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Sounds amazing! I’d buy it.

For me it would be a really good truly multiple use item, a stick or pot that could be used on eyes/lips and cheeks. A browny rosewood colour initially (for me :-D) but it might need a range of colours or others, tinyist hint of shimmer to give it dimension and slightly different look depending on where you put it/how blended out it is. It would also need to ‘set’ on the eyes to stop creasing but not be drying on the lips, not quite sure how I’d manage that!

You know, I thought about this one for a long time, and I’m just totally stuck. I think I’d want to design like the perfect fail-safe blush; something subtle and natural, impossible to overdo, that you could apply with a sponge or a powder puff. Just kind of sweep the puff over your cheeks and be done. Luxe packaging, of course, something like what Burberry has with their Lip Velvets–that matte gunmetal–and it would have an elephant on it, just because. (I collect elephants).

A creamy but not too slippery concealer with the slightest salmon undertone , in a squeeze tube, with a wide lid that isn’t easy to lose, named Perfection.

oh by the way, that lipstick you described sounds AMAZING! are there any lipsticks close to that color that are out right now?

plummy-bron eyeshadow with bronze shimmer/duochrome. I’d call it Delice (Delight in French). I’d love to see Nars do something like that 😀 but of course, even if I like the Nars packaging I’d do something different. A glossy midnight blue Nars packaging would be awesome!

Ever since my disappointment with the UD Naked Basics Palette, all I have wanted to do is create my own neutral “matte” palette. I put matte in quotes because it would contain mostly matte, but I’d want a few highlight and lid shades that were satin, and I’d also want a few shades that were matte bases with glitter, but more of a very fine, subtle glitter that was very well adhered to the shadow. I’d want it to have cool, neutral, and warm shades ranging from light, light-medium, medium, medium-dark, etc. The shadows would have to be pigmented, long lasting, soft, but not powdery or chalky. I’d want them to feel dense and buttery and be able to be used wet or dry. I want matte’s that are matte, but don’t look dry and nasty when applied, lol. Oh, and they’d have to be blendable. Not sure about packaging, but I’d want it to be practical…easy to store, light, something that if dropped will absorb the shock and won’t cause broken shadows. I’d want the packaging to look clean, sleek, and classic.

A universally-sized customizable palette that would hold my various concealer, blush, lip gloss, etc regardless of the brand.
That is, all cosmetic manufacturers would be required to make these specific size interchangeable & customizable palette inserts so that I can easily carry my Nars blush with my Anastasia brow highlighter with my Cargo lip gloss, etc.

Oh wow…you’re a genius. Someone please please get on this! All you’d have to do is get a few cosmetics companies on your side and publicize the heck out of it, then have online petitions so that customers could put pressure on their favorite brands and convince them to opt in. Manufacturing costs could be shared, and the more companies standardize pan size, the cheaper it would be. I know we are dreaming here, but how awesome would that be?!

It would be awesome wouldn’t it!
Hopefully the powers that be at the big cosmetic cartels read blogs such as this & take into account all this good (& free) product feedback & end up using it for good not evil.

I would SO buy Temptalia lipstick, btw! Sounds amazing 😀
Mine would be a nail polish. A leafy metallic green shade with fragments of gold glitter ranging from micro to medium in size. I would call it Chlorophyll.

I know, this post is really clever too. And you can never have enough green nail polish, I’d definitely try yours!

A long wearing, non-drying lip balm in crayon form the exact color of my husband’s lips. Silly sounding but he passed them on to my daughter and they are that perfect shade of pink.

I don’t want to choose just one – but the first thing that popped into my head was a pitch black eye shadow with gorgeous, VERY noticeable, actually RAINBOW sparks rather than just multicoloured ones, called “Rainbow Road” 😀

An eyeshadow trio in a sparkly black compact shade one would be a light satin highlighter with very subtle platinum sheen, second shade would be a royal purple and emerald green duochrome with a metallic finish and the last shade would be a bright pink with a sky blue satin duochrome and golden sparkle, the trio would be called ‘Priscilla’.

My obsession right now is highlighting powders so probably one of those. But, it would have like an aurora borealis sheen to it, like a duochrome effect of pastel blue and pink depending on how the light hits it. No glitter though. We’ve all seen highlighters/ illuminators with a sheen – usually white, silver, gold, bronze or pink. However I’ve never seen one that actually changes colors. I’d probably call it Aurora Powder or Goddess Glow.

Yours is a lovely idea!
I am obssesed with highlighters aswell so I would create a hole line of them with primers, creams, loose and compact powders, even in roll on LOL and in different shades and finishes to compliment any skin type.

I’d love to design an eyeshadow like Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadows that have the differently colored pigments in one jar.

