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Me too- I always grab it and go ” Hello gorgeous and WHO are YOU?” and it’s always Malaga Wine lol

This question/response almost feels like those trick personality tests from middle school- Friend: “You’re in a room with no windows and no doors and nothing is on the walls- how do you feel?” Me:”Alone” Friend: “Well that means you’re afraid of death”. More psychologically perceptive then a cootie catcher! Sorry for the OT- love your choice, Christine

“From middle school”? Hell, I use those sorts of questions when I go out on dates all the time. *grin* I have a whole list and woe betide the man who can’t answer them properly or substantively. My favorite is a complicated 3-part question involving famous historical people (dead or alive) and what one thing you would ask them and why that specific one question. I’ve been told that going on a date with me is a bit akin to being cross-examined on the witness stand, which… erm…. dammit, is absolutely true! ROFL. Topic: nice choice with Galion!!

I love the “woe betide” bit. Yesterday while laying in the park with my dog I was polled by a man on a bicycle vis-a-vis my political leanings. An hour later we had discussed Voltaire and Emerson and I wondered why I couldn’t have these kind of conversation with a potential suitor. So I completely feel for you and appreciate the necessary questionnaire, though of course I think these things are fun! I need a man who can deal with my 600+ lipsticks and need to discuss Determinism (the ex couldn’t do either)

Was the poll man cute and single? Because he sounds quite good thus far! πŸ™‚ 600 lipsticks?! You have me beaten, hands down, Ms. Fox. I’m very impressed!!

Oh, that’s so hard. Especially because I get bored with my nails REALLY fast and change them every 2-3 days, and now that I’m experienced with nail art I can’t stand to wear just a plain color. If I really had to settle for ONE color, it’d definitely be in the teal family. Off the top of my head, Zoya Charla and the classic China Glaze For Audrey stick out as favorites. I think I’d be able to live with those. Especially if I was allowed to put art on top of them.

I have to choose OPI’s Tutti Frutti Tonga, a gorgeous pale pink with subtle shimmer. Tonga’s subdued enough to coexist with all clothes and always flatters my skin. I have to find a Temptalia-friendly dupe and hope it’s at my local salon!

Gah, I have no idea. Something bright in the pink or red family with some shimmer, probably. Maybe Gossip Girl? Or maybe a nice clean French manicure to go iwth everything, but I’d get so bored. I don’t know! *weeps*

clear nail polish…I miss Cover Girl’s Nail Slick…I wear clear because I bite my nails…and also because my nails feels dry without some coating. If I wore color, it would look badly chipped.

I’m so jealous you have Raindrops, Christine. I thought it would come to the U.S. — didn’t realize they were LE creations. eBay wants a RIDICULOUS amount for it, and I just won’t pay it! I would choose Zoya’s Reva to wear for the rest of my life.

Finger Paints Guggen I’m Lime. It’s a bright chartreuse colour with tons of shimmer, which probably seems unconventional to choose as a nail polish to wear for the rest of my life, but it’s my favourite colour and everyone who sees me wear tells me the colour is “so me.”

I’m really surprised I have an immediate answer for this, because I change my polish all the time.

But NARS Storm Bird.

UGH IT’S SO GORGEOUS. I just remember seeing it when the release info came out and going “YES. THIS WILL BE MINE.”

It was actually my first NARS item.

Clear polish.

I’d get tired of whatever color I picked no matter how much I love it so I’d rather go with my natural nail color.

probably some classic neutral like essie ballet slippers or opi lincoln park after dark….such a tough question!!

Zoya Bela, the perfect soft, neutral pink that will never go out of style and works with every outfit, every season and every occasion!

This is the most fun question ever! I have googled all the answers so far and am very impressed with people’s choices!

Me too! I’ve added quite a few to my wishlist. My answer would be Zoya Jules. It’s a neutral which would be work appropriate yet it’s interesting enough that I wouldn’t get bored of it. It is so many different colors in one polish. Depending on the lighting it looks gold, silver, grey, lavender, taupe. It’s just amazing!

This is just a horrid question! I change my polish at least 2xs a week. Actually I don’t even change it, I just layer over it. GARSH!!! Ummmm, I’d defo make a Franken Polish.

