If you had to rebuild your makeup collection again, what would you do differently?

If you had to rebuild your makeup collection again, what would you do differently? Share!

Quality over quantity. Return more. Buy less, try longer, and then buy just the stuff that works for me.

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Never buy anything without seeing a review or trying a sample (or both depending on the brand). Try everything within a week of buying so I can return it if I have to.

First buy the stuff I plan on using right away–and stuff that I know works. Don’t stock up–my skin changes with the changing seasons and each season needs its own routine anyway–beauty products DO expire after all. Coupon more. Return more. Always quality or quantitiy–or I’m just not going to use it–I’m just creating clutter.

I would not spend nearly as much time trying to make drugstore makeup work for me. Some things really are amazing, but no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to put up with the smell./taste of CoverGirl or L’Oreal lipsticks.

I have been buying make up for over 30 years and I’ve thrown away 99.9% of everything I’ve gotten at the drug store. I don’t regret it because they don’t cost much. But if I find myself investing a great deal of time trying to dupe something, it’s better for me to spend the money to buy the product I actually want.

I’ve gotten better about only going to drug store when I know it’s something I need, like NYX Matte in Eden because MAC Retro Matte kills my lips.

But there’s still always that thought of “Well, it’s $20+ at Sephora, and this looks like the same color for $6.”

I agree 100% The smell and taste of CoverGirl and L’Oreal lipsticks are horendous! I don’t know how people stand it. Actually anything CoverGirl smells disgusting. I’m with you Clex.

I prefer L’Oréal to *many* HE/Luxury brands that not only smell & taste likestale perfume, but are also drying… I’ve been wearing L’Oréal for nearly 30 years, with no issues, but I haven’t used CG in in over 15, and from whatI rrecall from some of the older formulas, they were just greasy.

Avoid Limited Edition products! They are a company’s way to grab attention but there is nothing more frustrating when you finish a LE product, but you can’t buy it again. Or you get compliments on a product, but you can’t recommend it because it was LE/DC’d. lol

Nothing? I love every product in my collection. I’ve picked everything as wisely as possible, most of it I’ve bought online after reading lots of reviews and watching tutorials. I’d say I wish I hadn’t bought Too Faced’s The Return of Sexy palette because it’s the lamest thing I own, but I do use that one color I like. I don’t know what else to say, I’m very impressed with my makeup collecting skills.

Same here. I’ve bought a few duds in my time (especially in when I was younger and there was no internet), but I really wouldn’t change my current collection at all.

I would have skipped the “colored” eyeliner I never wear, and instead of buying sooo many nude & red lipsticks that don’t quite work, I wouldn’t have settled, and continued the hunt. I would also buy less foundation… These 3 little things could have saved me HUNDREDS of dollars, LOL!

Thanks for picking my question again 🙂
#1 -Read Temptalia – In the beginning, I was reading random blogs for reviews/swatches and didn’t discover your site until later
#2- Buy as much Colour Pop as possible– I could’ve saved thousands of dollars by buying Colour Pop shadows/bushes/lipliners/lipsticks/highlighters first, then supplementing it with products from other brands. Instead I did it the other way around, as I didn’t discover Colour Pop until much later. I’ve wasted so much money on shadows that didn’t stick or blushes that faded, but the Colour Pop ones last great on me.
#3- Do more returns – if it doesn’t work, get your money back, so you can buy better makeup!

Ideally I would love to stick to a collection of essentials which allows me to create all the looks I need BUT I’m such a sucker for packaging and the same shade of makeup in 50 different brands, I don’t think I could ever have the will power to do anything less.

Christine, you LITERALLY took the words right out of my mouth, LoL! Yes, definitely wouldn’t have wasted quite a few $$$’s and precious time on a load of junk that I was hauling like a crazy lady several years ago! Not sure WHAT I was thinking at the time. Interspersed in all that, have also been some lovely gems, but if given an opportunity, I would have rather had some of the stuff I now have instead. Lived and learned. *Sigh*

Definitely! I’m only buying natural/organic/cruelty-free going forward. I figure eventually everything will be weeded out.

