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I always go primer, eyeshadow, curl my lashes, eyeliner, eyebrows, concealer, mascara, highlighter, blush, powder, and then lipstick and gloss. I am SO low maintenance.

For normal everyday makeup:
– primer
– foundation or BB cream
– eye primer
– eyeliner
– mascara, and curl my lashes
– brows
– concealer
– powder
– blush/bronzer
– lip products

For more fancy makeup:
– Primer and sometimes BB cream if i want very full coverage
– Eyeshadow
– Eyeliner
– Mascara, and curl my lashes
– Brows
– Foundation
– Concealer
– Powder
– Contour and bronzing
– Blush
– Lip products, usually lipstick with a liner

I must be one of the few who starts her makeup with the lips. First lip liner, then lipstick which erases the lip liner, then concealer on my undereye circles, blended until it looks natural, then black mascara on lashes, and finally blush, if I still have time before applying the mascara I will try to use eyeliner but that is only when I have a lot of time, because I´m so clumsy since I´m new to eyeliner. If I have no time at all, then I will just use an application proof lipstick that doesn´t require lip liner, then concealer on undereye circles and maybe mascara, if no time for mascara just lipstick and concealer and I´m out of the door.

I do eye primer, eye base, eyeshadow, eyeliner, curl lashes, mascara, foundation, concealer, creme contour,

if creme blush, then creme blush, powder, lipstick

if powder blush, then powder, and lipstick or blush in whatever order, depending on whether I need to make sure blush matches lipstick.

eye primer, shadow, liner, mascara, rest of my face (don’t usually do much more than lipstick or gloss and eyes)

Full eye makeup (depends on how I feel, usually just 1 neutral shade + eyeliner), clean up excess sparkles, moisturizer, concealer, bb cream then powder. This is my routine lately, but this can all change depending on the season (summer = way less makeup) or the occasion (full-on foundation, multiple shades of eyeshadow, brow powder etc).

Nowadays I do my eyes last, since my eyes have been watering uncontrollably in the morning especially (you know, when you actually put your make-up on). I find that giving it a few minutes after I get up helps a little. I still put my lip color last, though, since I do suffer from bleeding and feathering a lot.

Brows, eyeshadow, concealer, foundation,brozner, mascara (falsies if I’m feeling fancy), blush, lips

Foundation, blush, powder, brows, eyes, lipstick. when i am using loose eyeshadow or bold eyeshadow colours i usually start with the eyes and then foundation etc.

Simple: Tinted sunblock or moisturizer, light concealer, eyeliner, blush, lips, maybe contour. If a hot place, I’ll also dust with setting powder.

The flawless evening look: moisturizer, eye primer, shadow, brows, liner, under eye concealer,face primer, mascara or lashes, two foundations, blemish concealer, cream blush, powder blush, setting powder, Fix+, highlighter, lips

My answer is similar to Christine’s. If I’m short on time or just feeling lazy I’ll mix my foundation with my moisturizer, then eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, sometimes powder, then lipstick. If I decide on a more complicated look I’ll do eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, primer, foundation, brows, highlighter, blush, finishing powder, then lips.

Primer-> foundation-> loose powder-> lip balm-> blush-> setting/blot powder-> eyeshadow-> eyeliner-> clear mascara-> brow gel-> lipstick. 🙂

My routines can be eccentric! But with complex looks I work on my eye makeup first, move on to foundation, concealer, then setting powder.

ALWAYS in the same order.

Eyeshadow primer
Eyeshadow base
Eyeshadow on upper lid
Eyeliner upper lashline
Curl lashes
(Clean up under eyes)
Under eye concealer
Under eye setting powder
Eyeshadow on lower lashline
Face primer (MoM)
Brow powder
(Concealer on blemishes)
Setting powder

Most of the time it’s foundation, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, highlighter, bronzer/contour, setting powder, and then lips! I could skip steps but the order remains the same. When I know I’m dealing with something that could produce fallout, I do eyeshadows first. I don’t really like it though. Feels like I have to tread really carefully in my undereye area, and if the foundation takes longer to set, other powder products I put on could end up with a weird texture!

I always sraet with a foundation. I tried changing my routine by starting with eyeshadows but I felt lost and felt that I didn’t do a good job on my eyes because of that.

I have no set routine other than I always do my base first and lips last regardless. Sometimes I’ll do my eyebrows second, especially if I am doing a really simple look and other times I will do my cheeks or even eyeshadow second.

