • #40 (AMC Shine) is a darkened plum-berry with silver sparkle and a frosty finish.
  • #441 is a slightly iridescent light purple with a pearly sheen.
  • #65 (AMC) is a deep, satin black with teal flecks of sparkle.
  • #498 is a charcoal gray with teal sparkle strewn through it.

All of the shades I tried had great color pay off, were smooth and easy to work with, and there really is such a huge variety of colors available, so you’re sure to find at least a few that tickle your fancy.

For me, though, something about these felt a little one-note for me. Again, since I can’t see their full stock and variety, this is really based solely on my experience with these nineteen shades. It was just this color with a frost/pearl/satin sheen, but I didn’t see shades I’ve never seen before. I didn’t see green with blue and aqua shimmer. I didn’t see blue with a flash of gold.

The price on these is amazing, and there’s nothing about these that feels cheap. The packaging is sturdy, the eyeshadows seem about the same size as MAC eyeshadows, and they even have a full boutique–just like high-end brands. They are a great deal, and if you’re in the NYC area, I would definitely recommend checking Inglot out sometime.

I think the one thing I can say that I really didn’t like about these was how snug they are in the palettes. They really do not come out — the magnet is pretty strong. I gouged over half of the eyeshadows just trying to remove them. I don’t know about you, but I do rearrange my palettes from time to time, so ruining a bunch of them just to move them around is frustrating.

I know the next time I’m in NYC, I’ll be stopping by the Inglot store to see and learn more about their full line.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

Recommendation: Not necessarily the most original shades on the block, Inglot matches the quality of high-end brands with the price of low-end.

Availability: Inglot Cosmetics

Inglot Eyeshadows
Top row: #464, #495, #48 (AMC Shine), #15 (AMC Shine), #15 (AMC Shine)
Bottom row: #60 (AMC), #474, #57 (AMC), #58 (AMC), #447

Inglot Eyeshadows
#464, #495, #60 (AMC), #474

Inglot Eyeshadows
#48 (AMC Shine), #15 (AMC Shine), #57 (AMC), #58 (AMC)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#15 (AMC Shine), #15 (AMC Shine), #58 (AMC), #447

Inglot Eyeshadows
Top row: #59 (AMC), #70 (AMC), #05 (AMC Shine), #20 (AMC Shine), #24 (AMC Shine)
Bottom row: #68 (AMC), #40 (AMC Shine), #441 (Pearl), #65 (AMC), #498

Inglot Eyeshadows
#59 (AMC), #70 (AMC), #68 (AMC), #40 (AMC Shine)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#05 (AMC Shine), #20 (AMC Shine), #441 (Pearl), #65 (AMC)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#20 (AMC Shine), #24 (AMC Shine), #65 (AMC), #498

Inglot Eyeshadows
#464, #495, #48 (AMC Shine)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#48 (AMC Shine), #15 (AMC Shine), #15 (AMC Shine)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#60 (AMC), #474, #57 (AMC)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#57 (AMC), #58 (AMC), #447

Inglot Eyeshadows
#59 (AMC), #70 (AMC), #05 (AMC Shine)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#05 (AMC Shine), #20 (AMC Shine), #24 (AMC Shine)

Inglot Eyeshadows
#68 (AMC), #40 (AMC Shine), #441

Inglot Eyeshadows
#441, #65 (AMC), #498

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There’s an italian make up guru on youtube that uses this brand, she thinks that they’re amazing, especially their gel liner!

My friend bought one of the palettes when she was in Vancouver. I got to play around with them a bit. The colors are amazing!!!!!! The palette did cost a pretty penny…but definitely worth my opinion.

WOW. I didn’t realize Inglot was so awesome. I really want to get my hands on these now. Maybe when they expand or when I go to Australia which won’t be soon πŸ™

they are in australia, ive seen a big store of them in bondi junction westfield, maybe call them and ask if there are any stores near you

The picmentation is adorable but the price is very high, if is not
abailable in the USA where can you find it Europe and where exactly?

In Europe Inglot is ONLY available in Poland. They won’t establish in the rest of EU as eu countries are very hostile and patronizing to Poland, which is why they are expanding to Australia and US firsthand and in case of success there they will eventually expand to the rest of Europe.