I’d use Confetti’s Ice Ice Baby, Chanel’s Peridot Le Vernis, China Glaze’s IDK and Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush Glitz Gal.

That’s not cheating right? LOL!

YOU, my friend, are hilarious! I layer too, when I want to change but don’t feel like going through the switch. Your comment reminded me of an old Friends episode- probably one of three I’ve ever seen- where I think Joey is wearing all of Chandlers clothes at once LOL

Thankies!! πŸ˜€

I am a bit neurotic about polish. You may have seen my comment where I said I no longer get my nails done? Well, anywho Ms. Fox I have now jumped on the polish band wagon. I used to buy MAYBE 3 or 4 polishes a year. This year alone I think I have bought over 250 and have only swatched/worn maybe 70 of them? Tonight I finally found the last 2 Spoiled polishes I’ve been hunting down.

I am a bit OCD about keeping all the brands together. Right now, I am working on Spoiled. I pair up 2 polishes and then a glitter or crackle. Friday all polish comes off. Before bed I slather on cuticle oil. Saturday I paint my nails. Wednesday I repaint with another like colour or glitter or crackle. I have a HUGE fetish/love/lust for glitters, shimmers, duo chromes, etc! I like my nails to bling and be able to take down small aircrafts. OKAY! Just kidding about the small aircrafts.

That episode was too funny!!
—> Look at me, I’m Chandler! Could I BE wearing any more clothes?! LMMFAO!!! CYHML??!!

Too funny! I get totally ritualistic about my nails too. Probably because I’m in a rather defensive feral mode right now and I am thinking of them a my protective claws, although they are short and neat . I could also possibly be watching too much True Blood and thinking about yummy Joe ManJELLO… I just put on Candy Shop over a layer of Revlon Temptress but I just can’t seem to get this polish to work! So I have to figure out a DL glitter replacement. I love unabashed nails. THANK you for reminding me about that line from Friends-that was HILARIOUS!! So check this out… I have amassed a great deal in a short time as well but I have these old Urban Decay ones I want to revive… Like 8 of them? But I don’t want to get obsessive about not using them up. I also have (ahem) the Max Factor np from the Titanic collection. Because I am a sap like that!

A warning: I am out of the loop. I was like who is Joe ManJello? I’m thinking Joe Mantegna? I know, right?! LMAO! Okay, so I don’t own a tele and I tend to not watch a lot of vampire shows because I watch Hulu (A love of mine). Funny thing is, I went to the hair dresser with my mum after work and I was reading some trash rag magazine and I saw a very hunky man … It was Joe ManJello!! LOL! Man, he IS seXXXy!!

Ohhhh, I bet those pinks are lush together. When you say you can’t get it to work, what’s wrong with it? I own the DL but not the Revlon. Clairs has a dupe also called Candy Shop. I’m not sure if they still sell it but it’s worth a look.

The UD ones you want to revive – Do you mean you need nail polish thinner for them? Or you want to Franken them?

Max Factor nail polish?? I have not seen Max Factor in forever. I wonder if they even still sell it in the states?

After the hair dresser we went to Wam-Lart (Wal-Mart) and I found a set of mini polihses from Hard Candy. I skipped getting it since I had 2 of them already. Though, I may go back and get them. I am still searching for the Revlon Moon Candy polishes. I am beginning to think I missed out on them.

I love the look of Illamasqua Raindrops – I am so bummed that I missed out on that one! It’s on ebay sometimes, but way too expensive for me. I did franken a pretty good copy – but it’s not really the same.

If I had to pick just one nail polish I’d be so torn; I guess I’d probably go with a neutral – maybe a grey as well, which would mean China Glaze Pelican Gray. Or maybe a fun neutral holo, like Butter London All Hail The Queen.

China Glaze Refrsh Mint for me. I was going to say China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard as I like it better, but I realized that would only be appropriate with about 2% of my outfits.