Advice to my former, present and future self:
“Less single shadows. Just because something is LE or on sale doesn’t mean you need it- i.e., stop impulse-buying random shit from Marshalls. For the love of God, you hate the shimmery Maybelline Colour tattoos, stop buying them. Shop at Walmart instead of Shoppers or Rexall when you can. Also, you’re never gonna contour. Stop buying expensive contouring kits.”

I’d have to agree with everything you said, Chrstine! And I wouldn’t buy the “it” colors that every media outlet raves about, e.g. Nars Orgasm. It looks terrible on me and I tried to make it work for two or three years before realizing what a hot mess it was. I’d go back and tell my younger self that I’ll be much happier if I buy what looks great on me, even if it’s not a worldwide best seller because it’s supposedly “flattering on everyone”.

Exactly! It’s like, why do they always say Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is holy grail, iconic, always come back to, makeup artists carry in their bag???? No, it’s not great. It’s junk. Always has been, always will be.

I’ve never had any issues with Great Lash. Then again, the only mascara I’ve hated were tarte & benefit Bad Gal, although they were samples, so they may have been off (I did try 3+ vials of each, though! ), and many love those…

I started two years ago and I’m happy with the way it shaped up. I was incredibly picky and read reviews of everything. Traced down some HG stuff without even seeing some stuff in person.

don’t buy a products that deep down you know you will never used it. yellow eyeshadows,blue lipsticks,black lipstick etc.

I would have started buying value sets sooner, instead of individual products. They’re a great way to try a lot of products for a smaller cost.

Yeah I agree! Value sets are great lil investments, easier to get through the product vs. buying something full-sized.

I’m with you on the “return more” front. I hate returning makeup products, I feel so…idk, just not good about doing it. I’ve exchanged a total of 3 times in 5yrs., & even tho I always ended up spending more money or having an equal exchange, I always feel bad about it, like I’m ruining the rep’s day..
One thing that I would have done differently for sure was to focus less on palettes & more on singles. Also I would have started buying better brushes a lot sooner than I did—the brush is almost everything when it comes to eyes

I couldn’t agree more: good brushes make ALL the difference! There are products I’ve returned that I now know would have worked for me but I didn’t know I needed a specific type of brush. I also agree that eye shadow singles are a better choice. They cost more than a palette, but the quality is higher. I’d rather love my eye shadows than to think they’re just okay.

Don’r feel bad, you will NOT ruin the sales associate’s day! That is part and parcel of retail and they know that going into their job. Consider instead how much worse you would feel keeping something you spent your hard earned money on and know you will never use. That expense will haunt you forever.

Just keep in mind these “generous” return policies are paid for by the consumer. If you haven’t noticed, the price increases have been occurring more often, and at a higher rate. MAC eyeshadow was $12 a pan for *ages*, now it’s gone up to $16 in 5 years. UD Naked palettes have gone up $10 each since Naked’s initial release. NARS products have gone up $5 apiece over the last 3 years, after maintaining a solid rate for many years prior. So no, it isn’t about the SA; it’s about the rest of us paying more down the line. There really is no excuse when samples/testers are available.

Estee Lauder companies have an annual price increase – it is a standard increase, and they have done it every year. They do half of their SKUs in the first half of the year, the remaining half in the second part of the year. I think they may have only skipped once because the economy was particularly bad.

Many of us, myself included, do not have easy access to cosmetic testers or samples on a regular basis. Many brands are online only, have online exclusives, or stores/counters don’t get new products for weeks or months after a launch. You are fortunate to live in an area with a plethora of counters (I recall LA/SoCal), but there are plenty who do not. Prices in other countries have also gone up over the years, and they often have very restrictive, if not no, return policies.

NARS is a brand that you can very readily see that they have made a major push in innovation/product development (a lot of new formulas, and those are often in the works 2-5 years prior to you seeing them released) and advertising campaigns. Without seeing a brand’s books and how many returns they’re getting, it’s hard to say definitively that returns are why prices increase, but given how generous policies are, and how often readers here, who spend more than the average person on beauty, are reluctant to return regularly, it doesn’t seem like the driving force behind price increases to me. What I have heard is that giving generous return policies means that people buy more and ultimately don’t return as much as they spent, but this is just what I have heard within the industry.