In Europe the price for an trio eyeshadow palette is about 7-8 euros, which I think is a fucking sweet deal (excuse my language!) as in Poland a single MAC eye shadow cost 16 euros and MUFE shadows are about 26 euros.

yeah , u r ryt aradhana. its there… i love inglot bcoz i am wrking there as a make up artist. i love colours . its wow… amazing

Omgosh, I know!!
For some reason i’ve suddenly become obsessed with makeup, and i’ve spent HOURS figuring out how much Inglot I can afford next time i go to Westfield!!

Not entirely true, they have a store in London, in the Westfield shopping centre. Can’t help with price as I haven’t been myself, but it is definitely there!

Actually we have Inglot in Finland! They just opened their first boutique here in March and I guess it was a pretty big hit since they suddenly opened another one on May 2nd. They’ll be opening at least one more boutique this year.

It’s also possible for us to order stuff from the boutique via e-mail now. The prices are a bit higher here than in Poland. That same trio is 20 euros, a 10-piece palette with square pans is 50 euros and round pans 47 euros here. It makes sense to buy bigger palettes with these prices πŸ˜€

Well prices may seem as if they’re higher in other countries but I think they’re comparable when you take into account Polish salaries.
Let’s say you earn 1000 Polish currency.. and one eyeshadow costs you 23 Polish currency, and 30 colours from the Freedom system cost about 245 Polish currency.. so..for Poles, Inglot products are quite expensive, I’d say.. not to mention brands like MUFE or MAC (one Mac eyeshadow costs around 60 Polish currency)…prices in general are just ridiculous…

That’s so cool! I didn’t know πŸ™‚ The info I wrote is from last year when I asked them about it so KINDA outdated, lol! Thanks for letting me know!
I hope they’ll open in Stockhoml too as I’m moving there in a few weeks… and I hope they’ll carry the cheaper Polish prices too! ;D

TO Andrea, Maggie and rest of guys πŸ™‚

Acctualy Inglot is available in few countries in Europe also in America. I used to live in United States, and personally have found inglot in NYC and Chicago polish neighborhood cosmetic stores.

In terms of EU, as of travelling I can easily say it exists in few countries, Poland of course -since it is polish product, but also you can find big inglot proffesionlal stores it in Finand, UK , in Latvia, Estonia Czech Republic you will find some cosmetics at nice make-up stores but I havent fond specialized inglot store.

i notice that u found a place in chicago that sales inglot and i live in chicago however, i can not find a store anywhere. can u provide me with the information to my email.

clearly, im really late with this. but i live in chicago i was wondering if maybe you know some places where i can buy inglot? preferably on the south side. thanks. =]

I have two 5-shade palettes from Inglot and I truly agree with you on the quality of the shades. True, they’re not the most unique shades but still very pretty and affordable. I was able to find some dupes of MAC shades among Inglot shades. I also like the palette with a magnetic lid a lot. It stays on so well and you can pile the palettes on top of each other and the magnets will hold every palette in place.

I used the magnet in the lid to remove the pans. The side of the round pan stuck with the small round magnet in the corner of the lid. Sometimes I had to go around the pan and find the right spot though πŸ˜€

You’re partly right about the finishes. If you look at Inglot’s website there’s “Eyeshadow”, “AMC” and “AMC Shine”. The “Eyeshadow” include Matte, Pearl and Double Spark finishes. You can see the finish on the website if you click the pic of the eyeshadow shade. It appears on the right side of the eyeshadow pic along with other information. It’s a bit confusing, I know πŸ˜€

Matte is matte. Pearl is more satiny than DS, for example Christine’s shade no 495 is a double sparkle, thus the sparkles are more visible where as 441 is a pearl and the sparkles are not as visible.

I hope you find this long comment helpful πŸ™‚

Have you had the lid kind of fly off? The magnets used in them are a little too strong, IMO, because it makes the palettes quite heavy but I swear, I have to use more force than I’d like, so sometimes I worry about the whole palette flying out of my hands… which has happened once, and I’m not generally clumsy with makeup!

I didn’t see any information about the shades on the website? What website are you visiting? I know there seem to be some country-specific websites for the brand. just shows the images of each shade, but when I click on them, it doesn’t give me any info about it!