“Choose just one” questions are so hard!! Arrrgh. I’ve thought about it and I guess I would choose an OPI colour, Shiny Dancer: http://tinyurl.com/ckbelj8 It’s a metallic, charcoal-slate-blue with fine silver flecks. It flashes dark blue-grey in some lights, silver-grey in others, and charcoal-black-silver in still others: http://stuffiswatched.blogspot.com/2012/07/sephora-by-opi-shiny-dancer-magic-mike.html (look at that range of colour! So pretty!) If any nail varnish was either my signature colour or something completely representative of me, I guess this would be it. And yes, I realise it’s quite shocking that I didn’t choose something from NARS. ;P

This lovely color was sent to me accidentally by Sephora with around 7 others NP and hence my loyalty was won!

Sephora sent you 8 nail varnishes at no charge???!?!? How the hell did that happen? LOL! Please, tell me your secret.

Yeah! They sent me the Glee collection and Urban Ballerina? ones and some other stuff. It was clearly someone else’s order and I told them about it, but they said I could keep it. This happened one other time, and I have randomly received Philosophy stuff in with my order, one time it was a bunch of Gingerbread Girl things. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I never bother with Ulta or really any other beauty company since Sephora makes these mistakes πŸ˜‰

Lucky you! AND nice of Sephora to accept their mistake. Sephora sent me a full size UD eyeliner, which I did not order. Actually that order had no UD products at all. I don’t like to keep something I did not buy (even as a mistake). Do you know the rep told me to send it back! It was crass of me to assume I should be able to keep it for being honest. One thing I will say, I have had a few eyeshadows come broken and most of the time they say keep it. LOL!

Definitely Essie Cantaloupe. Beautiful coral that is work appropriate, bright for summer and something to cheer me up in the winter!

Nails inc. Whitehall magnetic polish. Because I love teal and I can change it up based on the magnet I use. Plus the shade is pretty on it’s own without the texture. ^_^

This is easy: OPI’s La-Pazitively Hot. It’s the perfect hot pink and it’s been my trademark color since like 2004 or so.

I’m not even a huge user of nail polish, and I find this question hard to answer. I would go with Lancome Twilight (I’m not sure they still even make it). It’s an ΓΌber-pale pink with the faintest microshimmer. It goes with everything, and the shimmer gives it enough personality to not be too flaat.

Like I could ever choose. Right now I’m inclined to say butterLONDON All Hail the Queen, because it’s subtle enough to wear to weddings/work/any other formal occasion but sparkly enough to amuse me πŸ™‚

Either Urban Decay Barlust (great neutral so it works with any outfit)or Illamasqua in Nudge (because this color is so pretty, it really just puts me in a good mood just looking at it!)

I’d be torn, I’m not sure if I’d choose a classic red or a nice nude, but probably I would pick Butter London’s Pink Ribbon πŸ™‚

Considering I have a lot of polishes, well over 150… I could never answer this question. I’ll just throw out a favorite one though,Butter London – Come to Bed Red.

China Glaze Peachy Keen! I love that this color is a creme (my favorite finish), bright enough to catch attention, yet soft enough to still maintain the professional look! =)

OPI Fiercely Fabulous, or a high end dupe. Red just looks fab and seems timeless, sexy, and classy. Feels like if I had to wear it forever I couldn’t go wrong or regret it!!

If I’m being practical, probably a neutral creme color that would work in many situations. If I’m picking one I can’t live without, Zoya Faye!

Can’t choose between OPI ‘I Think in Pink’, OPI ‘Barefoot in Barcelona’ and Essie ‘Sugar Daddy’…

I’ve been wearing Sally Hansen’s “Good to Grape” ALL summer long, I just can’t get enough of it…I wonder if I’d get tired of it over winter πŸ˜›

I’d pick a pretty pink just for the simple fact it’s girl and more of a neutral for me. OPI La Positively Hot is my favorite pink. I would have picked Affair in Red Square, but I couldn’t do red polish for the rest of my life… even if it is a classic and I’d miss it πŸ™

Butter London All Hail McQueen

A good neutral for school/work but has pretty golden holo shimmer that makes it more interesting.

I am a guy that lives in Southern California and my feet are always in display is women’s sandals. I get pedicures every two weeks and always wear red polish on my toes. My favorite and signature color is OPI Big Apple Red. It is such a classic and pretty color and is a “true red”. I get a lot of compliments on this color. When I’m having a bad day it cheers me up to look down and see ten pretty Big Apple Reg toenails peeking out of my sandals.

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