Thanks for the inside scoop, Christine, we always appreciate that stuff, so hit us up with some more 😉

& yes, Amy! I’ve noticed price increases on EVERYTHING lately, not only all makeup, but even food is pricier than ever.. UD’s increases weren’t even gradual though.. I remember the Naked palettes jumping from $50 to $52, & then like two/three months later it was $54, plus they took away the little extras that used to come with them.

Judy, I always feel guilty, even if I only used something one time. It’s the vibes I pick up from whatever SA is doing the returning/exchanging. I think I’ve had one younger girl who was positive during the entire process (an Ulta employee). I’m not exactly meek either lol …as far as the money, it’s easy come, easy go… & it’s not like it’s coming with on our check out date lol 😀

Tammy! I know, rt?!! I’ll never forget the amazement I felt the very 1st time I used a decent eyeshadow brush! I feel like any eyeshadow can be conquered with good primer & good brushes!

Has anyone noticed the Benefit Box O Powders has less product but are still the same price? I guess that’s how they’ve avoided raising the price. They just hold back on product.

I was financially unstable until very recently, and a lot of my current collection dates from those days. If I lost everything and had to start over I would say I’d definitely be far less concerned with finding something on the cheap and instead focus on finding things that work on me without having to make them work on me. I still like to buy affordable and a lot of my go-tos are still from drugstore brands and that’s fine since I’m still not what you could call stable, but I’ve had more disposable income recently and I’ve tried to put some into quality makeup staples that will look good and feel good. I also now have the self-knowledge about what kind of things usually work for me, both shade- and finish-wise that I didn’t have when I was starting out, so that would make a whole lot of difference in terms of spending money on things I can actually use.

Wow what a great question!

Definitely quality over quantity. Don’t buy just for the purpose of collecting (this is just me). Makeup is definitely not worth racking credit card debt over. Never buy e.l.f. unless it’s the eyeshadow brush. Only buy products you’ll love so you’ll actually use them!

I had a pretty big collection then realized how much of an unhealthy obsession it became so I gave almost everything away except for everyday essentials and favorite products. I haven’t bought anything in over 3 years. I’m slowly starting to get back into buying again, but only if it’s in my budget, is of good quality, and I know I’ll use it often or regularly.

I used to buy a lot of products because of the exclusive feel, but now I’ll only consider something if I’ve read good reviews. I typically wait for sales, discounts, and coupons.

I think that about sums it up!

Ditto to your answer Christine. Plus, I wish there had been a Temptalia when I was starting or that I had found out about this site sooner. 🙂

Quality over quantity. Stop buying drugstore stuff bcos they go bad faster. I don’t like returning stuff, it just gets trashed over there, that is what samples and try ons are for. All that trash is bad for the environment. It’s bad enough to be obsessed with consumption.
Precycling beats recycling.

Quality over Quantity too. I probably have at least $100 in drugstore lippies that haven’t worked out and I’d preferred to have bought 3 NARS or 2 Guerlain or 4 BITE/UD/Fresh colors I know I would have loved.

I would re-build only buying staples at first, like my favourite bases, and finishing powders. I would not buy every eye shadow palette available. I have so many now, and I’ll just never get through them all. I would be more selective about lipsticks, bronzers, and highlighters. I think I would likely still go for *all of the blushes*. That’s my weak point! And something I switch up everyday 🙂 Definitely, definitely return more. And don’t worry about LE collections. Everything is covetable, not everything is worth it – especially if it’s something you won’t end up wearing a lot.

Well, I actually had to replace my collection because I recently discovered makeup with talc breaks me out. I had to get rid of everything that has talc. Between talc and sensitivities to bismuth oxychloride, there is very little I can wear anymore. First and foremost, I must read the ingredients. I buy items in person when I can. Since I have oily eyelids, and I can’t find eye primers work, I stopped wearing eye shadow. My eyes are hooded anyway so I just focus on the lashes. I no longer buy back ups because my tastes usually change anyway by the time I use a product. My entire collection can fit into one bag and I’m so happy with the simplicity of my routine. I’m still a junkie but I have to appreciate all the beautiful looks on others now.

