If you could give three tips to someone just starting out with makeup, what would they be?

1.) Makeup washes off, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different finishes, colors, products, etc. 2.) Practice makes perfect; you won’t get better or find the techniques and methods that work best for your style without trying! 3.) Makeup can be a creative outlet, so even if such-and-such shade isn’t the most flattering product on you, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it and enjoy it!

— Christine
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1.) Watch some really good YT tutorials to learn application techniques and to get some inspiration.
2.) In the beginning, invest in some good quality,lower cost cosmetics so that it doesn’t feel like you’re “wasting” product while learning to hone your skills and experiment with various color combinations.
3.) Have fun and enjoy the ride! Try out some more adventurous looks when you have nowhere to go and can feel unrushed.
And as Christine mentioned; remember, it all washes off, so don’t stress over it!

I don’t really know what my three tips would be, but I gotta say I hardly watched *any* YT tutorials and got by just fine πŸ™‚ Different things work for different people though!

1) You are beautiful just as you are.
2) Take care of your skin, including wearing sunscreen and/or products with sunscreen. Any makeup that you apply over beautiful skin will look nicer.
3) Be comfortable with who you are and how *you* want to present yourself. Don’t feel pressured to look how others think you should look. Peer pressure eventually falls away. Enjoy experimenting – it washes off!

1. Wash you makeup off end of day before you sleep no matter how tire you are.
2. Buy high end face products…cleanser n moisturizer etc, makeup and brushes. ( necessary that you need to, but that is my opinion)
3. No need to buy tons of makeup. Buy what you need. Wasting to buy 20 million red lipsticks.

You really don’t have to spend too much money on makeup, research exactly what you need first of all. There’s tons of cheaper authentic alternatives for high end makeup, that are just as good if not better.

Primer is a must not only for seamless application but to create a much needed barrier between your skin and makeup products.

Never sleep in makeup and invest in your skin First and always

Accidentally sent this as an email

You really don’t have to spend too much money on makeup, research exactly what you need first of all. There’s tons of cheaper authentic alternatives for high end makeup, that are just as good if not better.

Primer is a must not only for seamless application but to create a much needed barrier between your skin and makeup products.

Never sleep in makeup and invest in your skin First and always

– I know colors are more exciting, but everything starts with a good base. Try to find the products that work for you in that category before you spend all your money in lipstick. A good primer for your skin type, a foundation or BB cream that looks natural on your, a powder to prolong wear and perfect the finish, and the tools to apply them, will do more for your looks than all the eyeshadow palettes in the world.
– Brushes are important, the right quality tools make a huge difference how your looks turn out. You don’t have to spend hundreds on them though, do your research to find what affordable brands to choose from (some ELF brushes, Coastal Scents, Sigma, Morphe…)
– Don’t limit yourself to re-creating the looks that everyone is doing on Instagram. Play, experiment, and do what you have fun creating and what makes you feel good.

1. Get someone else’s honest opinion of your facial strengths and play up those features. For example, I hated my nose and thought I had small eyes. It wasn’t until a friend who is a photographer just looked at me like I was crazy that it clicked for me. Normal size nose, normal size eyes.

2. Be gentle with your skin. I used to go nuts trying to extract pimples. It may take longer to let a pimple heal on its own, but you won’t end up with a giant scab and dark mark for 3 months. And when you use foundation and concealer, you don’t have to make your entire face look like a magazine or instagram pic. You’ll look fine in real life, and heavy foundation can look cakey. And you can use blotting tissues throughout the day for shine control.

3. Makeup quality is better now than when I was a teenager. You don’t have to spend a lot on products and tools. Drugstore brands perform great, and retail stores now accept returns and exchanges.

4. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything if a makeup artist gives you a makeover. Take the suggestions and lessons, but you can say no and stick to a budget.

