Illamasqua Generation Q Collection

Illamasqua Generation Q Collection

Generation Q is a celebration of individual self-expression. Ageless, and without limits or restrictions. It’s our declaration to the world that beauty is inclusive, not exclusive. In fact, Generation Q is a clear message to everybody, everywhere that beauty is not young, old, black, white, male or female, but anything, everything and everyone.

Illamasqua has become a lone voice in an industry controlled by the world’s beauty cartels – cartels, which we believe, have forced their soulless definitions of beauty onto the world.

We are proud to launch our new collection – Generation Q – a new, dynamic range that provides the industry’s only antidote to the cartels’ homogenised and prejudiced vision of beauty.

So in typical Illamasqua style, we have done something that no other brand would or could do. The Generation Q campaign will go against the industry’s despicable taboo, by featuring older models as well as young. In fact, Generation Q models aren’t models at all, but real make-up fans, with a real sense of their own beauty.

The future of beauty is changing and we are the new voice of a brand new generation – Generation Q, where beauty has no age limits.

Empower Palette ($42.50 / £34.00)

  • Synth Iridescent pale pink glitter
  • Fervent Reddish brown with multi-tonal shimmer
  • Blink Soft beige nude
  • Slick Charcoal grey metallic (Liquid Metal)

Complement Palette ($42.50 / £34.00)

  • Slink Soft champagne shimmer
  • Focus Cool brown metallic (Liquid Metal)
  • Forgiveness Rich chocolate plum
  • Queen of the Night Blackened plum

Powder Blusher ($24.00 / £18.00)

  • Allure Dusky rose pink shimmer
  • S.O.P.H.I.E. Golden coral shimmer

Gleam ($24.00 / £18.00)

  • Aurora Champagne

Intense Lipgloss ($20.00 / £14.00)

  • Boost Blueberry violet
  • Opulent Rainbow beige

Lipstick ($22.00 / £16.00)

  • Magnetism Deep raspberry pink
  • Underworld Iridescent blueberry violet, shimmer finish

Nail Varnish ($14.00 / £13.50)

  • Charisma Deep raspberry pink
  • Creator Magical black

Precision Ink ($27.50 / £17.00)

  • Wisdom Antiqued gold

Availability: September 6th @ Sephora

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Ljana Avatar

Am I the only one that finds the blurbs that accompany makeup releases faintly annoying? I do like the idea behind the collection and the promo photos and I’m also all for makeup being accessible to anyone who enjoys it, but this particular blurb really made me raise an eyebrow. Cartels, despicable taboos, soulless definition of beauty? Really, Illamasqua? It’s the pretentiousness and pompousness of it that I dislike and the implicit hypocrisy – which company wouldn’t want ‘anything, everything and everyone’ using their products, thereby boosting their sales?
Besides, something similar has already been done at MAC with All Ages, All Sexes, All Races. Come on now Illamasqua, you’re not exactly Martin Luther King or Germaine Greer.

On a different note, the quads look great and so do the models!

Dominique Avatar

Yes I think you are right. The only thing that changes here ( compared to Mac me Over ) is the looks. All models have wrinkles, firmness issues, ageing issues that are really visible. Mac Me Over was softer, photos were artistic but no wrinkles ( the man was very young, the 58 years old woman looked like a 50 years old etc.. ).
Illamasqua is trendy, no great artistic idea but great artistic and colourful effects ! So their collection is really good, though it’s not something bold at all. Any brand could have launched such a collection in terms of colours and shades. Pigments seem to be highly beautiful, that clearly means I am going to purchase if I can.
Chanel did something strange for their Fall collection, the model looks like young Vanessa Paradis, well of course it’s not a coincidence !
Every brand wants to sell their products, few makeup brands are really innovative in my opinion. I love makeup so I buy but I’ve lost my illusions in a way.

Dominique Avatar

Mac Me Over was exactly the same idea, at the same moment last Fall… But pigments are great, Illamasqua has very pretty collections on the whole. Nothing new but beautiful makeup.

