If you could create a make up collection based on any film, which one would it be?

If you could create a make up collection based on any film, which one would it be? Why?

Finding Nemo! The bright, clear colors make it a total yes for me.

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I love so many movies but if I had to pick one it’d probably be The Goonies. It’s exciting, adventurous, and fun. I imagine the packaging to have a Baby Ruth, One Eye’d Willy, a pirate ship, the map, and characters from the movie on it. As for the eye shadows, they’d all be jewel toned since they’re in search of One Eye’d Willy’s treasure.

Probably Pride & Prejudice. Earth tones, simple elegant and natural looking. Or Memoirs of a Geisha because everything in that film is so rich and luxurious and stunning. But these might just be my cultural/historical fascinations speaking. Lol.

Oh, the special packaging is a must for something like that. If I’m ever lucky enough to be on a marketing team or something…Oh do I have ideas :):)

oh my gosh, i am totally with you! ive seen some people do EOTD’s for each house and they are AWESOME! love this idea:) My first thought though, was The Notebook. Lots of vintage and romantic type colors.

I don’t really care for MAC collections because there are so many of them. And dupes. But if it was HARRY POTTER collection. I WOULD BE BROKE. I WOULD DEFIANTLY BUY BROOM STYLE BRUSHES. (Big HP fan here :D)

Marie Antoinette! It would be able to have all the gorgeous pastels but also incorporate dark colors for the masquerade ball scenes. And it would have over the top (and sturdy!) ornate packaging. Sophia Coppola made that movie so inspiring for me at least =)

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride and the palette for shadows will definitely be for smokey eye looks. I can also imagine some unique blend of colors for the lipsticks. 😀

The Hunger Games! There are no rules. You can go for smokey eyes and nude lips to play up the grittiness of battle or go for full out glam to reflect the characters that live in the capital. I can’t wait for that movie.

Yes! I loved the contrast and artistry involved in the color choices of the movie. That is the sort of palette that would be both wearable and bold. I would not only buy this palette (it would have to have some Frank Miller art on the front), but I would wear it all the time too.

Beatles movies I mean with every era comes such a variety of colors. Mop top era can be neutrals, while the psychedelic era would be bright.

Oh yeah, a night sky shade would be called “A Hard Days Night,” A neutral money like grassy green shade called, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”a bright yellow shadow called “Yellow Submarine,” a pallet with yellow and green and orange shades could be called “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” There are just so many possibilities.

I agree! There are so many colors you could go with and in so many types of finishes! I would totes by a Labyrinth collection! The names would be killer too =)

The VERY first movie I thought of was Labyrinth! Worst part is that I actually can’t stand that movie – But it’s burned into my brain from the too many times that I watched it as a kid… now it seems to be the first thing I think whenever anyone asks me anything. LOL

I absolutely agree! Sweet pretty colors for Sarah, frosty cool tones for Jareth, earth tones and neutrals for the labyrinth and it’s denizens, and a bright pop of color for the fieries.

Although i would love to see an Alice in Wonderland palette, I am not a fan of the disney version as I am an avid Lewis Carroll fan. However, I love the idea of Finding Nemo, but I also thought that Winnie the Pooh and Monsters Inc. would make fantastic palettes.

Devdas(Shah Rukh Khan version), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Casablanca, Wings of a Dove, Fahrenheit 9/11, Purple Rain, West Side Story, Stolen Kisses

oh and why?

Devdas(Shah Rukh Khan version): the lush green of Madhuri Dixit’s Lhengha choli the first night she dances for Devdas, the deep rouge of his sherwanis, the patterned floors, the rich marigold of the hindu temple, really everything… Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: The blue of Kajol’s sari, the yellow of the fields in India…, Casablanca: Imagine what everything would have been like if it hadn’t been in black and white! The meditteranean sky over Tangiers, her dresses,jewels, Rick’s tie, the creamy white and royal blue of the buildings, the women’s haiks and the men’s burnouses.. Wings of a Dove: All the velvety jewel tones of those Fortuny gown reproductions, the muted tones of London and the canals of Venice… Fahrenheit 9/11: smoke, ash, red, white and blue, silk ties, black hearts… Purple Rain: hello?! West Side Story: The dresses at the dance where Maria and Tony meet and up on the rooftop dancing… Stolen Kisses: the greys and blues of Paris, the soft pink cheeks of Jean-Pierre Leaud…

Oh my stars…WHAT a fabulous idea. As I was reading through the replies, I just stopped DEAD at yours! “A Horse of a Different Colour” – I wonder what could be made of that (maybe a duochrome or tri-chrome shadow or a lip glaze with multi-coloured glitter)? What an idea!