I do foundation, eyebrows, undereye corrector, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipgloss. If I wear eyeshadow, I add it after eyebrows.

Daytime: lipbalm, sunscreen, primer, foundation, eyebrows, mascara, concealer, bronzer, blush, lipgloss
Night: lipbalm, moisturizer, primer, foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, contour, blush, highlighter, lipstick

This is a great question! To make sure my moisturizer/eye cream and primers have enough time to absorb and set, I usually apply face moisturizer and eye cream, then while they are absorbing, I apply my eye shadow primer. That usually sets super fast, so I apply my eye shadow/liner and then apply my face primer, followed by foundation, concealer, setting powder, blush, eye brow pencil/powder, mascara and finally lipstick/gloss.

More days than not I tend to stick to my eyes – eyeshadow, liner, mascara and then brows. If I do go full face I’ll tack on foundation/powder/blush to the end of my routine.

Foundation/concealer/powder, blush/contour, primer/cream base/eye shadow, eyeliner, brows, mascara, lipstick.

I get the point in doing foundation after eye shadow but I don’t usually have much problem with fall out and it just feels weird to me. I went to a MAC make-up seminar a few years back and the make-up artist recommended doing mascara first so you could apply it without worrying about messing up your eye shadow which makes sense but also feels strange to me.

Primer (eyes and face), foundation, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronzer/contour, blush, highlighter, mascara, setting spray

For my everyday makeup: foundation (or tinted moisturizer), eyes, concealer, blush, highlighter, brows, lips. The order make change slightly if I am wearing more makeup for a special occasion or something.

Moisturize and prime, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lips, mascara. I put blush (and if I’m using bronzer this is when I put it on) on last. For some reason if I do my blush/bronzer last then I never make the mistake of overdoing it with them. I’ve been known to get carried away with the blush if I put it on before the rest. hah!

Primer, tinted moisturizer (or foundation, if I want more coverage), brows, eyes (usually just shadow and mascara), concealer (if I wear it), blush/contour, powder, lips. Doesn’t change much for nights out except that the eyes get more attention.

If I’m doing full face, then: sunscreen to prime/protect, foundation, spot concealer if needed, loose powder, blush, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eye liner, eyelash curler, mascara, lipstick or gloss.

It varies, and since it’s been so warm lately, my routine has changed quite a bit:

BB Cream/TM
Mineral Powder Foundation
Contour or Bronzer
Cream eyeshadow
Lip balm

If my eyes aren’t giving me problems due to allergies/dryness, I’ll add liquid liner to the upper lashline, mascara, then line the waterline.

When I do fuller looks in cooler weather, the basic order is pretty much the same, although products/formulas change a bit, and if I’m wearing lipstick/liner, lips are last.

Eyelash Curler – Moisturizer – Primer – Eyeshadow – Eyeliner – Mascara – Undereye Concealer – Foundation – Concealer – Blush – Bronzer – Powder – Highlighter – Lip Liner – Lipstick/Gloss

… or most days, Moisturizer – Mascara – Undereye Concealer – Foundation – Concealer – Gloss.

Silica powder on eyelids
Eyeshadow primer
painterly paint pot
liquid liner
undereye primer
face primer
foundation/tinted moisturizer
concealer under eyes
set undereye concealer
face conealer
face powder
lower lash liner
lower lash mascara
eyebrow powder
fix +

If I’m wearing powder foundation, I do undereye concealer before foundation powder, and if I’m not wearing something I just skip that step

Normally moisturizer, primer, eye primer, foundation, all else eyes, concealer, (cream blush or bronzer if I want that day), bronzer/contour, blush, highlight, brows, powder, setting spray and lips.

Basic every day look:

orange tinted under eye cream
Concealer on face and under eyes
Tinted brow gel
Shadow on brows
Powder under eyes and t-zone

lip scrub followed by lip balm or lip primer of some sort
tinted moisturizer
under eye concealer

THEN, I get dressed.

And then I apply my lipstick/lip gloss/lip tar/stain whatever. Oh, and I’ve been loving mineral sunscreen powders too!

I sometimes do my brows but I usually forget it. That usually comes last, if I remember.

And I’m going to start working blush into my routine. I’ve been blush-shy for so long due to my rosacea, but I’ve finally got a great primer that does a wonderful job at minimizing redness so I might give it ago.