AYHM Avatar

I am so excited about this! I love the message behind this launch and being a professional I feel the same way – beauty is anything, everything and everyone.

Lindsay Avatar

I really appreciate campaigns like this, but to market themselves as the only beauty company who could or would do this isn’t entirely accurate–anyone remember MAC Me Over?

Neha Avatar

My local Sephora carries the Illamasqua polishes only. Hope we get to see swatches from you Christine! I am so much interested in their blushes and lipsticks. Thanks

Kafka Avatar

Wow…. I’m a bit… So many thoughts and competing reactions. I love — LOVE — the idea behind this and I love the use of not just older models but real-life customers/fans. Fabulous! I’m also thrilled to bits that they’ve shown the first model with wrinkles and all. No air-brushing or Photoshopping in sight. So impressive!

That said, this line in the news release was really too much: “Illamasqua has become a lone voice in an industry controlled by the world’s beauty cartels – cartels, which we believe, have forced their soulless definitions of beauty onto the world.” “Cartels”? CARTELS??! Are you channeling Oliver Stone and his paranoia about the military-industrial complex or The Matrix? Is L’Oreal/Procter & Gamble/Unilever teaming up with Chanel & YSL to turn everyone into “soulless” robots of youthful conformity? I think you’re taking yourself a wee bit too seriously, Illamasqua.

Also in the negative column, the makeup on that older chap. It makes him look either like George Hamilton’s version of Dracula or some dirty urchin from Dickensian days (albeit, an old urchin in a tuxedo). What is the possible selling point of a Dirty Vampire look?! What man or woman would want to do their makeup like that outside of Halloween?

But those lipsticks look gorgeous and so does Creator, the dark black-grey nail varnish. I had a bad experience with the one Illamasqua lipstick I bought (Scandal) but Underworld may tempt me enough to give them a second chance.

xamyx Avatar

I kind of like the “Dirty Vampire” look, but then I’ve spent the majority of my life in the Goth scene. I think he’s pretty hot, actually! I’ve known alot of guys who do this sort of thing, although not every day, and certainly not in “real life”. That said, I do thing the contouring looks a bit muddy, and perhaps they could have used a lighter hand.

Kafka Avatar

He *is* handsome. Very. And I have no issues with men wearing make-up but this look is much too… well, dirty. It’s not goth in my eyes, just muddy. The 2nd photo of him shows just how badly (imo) they did the contouring so that it looks more like clumsy Halloween makeup than a cool Goth look. In contrast, the women’s makeup (Patricia, Evelyn, etc.) looks much more like actual makeup and what you’d wear, even if only occasionally in that boldness. I’m not sure I’m being clear or making sense but, regardless, Yay for using a man in a makeup/PR shoot.

xamyx Avatar

I *totally* get what you’re saying. I just really love the idea of a man in makeup. I only wish they did a better job of the contour. I had a male friend years ago who put most women to shame when it came to highlight & contour.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

And hasn’t this been done before? All ages and colors? I rarely see many body types or differently abled people? THAT would be cutting edge. I adore Illamasqua, seriously. But this is not original, much less revolutionary. Although it made me think of Donatella having kittens over the idea that H&M were going to use real women( read recent NYC college grads) to advertize their collaboration together. That muppet faced fool refused to acknowlege these people would be the targeted demographic. Of course what would SHE know? Nothing on her is real.

Seagulls Avatar

I agree! I like “regular” people, I like older people, and I like seeing the wrinkles – skin, basically – but the makeup as done for the shots looks awful.

Treefinger Avatar

Well, they are cartels. I know some people have a knee-jerk reaction against anti-monopolism because they associate it with cheesy hippies and communists or something, but it’s an accurate description- a handful of multinationals, including P&G, do own most of the well-known drugstore brands.

Setting themselves up as “the lone voice” against it is a bit self-aggrandizing though, lol.