Same thing happened to me! I never wore eye shadow for many, many years because everything creased on me. My lids are oily and one is hooded, too. Then they came out with these 2 new primers that have worked wonders for me – Wet N Wild Fergie Take the Day Primer, and Bare Minerals 5-in-1 Advanced BB Cream Shadow (Linen is my skintone). I also use an oil-control foundation just for my lids. I’ve also had good luck using the Giorgio Armani Eye Tints, Colour Pop shimmer shadows, and Laura Mercier Cream Shadow Sticks as bases, then putting powder shadows on top. I can make most shadows last 8-12 hours now, and some +16 hours.

Everything you said, Christine. And I won’t buy into the LE hype. It’s frustrating to find something that really works or is HG and it’s LE. Also I’d try to buy HG for everything, even if it is expensive. It’d actually be cheaper because I have quite a bit of “I can wear this on an off day” products laying around and I don’t wear them because the quality isn’t there. Even if I wasn’t going to go full-face on any given day, it’s okay to still have quality HG products I could use for a more subdued or natural “off day” look.

And I wouldn’t buy/collect/hoard so many eyeshadows – they’re my weakness. At some point it gets to where, no matter what new color or finish or tone or shade comes out, you are able to mix a couple from your stash to create your own dupe.

I would build my collection much more slowly this time around. One bronzer, two or three blushes, a few neutral matte eyeshadows. Only the liners that I know work for me. No more than 4 or 5 go-to lipsticks. My favorite concealer and setting powder. I would immediately return products that do no work really nicely for me. I would not hoard or buy backups. And I would endeavor to hit pan before buying something new. I would always check Temptalia before even considering buying something. No more impulse buying…ever! However, I would be devastated if I did lose my current collection and did indeed have to start over. 🙂

This probably will make me sound stupid– but remember that the bloggers you read and the friends who rave about items may not have the same coloring or skin type that you do. Find a few ones that do wear the colors that look good on you and use them as a reference before you go hog wild over some must have item that does not even suit you. Also be aware of what colors are addictive lures for you– more magenta pink? Do I really need that? I also recommend shopping at places with easy return policies and good customer service. They will do well if you use them regularly even if you do return a few items.

Don’t bother with eyeshadow palettes (Naked 1+3, TF Chocolate Bar, a Tarte one) because even though you may like them, you’ll never use them as much as your MUG singles. After a few months you’ll completely forget you even have them. Don’t waste your money on drugstore foundations, they just don’t work for your skin. Splurge more on skincare. Stick to drugstore mascara. Do more returns of drugstore products. Don’t have more than one non-pencil (i.e. liquid or gel) eyeliner at a time, since you only use it maybe 6 times a year anyway.

I would have tried on shades labeled “nude” or “naked” (lipsticks, lip pencils, and face powders) in store first. They all usually make me look like the blood has drained out of me!

Same, quality over quantity. TEST TEST TEST. Bring home samples first. More skincare focus, spend more on that and better ingredients. Better foundations, quality concealers that actually work. Return crappy products.

I have more eyeshadow than I will get through in my lifetime. Buy the core products from quality lines that I know are tried and true, less time worrying about LE products – most are easily duped and that’s were I should spend less and go for maybe drugstore (on a colour or trend that is just that, trendy). Stick with colours I’ll wear, not just cuz they’re the “it” thing and look horrible on me LOL.

Don’t buy the drugstore dupe of a high end product just to “try it out” because if I’m willing to put out money for the drugstore item, chances are I’ve already done the research and will end up buying the pricer item anyway. Better to get a sample of the higher priced item rather than “sample” by buying the drugstore dupe.

Return things that don’t work! I have started doing this in the last month or so and saved money already. Try more things out longer before making a decision. Read reviews and watch videos before buying ANYTHING. Buy one nice item instead of 3 cheap crappy ones. OR buy one perfectly fine dupe of one overhyped expensive product. RESEARCH.