I never experienced the lid flying off but I always slide the lid off the palette sidewise instead of trying to lift it up.

That’s so weird! I’m on the same website, there’s not a country-specific site for Finland. I choose Collection -> Eyes -> Eye Shadow and that gives me 4 categories: Eye Shadow, AMC, AMC Shine and AMC Pure pigment. So I click Eye shadow (the first link) and see tons of square colors with numbers and if I click any of the squares, I see the information page. For example the shade 495 shows me this: and there’s “Double Sparkle” on top of the small info.

a tip the mua gave me when i bought mine was to slide the palette apart rather than try to pull the lid off. i didn’t think much of her advice till i got home…!

i have a five palette, with 3 eyeshadows ( i will check later for which ones) and 2 lippies all in purpley tones. the shadows are good, i guess comparable to mac. i also love the texture of the lip colours, but i don’t often carry palettes/lip brushes with me so…

i wish i had closer access to an inglot to get a little more colour variety….but i’m moving home soon, so i will!!! hurray!

Oh, and they are a bit tricky to “depot” from the palettes, but if you have a lot of patience and a really thin edged knife you can gently press the side of the pan and to the edge and it will pop up. Be careful though as the magnet is strong and the eyeshadow pops up quickly and with out warning!
The pans don’t fit into MAC palettes, the diameter is the same but when you add a magnet to the bottom of it the Inglot pan is too high compared to MAC pans. Also, you’d think that the Inglot pans would stick to the manget in the MAC palettes but the magnet in the MAC palettes are too weak to keep them in place.

I still recommend trying the magnet in the lid to depot πŸ˜€ Just try to get the side of the pan to stuck with the lid’s magnet.

We’ve noticed there’re differences between the magnets in different palettes. My friend wasn’t able to depot the pans with the lid but she did it by placing a towel under the palette, turning the palette uspide down and knocked the bottom of the palette and the pans came off πŸ˜€

Christine, maybe your lid has stronger magnets too and that’s why it’s more difficult to remove it?

Try using a needle to lever the pan up, it works perfectly for all my inglot palettes (3 palettes, 5 eye shadows each, I think they were like 11 euros for each palette + eye shadows). Not bad, I use them a lot.

The mall where I live (Vancouver, canada) used to have an Inglot but they didn’t get much business so they moved out. Sad because it happened before I could try any of their stuff!

Same with Ottawa. There used to be one at Rideau Centre, but there’s also a MAC and Sephora there. I heard they were only in the mall for a few months.

Sad, because I wanted to go there when I moved to Ottawa last year.

Yep, there’s one inside of the Montreal Trust mall in downtown Montreal. They seem to be doing well here since they opened a few more stores. Which is bad for me, because I just can’t stop buying eyeshadow!

Ooh we have Inglot here in Dubai but I haven’t checked it out because their store or stalls don’t seem to attract much customers. Having read this post, I will try to check out the selection here.

Awww Inglot! I got a lot of stuff from them, it’s a brand from Poland and their stuff are ridiculously cheap in here! 3-eyeshadow palette is like 10$, all of their eyeshadows and gel liners are absolutely amazing, my favorite ones! They also have great liquid eyeshadow base called Duraline which I strongly recommend. Cant forget about their nail polishes they have an amazing variety of colors and good quality, one bottle is like 6-7$ here. They also have good blushes however I DO NOT recomment their powders and liquid foundations they tend to get cakey and do not blend well, they also have a nasty smell. It’s the same with lipsticks and lipglosses they smell nasty and they are drying as well so dont buy those ladies cause u might end up really disappointed but like i said eyeshadows, liners and nail polishes – GREAT STUFF!!! I’ll be arriving in America on June 12th so if any of you ladies wants to save the money I can bring like 2-3 palettes but no more cause I dont wanna risk with custom taxes Ill be in VA and then in NJ in August. If anyone is interested hit me up at [email protected] πŸ™‚

I came across this brand in Poland (actually I thought it was polish) and at the time I got two eyeshadows and a concealer. The concealer is not as awesome as MAC’s select cover-up (the inglot one caket a bit on my face which MAC’s doesn’t) but the eyeshadows were as good if not better then the ones at MAC and much more affordable!

