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One brand? Chanel. It’s what I have the least of but am most curious about. I can’t justify buying it because I have SO much MU already.

Clinique is the only brand that I can think of that’s got a lot of products that I like from it, so I’d have to say them!

I’m actually *not* going to say Burberry mostly because I have a fair amount of their products and their selection is a bit limited. I’d probably go for Guerlain. All the Rouge Gs I wanted…ooh, that’s tempting. On the other hand, I hear good things about Tom Ford, so maybe them. I could get their blushes, and their brushes which are supposedly excellent…hmm, decisions, decisions..

My first thought was MUFE, but the more I think about it, Guerlain or maybe Cle de Peau would be a good idea because I could indulge absolutely guilt free.

Probably Guerlain or NARS. The former because it’s a pricey brand that I’d love to indulge in guilt-free, and the latter because it’s my secret financial kryptonite.

My first reaction was ‘ Definitely Urban Decay’ but I actually already have so much already that there’s not a lot left to buy (yikes). So I’d have to go with MAC.

This is almost as painful as being forced to be able to pick one celebrity to have a relationship with. I’d have to say a brand that has a good variety of lipsticks and eyeshadows. I can’t stand shimmery lipsticks and the only brands that has good corals and peaches and mattes and creams and satins are Make Up For Ever and Illamasqua.

KA’OIR. Hard choice but I want so many KA’OIR lipsticks… they have tons of odd colors and I have heard great things. Tempted to say Illamasqua for the same reasons.

Le Metier de Beaute. I haven’t been able to bring myself to indulge at their price point. Also, a few times from the Guerlain limited edition holiday releases are too much for me to justify the investment.

I wanna say illamasqua, chanel, guerlain, Nars, Tom ford, ysl….. But i will pick only guerlain because most of my everyday makeup is from them. They always make awesome products and they are quite pricey, plus I always lust after their collections

MAC, if I could have access to any of their collections! After that then I’d have to choose a Korean Beauty Brand… I love some of the packaging. NYX would be nice too. For just nail polish then Zoya or OPI.

Guerlain without a doubt! I would beeline for their fragrances: Mitsuko, L’Heure bleue, Samsara, Chamade, etc… and their lipsticks are alright too ;). I would also go for a Hermes fragrance spree…

First thought would be Illamasqua. Oh, to have all their colours! Plus an endless supply of perfect foundation, endlessly matte skin, and the list goes on!

I’d also want to investigate organic/eco-friendly brands that I don’t have access to, either for price or location reasons. I think a lot of them have incredible products but just aren’t distributed widely enough or at a low enough price point that people take notice.

Guerlain: For their Orchid skin care line!! I already have some of their make up and fragrances but these skin care products are wayyyy pricy!

MAC because I never had a single MAC product, they are constantly coming up with new things and they have amazing brushes which I need in my collection.

If not, then Lancome, NARS or Burberry.

Hmmm…I’ve always wanted to try more Shiseido products so if that includes their products available only in Japan, then yes. Otherwise, it would be MUFE or MAC.

Most probably Guerlain, I wanna have all the shades of Rouge Automatiques, Rouge Gs, L’Extraits, and buy back-ups of meteorites without feeling guilty. Haha!

Inglot, because I’d want to buy everything. Nars or Guerlain because they’re expensive. If I went with Guerlain I’d want all the perfumes, even the old, discontinued ones.

If it’s just one brand, I would go for Guerlain. It’s a whole experience from package to texture and shades.

MAC – they have such a huge range of products and shades. Up till recently I might have said Illamasqua but having bought a bunch of their eyeshadows, I am severely unimpressed as the quality is worse than drugstore eyeshadow.

Oooohhh…. I was thinking Inglot, NARS or MAC, but then Guerlain interfered…

Then again, I have a thing for eyeshadow refill and custom palettes, and overall love my MAC shadows a teeny tiny bit more than my Inglot ones, so I think I’d choose MAC!

Oh my goodness, I could only imagine all the swatches of NYX products. Actually, hoping you would do the whole soft matte lip cream line

I adore Nars, but I have so much from them that I think I don’t *need* any more for now. So I think I’m going to say Laura Mercier. I have very little from her since it’s so expensive here in France but loved everything I bought and would love to discover a few more products from their range :).