I’m a very neutral and natural color girl, I would definitely not purchase tons of turquoise, purple and blue eye shadows that I purchased when I was in my 20s. I wore them but always as an accent never a full look, going back I would just limit my self to the ones that I continue to use.

I would buy higher quality, but only a couple blushes and a couple of eye shadow palettes that have all of the colors I KNOW look good on me, higher quality but only about 3-4 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses and a minimum of specific brushes, only the types I need. The one thing I have never sacrificed is high quality foundation and would never sacrifice that. When I look in my makeup bag now, Iam overwhelmed by all of the “stuff” I’ve bought and used once or never.

Get nearly all MUFE Artist Shadows–look at the two colours that draws me in a new palette and just go to MUFE and see if I can find it, and build up your collection that way. Really enjoy the process of trying and looking and playing, and not rush. Establish a relationship to salespersons that you like and trust and really converse, and fundamentally trust yourself no matter what they say. Stick to lipstick formulations you like rather than just look at colour alone, and similarly, don’t try to talk yourself into finding lipstick scents okay when they’re not okay. Admit to yourself that make up is one of your passions, and stop feeling guilty about, and from there make serious decisions.

I started building my mkup collection 3 or 4 yrs ago. I eventually realized to do research before purchase. Lately I am pleased with the mkup items I have bought.

I also found that I love palettes for creating looks that match but prefer to create natural classic looks.

Also I realise now that there are good mkup to find at the drugstore, just make sure to read reviews and go on youtube.

Since I love mkup I need to restrain myself now and only buy what I need.

I think I would experiment a bit more like asking advice in department stores. I must have spent loads on wrong shades of foundation just because I didn’t want to ask. Fun experimenting though

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so MAC centric, but I really wanted a broad selection of color products and the B2M program worked really well for that.

This was a great question. Omg I’ve revamped my collection. The stuff I’ve given away or threw out kills me. But now I have the collection I should have had years back. Quality over quantity. Stay my butt out the drugstore most just don’t work for me. I’m a neutral girl and I know that, so no need on buying what I know I won’t ever wear. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. Stick to my staples in the end it will save me more money for other things. Knowing myself now allows me to buy what I know o like and not just because everyone has it. I don’t shop collections that will drive a person crazy. If I see it and like and fit who I am ill get it. But I’m not hunting down nothing.

And also realize im only one person. I don’t need makeup from every brand. Just stick with my quality products and that’s that.

Read reviews of products that I am interested in.
Find my correct foundation shade – wasted a lot of money working out this one!
Buy quality eye shadow palettes – tick – I already do this now. I didn’t in the past .
The rest I am really happy with my collection as it stands now.

I would start by making a database with product type, manufacturer, color, texture and she I would use it, e.g., summer, winter, evening, day. I would enter every purchase to avoid dupes. Prior to purchase, I would read reviews, try samples if possible, return if necessary . I too would go for quality. I would not allow myself to have two drawers of lipstick and two drawers of shadows.
Several mentioned quality skincare as important, I also agree with that.

# 1 – I will purchase a different storage system. I want the clear acrylic Original Beauty Box. That way I will be able to see all my products and it will limit my purchases. Once it’s full – that’s it. No more shopping!

# 2 – I will do is insitute a “No Hoarding” policy. There is no reason FOR ME to own 45 lipsticks, 20 blushes, 15 foundations, 50 eyeshadows, etc. I’m not a makeup artist and the products I have now are going to expire before I can ever get through them all. And no more purchases of things I know I’ll never use.

# 3 – I will only buy high quality all natural organic makeup. There are so many great products out there today that there’s just no excuse. (I will miss my Benefit & TooFaced & Urban Decay) But, I have to make the switch! Hello Juice Beauty! Here I come.

I’m excited! I want to start my elimination process now! Anyone have any good ideas on what to do with my unopened makeup that I’m going to discard? Please reply.

Women’s shelters in my area will accept unopened cosmetics as a donation (and it may be tax deductible ).