Aww, you and pursebuzz are buddies! I didn’t know that. She’s so cute…another fave blog of mine πŸ™‚

Those sure do look like pretty, pigmented shades…want!!

LOL! We are BFFs! We roomed together at NYFW in February 2009 πŸ˜€ It was the first time we had met in person, haha.

NOOOOOOO WHY DOES THIS REVIEW COME NOW????? I was in NYC in Jan and I saw the store and made a mental note of it. When I came back I heard some things here and there but nothing that convincing aka no temptalia reviews :). I was there last freaking weekend and If I had seen this then I wouldve spent a lottt of cash. Oh darn! I’ve been looking for a good matte yellow, the mac one sunny spot is soooo unpigmented it’s sad.

OMG! I just came back home from the makeup show – Bought 2 palettes of their gorgeously pigmented lipsticks (5 in each palette) and it totaled about $35. I had never heard of them before and then I come to your website and voila…… it’s like you’re psychic!!!
I wasn’t too thrilled with the texture of the eyeshadows which is why I ended up with just lips, oh and a concealer.
Their store made me hyperventilate!!!

Did you have fun at TMS?

LOL, was Inglot cash-only? ‘Cause seriously, I gave Pursebuzz a list of $300-400, but then we found out it was cash-only and were crushed!!

I’ve never purchased anything from Inglot. There was one at a mall nearby, and I never went in until they were having a clearance because the store was shutting down. For some reason the store never caught my eye?

I was drawn into the store since I worked at a Starbucks right around the corner and would always pass by it. LOVE the eyeshadows I ended up buying, and love that you can get them in rectangular pans as well as round–though I’m not sure how necessary that is for a brand to offer. Never tried the lip products, but the gel eyeliner pots have INSANE color payoff. The blush I got was really pretty but faded way too quickly. The nail polish range is quite impressive as well; they even carry a couple topcoats with flakies πŸ™‚

You’d think they’d make their products more accessible in the US. I can’t believe there’s no way to buy them unless you live in NYC or have a friend who will CP for you.

A plus is a lot of them (or maybe all) are paraben-free.

I think they ship if you call them, but their range is pretty insane – how could one even begin to order without seeing it at least once in person? I order online, but I only buy from places that I can return in-store, locally… and typically, I only order online once I have enough experience with the brand!

I was just talking with someone about Inglot a couple weeks ago. She had wondered into the store and was telling me about them because she thought it would be up my alley.

Unfortunately, you can’t order from their website and STRANGE OF ALL THINGS STRANGE: When asked, the store said that they DO NOT ship. WTF?! So there is one store in the US, and unless you walk through theire door, you’re SOL??

LOL! Really!

I haven’t tried, but the idea of placing an order without really having ANYTHING to go on besides small website swatches… yeah. I don’t know. What if it sucks? What if I want to return? Plus, I’m sooo lazy about returns.

But wow, that’s pretty terrible.

yea i thought that was pretty lame-o. i’m actually REALLY good about returns so i don’t really mind buying stuff that i haven’t seen (i only don’t like it because when it’s returned, it’s just tossed out – and i try to minimize the amount of garbage i create).

They say they’ve been around for 30 years, but according to my polish aunt, she says NO WAY they’ve been around for that long as Poland was communist until late 80s and no private companies hence were allowed…

I’m SO glad you reviewed Inglot. I LOVE Inglot. They’re quite common here in Aus, and in my city (the one down the bottom!) (like, literally a store in every major mall, which for us is impressive- there’s only like three largish shopping centres and one ‘strip mall’ which I think is what you guys call it), so easy to come across. But WOW. I love their eyeshadows so much, because MAC here is so expensive ($32 per non-special packaging eyeshadow, about $37 for limited special packaged eyeshadows), so Inglot is so nice! I have a 10 pallette which has the rectangular shadows (about 1/3 bigger I’d say than the round), and it was only $85! That is SO FREAKING AMAZING for australia. I really love their shadows, I have one shade that is a red-brown that is SO RIDICULOUSLY pigmented that I can only do a single touch with my blender brush, or there’s too much colour.

Oh, and AMC (I asked when I was there last time!) is a special range, a new formualtion I think? Basically, the AMC range are made with less talc in them, so it’s more mica than talc (I’m pretty sure that’s right). πŸ™‚

Christine you don’t know HOW long I’ve been waiting for a good review and decent swatches for Inglot so I’m soooooo happy!! It’s just too bad I can’t even buy anything!!