Tom Ford because the whole line isn’t available here in Canada and US retailers don’t ship it here. *sigh* It is a mirage in a makeup desert for me. I might as well bite the bullet and order it from Harrod’s but the shipping and the conversion rate…. Ouch! I’m better off waiting for this free endless shopping spree.

Le MΓ©tier de BeautΓ© and Illamasqua I think. But I also love Tom Ford beauty and other brands ! Let’s say Le MΓ©tier de BeautΓ© / Illamasqua !

Definitely Guerlain. Meteorites powder, please be mine. Otherwise, I would have said Urban Decay, but I already own so much of their line because I can’t say no to them.

I was going to say the exact same thing! I’m surprised to not see more people say MUFE yet! Both brands are hard to test/swatch where I am so it’d be nice to just be able to GET stuff! LOL

My first thought was MAC.. but with the Pro discount, I knew I could think of another brand. I’d probably have to say NARS and Chanel. Although this is stuff. There are so many brands I love! I wouldn’t mind a Revlon lipstick spree, either.

MAC, always MAC, l’d like to be in a MAC pro-store getting whatever I want without thinking how much it is so far.

NARS! I would say Urban Decay, it being my favorite brand… But I already have so many of their eyeshadows and liners! πŸ™‚

NYX is very tempting… So is Benefit, but they don’t have enough products. Probably MAC. So many different things!

Oh my this is a great question. I would say Urban Decay or Nars. I love those two lines and they are women of color friendly. I would say MAC but I’d only shop their brushes.

Ditto. My first thought is Urban Decay because I love everything they do, but NARS is my splurge. And I think they have more to choose from.

Chanel or Le Metier de Beauti or La Prairie I would grab each “step” in their high priced skin care lines!

I agree with these completely, especially since these brands also cover skin care, which is 80% of the issue for my age bracket. An endless shopping spree could cover the thousands of dollars of skin care products I’ve always wanted from afar.

Tom Ford, Chanel, Armani, Guerlain, Shiseido.

I LOOOOVE NYX, they are realeasing so many cool things lately, like highlighters, bronzers, eyeshadows, primers.
Christine, I wish you could do more reviews of the brand πŸ™

I’m tempted to say MAC and get ALL the brushes I have my eye on – or every brush they make! If it were free, why not?! Not to mention all the products I want to try – Face & Body Foundation, lipsticks galore, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eep!! Their skincare has always intrigued me too.

Then I think, maybe Guerlain, all the lipstick shades, meteorites, give their skincare a go, foundations, perfumes.

Other brands jump to my mind – NARS, for example, or bareminerals, or Benefit. They all have an Achilles heel though, a reason why I wouldn’t choose them. It would come down to Guerlain or MAC. I honestly think MAC would win too – I really want a new set of makeup brushes!

Kryolan. Their line is enormous and I always have the urge to buy special effects makeup, but I can’t justify it in my everyday life.

I would say MAC for their pigments, lipsticks and brushes; however Illamasqua got too many unique and gorgeous makeup and (for me) is more pricy than MAC, so I would pick Illamasqua

Either MAC or Chanel. MAC because of the amount of really fun collections they release and Chanel because of the wonderful permanent range and gorgeous cohesive collections.

I would go crazy with the Tom Ford makeup collection and everything UD has also. Then go buy a lot of MAC lipstick.

I think I would agree with Guerlain or Tom Ford… I’d probably throw Burberry into the mix too. The only limiting factor is that if it’s just their makeup products (and excludes perfumes and skincare), the selection is more limited than other brands like Urban Decay/NARS/MAC etc. Bobbi Brown would be up there too, but it’s more affordable than Guerlain or Tom Ford, so I’d wanna do some kind of cost analysis to see the total product value I could get (such an accountant, haha). If this could include fragrances, I might lean towards Tom Ford because I’ve smelled about 4-5 of his, and I love them ALL.

The other one I’d strongly consider would be OCC, because it’d be fun to own all of their lip tars and play around, and their concealers are pretty awesome too! With more innovation coming out of them, they could slowly build themselves to be one of the premiere high-end brands.