Kafka Avatar

You’re right that they are cartels in terms of their global reach and what they own, but it seems a bit much to call makeup/beauty companies “cartels” given the more serious contexts usually ascribed to that word. It’s why I said they take themselves too seriously. I have no issues with anti-monopolism due to perceptions of leftist hippies. To the contrary, my friends jokingly refer to me as a “Commie Pinko Bastard” and I wear that label quite proudly. But I do think it’s silly to claim that “cartels” are supposedly advancing an agenda of “soulless” propaganda intended to focus solely on the youthful and against which Illamasqua will fight in defiance. It all goes far too far. No company could realistically survive by focusing solely upon the youthful demographic. That’s why companies like L’Oreal have lines for older woman as represented by the adverts with Diane Keaton, while other companies frequently use Catherine Deneuve and the like as models. So, yes, as you noted, there is definite self-aggrandizement going on but there is also a really annoying note of martyrdom creeping into some of their recent press releases. (See also, the Australia campaign). They just take themselves WAYYYYY too seriously.

Veronica Avatar

Considering some of the horror stories that are finally coming out of the modeling industry (use of underage models, drug abuse, encouraged eating disorders, constant sexual harassment/assault), cartels…really isn’t that much of an exaggeration. This is a very powerful industry, controlled primarily by men and exploiting young, fame-hungry women for its own means. It’s a volatile combination at best.

And Treefinger is more or less correct – if you trace the majority of businesses to their root, most of them originate from a very small section of corporations. Currently, all of American news and media is controlled by six major conglomerates – you wouldn’t know that, though, as they have so many offshoots.

Personally, my issue with Illumasqua on this collection is less the makeup and more that it seems….disingenuous for them to make a statement about ageism in modeling/cosmetics when the majority of their campaigns primarily employ younger models. If you’re going to celebrate diversity to that extent, you have to show it in all of your work, not as a gimmick to sell one collection.

Kafka Avatar

You’re right that that the beauty industry is controlled by global conglomerates but I’ve never argued otherwise and even made that point ages ago with regard to the whole NARS-vs-Shiseido animal-cruelty issue. But you raise extremely valid points with regard to the dangerous nature of the beauty industry and its power which — when combined with the conglomerate aspect– may lend far greater credence to the choice of the word “cartel.” You and the others are very persuasive, so I’ll amend my initial statement regarding the over-reach of the term. That said, I still don’t think they carry the weight of OPEC (which is the original and traditional association/use of the word) or even the Cali Cartel. LOL! πŸ˜‰ And I still think Illamasqua takes itself far too seriously. But I bow down to the rest of your argument. πŸ™‚

Veronica Avatar

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think Illumasqua is over dramatic as hell. It’s a rare press release that doesn’t leave me rolling my eyes at some point, albeit I get that it’s part of their image to be ~exotic~ and ~eccentric~. Cartel is a word that probably has more parallels than we’d like to think, but if I was their editor, I probably would have suggested a different description. (Not to mention that most American buyers are going to associate the word with the situation in Mexico, which probably isn’t going to go over well with some people.)

Additionally, while I may agree with some of their points here, that doesn’t mean I’m fooled into believing some of the unhappier aspects of the industry aren’t alive and well in their own company. That’s the problem with establishing a moral high ground – you have to keep from stumbling over it.

Chloe Avatar

That’s nice. Now where are the models of different ethnicities? Where are the plus size models? It’s nice that they are doing this but their ego is obnoxious.

ManicuredSlayer Avatar

Um…if I’m not mistaken, one model is Latino, one is African-American….? And hey, the older woman with the cane–that speaks to me (I am disabled). But I do see your point….

I don’t care for the photo of the man but that is unexpected when you think of beauty.

As a plus size woman, I would have entered in a heartbeat if I could have (it was UK only).

Cally Avatar

Um there Theatre of the Nameless had Felicity Heywood in it she is plus size and now an international model she’s modelled for Japanese Vogue on the back of her Illamasqua work!!! So I think they’ve already shown they are open to working with models of any shape, size, age, race…

sophie Avatar

Love the use of “real people” (I hate that term, but you know what I mean!) in this campaign! Yeah, the press release is a bit po-faced but they all are really, I don’t think I’ve ever read one that doesn’t make me roll my eyes. Plus, I think their position is explained better in the letter they sent to their newsletter subscribers a few days ago, it’s a bit less… over-dramatic?