For some reason I was under the impression that these palettes were cheaper when they first came to the U.S. Did they change the prices?

I’m dying to see the lipsticks and other products like blushes and bronzers. Why can’t they come to San Francisco??!! It would be so much closer for me plus SF is pretty big too. Everything’s in NYC. =(

I have no idea what the official price is, since Pursebuzz picked these two up for me at a trade show, so I only paid show prices! No clue if they’re different or the same as when they started here.

I’d like to see more duo chromes from this brand. Otherwise, a lot of these colors are easily duped w/ a 120 or 88 palette… (1-D color).

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Inglot! I got so many of them last summer when I was in Warsaw. In their Warsaw stores… it’s like a MAC pro store. But with twice as many colour options. In Warsaw the palettes looked differently, also you could chose from square, rectangular or round shapes. You can do palettes with powder, blush, foundation, eye shadows or lip products, combine as you chose and the range is 3-30 products in one palette. They also have an incredible selection of nail polishes, nail art polishes, foundations, blushes, false lashes, lipsticks and lip glosses. I think I spent 2 hours in there!
Their nail polishes are great and so are their eye shadows. I didn’t get any lipsticks, blushes or such, but I did get one pigment (yes, they do pigments too) and four of their AMC lip glosses. The AMC lip glosses are incredibly cool as they are duo chrome, check theem out if you can! They are the least sticky glosses I’ve tried and they do bleed a lot in hot summer weather so I tend to only use them in the winter…

I don’t think their palette eye shadows come in this ‘duochrome” finish, but their pigments do. Oh, and their pigments are very reasonable prices and MAC quality too. And I think I saw a few MAC dupes among them, but I’m not sure as I didn’t have the opportunity to compare them.
The single eye shadow range and trio eye shadow (three shades in the same pan) are not the same shades as from the freedom system (your shadows are from the freedom system range) and I think it’s the same with the lip colours.

Hm, can’t think of much more to add… πŸ˜›

Oh, these swatches look lovely! I was in an Inglot last summer in Montreal — and ended up not buying anything because the customer service was so awful. Now I’m kinda regretting it :/

I live in Montreal and I ADORE Inglot! It’s the best makeup store! I’ll dare to say it, it’s better than MAC! The quality is superb and they have a wide range of colors+variations. It’s less expensive than MAC. I didn’t try all their product but their e/s, l/s and gel liners, nail polish are magnificent. I truly recommend this brand. It’s makeup heaven!

INGLOT has several stores in Turkey and I have tried many products.

First of all, INGLOT makeup brushes are amazing, most of them cheaper dupes of MAC brushes but there is limited brush range unfortunately.

They have a spray brush cleanser which is amazing and a mixing-medium like product called “Duraline”, which is nothing but success when converting loose pigments to liquid eyeliners.

They have a huge stand full of nail polishes and I have never seen such ranging colours!

Yes, fake eyelashes! If you are bold about wearing eyelashes, they have a very nice collection, recently I’ve bought purple feather lashes LOL.

About the gel eyeliners, they are to me more useful than MAC Fluidline’s because of their longevity on oily eyelids. And they have also matte eyeliner gels and again there’s a wide range of colour choice.

Mmm what’s left? Eyeshadows as you said are not an innovation but I love how cheap-of quality they are.

AMC pencil eyeliners are very good, easy to apply and they stay on nice.

I also like their eyeshadow base but haven’t tried makeup bases.

Liquid highlighters are a success, too. Huge bottle of liquid highlighters with different colors — and the bottles have pumps. Tried two of them, nice indeed.

Pressed powders are blendable and I like them too. Lipsticks have a variety of finishes and esp. I love their matte lipsticks.

The one thing I hate on the line is their undereye concealer and too sweet smell on lip glosses.

Wow long comment, I’d better wrap up now πŸ™‚

I just bought a freedom palette at the Makeup Show NYC. I was really overwhelmed by all of the colors @ first, but their matte eyeshadows ARE THE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN! They are incredibly smooth & pigmented! When it comes to mattes the blow MAC out of the water! I had already hit all the booth’s I wanted 2 & this was the last place that I stopped. I work one block over from INGLOT, so I wasn’t gonna go over, but I’m so glad I did! I wish I would’ve stopped earlier. Oh, & I paid with my credit card.