Ultimately, I think it’d come down to Guerlain, Tom Ford or Burberry!

Chanel and Ysl πŸ˜€ I want everything lol, well probably I would still be selecting products but well I want some Chanel quads, 5 or 6 Chanel perfumes, nail polishes Chanel black pearl and repromoted Graphite ( If only πŸ™ ) I also want many Rouge Coco and Rouge allure lipsticks, and Rouge allure glosses, and glossimers. I want some Ysl Rouge Voluptes, all the Gloss de brillance, some more lipsticks, maybe one or two eyeliners and a few perfumes. Or I will just buy it all πŸ˜› .

Tom Ford,LMDB!Illamasqa..we dont have these products at present so it would be wonderful to try some of their products.

I’ve been collecting Chanel for 30 years, so I feel like I want to say, “Chanel, for a fact”… but Tom Ford’s brushes are my newest obsession. πŸ˜‰

For everydoay/high quality, Guerlain or Tom Ford. For strong colors and innovative textures, MUFE or Illamasqua.

I wonder if many know that Tom Ford is made by Estee Lauder.
Seems the one brand has such a bad rap for being “old fashioned” and the other couldn’t be perceived as hip, cool, etc.

I really don’t *need* any more Urban Decay or Kat Von D makeup, so I would probably say either Sugarpill or MAC, since I have no MAC makeup and you can never have too much Sugarpill! =P

It would be MAC because they have so much diversity and limited editions. Plus they have some skincare and great brushes!

Guerlain, YSL and Nars for makeup. The have beautiful pigments complimentary to Black skin. I’m boycotting Chanel because they don’t carry foundation and concealer for chocolate girls like me NC 50-55. Hello, its the 21st century! I would also stock up on every MAC brush I don’t already own and get extras of my favorite brushes.

Challenging thought. I think I would choose MUFE because of their enormous selection of products and colors. Second choice would be to get the entire eye makeup line from UD. Third choice would be Laura Mercier’s line for color and quality. Fourth would be LORAC’s line because it gets along with my super sensitve, rosacea prone skin.

Wow this is a tough one! I think if I had to pick just one, I’d go with MAC just because of the sheer volume and variety of products (it’s my dream to have an eyeshadow palette collection a la Christine). Then again it would be tempting to go with a more pricey brand like Cle de Peau or Tom Ford…darn now I’m getting all excited like I actually get to do this:P

Sisley. Sisley is so much expensive than Tom Ford…I want the skin care products from Sisley. Another choice would be Christian Dior. It is not just the color part, but also the skin care collection.

Definitely NYX or Inglot due to how many products they have. It’d be nice to have lots of different products to do different looks with.

I’d like to say MAC but It’d take me ages to decide what I’d actually like to have from them.

Burberry, Tom Ford, Urban Decay but mostly Guerlain. Skin care by La Mer is something I would like to try. πŸ™‚

OMG! There are too many to choose from but I would have to say MUFE,MAC, Inglot then UD,NARS, and Armani. etc

Probably MAC, just because they simply have so many products/brushes. Otherwise, Le Metier de Beaute, Guerlain, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Giorgio Armani, and Burberry because I’ve heard great things about almost all of their products but their prices are waaaaay out of my range.

You know, my gut says UD, but I own a lot of their stuff. They’ve discontinued their lipsticks, and I have most of what I’d want from them.

So, I could either go entirely out of my price range (Guerlain), or pick a brand I’ve enjoyed a few products from (Tarte, Smashbox), or just go insane on massive line that I haven’t really tried, like Nars or MUFE. Yeah, I think I’d pick either Nars, MUFE, or Guerlain.

I have a standing daydream about a looting of the Nars website so extreme their hosts servers explode into flames. Great brushes and books!
I could do Chanel or Dior; Actually I wouldn’t turn down any line, they all have desirables. But I think Nars.

Oh, this is a loaded question! If I’m going with my favorite brand I would have to choose Benefit because I love every single item they have, but they don’t have a LOT of products. So, I would have to go with NARS. Great quality and lots of products. I would especially love to collect all of the blushes, lip glosses, and eyeshadows. That would be my high end pick. My drugstore pick would be NYX because they have a TON of products!!

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