I’m a bit annoyed they’re re-promoting permanent shades (e.g. Underworld lipstick) in the collection though, although at least they’re not charging more for them the way MAC and others do. I might have to splash out on one of those eyeshadow palettes though once I see swatches.

Wwendalynne Avatar

These photos are so fabulous!!!! What?? A photo session with REAL women?? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want everything is this collection! I already have some singles from the two quads though πŸ™ Chances are I will cave on something..probably one of the quads for sure.

Check out Georgia’s pictures.. OMG she looks so surreal and unbelievably beautiful. She has the most incredible eyes.

xamyx Avatar

I’m so excited about the Complement quad; I’ve been wanting Queen of the Night for quite some time, but it was only availabe in the UK. Pretty much the entire collection is appealing, and the concept of older models, while not necessarily “new” is still quite refreshing. The fact they used a male model *is* a novel concept, though, and many men do use makeup, if only on occasion (I like it, perrsonally).

The only objection I have with the collection is, if they’re going to name a shade after S.O.P.H.I.E./Sophie Lancaster, shimmery coral blush should *not* be it…

Cally Avatar

Agree… to a certain point. But what is going to sell more and therefore give more money to the charity, a commercial blush or a niche lippy? I can see why they did that I’m sure it was a consideration. They always say the reason they did the black pencil wasn’t just because she loved to wear black eye liner but because it’s there top selling product…?

Lulle Avatar

I see these pictures, and then I remember the outrageously skinny model in Nars Skin release promo pics… and I think that if I have money to indulge, I’d rather give it to Illamasqua.

Treefinger Avatar

I’m SLIGHTLY disappointed because I don’t think many of the products are very interesting, apart from Opulent. The Complement palette looks nice, as do the raspberry polish/lipstick, but I always expect something really “wow” from Illamasqua, rather than just nice. The precision ink is the real letdown though, it just looks like an inferior version of Alchemy.

I love the campaign/use of models though!

Beautiful Smudges Avatar

Illamasqua just keep blowing me away with every collection they bring out. Stunning promo pictures and amazing products that no other brand seems to be able to think of. It’s rare that you’ll find me gushing like this, but this is a collection where I just want everything again!

ManicuredSlayer Avatar

Do you know if they will be selling the S.O.P.H.I.E. blush at Sephora, or will it only be thru Illamasqua? It’s definitely a cause I support and I’m glad to see they are adding products in memory of Sophie Lancaster.

LOVE the photo shoot! Although I don’t own a ton of their products, I feel like they understand “alternatives” to what the US considers “beautiful”.

Thanks for the post!!

blueraccoon Avatar

Wow. This looks awesome. I’m loving both quads and some of the lipglosses and a lot o other stuff; here’s hoping my local Sephora has some of it. If not I’ll hope for swatches online. I’m a bit both amused and…something else at the press release, although I do think cartels is awfully accurate. When only two or three companies own so many brands, diversity in the beauty market, at least stuff that’s not indie brands, is hard to find. How many liquid lipsticks have we seen this fall? But it does seem a bit over the top.

Bonnie Avatar

Wow! I wish more makeup companies would feature models that actually look human and aren’t photoshopped to the point where they look like creepy plastic mannequins! We buy makeup to wear, so why don’t more brands show makeup being worn rather than featuring someone’s skills at manipulating photos?
The Boost gloss looks incredible!