Hello Christine,
i do own some Inglot make-up, as we have a store in Malta. I have never managed to purchase MAC make up and from pics i see on your blog, compare them. they don’t come up with sesonal looks though which is a pity, i tried to match them to Chanel sesonal looks but the colours are far different!!!

OMG!!! Now… can I get my hands on Inglot??? The colors are gorgeous and so pigmented!

Love the blues, and pinks, and oranges/corals…… and the 2 yellows are so the yellow I have been looking for in an eyeshadow!

I totally adore Inglot!
Apart from nostalgic reasons, (being Polish myself a have a sort of special connection with this brand:), I just love the fact, that Inglot combines high-end quality (comparable to MAC in many cases) with very decent pricing (especially in Poland).
As in any other brand, there are hits and misses, but in general, Inglot is a brand worth taking a closer look at (sorry for sounding like an ad;). I recommend: eye shadows, gel eyeliners (insane shades!), nail polishes, makeup brushes, lipsticks (especially Inglots version of slimshines), pigments, liquid blushes (similar to MUFE). Not so much: foundations, powders, powder blushes (often chalky), eye kohls (not soft enough), eye make up base is nothing spectacular as well.
I hope this is somehow helpful and I apologize for boring you all;)

These are amazing. But I sadly still can’t justify buying it when I have the 88 palette (though quality isn’t as good) lying around in my stash. One day it’ll happen! haha.

the shadows actually come in two sizes, there larger size is a much better deal and you’re able to make a 10 shadow palette with it. Their freedom system is quite amazing, which goes into lip color, concealer, brow powders and waxes, face powders and blushes and bronzers.

The square ones? I am funny… I do not like the squares or the rectangles! I had to have the round ones!

I stopped by the Inglot store this weekend while visiting NYC and I made a big purchase of a variety of products ranging from foundation to eyeshadows, as well as, gel liners. The color payoff is great anda the range of colors is awesome. They are going to definitely going give MAC a run for their money. I am seriously considering changing my kit over to include their products.

it’s a polish brand I use for years now. the shadows and pigments are great and lipstick and glosses ok. I don’t like their foundations though.
+ they’re pretty cheap here in poland ( a 5 shadows palette costs about 15$)

I don’t know if you’ve tried this but i take my eye shadows out using the magnet on the cover…the first time you try this it might take forever to get use too but it works for me.

Went to Inglot store for the first time today. I’m in love. Bought a palette with 4 eyeshadows and a blush- all chosen by me- $34!
I decided – I don’t like the matte shadows and the glittery shadows but the shimmery ones are smoooooth like buttah! So in the past week I have acquired 4 palettes and nail polish and more. LOVING THIS NEW LINE – even more than Mac

So I visited INGLOT in Times Square! They don’t accept any returns of ANY USED merchandise including brushes. Custom palettes are also not returnable even if they are NOT used. Most of the associates gave me different information, only two out of the five knew what they were talking about.

The prices are 12 USD for a single eyeshadow, 16USD for a duo eyeshadow palette, 26USD for a quad eyeshadow palette, and if you buy the round eyeshadows the palette is 5 eyeshadows for 25 USD! I’m probably going to purchase a round eyeshadow palette. Also they do give out samples of the pigments because I got one, and some of the pigments looked really nice. I also found that the shimmer eyeshadows had amazing, amazing, amazing pigmentation, but the matte and glitter ones weren’t so great.
They have a really nice selection of nailpolishes though, and I liked the blushes too.

They have two brushes that are ridiculously similar to the MAC 187 and the 182, however the prices weren’t worth it to me if I can’t return the brushes after testing them out for awhile. I’ll list them from the brochure they gave me:
25SS – 38USD
1SS – 37USD
27TG – 29USD
24SS – 28USD
15BJF – 26USD
3P, 21T, 4SS – 22USD
6SS – 19USD
7FS – 18USD
5FS, 28PO, 19P, 10S, 80HP, 9S, 11S – 16USD
29PO, 12S, 22T – 15USD
16PP – 14USD
13P, 17TL – 12USD
31T, 30T – 11USD
23T – 9USD
14M – 6USD

Hey, I am working in INGLOT as a make artist in Dubai.. For me INGLOT is full of amzing colours n its easy to apply as well.. Specially the nail polish,, its amazing.. And under make up base,, its fabulous.. I am really in love with INGLOT..