5. Don’t be afraid of false eyelashes.

1. Look for youtubers and bloggers that are a similar type as you – pale skin or red head or a WOC. It makes it muh easier to imagine what a color would look like when ordering online. 2. As far as techniques go, find what works for you. A latest contoring or eyeshadow rechnique might not be for your face or eye shape.
I want to second Christine’s advice though – you can wear something that is not for your type and it is fine. It is ypur conscious choice to look coherent or too bright today.
There is no such thing as “red/orange/dark is not your colour”. Every colour has s million of hues and undertones and there is always something for every type.

1. Research products before purchasing them at reliable sites/blogs like Temptalia or Makeupalley
2. Always remove your makeup before going to bed
3. Youtube videos can be your “teacher” for learning how to use the products you have, get the best use of them, find looks you would like to try

1. Get to know your face. What’s your undertone, how are your features (are your eyes wide set or close set, are they round or almond shaped for example). It comes down to looking and comparing to find out. (The series on faceshapes that Alyart did on youtube are of a great help! I only started to fully understand my face after I watched her video’s.)
2. Find youtubers that help you in your enthousiasm, not that put you off. The amount of products and the intricate looks can be overwhelming. Emily Noel is a good one for this. (Her easy eye week video’s for example.)
3. Experiment and be patient. Practice, practice, practice. (Last advice is for myself as well! I do not consider myself as an experienced make-up person, I only know a little more then my friends, which is not hard :D)

1. Not exactly makeup related but keep to your natural brow shape when tweezing.

2. Make sure you know your skin and the shade/ undertone well. Base makeup is what grounds the rest of your makeup and finding the right shade is important. And comes with a lot of trial and error.

3. Before taking off your makeup at the end of the day, experiment and try colors your normally wouldn’t be comfortable wearing out. Seeing it on and getting used to it on your face can really help you find what works for you.

Love number 3! Everyday at the end of the day I use a make up cleansing wipe to take off my eyeshadow and try something new so I can decide if I like it. Also on weekends before I shower I do two different new eyelooks, one on each eye, and then wipe it all off and hop in the shower. Sometimes I get excited and do 4-6 new looks before I hop in the shower. Make up cleansing wipes make experimentation a breeze.

1. Price doesnt equate quality so learn about ingredients and what they can or cannot do for you. Plus there is good and bad from any brand any price point so it is best to swatch if possible and check countless reviews

2. Have fun bc at the end of the day you wear makeup for you and it washes off. Experiment when you are young bc when youre older, and have a job, you wont or may not get away with the crazy stuff but it is still important to give yourself that time to play

3. Practice, practice, practice. There plenty of books or videos for reference. Find someone who speaks to you. You cannot learn something until you try and try again!

You don’t have to follow every makeup trend (I rarely contour).

High end does not mean better. Drug store makeup has improved alot over the last few years.

You don’t have to own your own personal makeup store. Honestly no one really needs more than 3 eyeshadow palettes. Don’t get sacked into the makeup vortex! I have been sacked in and am slowly crawling my way out with a year 2 no buy.

Haha makeup vortex is right! For a few years, I’ve been really into the latest releases. I’ve put myself in a no buy for a year. (Except skincare and mascara). Been only a few months but adding another year is attainable…but it’s so hard to resist!

But I would add that it’s okay for you to own as much make up as you like, if it is within your budget and makes you happy!

Well the first year wasn’t as successful as I would have liked. It was more of a low buy. I did buy a couple of new palettes (abh modern renaissance, becca jaclyn hill palette, nars unfiltered).

My no buy is no new products, only reupps of things I have finished like mascara, foundation and primer. At that time I decide if I am going to buy the same thing or a different brand.

Christine, I love your tips!