– Skincare
– UD DeSlick spray
– Primer
– Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream or Foundation
– Concealer
– UD DeSlick Spray
– Setting Powder
– Bronzer
– Blush
– eyeshadow primer
– eyeshadow
– Fill in brows
– Curl eyelashes
– Mascara

sunscreen, primer (only used for wearing makeup longer), foundation, eye primer + eyeshadow, then set my face, and lips ….no mascara,eyeliner, or false eye lashes because I don’t want to look too different from my usual lazy self =] eventually i will get a finishing spray

In general, my route for my “full face” goes thusly:
Primer with SPF 15 all over my face
A swipe of pinkish brightener pencil under each eye
Eyeshadow primer on upper lids
Concealer where needed
Lip stain + clear liner + lip balm
Foundation, stippled on with a moistened Beauty Blender
Fill in brows with matte taupe eyeshadow, using an angle brush
Powder entire face
Curl lashes
Lash primer + mascara
lipstick, liner, and gloss
[Sometimes] Touch up T-zone with powder
Finally done!
For a “quick” face, it’s:
Primer with SPF 15 all over face
Swipe of brightener pencil under each eye
Smudge long-wear eye pencil in taupe or plum right along upper lashlines
Curl lashes
Lash primer + mascara
Lip stain
Fill in brows with matte taupe eyeshadow, using angle brush
Dab on concealer, where and if needed
Lip gloss
Powder entire face

Primer, foundation, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, powder, contour, blush, highlighter, lips! I just cannot get used to doing eyes first. It makes sense, sure, but I always have to start with foundation.

Right now I have to eliminate moisturizer. But on a normal Summer day (100 + degree weather aka Texas weather) it’s…
-Face & Eye Primer
-Lip Primer

During the winter I’ll add a bit more to the routine.

Primer – eye shadow primer – foundation – concealer – loose powder – bronzer – blush – eye shadows – eye liner – mascara – brow pencil – lipstick – gloss.

tonic, argain oil. primer, foundation, concealer, brows, lashes,powder, blush and lipstick.

Almost never use eyeshadows. =)

I usually base my make up on my lips, so my order is:

Moisturizer – SPF – Concealer – Foundation – Powder – Lip primer – Lipstick – Eye primer – Eye Shadow – Eyeliner – Mascara – Highlighter – Blush – Finishing powder

Contacts, Moisturizer, Eye primer, base, 2-4 e/s & liner, curl lashes, mascara, clean off fallout, under eye moisturizer

Sunblock, concealer, foundation or bb cream, powder, blush, eyebrows. MAC Fix+

L/L, L/S & gloss♡

If its an eyeshadow formula where I have trouble with fallout, then I do eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, blush, powder, brows, mascara and lips.
Otherwise, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, blush, powder, mascara, lips.
I guess I’m weird.

I don’t wear foundation/BB cream everyday because I don’t have time/don’t care/etc. But in order:

moisturizer-concealer-powder-lipbalm-eyelid primer-eyebrows-eyes-blush-lips

Concealer, powder foundation, brow pencil or powder, lash curler/mascara, blush or bronzer, clear lipliner, lipstick or gloss.

Mine is pretty much the same always:

eyelid primer
bb cream
more concealer
loose powder

I do brows, eyeshadow, concealer, banana powder, bronzer, blush, highlight, eyeliner and mascara. And then I need a drink! LOL…

I ALWAYS do my eyes first: primer potion, eyeshadow, eyeliner in my waterline only, & then set that with powder, then prime my face, concealer, foundation, set with powder, contour, blush, & highlight. Then once my face is set, I apply my cream liner on my upper lid, do my eyebrows, then curl lashes and apply mascara. Lipstick is very last. My thing is, is that I apply eyes first to clean up fallout and apply all my “wet” makeup towards the end because I don’t want to get powder over my freshly applied mascara/eyeliner… So low maintenance! bahahah

Always the same way. Even on clients!
Lip balm, Brows, eyeshadow, foundation, powder, mascara, blush, lip liner, lipstick and maybe some gloss, setting spray. If I’m contouring or wearing falsies, I do so before putting on lipstick.

I start off with primer then eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer, foundation, contour, blush, highlight, powder, setting spray, mascara, and then lips.

Lip balm
Mix moisturizer with liquid foundation
Powder blush
Hd powder
Mac blot powder
Pencil eyebrows
Lip colour
Eye makeup optional, but might do this after base

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