The best way to get the pans out is to use the magnet on the lid, just hover it over the edge of the pan and it sticks to it and comes right out πŸ™‚

I just came across info on this brand and glad I did as I already have a trip booked to NYC for the end of this month. This will definately be a stop on my trip! Can’t wait. There are a few locations in Canada but in Quebec which is way too far for me to go to, so NYC it is!

Just a little update for you… I know this is an old post but I found out today that the NY store will start shipping out of state sometime in August. Right now they will ship if you order more than $100.00 – But their website doesn’t list prices and when I asked for help they got REALLY confused! I mean… REALLY confused!

Side note/rant: They also ended every sentence with a question mark. Holy crap I hate that. LOL!


And an update for you – Aveda is going to send me another Aqua Pearl as their artists were shocked that I wasn’t able to get good pigmentation. We shall see!

hey christine first I am a huge fan of the site you go girl, second I just went to there store today i was surprised when i saw it (i was on my way to the mac store lol) anyway these e/s are awesome i must say hate the location right in the heart of time square ah can just pull my hair out.

dear Chrisitine, it’s so nice to see that at least one of Polish cosmetic brands is making career in the US πŸ™‚ In Poland where I live they are very popular (especially the nail products) and they are really CHEAP. If there is anything you would like to try and cannot get just let me know – it would be my pleasure to contribute to your magnificient site at least in this way πŸ™‚ Feel free to place an order – and I mean it!

I went to this store in NYC while visiting family, their gel eyeliners are INCREDIBLE and they have very fun colors, like MAC used to when fluidliners first came out. They have an almost exact dupe of Blue Peep, which was excellent, because I missed that color from MAC. They are only $12, have EXCELLENT staying power, and apply easily. I have an opaque matte red, an opaque matte yellow (like primary color yellow), and the blue peep dupe. If you want to add some pop to your eyes with fun eyeliners, these are it!

I don’t know if you have done anything on Inglot lately but I was speaking to their artist in the time square store. They are opening in California, Miami, New jersey (jersey gardens mall) and I believe 2 more in NYC. The 10 piece shadow palettes are $50 and the 5 piece are $30.
A palette with a blush, 4 shadows and 3 lips is $33.

Absolutely the best make-up I have ever tried. The shadows, blushes and bronzers are all far more pigmented than anything I have ever tried. I was a die hard MAC fan and I hate to say it but I will no longer be a customer of theirs. I spent $45 on the 10 slot palette. The greatest thing about the palette is that it fits lipsticks and concealers in them as well. MAC does not offer this option. I have never experienced a lipstick that comes in a palette before which offers as much pigmentation as a regular lipstick. They usually just give a hint of color but Inglot’s are awesome. The Inglot store also offers individual make up products as well as the first ever 100% breathable nail enamel.
The make up is absolutely wonderful and at half the price of MAC, there is no reason to ever buy MAC make-up again.

You can now purchase their products online…this is new within the last month. I would love to see more swatches since you can buy online without going to the store.

We have one here in Miami. I bought a 3 pan palette yesterday to try it out. Let me tell you, I never got so many compliments on my eyeshadow!
I went into MAC after I left Inglot, and I didn’t even want one MAC shadow! I usually die over MAC, but Inglot is my new fave.
Plus, one MAC shadow is $14.50 and only 1.5 grams. One Inglot is $12 and 2.7 grams. And the Freedom palettes are even cheaper.

Hi Isabel,

Did you read the review? If this had any fallout or creasing, I would have noted it – I would not have rated a product so highly if it creased.

my friends are using ur shades and i really like .I need shade chart where i can find ,first I want to decide the shades ,i really need to buy
thanks, I never seen these nice shades ,pls let me know when ever u start any deal pls.

Love Inglot eyeshadows! Very pigmented – I’m impressed. Bought a 5 -square palette when I went to IMATS Sydney back in September. I’m happy now that they have a counter at San Francisco downtown Macy’s Union Square…

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