Some I would add:

1. Christine’s reviews can be super-helpful, and so is the rest of her site — look up swatches, check the dupe list, try the foundation matrix!
2. Some other reviewers can be very helpful, too, especially if you find someone who shares your skin tone and/or aesthetic.
3. You don’t have to go from wearing nothing to wearing a full face of makeup all at once. (I think makeup artists at some counters/stores tend to give you that impression.) It will probably take you too long in the morning, with a bunch of new products, and you may feel self-conscious with so many new products on your face. Start with your biggest concerns (evening out skintone, concealing something, or whatever) and/or your biggest love (long lashes, bold brows, or eye, cheek or lip color) first. You can always build from there.
4. “You get what you pay for” only applies to a certain extent in the makeup and skin care world. In many cases what you’re paying for is marketing and packaging. And some of that’s OK, because a lot of this is about image and fantasy. But you can get good results on your face from some reasonably-priced products.
5. Purchase products where you can try before you buy and/or that accept returns on opened makeup. You really can’t know if something is going to work for you without irritating your skin without trying it, sometimes several times. Don’t be shy about making returns.
6. Don’t let sales associates or other makeup lovers intimidate you. People will sometimes insist that a certain foundation matches your skin tone perfectly when it clearly doesn’t, or tell you that a lipstick looks great on you when you hate it. Stick with what *you* like.
7. Youtube tutorials can be really helpful, but there is no “right way” to apply makeup. There are as many different ways as there are faces. You don’t have to try to achieve a particular, standard “look”. Experiment, have fun, and do what works for you.
8. Don’t pay attention to “rules” that you can’t wear certain types of makeup after a certain age. Some of them are hilariously ridiculous.
9. Magazine- or Instagram-worthy “natural” or “no-makeup” looks can be the most complicated and difficult to achieve. Don’t feel that you’re a slow learner if it takes a long, long time before your makeup looks like that (and remember that photo filters and/or photoshop have probably also been involved!).

Amen!! I am 46 and just discovered about 6 months ago that i have hooded eyes, and had always had them. All these years I had been applying my eyeshadow wrong for my eye shape. After this revelation, I am really enjoying eyeshadow for the first time. I am really getting into color and don’t care that some people may think my eyeshadow is not age appropriate–no one has said so yet. :):)

Makeup is fun. Don’t be lured into buying everything. Take it slow and find out what works for you. Just because you love X brand lipstick in Y color doesn’t mean you NEED every color. Christine buys ALL THE COLORS so we don’t have to. We get the luxury of all her hard work.

1) Skincare first, then makeup. If the makeup does messes with your skin care, use something else.
2) Start with the basics then progress to more elaborate looks. Take it slow. Find a style icon that you can relate to and study their look, then try to incorporate it into your look.
3) Make sure that your makeup style matches your life style and the occasion that you are wearing it for.

Invest in a simple, effective collection of brushes. Good brushes can do more with not so great makeup.

Get to know your undertone and eye shape.

YouTube, YouTube, YouTube. Lisa Eldridge is my favorite.

I agree with your sentiments and would also add that skincare is more important than makeup. Also if you’re going to splurge, powders and creams seem to be better at the high end but the drugstore is a gold mine for mascara, lips, and brows.

I’d endorse all you said, and add: take care of your skin, as that’s the basis of all. Skin well cared for shows, and I think is part of a good makeup look overall.

1. Don’t buy foundation/concealer online, unless it’s a product you’ve actually tried. Many brands use a *numerical” system, and the lowest number doesn’t necessarily equate fairest, nor does the highest mean deepest. Undertone is not always reflected in these numbers, and is just as important, if not more so. Before investing in an expensive product/brand, get samples. While you may be able to return/exchange, that can be a big hassle. Free samples can be obtained through retail outlets, or for a couple of dollars, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc… Also, keep in mind you may have to mix shades or use a “mixer”.

2. Watch things like YouTube tutorials, but keep in mind some of these “gurus” are trying to “sell” product, and have PR sent for “review”. Some things to keep in mind are “discount codes”, “absolute *favorite* product(s) that are used 1-2 times in videos, show no “wear”, and never used again… Unless you have a product already, and are looking for some inspiration, you don’t need the exact product used in a tutorial; chances are you have comparable shades, or may only have to buy one item, instead of an entire palette. Also, find someone “relatable”; if you’re young, and in school, or work in a conservative setting, it doesn’t make much sense to emulate someone who does elaborate looks & wears $90 t-shirts (especially when trying to push off-brand collaborations…).