Oh I’ve already previously thought up an Oz collection called, “There’s no place like MAC”
This is what I’d envision them to have…

they should sell a few pro pigments/ glitters such as red glitter (how ruby slippers) and emerald green pigment.

2 double edge pencils (like heatherette) one with a black and green to symbolise the wicked witch of the west and one with pink and silver to symbolise Glinda, the good witch of the north.

a silver metalic nail polish called “tinman’ and a gold one called “lion”. or a silver paint pot called “tinman”

several lipsticks with fun names like ‘no place like home’ and ‘poppy fields’ or possible repromotes of appropiate colours and a red dazzleglass called “ruby slippers”!

posible quads or trios depicting the characters from the movie eg. a courage pallet, heart pallet, brains pallet etc. or like a ’emeral city’ pallete that could be metalic green! (think heatherette trio casing… but green instead of pink) or a red ruby slippers packaging, or a pallette with loads of bright colours… like that horse that changes colour all the time.

sorry for getting so excited but it’s my favourite film ever and i think it would simply make, the best mac collection ever.

I’d go for something science fiction, like Moon or Bladerunner. Sleek packaging and some darker neutrals…..with the most perfect slate grey.

Hell, just a collection releasing the most perfect slate grey would be enough for me.

Clockwork Orange! For sure. There are endless possibilities with a psychedelic movie like that. And the main character’s signature one eyed makeup would make the promotional artwork so amazing!

A Hunger Games Collection could be cool. It could be based on the Districts.
For Example District 12 is known for the Coal Mines, so smokey eyeshadow shades would fit.
And District 4 is known for its Sea and fishing. There shimmering greens and blues would be great.
And maybe for the Capitol a crazy color mix like pinks, reds, violet and gold.

(sorry for my bad english 😉

It would have to be ‘Grease’ something for everyone, the natural ‘girl next door’ look to the ‘sexy rock chick’ look, special 50’s/60’s packaging would be a must too 🙂 Jude xx @jadlgw

Not a favourite film of mine, but I would love to see a collection based on Devdas. It’s an Indian film, starring Aishwarya Rai. SO opulent. Lots of golds, bronzes, reds and greens. Lots of red lipstick, with a few great nudes thrown in. Bronzer. Eye liner up the proverbial wazoo! It’d be glorious.

And now I’m sad.

Yay!! You Chose my question! Thankyou 🙂

I have so many!

A bollywood movie called Devdas, It’s full of gold and bold colours, or the chinese movie The Curse of the Golden Lotus Flower.

Memoirs of a geisha! Can You imagine a Hatsumomo part of the collection, it would be bold and daring like Hatsumomo, or a fresh look like Chiyo, and then everything in that fresh look goes a bit more deeper like she did when she transformed into Sayuri! And then have a neutral look like Mameha!

Mac really needs to makea Geisha-esque or Bollywood-esque collection, i know Mickey contractor’s collection was the closest thing to bollywood, but There is so much more inspiration Mac could take from Asia!

Boogie Nights 🙂 That would have been awesome! Names like “Amber Waves” and “Rollergirl” were just MEANT for makeup products! Admit it… you’d love a blush called “do you have any coke at this party?” LOL!

Blue and copper eyeshadows, gel blushes, ultra-glossy red jelly lipglosses and a free Ring Pop with every purchase! SWOON!

Lord of the Rings (the complete trilogy)! That way there would be neutrals / earth tones (hobbits and ents), cool-toned colors (elves), smoky eye kits (Mordor)… Suitable for everyone! 😀

That would be great!
cool toned -mixed with silver and gold- colors (elves), metallic color (dwarves), earthy colores (men), bright colors (hobbits) and special packaging!

Not really a movie, but I’d like to see a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic collection. Like maybe a palette for each of the 6 main pony characters, with special packaging for each that reflects their personality.