You can donate to a woman’s shelter, or sell it on ebay. If you know any teenagers or starving college students, they usually love getting some freebies.

Definitely focus more on my skincare. I realized this a while ago, I was looking to my mom doing her daily skin ritual and I noticed her skin looked so much better then mine. She wears no makeup at all, while I was concentrating on covering my “bad skin” she was treating it with care and she had nothing to cover up! Now I only use trusty products for the face.
Also I would spend less money on lipstick. You pay 40 dolars on a hot new colour of the season lipstick, that to be honest, you know you’re not gonna wear it even 10 times. If you’re gonna buy a really expensive one, buy a shade that you’ll rock all the time. If you’re looking to try new things, go for drugstore.

Dude if I could go back and have a redo I would! I would stick with the brands I love only and stick with palettes/colors I would wear on an everyday basis. Sure having like 6 shades of hot pink lipstick is fun and all…but if I only wear it every once and a while it doesn’t do me any good to have spent that kind of money on it when it could have gone towards other things. With as much crap as I have now I don’t expect to use anything up until I’m in my 60s most likely lol! Ugh I had a problem. Lol

1. Return products immediately
2. Accept what flatters me and not trends or what I want or what works for people even those within my skintone and undertone. For example my ideal “neutral lip” is a pinky brown or anything pink brown based on not a peach like.
3. Nail down 1 neutral eyeshadow quad with brow bone color, lid color, crease color and outer v/lining color and master blending them. Now I know that should have been the following or similar dupes: MAC arena for the brow bone, MAC tempting for the lid, MAC Saddle for the crease and MAC Handwritten for outer v.

I’d do so many things!
1. Stay away from the drugstore when it comes to foundations! Unless there are testers, you’re never going to get the exact color you need. (It seems every drugstore foundation I try is so pink!)
2. Always look up reviews on new products first and think about what you have before you buy
3. Stick to cheaper mascaras! For your lashes they work just fine
4. Going for quality instead of quantity is really the best idea
5. Get a sample of foundation before you purchase it. It’ll keep you from having a drawer of ones that are too heavy, don’t have the right coverage, etc

I would research products more. Being a teen in the late 90s we didn’t have the tools we have now, including this blog. All I knew was MAC (sadly my eye color collection is still 95% MAC, I think I have an addiction problem, lol), and Lancôme for skin products. Both are still awesome but there are so many options at lower price and equal quality

I would absolutely put quality ahead of quantity. There would be less shade overlap in my lip product, blush, and eyeshadow collection. Single eyeshadows that do not come in a single pan for easy Z-Palette storage would not be in the collection. I’ve cut down the on the things in my collection that I don’t use, by passing them on to my mom and sisters.

-learn how to do makeup properly before buying loads of make-up as a beginner
-buy basics earlier (matte shadows, a good concealer etc.)
-buying stuff that looks quality products
-not buy stuff that look nice but don’t match my coloring
-search for thorough reviews

Invest in quality products! I have so many products that I bought just for the sake of it, which I regret now. Also, do your research! And don’t buy products with parabens, or any nasty chemicals for that matter. I would just turn to Etsy, probably!

Less impulse buying. Don’t fall for the “hype” products/brands. Stick with brands/products like. Return more. Skip the back ups. Multiples of the same shade isn’t necessary. Buy less.

I would have sampled more instead of buying things based on previous experience with a brand. I would not be so OCD about discontinued favorites. I have so many backups, it’s hard to justify buying new products I may not love as well. I would try to stick with a couple of core brands, really get to know the brand, rather than bits and bobs from every brand. I don’t like to take things back, so I really need to make sure something really works or I just don’t need it. Less spur of the moment purchases.

know that you don’t have to ‘have it all’ or in every single color but buy quality products with good ingredients that you know you will use on the daily & performs well. Treat myself to a bold color IF the quality is there. And don’t just buy for the name.

Don’t necessarily start with drugstore products. Just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean you won’t lose money when you throw them away. Instead do more research before purchasing things, and it’s okay to get something a bit pricier if you know it’s filling a gap in your makeup collection.

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