3. When it comes to color products, start within your comfort zone. Look to your closet and/or accessories for inspiration. If your wardrobe is more “subdued”, chances are UD Electric palette or a bright orange lippie or blush may not be a great choice; if your wardrobe is more classic/professional, neutral eye products & and 1 red/bold and a couple MLBB lippies may be a good start.

1. Start with caring for your skin. Think of trying to paint a masterpiece on a wrinkled piece of parchment. Not ever going to hang in the Louvre. πŸ™‚ Get your canvas (your skin) in the best condition possible and never let up on caring and protecting it.

2. Use the color wheel as a way to get started. It’s science based and works. Have yellow undertones you can’t get right with foundation? Use a lavender primer. Enhance your eye color with shades opposite that color on the wheel. It’s a good way to gain confidence about how to work shade and tone.

3. Get samples as much as you can before buying. Use the samples for as many days as you can, and you’ll have a much better idea if the product is for you. Use return policies responsibly, but don’t let yourself be intimidated about getting stuck with a product of low quality.

Have fun! After all it’s makeup! “Lipstick is the most valuable weapon in a woman’s make-up kit. It has the power to transform the appearance and mood of the person wearing it, and, at the same time, arouses the admiration of everybody else.” — Monica Bellucci

1. There are no rules. Seriously. You want to wear nothing but a bold blush with your evening gown? Do it. Want to wear a full instagram face to the gym? Cool. (Though ultimately it could be bad for your skin–just an FYI.) Want to wear pastel pinks on your olive skin or warm orange with your pale pink skin? Girl (or guy), go for it! That said…
2. Good quality boring stuff (brushes, foundations, concealers, skincare) will probably make a bigger difference than the fun stuff (eyeshadow, lipstick, blush). Price and quality are not interchangeable–a $400 skin cream might actually be terrible for your skin, just as an $8 mascara may be waaaay better than a $28 mascara. Check reviews (I like beautypedia and cosdna for skincare, temptalia for makeup), shop at places with good return policies, and test everything (especially base products) in all lights. Consult a dermatologist if you can–a tube of prescription gel/cream is probably cheaper and definitely more effective in the long run than the overhyped, overpriced skincare you can buy elsewhere!
3. Set a budget. Makeup spending can get really out of control REALLY fast. Avoid buying products just because everyone else is psyched about it; imagine yourself holding it in your hands in front of your mirror early in the morning. Are you still excited about using it? Do you know what you want to do with it? Is there something else you’d rather reach for? Do you already have something similar, and do you use the similar item as much as you thought you would when you bought it? Give yourself a waiting period before you can buy it–say, two weeks or a month. If you’re still excited about it then, great! If not, good! You saved that money! Rarely will a product permanently sell out in that time; and if it does, your life was fine before it existed and will be fine still. (Plus, if it was THAT popular, someone will dupe it.)

Add: sometimes you really want something nice, are pretty sure you’ll use it, and can’t find a dupe. It’s probably better to just save up for that item than to get a bunch of lesser products that ultimately won’t fill that hole. (Example: I’ve wanted Chanel Empriente du Desert since it was first reviewed. I haven’t found any other shadow with that particular unique finish or that combination of shades. Since I know it is exactly what I want, have waited six+ months, and haven’t spent $5 at Rite Aid and $8 at Walgreens and $12 at Ulta trying to approximate it, I feel okay springing for it.)

1) More is not necessarily more.
I love watching makeup tutorials on youtube. However, many of the looks Gurus are demonstrating are glam looks. Even the everyday looks utilize a ton of product that may not work for everyone. More concealer and more foundation isn’t always what you need. Start off with a little product and work your way up to determine what works best for you.

2) Budget the time to actually do your makeup.
A co-worker of mine who doesn’t wear makeup at all is always asking me for tips. The first thing that I asked her is: Do you budget 10-15 minutes in your morning routine to even include makeup? Her answer was, no. She tries to fit it in, usually in a hurry. Trying to do your makeup in a rush, especially when you’re just starting out, won’t give you the results that you want. Take the time, so you can learn.