Mietta Avatar

Mmmmm. I remember seeing this collection images for the first time. I wasn’t impressed then and I’m not impressed now. I’ll always buy from Illamasqua but the reason I do is because it’s usually so out of this world! This campaign, these colours, everything is…boring! I want the old, alien, other worldly Illamasqua back with its innovative makeup colours and designs. This is a yawn and I’m severely disappointed seeing as how Naked Strangers was quite boring too. I signed their cheaper Aus products campaign and took a pledge to continue to buy their products. I thought, if they do their job as a company, I’ll do mine as a consumer. =C

Katherine Avatar

I’ve never purchased this brand before but now they have my attention. This marketing campaign (regardless of how it is worded) appeals to me. It looks like it’s creating a lot of dialogue too! This is important because I think that finally the beauty industry is starting to listen to their consumers. Over the years I have heard a lot of talk by other consumers and they are tired of the narrowly defined beauty ideal that media (American especially) has forced upon us through our culture. I wonder if any of the creators of this campaign watched the “Killing Us Softly” video by J. Kilborne? I wouldn’t be surprised if they have and have decided it’s time to echo the voices of the consumer in their marketing. Interesting move and I wonder how this will ultimately be received.

Rachael Avatar

My first impression of the promo pictures : The first words to come to mind were “Whoa!” and “…scary…” Then I immediately wondered if scary, old skeletor Madonna was the inspiration for this. The last two pictures look amazing. The rest of this is freaky. Perfect for Halloween.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

My guess would be… It’s not aimed at your demo? I haven’t heard the Halloween comment in a dogs age! I love scary- and I wish EVERY day was Halloween!

Rachael Avatar

Yeah maybe not. But for me I think it was more like that very first picture was so unflattering it was shockingly bad. I like the lady with pink hair but the guy looks like a vampire. I’ve loved some of their other promos but the waxy shiny skin is more life sucking then embuing.

Brigitte Avatar

Ah if only I wouldn’t get stares wearing purple lipstick, I would rock that lipstick so hard. Too bad it’s not work-appropriate. But I love that Illamasqua is doing this. However… I feel like they forgot to powder the non-models…!

Eva Avatar

Illamasqua’s blurbs are always so cheesy and a bit embarrassing, but I give it to them that they’re more consistent in showing real people (weird term) in their ads. Wow, mac had one collection out of a billion with non-models? That is so amazing, now that the quota is filled, they can go for years featuring just the skinny 20 year olds again.

Harri Avatar

Given the description I was going to say this is a more pretentious rip off of MAC Me Over but these photos are really stunning. Love it.

Zoe Avatar

BTW what’s with all of the “models” faces looking oily? Too much highlighting/illuminating will just make one look plastic.. not cute..

Glenda Avatar

OMG!!!! I want most of this collection. I looked at the MAC Marylin Monroe collection promo pics and was not excited but this EXCITES me πŸ™‚ My poor wallet πŸ™

18thCenturyFox Avatar

I love that the Marilyn packaging pics, not particularly iconic or recognizable but OK, have her head CUT OFF like she’s being swallowed by a giant top hat or the Great Unknowable Darkness. MAC officially bites the big one on packaging.

Yellowlantern Avatar

The copy ad for this is redonk. They talk about other companies all following the same soulless standard of beauty, but it really doesn’t seem like Illamasqua is doing anything to break that mold. Especially considering how conventional all these colors are for fall.

I would have been more excited for this without the “better than thou” advisement. Just let the collection’s colors and quality speak for itself!

Fareena Avatar

I managed to procure some of these items prior to release date on 6th September on the 1st. I got the Empower and Complement Eyeshadow quads which are simply amazing! My favourite colours being the Focus Liquid metal and Fervent Powder shadow – amazing colours. Also Wisdom eyeliner is exceptional, the Magnetism lipstick is so sexy and I am so glad Gleam came back in a compact!!!!! Get in there girls. The quads in particular are all wearable – can be vamped up for a striking look and toned down for a modest work look. So happy!!!!

Paula Avatar

Oh god, it’s good old Illamasqua with their brand of self-righteous BS. This is the company that released a collection of makeup dedicated to life of hookers in 1920s Germany. Because you know, they all led such wonderful glamorous lifestyles, and they all, like, totally chose to be hookers, and awful bad things like poverty, lack of education and drug addiction had nothing to do with it! So what if they had no rights or got raped and abused? They all got to wear sexy outfits and meet famous people in cabarets! Yay, this is so totally awesome, let’s create a makeup collection based on it!

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