I think I’d make one that was a mixture of shimmery medium-toned plum pigments and shimmery golden olive or antique gold pigments. I’d name it “Signature” since plum is more or less my signature color if I could give it a real name.

Now I’m dreaming of a plum ETK…*drools*

I would design a high coverage foundation that actually matches my super pale, but yellow-based skin tone. I’d want it to be a bit glowy and in a pretty, frosted bottle or something and name it after a famous beauty who was pale but not pink-toned, maybe Vasilisa? Idk…can you tell I am really frustrated about foundation matching? lol

Just wanted to add that I will be your first customer! 🙂

My best matches to date have been Cover FX in E0 (neutral toned, so not quite yellow, very pale cream foundation with good coverage) and Meow Cosmetics MMU (best shade range in the whole world for pale people, but medium coverage at best, and with an inescapably powdery finish. Powder highlighter and finishing spray are necessary).

Anyways, sorry for the thread jack! I just wanted to say that I share your frustration. I’m always on the lookout for more options in the NC0-NC5 shade range. The search continues…

ugh, pale & yellow over here! and most foundations oxidize on me, so that helps drive me crazy, too. On top of that, I have super sensitive skin so I can’t even try just anything. rawr.

Actually I have very dry skin, not sensitive. But the BB Cream I use right now works really well, it’s by Missha, the perfect cover version.

I have a ton and a half of ideas that I’d love to create. But right now I’m kind of stuck on this one: A deep, rich black plum lipstick/lipstain somewhere between a satin and a gloss finish. Opaque, but not flat. No shimmer or glitter. Not overly creamy, but with a little shine. And vanilla or peppermint scented (no flavor, though). It’d *have* to wear well and not bleed or dry out the lips. Black tube with a little bit of a silver abstract design that fades out onto the cap. And I’d call it “Pandora.”

A pot of cream eyeshadow/eyeliner, more or less a dupe of the “Club” eyeshadow, but pigmented enough to be used as an eyeliner, and without any creasing.It would be called Enthropy (if I had my own cosmetics line, all shades would have weird names like that XD)

I would create a SUPER FULL COVERAGE waterproof cream foundation that comes in a variety of finishes (matte/demi-matte/dewy) with over 50 shades and an option for custom colors with atleast 28 grams of product for under $40, it would be in lipstick bullet form so basically it would look like a lipstick for your face and it would be in a royal purple tube and I would name them “Beat Stix”

Ooh, I know this one! It’s the centrepiece of the brand I’m designing in my head!

I’d create the perfect murky, smokey, water-blue. The kind of thing that looks like a river running through a city on an overcast day. It would have cool-gold and silver reflects/shimmer or a duochrome, perhaps.

It would be called Quayside.

And it would be smokey eye p e r f e c t i o n.

I can’t pick only one, so I’ll list a few below:

1.) A facial sheet mask that is super moisturizing (but not oily)infused with diamond powder or gold dust, or both, your choice. The diamond power mask would be called Pandia. The gold dust mask would be called Cleopatra. And the combination mask would be called Hera.

2.) A deep, but bright sapphire blue glitter liner that doesn’t flake, but can easily be removed. I’d call it Midnight in Paradise. *I can’t really think of a better name at this time.

3.) A super glowy (not metallic, shimmery, or matte, but somewhat like a cross between a satin, shimmer, and metallic, if they all had a baby together??) pale eyeshadow that would work for very pale skin and achieve the same effect that can be seen on darker skin currently. Often pale girls cannot find that really glowy, light shade to that will show it, it is either too dark or blends right in as the same color. I’d offer three variations, a gold, a white, and a champagne. Gold would be called Opulence, White would be Innocence, Champagne would be called Ineffable.

I’d love to make a great quality palette with all matte shadows. Sure there are individuals you can get and even the new Urban Decay Basics – but seriously, I want more shades in my matte palette!!! Even TheBalm’s Meet Matt has 2 shadows with shimmer in it! Ridiculous! Something as big as the Vice palette with similar colours and then a nude one as well – one cool and one warm toned, maybe even a neutral one!

That would be a lovely lipstick! Do you think that maybe you could team up with a brand to create this??
Like when MAC teamed up with some bloggers, including you =)

I would create a line of dewy, creamy, easy to blend blushes that last at least ten hours. I love cream blushes but they fade SO FAST. And I don’t want to set them with a powder product because that takes away the glowy sheen. Conundrum!

it would be a highlight like nars albetros but with silver mixed in to the white base rather then gold in a cream bullet form.
or a line that has every shade under the sun in every product like a mint green mascara or silver mascara and blueish blushs and green lipgloss
really intresting feather and paper false eyelashs

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