3) Skin before Makeup.
Make sure you’re taking great care of your skin first and foremost before considering makeup. Well rested, hydrated skin makes for a gorgeous canvas for your makeup. Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Always do a patch test of anything you put on your face to avoid irritation. Use sunscreen. Always moisture.

1. Wear what you want for the day and before you wash it off, use it as a base to try new things.
2. Liquid liner is difficult to use at first, but once you’ve got it down it will be a hugely impressive makeup skill to have.
3. Good brushes are a big help and not all good brushes are expensive.

Less is more
Don’t be afraid to experiment but be aware of your work environment
Don’t be afraid to spend a little more to find the right foundation shade

1) Experiment and figure out your style and what looks good on you. There are no rules.

2) There are really good drug store and budget-friendly brands. You don’t have to break the bank while you’re experimenting.

3) Research: Read blogs, read reviews, watch YouTube.

Wow! What a wonderful compendium of makeup wisdom! The only thing I would add to all these excellent bits of wisdom and advice are these two philosophical gems by Kevyn Aucoin: “No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart.” and “Today I see beauty everywhere I go, in every face I see, in every single soul.” Makeup is all about fun and self-expression, but it does not define us or alter who we are as people.

1. You don’t need to buy everything that’s raved about on the Internet! I wasted a lot of money on products that didn’t work for me just because YouTubers talked about them (i.e. Naked palettes, expensive brushes).
2. Research your brand options. Some brands aren’t cruelty free, use parabens or other harmful ingredients, and name products after inappropriate words/topics. Some brands, especially indie brands, offer regular deals, transparency, and good practices. It all depends!
3. Brands like elf and BH Cosmetics are a beginner’s best friends. They’re absolutely not expensive but also have a lot of variety in products. If you can afford the extra, house brands like Ulta and Sephora have some good products.

1) Take excellent care of your skin and remember to wear sunscreen. 2) Find out what skintone you have so that you don’t search endlessly for the right shade foundation. 3) Makeup blogs like this one can give extremely good tips. Watch youtube tutorials, keep an open mind & have fun with your makeup!

1. Don’t listen to what other’s want you to wear. Wear what you want to wear! Example, You ADORE purple lipstick, but your family and friends think it’s “too bright” Keep rocking it!!!

2. Makeup, no matter what people say, it’s a form of art. So you’re not going to just pick up a blending brush and have a perfect gradient. Keep practicing. no matter how hard it feels. You’ll get the hang of it I promise!!

3. Don’t feel bad for loving and wearing makeup! Our society looks down on people (especially women!) who wear makeup. We are called “vain” “selfish” “self obsessed” And that’s simply not true. Again, makeup is a form of art!! It’s a way of expressing our thoughts and feelings!! πŸ™‚

If I could add one more, it would be, 4. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Break the “rules”! Do what YOU want!
If you’re 60, wear that shimmer and glitter!! If you’re 18, rock as much makeup as you want!

Makeup should always be fun!

1) Don’t compare yourself to people on youtube or Instagram. The pictures and videos are “heavily” filtered. No one’s makeup looks that perfect in reality.

2) Don’t get frustrated with yourself. Learning application techniques take time. I am still learning.

3) High end makeup does not always equal high quality makeup, so read lots of reviews.

I watched that and did not realize how much that could be done on youtube. I knew that in Instagram there was a lot of filtering but never realized it was just as rampant in videos.

1. Start out lightly. You can tell when someone doesn’t really know about make-up because you can see the mistakes all over the face. So go easy, at first.
2. Don’t splurge on stuff you don’t know anything about because someone tells you “you need this in your life”. No you don’t. Start at the drugstore because you will encounter enough variety but the price is right for experimentation.
3. Have fun…that’s it, just have fun!

Makeup doesn’t make you more beautiful – it may make your skin look more even, your cheeks rosier, your eyes bigger and your lips look amazing but it can’t replace happiness, self confidence and loving yourself. It should be fun, not a crutch to get out the front door. You don’t need to be perfect, just be you.