Donnie Darko….the brooding smoky greys and blacks would translate well for his inner turmoil. I would love to see a company like Illamasqua create a collection for that film.

The Wizard of Oz: lots of different characters, a nice colour range and glitter!!!Think of a Dorothy’s shoes nail polish inspired…Gorgeous!!!

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” PERIOD.

Based on Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful outfits, recreating her absolutely amazing and impeccable style, s effortlessly chic and naturally elegant. That would be a collection for which I’d buy the whole lot.

Instead of just Breakfast at Tiffany’s, they should just have an Audrey Hepburn collection. Then they could draw not only from BaT but also Roman Holiday, Funny Face etc.

Assuming the quality was decent I would buy damn near everything.

The girl with the dragon tattoo or millenium trilogy… They will be such dark and beautiful colors!
Or Harry Potter… They will be quite bright

Due to my current obsession, Spirited away. Colours in anime are so vivid and you could have both smokey colours and bright crisp colours.

I can’t think of a particular film, but just anything that I could go absolutely crazy with creating! I would want a collection I could create with ultra-saturated, fun, unique colors. Glitter, duochrome, holographic… Different textures of glitter, jelly, and glossy finishes come to mind. And something I could put in awesome packaging. I still love MAC’s Heatherette packaging. I just want to go all out and create something bright, colorful, and fun!

Gosh! So many come to mind.

Enchanted April – with blue for the ocean, green for the trees, ivory from the dresses and something in a brown for the rocks and mountains.

Under the Tuscan Sun – Peach for Diane Lane, Pink for bougainvillea, a rich multi flecked golden umber for Bramasole, and a deep olive for the trees and vines.

Moonstruck – Ah Cher! She’s really already wearing the palette in that movie. Rich burgundy, sparkling black, shimmerimg ivory, and a pale pink for lots of contrast on the eyes.

Chocolate – Mayan Blue & Chocolate (of course) in white, milk and dark!

I’ve always loved The Great Gatsby and there’s a new version out this year. I think much can be done with the inspiration of The Jazz Age. Dark plum lips and eyes that shimmer like the drop waist, fringe dresses would be a wonderful way to transform myself into Daisy Buchanan.

“In the mood for love”. It’s a Chinese film noir. The setting is Hongkong in 1960 where the beauty is portrayed by gorgeous complexion, intense black cat-eye and lavishly red lips. Romantic and beautiful but sad and ethereal.

I would love for collection to come out based on the balloons in the movie Up! They were so vibrant and colorful I think there would be lots of potential. Basically any Disney/Pixar movie based collection would be pretty awesome. =)

OMG LOVE THIS QUESTION!! I am obsessssseeeeed with old movies so these would be the movies I’d choose:

Breakfast At Tiffanys, Some Like it Hot, Gone with the Wind, a Hitchcock film

Not as old movie: Black Swan, Titanic, Chicago

Ok my fave movie makeup is Moulin Rouge! and Titanic. Those are the movies that I sit and stare at the makeup more so than listen to what’s going on (granted I have watched both hundreds of times) but to be a little fun Austin Powers since they have the fun mod inspired swinging 60’s vibe.

If it were a full blown collection, I’d go with: Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland (or any Tim Burton movie), Almost Famous, Across the Universe, Moulin Rouge (where they MUST resurrect the redhead MSF!), The Hunger Games and maybe Pocahontas. 🙂

If it were a small collection, I’d pick something like Black Swan for its semi-neutral/gray+pink combo or 500 Days of Summer (blue fluidline with aqua-teal shimmer, a medium brown shadow, cream paintpot, black mascara, and maybe a wine lustre lipstick).

Breakfast at Tiffanys! Id make colors inspired by Audrey Hepburns makeup in the movie. The collection would also include a Tiffany blue nailpolish! <3

1) Tommy
2) any of the Wes Anderson movies, I love the coloring and tints of his films
3) The Wizard of Oz…does any movie scream “Technicolor” more than this?

Full Metal Jacket. Can’t have enough olives, bronze, greys, and black ^.^ Such a great film too!

Off topic: It would be awesome just to see a cosmetics company give the military a little salute once in a while. I’m so bored of all the cutesy frivolous collections.

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