Don’t believe everything a shop assistant/counter salesperson/makeup artist tells you – they should have loads of information and tips and techniques but if they’re not asking you what YOU want and like, then they are probably just pushing product and want to sell you stuff instead of help you. Those are two distinctly different things!

Keep things clean – practice good hygiene, clean hands and brushes are crucial and keeping your products tidy and sanitised will make them go the distance.

Always wear sunscreen, your face will thank you in your 50’s. Never, ever go to bed without washing your face and invest in a good set of brushes. What worked for me when I started wearing makeup were fashion magazines. They’re a great source of makeup ideas. And yes experiment….it’s the only way your going find what works for you.

Make up is your friend, trust it and it will flatter you. Don’t settle for less than you can afford if you know one brand is more complementary on you than another. Always use primers: lips, face and eyes.

Thinking of my daughter, my best advice is more about the before and after
1. Don’t overdo it – take really good care of you skin so your makeup applies well and you have a smooth canvas. A moisturizer or primer is a must.
2. Have a few really good tools – brushes, tweezers, sponges…and keep them clean!
3. Most of all listen to all the advice your mother gives you about makeup (and skincare) because she’s always right.

1. Good skincare is more important than makeup
2. Makeup is an investment. Practice technique using quality low-cost makeup until you know what you want to invest in.
3 Don’t believe all of the YouTube reviews you see. Many YT channels are nothing more than gloried infomercials. Find honest reviewers and remember what works for them may not work for you…

1: start w/ less & build. You can always add more, it’s very hard to take away if you’ve gone in straight away w/ too much. And my two tricks to eyeshadow blending, 2: A matte shade that is your skin tone or a bit lighter is a MUST. If something is not blending the way you’d like, go into that matte shade & it will do the trick. And 3: use a light, medium & dark shade in the same colors for whatever eye look you’re going for. Instead of blending for an hour, this makes it practically fool proof to get that perfect ombre dark to light blend.

1) Apply your skincare products where you notice you need them, not necessarily on your whole face by default. If you have oiliness and acne on your forehead and chin but “normal” skin on your cheeks, you’re probably better off only putting your acne medication on your T zone. Otherwise, you risk causing irritation on your cheeks, which were doing great to start with! This does not apply to sunscreen.

2) Well done makeup and photography can completely change your features for pictures, but in real life that type of dramatic transformation does run the risk of looking obvious or heavy. If you’re going for a natural look but trying a tricky technique like contouring or really changing your eyebrows, your mom, or someone else in your life, will probably tell you the truth about whether they think you’re pulling it off if you ask.

3) Copying a celebrity’s lipstick shade or signature glowy color palette could be a great makeup look, but it won’t make you look like that celebrity unless you already did to begin with.

Bonus tip: No It Girl, no matter how pretty, is ever the most beautiful person in the world. If you picture a handful people who are exceptionally beautiful to you, they might share certain traits you appreciate (sparkling brown eyes, a certain type of curves, etc.), but chances are they look really different from each other and it doesn’t diminish any of their beauty. Keep that in mind if you find yourself wishing you could just look like whoever is getting a lot of buzz this year.

Just because it’s a trend and your friend looks great with it doesn’t mean you do. I have 2 new step nieces that wear the black eyeliner,waterlined and look awful with it. They are both fair.

1. Purchase skincare essentials: cleanser, exfoliating scrub, daily moisturiser with a hefty SPF and a night cream. You don’t have to spend a fortune, a budget beauty or drugstore brand is good place to try. Talk to the MUA, they can help you work out what you need.
2. If you are investing in foundation, blush and other skin products – do a bit of research, take some testers and have some fun working out your shades.
3. As far as eye shadows are concerned, practice and have fun with some good quality DS brands like Wet n Wild, Milani. Enjoy yourself. And remember that true beauty comes from within, the kind of person you are.

Like to add another.

Makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. Don’t wear so much that they notice the makeup not you.

1.) Take care of your skin. It’s the base for your makeup. Even if you have good skin when you’re young, taking care of it helps to ensure it stays that way.
2.) Less is more quite often. Start with a light hand. It’s easier to add more than it is to take away once it’s on. Less is more also applies to collections. You don’t need every new palette that’s out there.
3.) Get samples, when you can, of foundations and skincare. It will save you a lot of money as you try to figure out what works for your skin. (Everybody’s skin is different, just because the sales girl says it works for everybody, doesn’t mean it will necessarliy work for you.)

1. Skincare is of major importance for the entire look you are going for and always remove your makeup before bed. Cleanse. tone and moisturize both AM & PM.
2. Pick your best feature and accentuate it,
3. Take suggestions from makeup artists. I know that if you ask at Sephora they will show you an ‘eye’ look. They will suggest and recommend products for you. You don’t have to buy all. just let’s say an eye pencil. Keep track of the products and colors they use. This will give you a guideline as to what to get at the drugstore or Sephora dependent upon your budget. Customize your look to what you like. And remember you can always return what you don’t like.

– Love yourself the same with and without makeup. No-makeup face shouldn’t make you think yourself as any less attractive. (It took me many years to accept the bare-skinned me, so I think this worths mentioning.)
– Take care of your skincare routine and watch out for potential allergies brought by some makeup products.
– Never buy knock-off products. Don’t believe that “$5 for a pop of MAC lipstick”. (true life story as I did see someone using those plasticky sticks….)

Don’t waste money and time trying to look like the girls on Instagram. Even they don’t look like that, those photos are retouched. No foundation on the planet will change the texture of your skin and that’s ok. Just do what makes you happy.

Oh I forgot 2 and 3 hahaha.
2: seriously, have fun. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks about what you do. If it makes you smile to slather on a red eyeshadow with a purple lip, have at it. No one’s opinion matters but yours.
3: moisturize before foundation. I never used to do this and always wondered why my foundation looked like it was being inhaled by my skin. Especially for matte foundations like KVD Lock It Foundation.
Bonus: research the crap out of products before you buy. Even when researching thoroughly, you will get burned once or twice (second time getting burned in the last two months, myself) so try not to get too irritated when you buy that lipstick that everyone was raving about only to realize it sucks. It happens.

1) Less is more! When you’re just starting out it’s best to start off with a small selection of products and get to grips with those first. I think that’s a good motto to by throughout your life to be honest. I wish someone had drummed that into me when I was just starting with makeup! You really don’t need much to be able to get large variety of looks. No need to break the bank!

2) Expensive doesn’t always equal better. I’ve learnt that the painful way! There are so many products now that I wouldn’t dream of buying from a high-end brand because the drugstore versions are just as good! Case in point would be mascara – I’ve tried loads and I see little to no difference between a good drugstore mascara and a high-end one. I recommend trying the L’OrΓ©al and Maybelline mascaras since they are the best two of the brands for good mascara, in my opinion.

3) Have fun, that’s the most important bit! I find makeup is such a stress buster for me. Set aside time for yourself to just practice or apply makeup purely for its therapeutic benefits. Play about with colours and looks that you wouldn’t normally do, just for fun! And I’d you don’t like it simply wash it off. ?

Enjoy girlies! ?

1. Protect your natural brow.
2. Red lipstick is attainable for everyone so don’t let your fear stop you.
3. You are beautiful. Make up is fun. Those two things work together.
4. Skincare before makeup.
5. Don’t worry about the colors, palettes, trends that you missed. There’s a new one being released today!

A few things I’ve learned throughout the years.

1. If you have great skin then you don’t NEED to put lots of makeup on or any for that matter. My daughter is a young teen that prefers “a no makeup” makeup look and only occasionally wears it even then.
2. There are drugstore options that work just as well as high end so you don’t have to break the bank to look good.
3. You need to know that many You Tubers are sponsored so don’t trust everything you see and take that into consideration because they may get paid to promote products or even get free products for their reviews.

1.For summer I like to wear nothing, 2. I like to wear: lipstick and lip gloss. 2: I wear foundation but sometimes I just like to wear blush!!!! I don’t like wearing eye makeup because I get ichy eyes from macarra!! In the spring and summertime

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